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    Gal Gun 
  • Dan mentions that someone called him adorable when he says 420, like "an old man learning the new lingo".
    420's been around forever, yo. Fuckin, I was smokin when your mom was... getting banged by me. Before you were... I'm your dad, I've been meaning to tell you.
  • By Part 6, Dan theorizes that nobody has been able to reach this part of the game due to being busy masturbating.
  • "This is worse than House of the Dead!"

    Deadly Premonition 
  • Their reaction to the squirrels having monkey noises.
  • The return of an old friend:
    Hoffman!Dan: Lake Cranberry?!
  • The driving segments are so long and boring it reminds Arin of ACTUAL driving, to the point where he starts zoning out and daydreaming during the game.
  • Game audio got lost for a session's worth of episodes, so Matt and Ryan had to piece it together best they could from cutscenes and other footage available online. The disclaimer before this batch ended with them saying "Er, we tried. Thank you."
    • If you listen closely during those episodes, you can hear impact sounds being replaced with cartoon noises, like clown horns and farts.
    • During Episode 10, when York draws his gun after the hospital starts going nuts, Matt and Ryan added a sound clip of someone shouting "OH MY GOD HE'S GOT A GUN!" to the "game audio".
  • "Freeze!"

    Castlevania Chronicles 
  • Arin and Dan decide to play a collection of Intellivision games, which were heavily dependent on instruction manuals back when they were made. They resolve to try to figure out how to play each one through trial-and-error. First game is a tank game, and Danny figures out the controls quicker, ultimately trouncing Arin.
    • The second tank game they play has their projectiles bouncing back off the walls. Danny ends up just dodging Arin's shots and letting them bounce back and kill him rather than retaliating.
    Dan: I’m black. (describing his tank color versus Arin's red)
  • Their misadventures flying Biplanes turn the Grumps into giggling idiots.
    Dan: You just took out the K.T.L.A.5 Traffic Copter.
  • Part 3 gives a hilarious Anti-Climax after Dan requests a Theme Music Power-Up.

    Resident Evil HD 
  • Danny is stunned when Arin gets attacked by a giant snake in the library. "Snakes can't read!"
  • Danny instantly puts it together that Wesker is the traitor. How? "He's the only other one."
  • Arin has to carry an explosive chemical across a certain area, and can't get hit or shoot his gun for fear of setting it off. He manages to do it, but goes off in a completely wrong direction and carries it way longer than he has too. It's simultaneously infuriating and kind of impressive.
  • Episode 24 is just... really great mouth sounds.
  • Arin accidentally fires at the ceiling instead of at the zombie directly in front of Jill.
    Danny (as Jill): That was a warning shot!

    Pokémon Sun 
  • Arin is dismayed to find that he can't name anyone anything vulgar. To add insult to injury, he accidentally names Rowlet "Flug."
  • While Arin is discussing how hundreds of Pokémon have to be animated, Dan interrupts with this observation:
  • Arin catches a Pichu and sends Rooples the Ledyba to the PC because "he sucks". Ensues a magnificent gem of Hypocritical Humor after all his Fire Red shenanigans:
    Arin: Well Bug Pokémon are worthless, unless they're Scizor.
  • Arin and Danny seeing Crabrawler for the first time's reaction is pretty funny, but the kicker is the Call-Back to the "Fuck your father" crab from their playthrough of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Arin even names the Crabrawler "Fukurfather"

    The Last Guardian 
  • While discussing "medical experts" in their YouTube comments, Arin relates a time when he talked about having an itchy asshole and got comments about how he might have had pinworms. Apparently while he knew he simply had an itchy asshole, he nonetheless took a close look at his feces to see if he really did.
    Arin: These fools got me looking, like, sticking my nose in my dookie. Just floating in the toilet and I'm just like 'Maybe I have pinworms' and I'm just looking down at it and I'm like...'I don't...what am I doing...?'.
  • Arin and Danny's impression of kickstarter videos.

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 
  • The first few episodes of the series have Arin playing the series on VR, and the Grumps have a Go Pro filming their reactions to the game.
  • It's pretty common knowledge that Danny isn't very good with scary games, but now the audience gets to see him with his legs folded up onto the couch and knees close to his chest.
  • At the end of episode 2 (and the beginning of episode 3, as Danny didn't hit the button on the Go Pro correctly), Danny scares Arin by telling him that he's going to tap on the VR helmet, but not tell him when.
  • In episode 3, Arin and Danny find a corpse floating in the water. Their voices go up about an octave each.
    • Danny gets out of his seat and pretends to go, leaving Arin alone with the game. Danny then proceeds to quietly scuttle around the room to try and scare Arin.
  • Episode 4 starts out with Arin taking a break from the headset, and is splayed upside-down on the couch as he attempts to describe what he's feeling about the next part.
  • The Grumps end up having to take a break from recording the game... because the game has a 22GB update to install. The Grumps spend the last three minutes of the video talking into the GoPro and eating Frosted Flakes.

    The Wacky World of Miniature Golf 
  • One of the selectable golfers is basically a cartoon version of Danny.
  • The game itself is a terrible, unintuitive mess to say the least, and after the first putt ending in an octopus smacking the ball back to it's starting point Danny picks up on it.
  • Not even 30 seconds into actual gameplay the capture begins to freak out with screen flickering that Arin fixes, but the electrical hum persists throughout the episode.
  • Danny reveals not only did they pick up this game for their new CD-i, they also acquired a copy of Link: The Faces of Evil, only to find out it was in German.
  • While Arin is fixing the capture Danny is already ready to sentence the game to being a one-off.
  • The game attempts to make the players forget that they "beheld the wonders of Atlantis" through a hypnotic swirl. Of course, instead of being hypnotized, Danny feels sick. Unfortunately, because they set the game to four players, this means they have to watch it four times.
    Game: [for the second time] You've beheld the wonders...
    Danny: Ohhhhhhhh GOD, NO! Can you skip this??
    [Arin laughs]
  • The guys spend the last three and a half minutes on the exact same shot with Arin flying into hysterics and Danny refusing to give up despite having long since hit the hole's stroke limit.
    Danny: God. Oh my God! I hit it when the hole's in front, I hit it when it's to the back, I hit it when it's to the left, and to the right. What remains? *putts* There you go, there's some kind of weird—*ball bounces off the side*—FUCK ME!
  • By the end of the first two holes Danny is completely fed up.
    Danny: Okay, you know what, Arin? I think we're going to call this an episode.
    Arin: No! Oh my god, this is so funny! *laughs*
    Danny: If we go sixteen more holes of this I'm gonna pick this TV up and throw it through the fucking window. Oh my god, I have the worst possible score you can have in golf after two rounds.
    Arin: Sweet. Next time on Game Grumps!
    Danny: Oh my god, you're dead to me. You're fucking dead to me.
  • By the second episode the electric hum from the previous episode has been resolved. Danny's enthusiasm towards the game on the other hand...
    Danny: Oh, Arin. I am absolutely going to strangle you.
  • A prehistoric frog eats Danny's ball.
    Danny: Okay, there we go! There we go. Oh. Oh! *camera cuts to the frog* No! *frog eats the ball* NOOOO!
    Arin: Awwww!
    Danny: You son of a bitch! Dead to me. Don't burp. *frog burps* I hate you.
  • The episode two outro. Arin states that this is his favorite series in a long time. Danny wishes death upon himself.
  • After three episodes of enjoying Danny's suffering it's suddenly not so funny for Arin once he's the one with the controller and it's Danny jabbing at him.
    Danny: You were loving this game five minutes ago.
  • Their imitations of and jabs at the game's narrator, Eugene Levy, including jokes about how lonely he is and how he has to masturbate every night and the fact that their impressions of him sound like a goose with a cold. To be fair, the normally nasally Levy is exceptionally annoying in this game considering he never, ever shuts up.
  • Dannys unexpected Big "SHUT UP!" to the cowboy robot. Out of all the characters, the cowboy bot is easily the most annoying as he taunts the player at every opportunity, and while Arin was already having fun watching the game's absurdity, he explodes with infectious laughter after Dan finally snaps.

  • The Grumps instantly recognize characters voiced by PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye, neither of whom seem to be much more than cameo appearances. It takes them three episodes to realize that the relatively prominent character Mr. Dickie is voiced by Ross, their own coworker.

    Wrestlemania X 8 
  • Easily one of the funniest things the Game Grumps have ever done, this two-part series is one continuous moment of funny as they completely take the piss out of the game's... liberal character creation system to create two abominations of nature called Stanley and Robonarples. It has to be seen to be believed.

    Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment 
  • In Part 17, Half of the episode is spent with Arin repeatedly dying due to mistakes being made, all the while he grows more frustrated with every single death, all the more reason to laugh.
  • In Part 18 they finally get the Judgement Orb curio. Danny and Arin both can't help but gush a bit at how awesome it is.
    Danny: Whoooooooa!
    Arin: That's cool!
    Danny: That is awesome.
    Arin: *Dawning realization* I can go through walls!? *Uses the orb. Laughs as Specter Knight flies through the wall*
    Danny: *Blatanly delighted* 'Whooaaaaaa!! Dude, you just got as powerful as fork!
    Arin: *Equally delighted* Ohhhh, that's fuckin' stupid!

    Hey You, Pikachu! 
  • Arin's friendly greeting to Pikachu
  • Pikachu enjoying every insult they hurl at it.
  • When they start the mission "A Pokemon Picnic," Dan mishears Pikachu saying "Pi-Pikachu" on the mission's title screen as "Picnic-a-chu."

    Dead Rising 2 

  • "Didn't expect Satan to make such an early appearance in this."
  • "We don't have souls! We're fuckin' cups!"
  • Arin Hanson!Goopy le Grand: "I know something you don't know." Evil Laugh
  • Near the end of their first Airplane Level, Arin got so focused on beating the boss that he didn't notice that Danny died, and could've easily revived him, but didn't. Danny had to call him out on it.

    Doki Doki Literature Club 
  • Let's get this out of the way: because Doki Doki is such a dark Mind Screw of a game, with a major plot twist about halfway through that changes everything, fans in the comments have been waiting with bated breath for reactions (especially Dan's).
    • Speaking of, here's some nice Foreshadowing, be it intentional by Arin or accidental on Dan's part.
      Dan: Who could look at this title screen and not be like "I'm having a good time already"?
  • Arin, who confirms in episode 8 that he's aware of what the game is about (somewhat, since he's only aware of the game's true nature rather than what actually happens), voices Monika as a Creepy Monotone Robot Girl.
    Arin!Monika: I'd much rather take something I personally enjoy personally enjoy enjoy is that the word enjoy enjoy proper word.
    Arin!Monika: I see. I hear. I taste. I am human. After all.
    • Later, in Part 25 which is especially full of Nightmare Fuel:
      Arin: [unnerved] ...I think there's more truth to the fact that we gave her a robot voice...
  • The fact that "FriendArin"'s voice is basically Kenstar from Girl Chan In Paradise.
  • Speaking of Arin's awareness, his only response to Danny's sarcastic "this is some intense plot" is a simple "Well..." Also, the robot voice for Monika, going by the episode 1 end bumper, was Danny's idea.
  • Ross, of all people, encouraging Arin and Dan to keep playing.
    Ross: Have you gotten to that part?
    Arin: What part?
    Ross: ...Keep playing, you'll see.
  • The unintended Running Gag of Arin getting the MC's and Monika's voices mixed up.
  • "Get bigger hands!"
  • Sayori gets stuck in quicksand.
  • It's Part 2 and Danny is already invested.
    Dan: This is my fucking dream four-gie I'm looking at right now! Oh my God!
    Arin: Wouldn't it be a five-gie if you were involved?
  • In Part 3, everyone gets stuck in quicksand.
  • At the end of Part 5, one of the Grumps puts on a funny little rap based on Sayori's poem "Dear Sunshine".
  • During episode 8 itself, Monika's Electronic Speech Impediment increases in frequency until suddenly...
    Arin!Monika: So your poéms will tur- Battery low. Battery low.
  • Sometimes, Monika's Coy, Girlish Flirt Pose would cause her ponytail to overlap with the other character models, causing all sorts of hilarity.
  • "I return to where I put my stuff and carefully slip the book into my bag. I fly off into space with rockets on my feet."
  • Yuri's continuously escalating interest in Clifford the Big Red Dog. What started out as just a Non Sequitur eventually culminates in Danny!Yuri mentioning that she wants to have sex on a pile of torn-out pages while calling her partner "Clifford".
  • Danny's reaction to Sayori and Monika's sprites standing close to each other, making it look like they're holding hands.
  • Arin mistakenly reads "turns to a box of manga" as "turns into a box of manga".
    Danny!Natsuki: HELP!
  • "Now what's really difficult is breathing through this one tiny nostril."
  • "Sayori and Monika enthusiastically pull out their penises poems."
  • "FUCK YOU, JIM!"
  • In episode 8, when the fight between Natsuki and Yuri happens, Arin (as the Player Character) gets peeved because said fight is interrupting him eating potatoes. Whole, raw, unpeeled potatoes.
    "Yuri means well, and if you just told her how you felt, then this wouldn't have happened in the first place! You're standing between me and eating my potatoes!"
    • Better yet, this is only the beginning of a Running Gag where the player character is practically obsessed with potatoes.
  • In episode 10, Arin somehow manages to make Yuri and the MC reading a book together into a Does This Remind You of Anything? moment through the sheer power of Large Ham.
  • Episode 11 can be summed up as: "Danny makes a series of snarky in-character comments that wind up being far more darkly accurate than Danny himself might believe."
    Danny!Sayori: I'm gonna keep writing until I die...this afternoon!
    Danny!Natsuki: Did you say Yuri? But Yuri's been dead for three years!
    • Speaking of Natsuki, while Danny!Natsuki is reading "Amy Loves Spiders", s/he gets the irritation in his/her girly voice, in between reading faster and saying, "Fuck Amy!" and "I hate Amy!"
  • Episode 12: Monika's poem contains, among other things, the random reciting of "Sine, cosine, tangent" and ends on the words "Load me". The Grumps wonder if that means Monika is actually a robot.
    Arin: I think she's actually a robot, dude!
    Danny: That would be fucking awesome!
  • In episode 13, the MC has to read his poem in front of the girls:
    Arin: [narrating] "I stand up and step in front of the podium. Everyone has their eyes on me, making me feel terribly awkward."
    Danny: Oh, this would be a hard part to start masturbating. [...] Especially since two of them (Yuri and Natsuki) are looking, like, sorta disapprovingly. [Arin laughs and starts making masturbation sounds with his hands] Come on... Hair bow girl (Sayori) and robot woman (Monika) are into it.
    • After the MC finishes his poem, the "audience" responds with a single slow clap, an awkward cough, and someone shouting "You suck!"
  • Sayori spaces out.
  • The potato gag pops up after the closet scene with Natsuki.
    Arin: [as FriendArin] Natsuki lowers her head and stifles another sob. I slowly insert a potato into her mouth, to quiet her.
  • When Monika looks straight ahead with a disappointed look on her face:
    Danny: Robot girl really does have a look on her face that's, like, "I can´t believe my agent got me into this... He's fired..."
  • They name the face formed by quotations and ellipses ("...") Fred, which results in them deadpan saying the name whenever it comes up.
  • Episode 19 has a...strange new opening.
  • At one point, while Sayori confides in FriendArin about how she's suffered from serious depression her entire life, Dan points out that his Sayori voice doesn't exactly mesh with the scene.
    Danny: I wish I didn't give this character such a dumb voice before she started, like, pouring her heart out.
  • Episode 21:
    • Aptly titled "WHAT?!", the episode captures Danny's horrified expressions as the Grumps witness Sayori's suicide and finally start getting into the true nature of the game.
      Dan: WHAT? WHAT? Are you fucking serious?
      Arin: ... yeah...
      Dan: WHAT? NO... FUCKING W- oh my God, is this a horror game?
      Arin: ... I dunno, Dan.
    • Dan is completely unable to process the moment.
      Danny: THIS is what happens in DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB?
    • Arin continuing to play the game as if nothing bad happened while Danny spends several minutes trying to process everything really sells it. Danny coming to the full realization that they were playing a horror game the entire time and cursing Ross for making them play the game to this point was also funny.
      Danny: [talking about how Ross told them "You're gonna love it. There's a twist."] I thought it'd be, like, a sexy twist! Like it was gonna become a porn game after being so cute and innocent!
