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Video Game Perversity Prevention

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Video Game Perversity Potential spreads quite frequently. If your players have the right to customize something, and said something will be displayed online for everyone to see, Trolls will inevitably make it look like a penis or swastika and name it with whatever garden-variety swear or slur you can think of without fear of it coming back to bite them.

So as you can guess, countless game developers have developed ways to end this and keep their servers clean, typically this trope comes in the form of a name censor, preventing the player from naming characters and objects naughty things. However, some players will still try to circumvent this, such as altering profanity.


Sub-Trope of Bowdlerize and Developers' Foresight. Compare Bleached Underpants, Video Game Cruelty Punishment and Why the Fandom Can't Have Nice Things. For troubles text-based censorship causes, see Scunthorpe Problem.


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    Action Adventure 

    Adventure Games 
  • The Mac OS Classic versions of Déjà Vu have a swear filter which scolds you for your "crude and vulgar language" lest you input something inappropriate. Notably, the filter even recognizes "golden bozos", a slang term for breasts popularized by a 1979 Saturday Night Live sketch.

    Casual Games 

    Fighting Games 

    Massively Multiplayer Online Games 
  • In Animal Jam, if an animal attempts to perform the hopping animation on a sleeping animal, they'll return back to their standing animation, to prevent all the Moral Guardian concern over frequent cases of players attempting to simulate sex with such animations.
  • Club Penguin had a "safe chat" function on some servers where the only communication option was a selection of pre-made phrases relating to the game. On the servers with a functioning chat function, players were auto-banned for a period of time if they typed inappropriate words.
  • Video Game/Webkinz also has a "safe chat" function like Club Penguin does.

    Music Games 
  • In the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA games starting with Project Diva F, trying to look up a female character's skirt in the Photo Studio or Augmented Reality modes will hide the character model and display a warning message. However, no such restriction applies to Edit Mode.

    Racing Games 
  • Mario Kart: Custom Decals were removed after Mario Kart DS, almost certainly to prevent people from making any more penises and swastikas.
  • In Uniracers, if you try to rename Unis with words such as "shit", "Satan", "jizz", "lesbian", etc., they will be rejected as "not cool enough".

    Role Playing Games 
  • Pokémon games disallow the players from nicknaming their Pokemon vulgar things (such as words related to sexual acts), insults, or slurs (Gens I-IV had no name censorship whatsoever), they also forbid mons that already have such a name from being traded on the GTS, which occasionally causes problems when a species name sets off the radar.

    Stealth Games 
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty has a sequence in which the player character Raiden gets captured and strips naked. After he escapes from his cell, he is naked for the subsequent gameplay sequence, and will cover his crotch with his hands. Even if the player makes him do a cartwheel, he will still keep his crotch covered.

    Sandbox Games 
  • LittleBigPlanet 2: In The Factory of a Better Tomorrow, a door can only be unlocked by manipulating the fingers of a giant robotic hand to make the "rock on" sign. However, if the player attempts to make the hand Flip the Bird , a censor sign will drop over the hand as a buzzer sounds.
  • In Roblox, in addition to a word filter censoring blacklisted words with hash symbols and moderation all user-uploaded assets have to go through before being available to the public, if all of the avatar's body parts are the same color, and the avatar is not wearing a pants item, the avatar is automatically given default clothing of a random color to prevent dirty-minded users from creating "naked" avatars and scarring children and Moral Guardians. However, this can be bypassed if a player changes one of the body parts to a different color or wears a transparent pants item (which will get deleted in a second).

    Survival Horror 
  • You get an in-universe scolding for trying to look up Ashley's skirt in Resident Evil 4. She crosses her legs and calls you (or, rather, Leon, but we all know it's really directed at the player) a pervert.

    Non-Video Game Examples 
  • Accel World: In the virtual world the students at Haruyuki's school can use, the tactile sensations of the avatars have been dulled to the point that they can only feel a flat box if they attempt to touch one another. This makes sense given the somewhat provocative avatars said students can sport, along with their burgeoning hormones. Haru points out that any attempt to change the settings alerts the administration and the culprit can get into serious trouble.
  • Kahoot! changes your name if it recognizes that you've made it something inappropriate.
  • Newer versions of the Leapfrog Alphabet Pal will refuse to pronounce a "C" or "K" immediately after an "F", instead giggling and saying "that tickles!"
  • Dr. Sbaitso was a digitized voice software toy; when users started making it say profanities, it would give the user a few warnings; if the user kept doing this, then it would have a "Parity Error", give off a loud screeching noise, and then fill the screen with random characters until the screen was filled with them.
  • Burger King's interactive promotional advertising program "The Subservient Chicken" had a number of commands a user could enter and the chicken would act out; if the user entered a command considered inappropriate, the chicken would wag its finger at the screen.

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