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A continuation of the first page.

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    Contra Force 

     1001 Spikes 

    Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts 

    Castlevania II: Simon's Quest 

    Power Blade 

    Trauma Center Second Opinion 

    Mega Man 6 

    Godzilla Monster of Monsters 

    Castlevania 64 

    Little Samson 

    Battle Kid Fortress of Peril 

    Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase 

    Alien 3 

    Super Adventure Island 
  • Episode 1:
    • Early in episode one, the Grumps have fun at Master Higgins expressions and positions when he throws his axe and when he ducks. They also remark that parents must love this game since Higgins gets all the padding and gear when he gets on the skateboard.
    • What are people from Kansas City called? Kansanians? Kansie Asses?
    • The Grumps channel Yoda for fun and sexism.

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 
  • Danny's impression of the title screen:
    Danny: Hello, and welcome to "Too Many Fonts"!
  • "If ducks were a person, they'd probably be Hitler."
  • When they reach the first boss, which turns out to be a seal, they launch into a rendition of "Kiss from a Rose", with Arin making up new Donkey Kong related lyrics and Danny throwing in "yeahs" at the wrong times. Danny really commits to it by doing one at the end of the next episode.
  • Their entire string of continuous deaths in episode 5, due to their failure to learn that the platforms fall after they land on them, even after they specifically make note of that fact.
  • The song "Shine" as sung by Joe Swanson. Arin's spot-on impersonation of Patrick Warburton is what really makes it hilarious.
  • Mild speech impediment Seal