    • Dan Comically Missing the Point:
      Arin: "This isn't some game where I can just reset and try something different."
      Dan: Yeah, load and try something different!
    • Arin finally noticing Dan's stunned gibbering and blithely asks him what's wrong.
      Arin: Why, what's wrong?
      Danny: What do you mean what's wrong?!
      Arin: What, what's going on, we're just playing uh...
      Danny: I-I just realized we're fucking playing P.T. after I thought we were doing Sakura Spirit!
    • At one point, Danny compares the way he's feeling to how he felt when an Israeli relative of his described the Palestinian conflict as "it is like someone come into my house, and fuck my sister, near to my eyes."
    • At one point during his processing, Danny blurts out "Is this a Ghoul Grumps?!" Then, later, "Are we in The Matrix right now?!"
    • "Turn off the happy music!"
  • In Episode 22, Dan decides to read the special poem that describes someone (implied to be Monika) cutting herself, and is so shocked by this that he can't read it in a goofy-sounding voice.
    Arin: ...what's wrong?
    Danny: Ugh—*Arin and Danny start giggling* Shut u—you fucking know what's wrong...
    • Dan describes how he explained his reaction to his "coworker".
    Dan: I was tellin' our coworker outside in the office between Grumps, "I- I was... planning to play this on my own, and go out with Monika, and- and jerk off to this game, and now I'm... now I'm not gonna."
  • After a brief hiatus thanks to Jingle Grumps and Dan being out sick with the flu, DDLC finally comes back and Dan's on the lookout for more horrific content, imagined or real.
    YouTube Commenter: The jig is up guys. Dan got wise.
  • Episode 24 has Arin and Danny poking fun at Natsuki's simplistic poetry style which culminates in a Running Gag of her "writing" a poem based on comments she overhears.
    Yuri!Dan: Shut up, Natsuki!
    Natsuki!Arin: [offscreen] "Yuri can yell."
  • The Running Gag where Dan keeps bringing up Sayori in the vain hopes that characters will remember she existed.
  • Episode 25
  • Episode 27:
    • Dan figuring out that Monika is addressing the player...aka them.
    • Dan loves this game.
      Dan: Was she just talking to us?
      Arin: Yes.
      Dan: Oh, boy, oh, boy, I like this so much.
      Dan: [reads Yuri's poem, Wheel, attempts to produce Tension-Cutting Laughter, but fails and dissolves into hoarse coughing] I— [hack] love it!
      Yuri: [realizes she's just accidentally implied she may have been using the main character's pen for unwholesome purposes] Can we pretend this conversation never happened?
      Dan: I... would love to, Yuri.
    • "Who should I show my poem to next?" "How about Natsuki, because Jesus fucking Christ."
    • Dan on Natsuki's absolutely nonsensical string of charactersnote .
      Dan: Oh...I love it!
      Dan: Never thought I'd yearn for the days of "Eagles Can Fly", but here we are.
    • The Natsuki Neck Snap Jump Scare. Featuring Arin doing a horrific demonic voice for Natsuki while Dan freaks the hell out.
      Dan: I fucking hate this game!
    • Immediately after said Jump Scare:
      Arin: You unlocked a special poem
    • Dan likens the game to a Bad Date with a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing:
      Dan: This game feels like a relationship where, like, you know the girl is crazy now, and you're just trying to figure out a way out of it. But like, you're haven't- y-you're not old enough to be have the maturity to be like "I just don't want see you anymore". Like, y-you still think, like, there needs to be, like, a graceful way out of things. So you're just sitting there at dinner, and she's just getting crazier and crazier and you're just like "[nervous laughter]...How's your dinner?" You know, like, and that's how I feel, that's how I feel. I fe-I feel like my girlfriend just freaked out at me and totally revealed that she's crazy and now we have to finish dinner.
      Arin: [laughs] "That's a big plate of spaghetti!"
  • A sad moment in Episode 28 is, once again, spoiled by our hero's favorite food.
  • Yuri is taking a suspiciously long time to bring back water for tea...
    FriendArin: "Is something holding her up?"
    Dan: Oh God, no...
    Arin: [barely choking back laughter] Like a rope?
  • The Stinger to Episode 28:
    Dan: I'm ready for this experience to be over.
    Arin: I think it's juuuuuust beginning.
  • Episode 29.
    • "Just Monika":
      Arin!FriendArin: Who should I show my poem to next?
    • "FriendArin...My heart...My heart won't stop pounding, FriendArin...I can't calm down. I can't focus on anything anymore...! I HAVE TO DANCE!"
      • "I feel like I'm losing my mind...WITH THE DANCE FEVER!"
    • Arin tries to read the (mostly) illegible writing of Yuri's final poem (not even bothering to read the second part of the poem, whose words are actually legible (just barely) and refer to Project Libitina based on the mention of the third eye), only for it to be blocked by bloodstains and something...gross.
      Dan: What's the yellow stain? I don't actually wanna know.
      Arin: ...Pee-pee?
    • When Monika says that it's time to plan the festival preparations, Dan does not hesitate to hide how he feels about her.
      Dan: I feel like everytime I see Monika, like...I-I'm like talking to someone who I know is fucking insane, and so, try to act waay too normal. Like, HEEEEY!
      Arin: HEY!
      Dan: MONIKA!
      Arin: Ah-You are looking FINE!
      Dan: WHOOO!
      Arin: And normal!
      Dan: Good! To!
      Arin: A-As usual.
      Dan: See you!
      Monika: Let's hurry and get this over with.
      Dan: GOOD TO SEE YOU!
    • Dan's reaction to Yuri's love confession.
      Dan: Sorry, Yuri, but I'm as limp as a wet noodle right now.
    • Also, Dan's delivery of "AHAHAHA! Wow, there's something really wrong with me isn't there" which causes both him and Arin to crack up. Particularly, how the crazed laughter that was supposed to be used for Yuri sounds more like frightened laughter of Dan's own volition.
    • At the end of the episode Danny leaves the room when Arin gets up to use the bathroom, because he doesn't want to be left alone with the game.
  • Episode 30 begins with Yuri's suicide. Dan is genuinely upset by the sight until...
    Dan: Oh, no...Oh God, it's Clifford the Big Red Stab Wound!
    Arin [laughing hysterically]: Oh, come on now!
    • The animated version of this scene makes it hilariously darker by having both Arin and Dan in the room pointing and laughing at Yuri's corpse.
  • Episode 31. Monika is deleted.
    Monika: How could I do that to someone I love? That's not love. That's...
    Dan and Arin-as-Monika, simultaneously: Fred.
    * Arin laughs*
    Dan (In a suave voice): That's not love, that's Fred.
    Arin: That's Fred, baby.
  • The game restarts. Dan is 100% done and starts thinking of various ways to kill himself to get out of here.
    Dan: At this point I wouldn't even wait to find a gun. I'd just place a bullet on the desk and slam my head onto it really hard like the Joker in The Dark Knight.
    • Which leads to:
      Dan: I mean, where is anything I can put in my forehead? Like anything.
      Arin: What about my wiener?
    • Dan's Big "NO!" as everything restarts.
    • With everything restarting, Dan begins wondering if they should continue playing to see what happens. When he poses the question to Arin along with other inquiries, Arin only slyly replies with, "I don't know, Dan."
      • The same sly "I don't know, Dan" was also Arin's reply to Dan's stunned question of if they're playing a horror game.
  • They both are cautiously relieved that everything seems to be back to normal once they restart with no Monika. Everything's back to cute interactions and jokes, up until they get to one line...
    Dan: [in Sayori falsetto] "I wanted to thank you for" [voice slides back down to normal] "getting rid of Monika." Ohhhh boy.
  • And Dan's final summary after playing the game through:
    Dan: Man, that was a lube-free mind-fuck.
  • Arin begins to explain how there's a hidden Golden Ending, only for Danny to immediately shut him down.
  • After watching the series in its entirety, it's amazing to see how much of Dan's accidental Foreshadowing (as mentioned above) was shockingly on point.
    • Or, for that matter, just how much unsubtle Foreshadowing Arin managed to sneak past Dan without him noticing.

    Muppet's Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival 
  • While playing River Run, they notice Kermit looks terrified.
    Mmmmm! Miss Piggy help me!
    Mmmm! It ain't easy being in a game like this!
    Kermit the Frog here, currently dying in a river. Currently staring down the barrel of the gun that will shoot me in the face, AKA this river.

    Mega Man 7 

  • In the first episode, Dan describes Subnautica as "the new hotness".
    Dan: Which is ironic, 'cause it's very wet.
  • As Arin puts out the fire in the escape pod, the Grumps beatbox along with the tense background music, even extinguishing the fire to the beat.
  • "Damn this iPhone 7."
    • "iPhone 200"
  • Dan describes Fig Newtons as looking like dog shit mixed with straw. Arin immediately agrees.
  • Arin lights a flare... then drops it in the ocean.
    Dan: Did you just throw the flare into the water?
    Arin: Look... I'm not a smart man.
    • Later on in the episode, Arin lights one inside the escape pod, then fails to realize he can pick it back up, leading to the inside of the escape pod being blindingly bright for a good chunk of the episode.
  • The Grumps discover acid mushrooms.
    Dan: Finally. Combining two hallucinogens at once.
  • Arin spots a very still cloud hovering above the water.
    Arin: Do you think that's a cloud or is that an island, in the distance?
    Dan: I don't know. Do you think that's a flare in your hand or an epipen? Or a dildo? I guess it could be any of those.
    Arin: [laughs] Could be all of the above. Depending on what I...
    Dan: Depending on how determined you are.