    We Love Katamari 

    Pokémon FireRed (2015) 
  • Part 72 starts with Arin and Danny freaking out over finding a Dratini in the Safari Zone. Naturally, it runs away. After the intro plays, Arin explains to the audience that he succeeded in catching one, only for Danny to explain that he caught a Goldeen and named it "Dratini".
    • This is even proven in a later episode
  • Part 77. Arin's heading to a poke-center, when a trainer challenges him.
    Swimmer Nora: My boyfriend gave me big pearls.
    Danny: I bet he did. (Cue collapsing laughter.)
  • Episode 80 continues Arin battling the dojo and a Primeape takes down his Psyduck.
    Arin: That's it! Time to bring out the big guns! *Clearly referring to his level 50 Articu-brings out Beedrill.*
    Danny: *laughs*
    • That one was clearly a stab at all the people riffing Arin for relying on Beedrill (to his credit his favorite Pokémon, as evidenced by his reaction to its Mega Evolution announcement), which he had earlier expressed sarcasm and annoyance at.
  • 6min into part 82 has Arin imagining a really hardcore military style raid on underground Pokémon battles.
  • In episode 83, Arin needs to delete one of Sch's moves to make room for Wing Attack, and accidentally deletes Flamethrower instead of Scratch. There is zero laugher between them as Danny then speaks for the entire audience:
    Arin: (Genuinely panicking) No, NO! NOT FLAMETHROWER! OH, FUCK!! NO!! NO!!!
    Danny: (In disbelief) ...Did you fuck it up...?
    Arin: (Still mid-freakout) NO!!!!
    Danny: ...Did you really fuck it up...?
    Danny: What is wrong with you? How do you fuck up a menu?
    • And the comments didn't disappoint.
      Comment: Arin, I've seen better menu skills from Twitch Plays Pokémon. What the actual fuck man?
  • Part 84: The Grumps discover the Idiot Ball text for the telephone in Silph Co.
    Arin: "It's a telephone. Better not use it."
    (Arin and Danny laugh)
    Danny: Who knows what this thing might be capable of?
    Arin: (bursts into uproarious, guffawing laughter so hard it soon dissolves into coughing)
  • Part 85: Lenny Kravitz vs. the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Complete with photoshopped picture.
  • Parts 86 & 87. If you thought Arin's lovely poo rant in We Love Katamari was bad, then get ready- the Fire Red playthrough ends up with a poopy encore: two episodes in a row about poop. Part 86 recants that notorious MythBusters episode where Adam and Jaime learned that no matter how much you try to clean a toothbrush, there's microscopic fecal bacteria located just about everywhere. In Part 87, Arin has another long talk about shitting in gratuitous detail after another Potty Emergency.
  • Part 89 sees the long-awaited return of Knurttt... for all of three minutes. She's become level 31 (22 levels more since she was last seen way back near the start of the playthrough). Arin has her fight one Oddish and promptly dumps her back in the Daycare. Then he starts to wonder how miserable Knurttt will be cooped up in crappy living conditions. And shows sadistic pleasure from thinking about it.
    • The amount of time that passed since the episode where Knurttt was put in the Daycare to the episode when she returned? 325 days. (Mar 2, 2014 - Jan 20, 2015)
  • Danny's sheer excitement over catching a Ditto.
  • In part 92, Arin's story about meeting some fans at the Last Unicorn tour:
    Arin: He came up to me... well, he came up to you, with his friend, and clearly didn't give a shit about me. And then he was all, like, "Oh man, you're great, Dan! You're the best! Ah, you're the coolest!" And you were like, "Ah, thanks man." And I was like, "Ah, that's nice." And then he took a picture with you, and then he like walked away, and then his friend walked up to me and was like, "Fucking Beedrill, man, what?"
  • In part 96, another pointless in-game comment appears when Arin checks the photo in Blaine's room at Cinnabar Gym. At first, he giggles because it mentions "Mr. Fuji", misreading it as "[[CallBack Mt. Fuji" before Danny corrects him. Then they both go into hysterics over the excessively detailed and embellished description of the photo, which is nothing but a cluster of tiny, chunky, and painfully incoherent pixels from the Grumps's perspective.
  • Danny's reaction of utter revulsion upon seeing Weepinbell for the first time.
    (Arin sniggers)
    Danny: Are you fuckin' kidding me with that!? That's what he [Bellsprout] turns into!?
    Arin: (still sniggering) It gets worse...! [Victreebel]
    Danny: Ohhhh my Gaahd!!
    (Arin's sniggering intensifies)
    Danny: He doesn't look finished!!
    (Arin's sniggering mutates into amused laughter)
    Danny: Woooff!
    Arin: Doesn't he kinda look like a clown, like Krusty the Clown- he looks like fucking Krusty!!
    Danny: He looks like a child's art project that doesn't want to be alive. Like, "Help. Help me..."
    (Arin squeaks with laughter)
    Danny: "Put me back in the kiln..!" (Arin keeps laughing) Ughhh... Wow!
    Arin: (laughing) He really does have this look like, "Oh, God..."
    Danny: "Ohhhh..."
    Arin: "Please..."
    Danny: ...Yeah."End me..." (both Grumps laugh) Hoo, boy!
    Arin: No wonder he's weepin', dude!
    Danny: Yeah. Wow!
    (Weepinbell is defeated and faints)
    Danny: He's like, "Thank youuuu!!"
    Arin: "Sweet release...!"
    Danny: "When I'm fainted is the only time I'm truly happy..!" (Arin is still giggling) Wow!
  • In episode 99, their airplane/airport stories.
    • According to them, there were thousands upon thousands of babies on the plane. After they took off, it was just nonstop screeching and wailing. Danny described it as "a chorus of human suffering".
    • Arin repeatedly stating that if he had a kid, he'd kick it.
      Arin: Yeah, if I had a kid, I'd probably kick it a bunch.
      Danny: Right, as we all would, but-(Giggles)
      Arin: Yeah, cause I'd be like "Shut up!" And then I'd kick it.
      Danny: Yeah. (Laughs) While no one would actually kick a baby, though I'm pretty sure that every parent, no matter how much they love their baby, has wanted to kick it.
      Arin: I'd definitely kick my baby.
      Danny: I'd probably- yeah, cool. So, anyway, like the other-
      Arin: Right in the face.
    • Arin sends Danny a text mocking a guy sitting across from him at the airport.
      Arin Text #1: Motherfucking fat Tim Robbins over here, look at this guy."
      Arin Text #2: That was actually Tim Robbins.