    Guts and Glory 
  • Dan reveals how they found the game - a friend of his texted a clip of the game. Dan, knowing he'd be doing Grumps the next day, decided to do the game.
    "I'm dyin'!"
  • They spend a good amount of the first episode dealing with a constant veer to the left, declaring it "Hard Mode".
  • Some of the names they encounter on the leaderboard, including "MrDaNii" and "50ShadesOfBinks"
    • "We beat Bignuts"
    • "CANCER JESUS?!"
    • They manage to get a high score higher than "Coolest Monkey In The Jungle", though just below "MonkeyLovesCrack".
    • Followed up later by "JunkyMonkey".
  • "Nothing a band-aid won't fix."
  • At random parts during the first episode (courtesy of Matt and Ryan), the camera zooms in on the Grumps' cursor, which Arin leaves right the middle of the screen for the duration of the episode.
  • Arin mistakes arrows being shot at him as "the wind". He is swiftly corrected.
  • Arin calls Jimmy "Timmy". He uses this as an excuse to tell him he's adopted.
  • As they recieve a "beautiful finish", Arin immediately crashes into a wall, prompting a car-crash sound edit.
  • Arin recieves the power of "Adrenaline" to slow down time and avoid saw blades. It goes as well as you'd expect.
  • Checking out some sweet hoverboard tricks with Junior.
    Arin: Use your arms for balance, don't just flail arou-ohh no.
  • "That's what this game's missing - a ripstik"
  • Junior gets impaled by spikes right at the end - in more ways than one.
  • The happy-go-lucky music that plays as they ride through an obstacle course of death.
  • Dan asks why they'd implement such horrible death devices into a neighbourhood. Arin has the answer.
    Dan: "Why would you install these in your neighbourhood?! It's terrible for the community...
    Arin: "To keep the terrorists out.
  • The Grumps are told they can make their own path to the end of a level. It doesn't go well.
    "Jimmy, today is the day you officially became James."
    "Today is the day you officially became AIRBOURNE!"
  • Jimmy falls off of the bike. They decide to try and run him over.
  • They make a sick jump over a mountain. Cue an arrow flying directly into John's head.
    • Made even funnier when the arrow-turret begins to continuously shoot arrows into John's corpse, causing it to explode... and the arrows keep coming.
  • At the start of the next episode, Arin reveals he figured out how to eject from his seat. Hilarity ensues.
  • They begin to use the tilting to jitter around the bike.
    Jimmy: "Dad, I feel sick..."
    John: "GOOD."
  • The description and opening screenshot for "Warm Up".
    Dan: [reading the description] "Everything's gonna be fine."
    Arin: [looking at the screenshot] Oh, that's a cannon. It's pointed directly at me.
  • They find a character called Larry — an old man using a jet-propelled lawn chair to fly around the course. To quote Arin, "This guy's a barrel o' laughs."
    "Hello, Mrs. Witherbee! How are you-" [jets burn 'Mrs. Witherbee'] "Sorry, I can't get control of it!"
    "Can I borrow some Nutmeg?"
    "Do you have any extra propane tanks-WHOA!"
    "Mrs. Witherbee! HELP!!"
    "WHOO!-" [explodes into pieces]
    "Mrs. Witherbee? I can't be sure, but I think something's wrong with my lawn chair..."
    "miiiiiisssses WITHERbee...heeeEEEEEEEllllllp..."
  • They take an accidental upside-down picture of Larry's bloody remains.
  • After they lose Jill, Dan and Arin find a replacement in a man they hit with the empty wagon attatched to Jack's bike.
  • "Dad?"
    • "Where are you?? I'm blinded! Am I the Daredevil!?"
  • "Speed. Momentum. Skills. Energy. Power. JIMMY."
  • The Grumps try to stay on top of a platform. Cue random, unintelligable grunts of struggle.
  • Arin's favourite part about the game? The violence towards children.
  • "Mail's here!"
  • Danny decides to end the episode by throwing some shade at Tobuscus .
  • "Is that my package- OH MY GOD!"
  • Watch in awe as Arin expertly threads the needle only through several high velocity death logs only to bonk his head on a completely stationary obstacle at the very end.
  • Arin's newest character: Fappin' Bradley.
  • Arin rediscovered the "steamed hams" meme, leading to:
    • "Mmm, steamed hams."
    • "What if I were to [x] and disguise it as my own [x]? Delightfully devilish, Arin."

    Golf Story 

    House Party 
  • The Running Gag of Arin getting hypnotized by the Giger-esque painting on the wall.
  • The Running Gag of Arin making player character charge around the house at breakneck speed, looking for what he needs, often while screaming in desperation and gasping for breath in a perverted manner.
  • Episode 1:
    • They meet a girl named Britney. When asked her name, she says "It's Britney." Danny adds "Bitch", then awkwardly explains he's not calling her a bitch, he's saying "It's Britney, bitch" as in Britney Spears.
  • Episode 2:
    • Arin is looking at the menu.
      Arin: All right, apparently there's a "censor nudity" button.
      Danny: That's a good sign.
      Arin: Which is always a good sign.
      Danny: Yeah. [laughs] I noticed you didn't click it.
      [cut to Matt watching the footage with an exasperated look]
      Arin: I should probably click the Censor Nudity button.
      Danny: No! No! I want to see it. Fucking Matt and Ryan can do that shit.
      [cut to Matt with his head in his hands and an even more exasperated, broken look]
      • Danny says "Fuck you, Matt and Ryan!" The words "Fuck you, Danny" then appear on the screen.
    • Danny tells Arin to steal a speaker, so he does... right in front of the player character's friend, Derek, who knocks out the player character, causing a game over. Arin is not happy.
    • They meet Frank, a guy who looks an awful lot like Vin Diesel and really, really hates alcohol, to the point of beating the shit out of anyone with a drink (at a house party!), always starts conversations with "How's it goin', dude? Staying away from the alcohol?" Arin tells him another (stumbling drunk) character, Patrick, has booze, so he goes to kick his ass. Arin tries to talk to him again and he just says "How's it goin', dude?" When Arin tries to pick up the bottle of wine Patrick dropped, Frank sees this and chases after him. Cue the Grumps frantically trying to run away from Frank and him chasing them all over the house.
      Arin: He just follows you around, "How's it goin', dude", "How's it goin', dude", "How's it goin', dude"
  • Episode 3:
    • They find out Derek's brother was doing meth. Derek also suggests they try to get on Frank's good side. One of the constant dialogue options for Derek is "Hey Amy said she's looking for you".
      Danny: Hey, Amy said she has some meth to sell you! [...] Frank, Patrick's dealing meth and Derek's really mad about it!
      • What makes this even funnier is Frank is a meth dealer and is the one who sold meth to Derek's brother. It's possible to get Derek to beat the shit out of Frank and knock him out for the rest of the party.
  • Once the guys get completely confused about what to do, Danny incredulously asks if they seriously need a walkthrough for a house party. He then admits that if such a thing existed he would have done much better in high school.
  • The Grumps tell Madison that Patrick is stealing her booze, resulting in him getting beaten up again. When she leaves, this happens:
    Arin and Danny: [in unison] Take your time.
    Danny: I have some shit to steal from your house.
    Arin: Ooh, a protractor! [Arin and Danny laugh] Just what I needed for my "Shit I Stole From Madison" collection!
    Danny: [giggling] "I see you up here making perfect right angles! What's going on?!"
    • With childlike delight, the Grumps try to get Madison to beat up Patrick again while he's still unconscious. Sadly, it doesn't work.
    • They then get Frank to leave the room by saying that Patrick called him an "ass-licking fart monkey". When they talk to Katherine, they hear Patrick get beat up yet again offscreen.
      Arin: [as Patrick] WHY?! WHYYYY?!
  • Episode 4:
    • While rummaging through the fridge:
      Dan: The chicken nuggets and the regular chicken?! (thoughfully) I wonder if they knew each other in life.
    • While rummaging through the pantry, Arin drops a bag of potatoes, triggering a Call-Back to a Running Gag from their play-through of Doki Doki Literature Club!:
      Dan: "I dropped the potatoes" and Natsuki comes in like [Natsuki-voice] "omigod!"
    • When they try to give Frank a toaster:
      Arin: You want this toaster? [drops it at Frank's feet]
      Frank: [beat as he slowly and silently looks down]
      [Arin and Dan laugh]
    • Frantically running through the house to get things in order for the Rachael quest, Arin pauses only long enough to shout "YOU'LL LOVE ME SOON, RACHAEL!" at her in passing before dashing away again
  • Episode 5:
    • Arin and Danny are looking for Rachael and starts singing "Where is Rachael?" to the tune of "Frère Jacques," with the chorus being "Chicken nugs."
  • Episode 7:
    • They have to send fake texts to Rachael framed as dares from her friend Vicki. The final dare is to get naked and masturbate somewhere private. The first time they find the door locked, since they were supposed to be hiding in the closet. The second time they get there first, but are caught and she walks away, but the audio starts playing her moans anyway.
      Danny: Now it's ghost masturbation happening.
  • In episode 8, Arin is nonplussed to find that the player character can take his dick out:
    Arin: Wait, so my penis is out right now? [camera pans down to show a censored penis] Oh, sure is! [Danny laughs hysterically]
  • They decided to romance a few more characters, resulting in an episode 9. And Danny still doesn't know what "reticulating splines" refers to.
  • Dan mocks Arin as they discuss Frank's appearance in episode 10.
    Arin: He looks like a very clean nutsack.
    Dan: …You don't keep your nutsack clean?
    Arin: Well I mean uh well I mean like—
    Dan: I would've just said he looks like a nutsack.
    Arin: I'm just saying nutsacks usually look a little wrinkly.
    Dan: "He looks like what I would imagine a nutsack to look like if mine wasn't constantly covered in dirt and feces!"
    Arin: No! It's like a—it's like a nutsack that got a facelift. [Dan starts cackling] Just a really clean, smooth nutsack.
    Dan: Bro. You think I haven't gone into like at least three doctors around Hollywood and asked for a sack-tightening?
    • Then they ask Frank what he thinks of Katherine:
    Frank: Dude, she's so hot. I'd give my left nut for a night with her.
    Arin: You mean your whole body?
    Dan [as Frank]: I'd give my whole nut-head for her.
  • The Grumps lose the thread a little:
    Arin: Amy get in there and look at her boobs so I can talk to Madison and get a kiss so I can prove to Frank that I'm not gay so that I can romance Amy! I mean you!
    Dan: Oh my god I forgot that's what this whole thing is about!
  • The ridiculously convoluted route into Amy's pants involves putting Ashley's clothes through the washer and dryer to win her gratitude, waiting for her to enter a bedroom then trapping her in there so you can get a blowjob from her after tricking Frank to walk in on you so he'll realize you're not gay and give you a condom. Arin puts in all the work… only for Amy to walk in and ruin everything.
    • Arin's second run to the bedroom gets even more hysterical as he tries to shove Madison out of his way in the stairs.
      Arin: [pushes Madison away from the door] Get the fuck OUT OF HERE MADISON! GET OUT OF HERE MADISON!! GET THE FUCK OUT!!
      Dan: [laughs and reads the description of the bedroom's door] It appears to be locked.
      Dan: [laughs] She lives here!
      Arin: [closes the door, stands in front of Ashley] Blowjob! NOW!
      • Arin spends the duration of the blowjob desperately chanting Frank's name.
        Arin: Please, God, be Frank! Please be Frank!
        Dan: This is so much, like, your actual fantasy!
        Arin: Gaaaah! Where is Frank?!
    • When Frank arrives he exclaims "What the fuck, dude? My eyes! I'm gonna be scarred for life with this shit..." A few seconds later, Arin is able to talk to him while Ashley is blowing him. Guess what he says. Yep, it's "How's it goin', dude?"
      • Arin then continues to casually talk to Frank, successfully convincing him that he's not gay, while Ashley is still giving him a blowjob.
  • In Episode 19, Arin starts voicing the main character like Gollum. Dan fucking loses it.
    Arin: (to Britney) Excuse me... Do you want Coca-Cola? The fridge is fully stocked. One second! *pants and sprints off*
  • Episode 20 was supposed to be the final episode (so much so that it was briefly uploaded with a thumbnail reading "FINALE") but the ridiculously convoluted path into Amy's pants reached its final twist when the Grumps realize that they've inadvertently closed off a path to completing her quest (they were supposed to steal Ashley's undies during the laundry mission) and must summon an entirely new character in order to steal her underwear...which requires yet another multi-part quest to accomplish. The resignation in their voices when they realize they have to keep going is both heartbreaking and hilarious.

     A Way Out 
  • Right off the bat, Arin and Danny make it so one of the playable prisoners has a crush on the other player character.
  • In episode 3, Danny starts voicing his character, Leo, with a hispanic accent (virtually the same voice he used for Cortez in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door). Partway through episode 4, he randomly switches to the voice for Jean-Eric from Endless Ocean 2: Blue World and back to Cortez.
  • The Running Gag of the two characters loudly announcing their plans to break out of prison so loudly that it echoes.
    • Similarly in part 6, where they actually do their escape under the cover of a thunderstorm. Within the game, Leo tells Vincent that there's a storm coming, and that's their time to make a break for it. With Arin and Danny controlling them?
      Danny (as Leo): Did you hear about the weather? It's going to be raining tonight.
      Danny (as Vincent): WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
      • Danny mentions later that he imagines that scene accompanied with camera angles of the rest of the prison with birds flying away and everyone else in the prison turning towards them with wide eyes.
    • In a level where the two have to smuggle a wrench back to their cell, Arin and Danny have the characters loudly deny that they have a wrench without prompting.
    • An offshoot of this Running Gag is one where Leo and Vincent express surprise at how hard breaking out of prison is.
  • Another Running Gag is where Arin notices that the game takes a lot of cues from The Shawshank Redemption (as the aforementioned thunderstorm might have indicated). Accordingly, Arin and Danny have a character lampshade the similarities while the other gets annoyed and tells him to shut up about it.
  • "Look at us, a couple of cards."
  • When Leo's being obstructed by a guard:
    Danny!Leo: Listen, maybe you don't understand. If I don't get access to that backroom, I'm never going to be able to escape this prison.
  • Leo wondering if they'll get in trouble for being in the warden's office. He can forge his parents' signature if they do.
    • Vincent pretending to be the warden for a quick laugh.
  • Man, being a warden is a lot nicer than being a prisoner.
  • After an accident involving a makeshift zipline, Leo and Vincent get caught and have to make a frantic break for it while sirens blare and snipers shoot to kill. Once they're out of shooting distance of the prison...
    Arin (as a guard): Huh. Must've been a squirrel.
  • There's a momentary break between gameplay segments where Vincent and Leo are in a plane. Once it cuts back to gameplay, Danny complains about spoilers.
  • At the end of part 7, Arin flicks the control stick wildly to make it look like Vincent is having some sort of freak-out. When Danny gets Leo down to the same location Arin is, he starts doing it too, all while they both improv as Leo and Vincent freaking out over it being contagious.
  • In Part 8, Arin and Danny notice that Leo has Elmuh Fudd Syndwome and voices accordingly.
  • When a walkway collapses:
    Leo: What happened?
    Danny: What do you fucking think happ—-a dragon came.
    Arin: [loses it]
  • The Running Gag in part 9 in which Leo's son Alex is a helicopter.
    Arin (As Alex): Dad? (Helicopter noises)
    • It extends into a Running Gag for the whole series. According to Danny, all the children in this universe are helicopters.
  • During a level where Arin is driving while Dan is shooting, a cutscene plays of the truck careening off the road. Dan proceeds to blame Arin for the accident.
  • Part 12:
    Leo: It's always been usnote  against the world. Still is.
    Danny!Leo: I've got a bionic arm!
    • When the scene ends:
    Danny!Leo: Thanks. (beat) My legs are made of lasers.
    (Arin cracks)
    Arin!Leo: Pewpewpew. That's the sound they make. Not right now, but when they laser.
    • They find more sidequests and mini games to keep occupied while the other advances the plot.
      • One sidequest is telling a woman, Martha, with a baseball bat where to find her cheating husband. This unlocks the "No Cheating" achievement.
      Arin: (as Martha attacks her husband) Ah, domestic abuse.
      Danny: Yay!
      Arin: So funny. (Vincent turns and slowly walks away) Weeeell, I'm gonna...
    • They can play basketball with Leo's son.
      • Danny passes the ball to Arin by chucking it away from Arin.
        Danny: I'm gonna pass it to you. Damnit. Wow, we're just as good at this as real life basketball.
      • Arin picks up the ball and passes it to Alex. Danny steals it.
        Alex: Daddy, pass it to me!
        Danny: No! Fuck you, I'm dunking! (dunks the ball)
        Arin: In your face! In your face, little bitch!
      • Leo has to leave Alex again. Danny suggests they play football.
        Danny: You hold the ball, I'll run. Ten states away.
  • Part 13:
    • The pair find an opportunity to arm wrestle while investigating a construction site. It quickly turns very competitive.
      Danny: Oh God, that was not worth it at all.
      Arin: No, without a doubt, not worth it. Holy fuck, ow, my arm!
      Danny: That was as painful as real arm wrestling.
    • While chasing another character, Danny gets a quicktime event to jump over a gap.
      Danny: X! (falls to his death) Damnit.
      Arin: Did you die?
      Danny: I hit square instead of X.
    • "You're not a very good supervisor! There, I said it!"
    • When the chase takes a turn and the camera angle shifts, Arin starts humming "Yakety Sax".
    • [punch, punch] "Start talking!"
    • The entire time Dan (as Leo) is interrogating Ray, Arin (as Vincent) is calmly collecting every torture implement from their surroundings and gently placing them at Leo's feet.
  • Part 14:
    • Mocking the hilariously incompetent cop who responds to the gas station robbery.
      Dan: “Dispatch, this is Johnson! Not only did I not apprehend the criminals, but I immediately crashed my car!“
      Arin: “I deserve a promotion! Please respond.” [they laugh their asses off]
    • While buying weapons from Jasmine, Danny and Arin have a lot of fun testing out the guns in the safest manner possible.
      Arin: I'm going to stand in the way of your bullets, is that okay?
      Danny: [firing his shotgun at the building Arin's in] Vincent, does this go through the walls? Tell me if it goes through the walls!
  • Another recurring gag surfaces whenever Arin or Danny converse with a random side character and the idle one walks into the splitscreen view of the first player, as if trying to butt into the conversation. Alternatively, turning towards the camera like "Can you believe this fucking guy?"
    • At one point, Arin creates his own Funny Background Event by having Vincent walk up to and stare at a wall while Leo is having a conversation.
  • Part 16:
    • Arin and Danny make it clear they would be terrible parents.
    Danny (as Vincent holds his newborn daughter for the first time): Can I shake her?
    [Arin loses it]
    Vincent: She's so beautiful...
    Danny!Vincent: So...shakeable...
    • Danny flubs another QTE, bringing the tense action sequence that preceded it to a grinding halt as he's forced to start again. The funniest thing about it is the way Leo's body ragdollizes as he falls. It looks like he suddenly has no bones and his neck starts to sink into his shoulder, but that's sadly all we see before the game resets itself.
    • When the Big Bad of the game Harvey demands more men, Arin proposes that his mooks jerk off the guy they are holding prisoner and use his sperm to fertilize some eggs and create more men.
  • Part 18:
    • They encounter a sniper. Arin ambushes him and take the rifle.
      Arin: Now I'm the sniper!
      Danny: What's your sniper name gonna be? [gets shot climbing a ladder] Ow. Mine's gonna be "Rowdy Roddy Sniper".
      Arin: Mine's gonna be "Wesley Snipes".
    • Danny finds a dead mook who fell in a weird way.
      Danny: (laughing) I'm just looking at this guy!
      Arin: (in his Luigi voice) Oh, this is not how I wanted my day to go.
      Danny: When I woke up in the morning, I said, "Pablo, today is just not going to be your day."
      Arin: Guess who was right. I put on my lucky basketball shirt just to be sure.
    • Arin shoots an enemy. Danny comes up with a Bond One-Liner.
      Danny: Do you have a minute to talk about Jesus? Because you're about to meet him in a second!
  • Part 19:
    • Danny points out how the game is becoming reminiscent of the ending to Scarface (which Arin hasn't seen), with the mansion and pool. Then they enter the mansion and Harvey shows up in a white suit on a stairway. Danny declares "This is Scarface."
    • After shooting Harvey until he falls in the pool, Danny wishes they had done a terrible Bond One-Liner:
      Dan: Looks like he, dead is uh, ah, uh, in the water!
      Arin: Looks like he painted the town red!
      Dan: He's uhh, sh—uh, [incoherent stuttering] s-swimming uh. [they both crack up]
      • Which leads to an extended gag of Leo and Vincent spending an entire motorcycle chase struggling to come up with a better one.
    • And then, this happens.
  • The finale:
    • Leo and Vincent end up going toe to toe in a shootout and get separated. Arin and Danny end up being confused by where they are and where the other player is...only for them to run right into each other.
    Arin: I don't know where I am.
    Danny: I don't know where I am either.
    [Their respective characters enter each other's screens]
    Arin: Oh, hello!
    [Both Grumps lose it]
  • Arin beatboxes again...while moving Vincent back and forth instead of aiming the gun at a heavily weakened Leo.
    • Danny's reactions to the Battle in the Rain combined with Arin's jokes. He's emotionally distraught, but can't stop laughing. Like most of the audience, probably.
  • Due to the Battle in the Rain being a quicktime event, both Arin and Danny take their sweet-ass time with each button prompt.
    Danny!Leo [when prompted to punch Vincent]: I'm gonna punch you! I'm gonna do it, Vincent, I'm gonna punch you! I SWEAR TO GOD VINCENT I'M GONNA PUNCH YOU! I'M PUNCHING YOU!
    Arin!Vincent [when prompted to aim and shoot at Leo: Mmmaybe nooot...but MAY—nah...BUT MAYBE? Nah...MAYBE? Nah...[begins aforementioned beatbox as he backs and forths between aiming and not aiming]
    • When the game flashes back to Vincent holding his daughter after he gets punched:
    Danny!Leo: I hope your baby felt that!
    • "R...Right foot green..."
  • Vincent goes to meet Linda during the epilogue. He brought condoms.
    • Linda asks Vincent what happened to Leo and...
    [sad music starts]
    Arin!Vincent: (sings) He's deeeeeaad...
    Dan: [starts laughing]
    • Vincent later reunites with his wife and newborn daughter. It's an extremely emotional scene which ends with Vincent walking away only for Carol to invite him inside.
      Arin!Vincent: Yes! These condoms aren't going to waste!
    • From the same above scene:
      Vincent: I'm sorry...
      Carol: I know you are.
      Danny!Carol: But what am I?
      [Arin cracks]

     God of War (2018) 
  • The very premise of this sequel is that Kratos is now fighting Norse Gods because he ran out of Greek Gods to fight. Arin and Dan are amused because that's the exact premise of their Starbomb song about Kratos.
  • They imagine Kratos is secretly a Coldplay fan.
  • Arin spends half of the fight with the Stranger getting needlessly slapped around because he forgot he could block. As soon as he remembers it, the Stranger, with perfect timing, taunts, "Forget how to use your shield?"

     Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 
  • Arin pretends to not be interested in a party member and skip them, only to discover he actually can. Fortunately, he quickly discovers the Curse of the Moon... which means he'll have to do the second stage all over again.

     Detroit: Become Human 
  • "Fuck you, welcome to Game Grumps."
  • The running gag of them turning Connor into an extreme Captain Obvious.
  • Arin focuses on Connor's coin in the opening chapter and assumes the game takes place in 1994. Despite the game itself saying it's 2038.
  • "Initiating (blank) protocol."
  • Kara is introduced immediately after being repaired and reset after an accident. The reason given in-universe? A car hit her. When Arin and Danny are in the drivers' seat? Todd peed on her. Then they immediately backtrack and insist that a car peed on her.
  • At one point during A New Home, Arin berates Kara for snooping through Alice's belongings. Dan is quick to point out that Arin's controlling what she does.
  • Whenever it's in shot, they don't pass up the opportunity to comment on Markus' ass.
  • When Carl encourages Markus to paint something, he initially chooses (under Arin's influence) to paint a copy of Carl's new painting. Carl gently persuades him to try again, this time with his eyes closed. Dan believes that Markus would just paint another exact replica of Carl's painting.
  • During a tense chase sequence playing as Kara, Dan randomly suggests that she should t-pose to assert her dominance over the assailant.
  • After learning that deviants self-destruct when placed under too much stress, Danny and Arin have a lot of fun imagining the androids exploding at the slightest provocation.
    Dan: (impersonating Connor) WHY'D YOU KILL HIM?! (mimics the sound of both Connor and the deviant HK400 exploding)
  • Every single time it comes up during the Fugitives chapter, Arin and Dan keep saying that sleeping in the car would be followed immediately by death.
  • The action prompts can occasionally be vague or misleading, as they're typically just one word. Arin is particularly confused by one prompt labelled "Remove" with no other context, which he immediately guesses means "Remove Alice's skin".
    • Ironically, you may have to remove Alice's human skin later on if you make certain choices.
  • Whenever Arin has to open a door or perform some other inane task to advance the story, he keeps deliberately failing the required movement of the analogue stick in order to make the animation play in reverse as the character he's playing as reverts to a neutral pose. This is often accompanied by robotic noises or Scatting courtesy of Dan and/or Arin himself.
  • Connor calmly enters the DPD at the beginning of Waiting for Hank... but Dan believes he's not there for Hank.
    Dan!Connor: (calmly) This is a robbery.
  • "I don't wanna fuck my chances with Hank, though. I wanna fuck Hank! What are my chances?"
  • Apparently, the Grump's version of RK800 specialises not in police investigation, but in busting balls.
  • Upon Hank checking the hotel room and declaring the deviant is gone, Arin (as Connor) suggests checking under the bed.
  • Markus trying to blend in with humanity with questionable results.
  • While in an apartment with no apparent lifeforms dwelling in it except for hundreds of pigeons, Connor scans a stool and notes that it's covered in avian fecal matter. Arin's response?
    Arin: Yeah, no shit. Oh, actually, there is shit.
    Dan: Yeah, it''s bird shit.
  • Throughout the livestreams, I Know What Boys Like by The Waitresses becomes somewhat of a Running Gag, from the stream starting off by someone accidentally playing it to Dan deciding to play it in retaliation to Zlatko attempting to reset Kara's memory.
  • When meeting the cryptic Lucy for the first time, she reads Markus' future for him through a riddle. It's a rather dramatic scene, even though the riddle doesn't rhyme. Dan makes do.
    Lucy: A part of shadow and a part of light...
    Dan: A part of sadness and a part of fright. I do not want green eggs and ham!
    Arin: (laughing) Are you Sam?! Sam-I-Am?!
  • The whole time when Kara and Alice are fleeing from Zlatko, Danny keeps playing I Know What Boys Like at inopportune moments, such as when they're trying to go unnoticed.
    Dan: As long as we stay perfectly silent...(I Know What Boys Like starts playing loudly) Dammit!
  • The most that they remember about The Nest is the pigeons, and the large amount of literal crap that came with them. They make it such that it bleeds into Connor's thoughts on the entire situation.
    Dan!Connor: I read his diarrheaaa? (nervous laughter)
    Dan: Amanda's thing goes down.
    (Arin and Dan both burst out laughing)
    Arin!Amanda: I thought I programmed you to be better than this.
    • Connor remarks on Hank's perceived gratitude that he was rescued on the rooftop. He says that Hank didn't vocalise it, but "expressed it in his own way," which Dan manages to extrapolate into Hank having flipped him off and pushed him off the roof.
  • Arin appears to be aware that Connor is the game's residential Launcher of a Thousand Ships, because he applies that fact to some of his improv'd dialogue for Amanda. Dan picks up and runs with it, too.
    Arin!Amanda: Did [Hank] kiss you? Tumblr would go wild if that happened.
    Connor: I will solve this investigation, Amanda.
    Dan!Connor: Regardless of how many people I have to kiss!
    Arin!Connor: I'll kiss 'em all, I say!
    Arin!Amanda: I expect you to.
    Dan!Amanda: I programmed you to know what boys like.
  • Connor ends up needing to put an absolutely plastered Hank in the shower to sober him up. Doing this requires Connor to push him into the tub, but it won't happen until the analogue stick is moved. Naturally, Arin doesn't move it until he's gotten plenty of Ho Yay out of the fact that Connor's hand is gently resting on Hank's chest.
    • Hannah, their friend behind the scenes, describes this part of the game as "like, the weirdest romantic comedy."
  • While Markus is making a dramatic, rousing speech to the few members of Jericho still functioning, Arin and Dan can only make fun of the stilted facial animations of the androids standing behind him. It looks less like they're cheering and more like they're speaking gibberish or trying really hard to do a horse impression.
  • Arin making Connor stare at a pole-dancing male Traci at the start of Eden Club under the guise of "investigating" the routine.
  • Someone in the chat declares that they quoted Dan for their senior quote. This prompts Hannah to ask them if they had senior quotes, and if they remember what they chose. Dan's was: "Jesus is coming. Look busy."
  • During Stratford Tower, Markus and North break into a secured room and cut a hole through the window so that they can access a window cleaning lift. Thanks to the Unspoken Plan Guarantee, Dan doesn't know what's happening and entertains the idea that they're doing it to break out of the place that they just broke into without doing anything.
    Arin!North: Did you get the info?
    Arin!Markus: What?
    • Simon gives Markus a mysterious canister, and once again due to being clueless as to what the plan actually is, the Grumps decide that they're going to write "ANDROIDS RULE, HUMANS DROOL" all over the walls of the room and broadcast it to the whole city.
  • This.
    Simon: Markus, your face...
    Arin: It sucks.
    Dan: It's gross.
  • Simon ends up injured and left behind on the roof of Stratford Tower, but Markus gives him a gun to defend himself. Or kill himself. Whatever works.
  • Markus discovering right as he jumps off the roof that instead of parachutes or wingsuits, they actually brought backpacks.
  • Arin, "excited" to play more of the game. The words "plot wiener" are mentioned right next to each other, that's all that needs to be said.
  • Dan says that "Plot Wiener" is his favorite name for an indie band. Later followed up by "Third Taco" as well.
  • Kara and her family take refuge in the home of Rose, an android sympathiser, and Kara ends up having to survive a policeman entering the house to question her. Just as the officer is about to leave, other deviants being helped by Rose end up making noise in the next room by accident, which Kara covers up by blaming the washing machine. Dan and Arin both immediately jump to pretending the other deviants are doing bad washing machine impressions to sell the lie. Leads up to them pretending that as soon as the cop leaves, fifty androids come rushing out to ask if he's gone.
  • "I'm the Jesus machine boy!"
  • Markus' exaggerated panicking when North throws a pair of bolt cutters towards him.
  • They don't waste any time painting Kamski as the creepy rich dude he is. Naturally, they immediately take it Up to Eleven (while somehow making sense in context!)
    "Just having a four-way with triplets in the blood pool!"
  • Markus' part of Crossroads begins with Josh, North and Simon pacing around Jericho's control room in tense silence. It's an intense establishing scene, until you remember that this is Game Grumps, and they instantly make a joke about everyone pacing around uncomfortably because Markus is interrogating them about who farted. Bearing in mind that they're all androids with no capacity to expel gas in that way.
  • Markus is getting in on the Ho Yay now, too.
    Josh: What's the point of being free if no one is left alive?
    Arin!Markus: Do you want to kiss or not?!
    Markus: Maybe my judgement was clouded by...
    Dan!Markus: badly I wanted to kiss you.
  • Connor and Markus finally face off against each other. Arin pauses the game in a panic because he really doesn't want to mess it up, so everyone turns to the chat for help. Danny declares that the only advice he's seeing in the chat is "kiss."
  • Allie remarks that CyberLife Tower looks very phallic. Dan immediately chastises her for it, asks her to get her mind out of the gutter, and says that it looks like a buttplug.
  • Arin says that the game would be better if Kara talked like a Valley Girl the whole time.
  • The climax of Markus' story takes place somewhere called Hart Plaza. If you misread that the first time, you're not the first to do so.
    Dan!Markus: Everyone! What if this was called H— Fart Plaza?
    Dan!Deviant: (ineffectually) Good one, Markus...
    Arin!Deviant: (equally disinterested) Yeah Markus, awesome.
    Dan!Markus: Like fart instead of Hart?
    Arin!Deviant: (annoyed) Yeah, we get it Markus. It's great.
  • Hank pours his heart out to Connor while trying to tell him apart from another identical RK800, even going so far as to confess that every time Connor died and got replaced with another Connor, it reminded him that his son was gone forever and could never be brought back. It's an extremely raw and touching moment. One might be able to argue that the imposter RK800 abruptly interjecting adds something to the scene, but to the Grumps it's just too sudden and desperate to be anything but comedic.
  • Markus proudly declares that the revolution was won for now, and that humans will have no choice but to listen to androids. Arin jokes about Markus' eyes turning red as hard rock starts playing and the goal of the game suddenly changing to "kill all humans" despite the fact that they've been pacifists the entire time.
  • When North and Markus have their Big Damn Kiss, Josh and Simon's reactions both seem to be "God, I wish that were me."
  • They pause the game again to consult the chat for help, but all they can see initially is at least one person saying "robot orgy" and a bunch of people telling Connor to kiss Amanda.
  • At the end of everything, Dan insistently mispronounces David Cage as David Cah-gay.

     Monster Prom 
  • When Arin gets his first event with Vera and Scott (a character who he voices in-game):
    Arin!Scott: Hey Vera, you're mean, right?
    Danny: Arin, I don't think you're qualified to voice that guy.
  • Whenever talking to or about Polly, Dan switches between,
    • gushing about her with extreme confidence,
      Danny: Oh, I'm gonna put a baby in you.
    • and acting like an incredibly awkward schoolboy.
      Polly: Hey, you got my text! That's good, cause I need some help brainstorming.
      Danny: Y-yeah whatever you need, Polly.
  • Danny's voice for Vera gets progressively slower and more distorted, and Arin decides that it's because she is melting.
  • One of the challenges for determining turn order has both players pick something bad, and then debate how badass a criminal called "Mike 'the (selected item)' Johnson" would be. Danny chose Michael Jackson, leading to the absolutely ridiculous "Mike 'the Michael Jackson' Johnson".
  • When Dan's character and Polly Geist are starting to get close:
    Polly: You're like the best science partner I've ever had!
    Dan!Polly: You're like a really good friend.
    [Arin laughs his ass off]
    Arin!Polly: And like whenever I'm with you, it feels like we're in a zone!
    [Both Grumps lose it]

     911 Operator 
  • Part 2's comment section, which is filled with people expressing joy and relief that Arin isn't a 911 operator in Real Life.
  • Arin turns the speed to the fastest setting, then forgets about it and complains everything is going too fast.

     Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Venus Vacation 
  • They're playing this one despite the game being entirely in Japanese, and neither of them being able to read much of it. Not to worry, Dan's come prepared: thanks to the Google Translate app, he can hold up his phone camera and translate the game's text "into some form of English". Translation Train Wreck doesn't begin to cover it—apparently the result it spits out for a given sentence is constantly changing in real time.
  • In Part 3, Dan brings back bad memories for Arin.
    Danny: *In Helena's voice* Hm... Could you let me think about it?
    Arin: Dude, you're like, triggering me right now. I don't want to think about that.
  • Arin gives the background music his own lyrics.

     Doodle Date 
  • This game is a dating simulator where you draw the object of your affections, as well as other props and characters. The fact that Egoraptor is the one providing the artistic talent should tell you how much of a laugh riot this series is.
  • When Arin is asked to draw a waiter, his depiction initially starts out with the design you'd expect...only to take a sharp left turn. The waiter also flirts with Danny.
  • When Arin is asked to draw a fancy outfit for Danny, he, upon Danny's request, draws a tuxedo top and thong. Danny wasn't too found of his pupic hair being drawn, however.
    • Fittingly, the game's script has Claire immediately advise Danny to wear something else.
  • At one point, Arin voices Claire with his "only eggs can sustain me" demonic voice, then switches back to his default girl voice.
  • When asked to draw a sexy Claire, Arin, surprisingly, takes it completely seriously and draws a genuinely cute and sexy image of a seductive Claire. He then draws people crowding around a window in the background, gawking at her.
  • As Arin draws sexy Claire, Danny notices a funny Steam notification pop up:
    Danny: EPIC SEX GAY is now playing Guilty Gear! (both Grumps crack up) Wow! Good for him!
  • When Claire gets pregnant, Arin makes their baby look like Homer Simpson.
    • Again, the game's script has Claire describe their baby as an abomination of nature.
  • When Claire attempts to murder Danny, Arin is asked to draw a weapon for Danny to defend himself with. The result is a tank with machine guns attached to the side, a T-rex riding on the back, and Arin in the cockpit throwing dynamite.
    • Danny then stabs Claire with the weapon...somehow.
  • Long after Claire's death, Danny suddenly has a surprise visitor. It's his newborn child, Homer Simpson.
    Baby: Hello, Father.
    • Danny's child then kills him with the previously created weapon by stabbing him in the back. Again, how?
    Dan: I just got stabbed by Homer Simpson!

     Garfield: Threat of the Space Lasagna 
  • After they finished a minigame where Garfield has to kick away mice that grab on his body, they have a discussion on Garfield's relationship with his owner Jon.
    Arin: Doesn't Garfield eat mice?
    Danny: Uhhhhh... I can't remember... no, he eats lasagna.
    Arin: Ah.
    Dan: And he hates Mondays.
    Arin: Who makes the lasagna for him?
    Dan: Jon.
    Arin: Why is Jon enabling him?
    Dan: Ugh... uh... because he's a fucking cuck!
    Both: (laugh)
    Arin: Oh, that got me... just too fucking...
    Arin: Please... let Garfield say that to him one time: (in Garfield voice) "Because you're a fucking cuck!"
  • Arin's impression of the game's bad-sounding Garfield voice, comparing it to a no-talented YouTuber doing a video of cartoon voices.
  • Reproduce Garfield's movements.
  • Their rendition of the hectic music during the truck food challenge.

     Mega Man 11 
  • In part 5, Dr. Light has a revelation.
    Dr. Light: Oh! I almost forgot something very important!
    Dan!Dr. Light: I'll be pronouncing your name "Me-Gay Man" from now on!
  • Dan mistakes the soundtrack in Bounce Man's stage for "Yankee Doodle Dandy."
  • A joke about a derpy background pyramid in Block Man's stage is funny on its own. What makes it even funnier is that the Grumps pulled up the EXACT SAME TOPIC at the EXACT SAME SPOT when playing the stage in the demo.
  • "Power Gear! SCABADIGOOBER!"
  • During Fuse Man's stage, Dan brings up the idea of Sonic going too far.
    Dan!Sonic: What are you, disabled!
    Dan: What the FUCK, Sonic?!
  • In the finale:
    Arin [as Dr. Wily]: Can't take the heat? Ahahaha, I'm so funny. My mother says I'm funny.
    Dan as Wily: Do you… want to be my mother?

     Kitty Love 
  • Arin tries to name the main character "Carl Weathers". However, thanks to the seven-character limit and Arin getting the surname and given name text boxes mixed up, the name ended up being "weather carl".
  • The narration made only more Narmy by the incredibly mangled English translation, which gets both of them giggling every other sentence.
  • Their characterization of Saijo (the man they decide to romance) as becoming increasingly obsessed with bathing and wiping the main character while she's cursed to be a white cat (yep, that's the plot).
  • After the black cat curses "weather carl" to turn into a cat at night, it "disappears like a smoke". Arin makes a "poof" sound and manages to time it so that the cat disappears right when he does it.
  • During the first stream, Arin and Danny are completely gobsmacked when weather carl's monologue includes the words "I was shook."
    Danny-as-weather-carl: He's so fucking leet!
    Arin-as-weather-carl: Damn! Yeet!
  • Once it is revealed that Mr. Saijo (or "Mr.Saijo", as the game constantly misspells) is a supernatural cat being known as a nekomata, Arin and Danny play up is creepy factor.
    Danny as Mr. Saijo: We don't have to have sex as a cat, or people. I'm going to take you out of your body and we will copulate on the astral plane.
    Arin as weather carl: Not gonna lie, that sounds kind of sick. Like at first, you were creeping me out, but now I'm like 'Damn! I'll try that shit!'

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 
  • In part two, Dan forgets the name and calls it Shakira. He then notes she sounds like Kermit the Frog.
    Mmmm. Kermit the Frog here, not lying with his hips!

    Phoenix Wright 
  • The jokes made at the expense of Phoenix Wright having no idea how to be a lawyer, with the best one being them (in-character) asking why "too hungry" wasn't an option for cause of death.
  • Arin is constantly saying Mia is his favorite, and at the end of the case, he teases Dan that he won't like the next case. It's funniest when knowing that Mia dies, and this is basically going to be another Doki Doki Literature Club/Shadow of the Colossus.
  • The two begin Part 2 admitting that they forgot what was happening between episodes, and the first line of dialogue they read when they begin is very vague to the point that it almost seems like the game is mocking them for it.
  • Reality Ensues with Phoenix seriously hurting his hands from pounding the table so much.
  • Maya's ESP is actually Extra Super Penis. "I'll let you figure out what that means."
  • Upon entering Grossberg's office, Dan lets out a dismissive "Jews," completely throwing Arin off from his train of thought.
    • Turns into a Brick Joke in the next episode when they finally meet Mr. Grossberg and Dan voices him with a Yiddish accent.
  • Ben's Freeze-Frame Bonus where he changes Phoenix's name to "Peenix" for one text box in Episode 6.
  • Ben puts in a record-reversing sound when Dan flubs a line.
  • Edgeworth becomes obsessed with his own giant hand, before realizing it's just Depth Deception.
  • The unfortunate shape of the outline of Mia's body.
    Dan: This is where the penis was. The body was found near... (collapses into giggles)
    Arin: Detached and flaccid.
    Dan: And huge! Look at that...look at it in comparison to the chair!
  • Dan abruptly changes April May's voice to a Valley Girl, and immediately wonders how many voices he's going to end up giving her.
  • Ben gives the bellboy a Raging Stiffie as he remembers April kissing him.
  • They get so invested in bringing down Redd White that the session lasts to the early hours, leading to them getting increasingly punchy. Dan voicing White as Tim Curry is especially fun.
  • A new choice to ask about Grossberg's painting in White's office: "It's covered in semen."
  • After the first episode without April when she's arrested: "Are you sad April's glorious boobs were not in this episode?"
  • They have some trouble remembering what's going on in "Turnabout Sisters" after a break for a few days. "I feel like we're two old ladies catching up on our stories."
  • At one point, Dan sneezes during a line read and says "excuse me". Ben, of course, adds it to the actual text box.
  • Dan started saying "I'll suck your dick!" in a cutesy voice inspired by The Happytime Murders. Since the film was a flop, Grumps fans started looking up the original reading and the comments are all saying that Dan's reading is funnier.

  • The name the Grumps pick for the fallen child? Jiggls. Spelled exactly like that.
  • Arin's Papyrus voice. It really has to be heard to be believed. Many viewers, both in the stream and in the comments section, said it was quite possibly the most accurate Papyrus voice they'd ever heard.
  • The Grumps' assistant Allie rides shotgun with them during the livestream, alternately being Exposition Fairy, Straight Man, and Team Mom to Arin and Dan.
  • The gang spends several minutes worrying that they might've compromised their Pacifist Run after Arin accidently picked the "devour" option in the Vegatoid fight.
  • Arin jokingly wonders if reading Toriel's diary will set him down the Genocide path.
    Arin: You read the passage: "Why did the skeleton want a friend? Because she was feeling bonely..."
    Arin: (Breaks down laughing) "How could you do such a thing?! Millions are dead!"
  • Dan immediately has the game's intended reaction to Jerry, while Arin is the one who feels bad. "I don't want to ditch Jerry! We just ditched Jerry! That's so fucking uncool!"
  • In the battle with Asgore, Arin accidentally eats the Snowman Piece and becomes genuinely distraught. He dies soon after anyway.


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