  • Arin laughs so hard at Bill and his friend, he starts to sound like a poodle.
  • Danny's resigned frustration at Arin when he accidentally makes Moltres faint, forcing him to do a Soft Reset.
    Danny: Goddammit, Arin! (trails off into laughter)
  • Episode 105 has a tired-as-hell Arin freaking out after he realizes that he has no idea how to escape One, Two, and Three Island. It also leads to some requisite Ho Yay.
    Arin: I don't know how to -fuck- I don't know how to get out of here. Well, I know how to fuck. I just don't know how to get out of here.
    Danny: (slyly) That's debatable.
    Arin: I-well, all right. Dude, come on. You know wha-really? You gonna do that? You gonna do it... with me? You gonna do me a little doogal?
    (Danny breaks out into laughter)
    • This then immediately leads to them finding a digger in a random cave.
      Arin: Maybe if I go through this cave. (Sees that it's a dead end with just the digger) What the fuck is going on here?
      Danny: (imitating the digger) Hey! You found my secret cool person cave. You want to join my 'cool club'? Both those words start with a "K". Okay, see you later!
    • When they encounter a wild Ponyta, Dan begs Arin to catch it. Arin begrudgingly does so...then names it DANSSTUPID.
    • Arin and Danny pledge to go catch Zapdos and name it "Jinkwad", but almost as soon as they do, Danny admits they'll probably forget by the time they reach Zapdos.
  • Part 106: Since the Grumps are getting ready to face the Viridian City gym, Arin opens the episode by doing a glorious autotuned rendition of "I'm on the Road to Viridian City" from the 4Kids English dub of the Pokémon anime.
    • Danny making an assessment of Rhyhorn's appearance:
      Danny: His head is weird.
      (The sheer lameness of Danny's quip makes Arin lose it; then Danny ends up snickering at Arin's reaction)
      Arin: After one and a half yearsnote - (starts laughing again) -that's where it's come to- (barely holding back his laughter while Danny starts laughing, too) -that is the pinnacle of Game Grumps right here! "His head is weird."
      Danny: "His head is weird." ...Buy our SHIRTS.
      (Arin starts wheezing with laughter)
      Danny: We're so talented!
      Arin: I feel like we should just stop while we're at our peak.
      Danny: Yeah. Well...
      Arin: You know, you can't be remembered for the bad times if there are none.
      Danny: No, I just- it was all indented- it looked like you'd pour like something into it like- it's like a mold and you can make another Rhyhorn out of it.
      Arin: (more laughter with Danny snickering) Like a Play-Doh mold?
      Danny: Yeah, exactly.
      Arin: (even more laughter with Danny still snickering)
  • Part 107: Arin, still zonked out from MAGFest '15, notices his normal laugh has been reduced to a smoker's cough. Then Danny goes and makes a joke about a sassy Nidorina dying (really just fainting) almost immediately after Arin makes this observation and sets off a very hoarse, hacking, and awful-sounding laugh from Arin.
    • Danny realizes what he really wanted to say about Rhyhorn's head- it looks like a staple remover. Which quickly turns into a discussion about the most humorless corporate crony taking a staple remover and pretending it can talk, mocking his boss, who actually has a staple remover for a head and all the way fires him. Also, stapler remover removers are apparently giant noses that suck the things into their nostrils.
    • THIS... just this. The noise... that Arin makes after Danny teases two Starbomb albums... HOLY SHIT.
  • Part 109: The Grumps extend some "Love" to Jon, mentioning him for the first time since he left.
  • Part 112: Danny being so tired he butchers the name of Arin's mother. Then, immediately afterward, Lorelei sends out Jynx:
    • Danny's reaction to Jynx is priceless.
    Danny: OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT!?!
    • "It looks like a bird that wants to be an opera singer, and also... mutated, horribly."
    • Arin starts coughing from laughing too hard, thanks to his still jacked-up sinuses.
    • The Stinger at the end of the episode, where Danny advertises a link to a Ninja Sex Party song animation while eating Rold Gold pretzels and staring at the viewers weirdly. It starts derailing the moment he chokes on pretzel bits, and then Danny starts Corpsing when he notices Arin's look on his face off-camera blatantly suggests he wants some pretzels, causing Danny to let him dig in.
  • Part 113 gives us more gems from Danny's dad, such as what he thinks YouTube's most popular user is called, which Danny sums up hilariously at the end of the episode:
    Danny: God, I often think, like, whenever I'm watching PeeWeeDidi, it's so nice to have a place where I can decompose and just think about my extrismism.
    Arin: That's very extrismistic of you.
    Danny: My dad is slowly but surely creating his own language.
  • Part 114: Arin runs into an Electabuzz, captures it, and names it PEEWEEDIDI. As Arin starts typing the nickname out, Danny catches on immediately.
    • Right before confronting Zapdos, literally next to the bird and about to press A to enter battle with it, Arin runs into another Electabuzz.
    • When trying to catch the legendary 'Mon, Arin uses TurntSNACO's Explosion move for the first time, and it promptly knocks out Zapdos, which leads to another Soft Reset on a legendary bird.
    • Arin nearly has another hideous blunder with the menu screen cursor when trying to throw a Great Ball at Zapdos.
    Arin: (unnerved) Not the Master Ball.
    • Danny was expecting that they'd have to make Kevin cut to the moment Arin finally bags Zapdos. But Zapdos doesn't take two episodes to capture. Instead, he stays put in a Great Ball without even being put under a status ailment (granted, after Arin burned through his stash of Ultra Balls and a good chunk of his Great Balls).
    • Arin names Zapdos "GREG", proving that the Grumps forgot all about Jinkwad as they said they would.
      • Which becomes Hilarious in Hindsight if one remembers the Sonic '06 playthrough joke "God of War: Legend of Greg". The protagonist was a Zapdos all along!
  • From the StarTropics playthrough. We'll call this one Part 114.5- Arin decides to take time off from the Fire Red playthrough to level up offscreen so he can hold his own against the Elite Four and announces it by taking the leftover footage for Part 114 and suddenly jumping over to play StarTropics in the middle of the episode.

    Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (FINALE) 
  • After nineteen months of training to beat Mike Tyson, Danny prepares to face the brutal final boss... and is immediately knocked out on the first rematch. Both of them proceed to crack up, even bringing Kevin into it.
    Danny: Kevin, put up a "Danny Wins". *Danny and Arin laugh*
    *Kevin puts "Danny Fails!" on the screen before quickly changing the last word to "Wins!"*
  • Danny lampshades how long it's been since they last had an episode of this series, is aware it was the first playthrough he ever did on the channel, and decides that his reward for completing the game will be that this episode is uploaded on his birthday.
    • Meta CMOF: Danny also mentions his hair is now twice as long and he's grown a beard. Since his skills at the game are now substantially better since June 2013, and he's a lot more beloved by the fans than when he started off on Game Grumps, he unintentionally invoked the Growing the Beard trope!
  • Danny getting really pissed at Arin distracting him when he needs unwaivering concentration to avoid getting his ass handed to him by Tyson.
  • Arin and Danny miming Doc Louis's mouth flapping animations, and noticing how Mike Tyson doesn't show so much a scratch on his face during the in-between round resting screens while Little Mac looks absolutely destroyed.
    Arin: (imitating Mike Tyson) My entiuh skuwl is a micwofwactuh.
  • Danny showing fear at Arin dissing Tyson in the game, thinking that the real Tyson will overhear it and come after him.
  • Kevin's snarky edits- first when Danny is defeated and asks for him to put up a "Danny Wins!" but Kevin puts up "Danny Loses!" for a split-second. Then, Kevin choosing not to cut out any footage when Danny resets the game to play again.
  • Danny's explosive joy when he finally, finally, finally wins against Mike Tyson by decision. And then decides to fight him again until he gets a TKO. When it at last looks like he's got it in the bag, the round clock runs out with Tyson just about to get TKO'd. And just to add insult to injury, the match is ruled in favor of Tyson's victory. Which prompts an enraged outburst of intense anger and disappointment from Danny and the demand for a fast-forward from Kevin until he gets his coveted TKO. His reaction to it is pure poetry:
    • After at last accomplishing what he set out to do many moons ago, Danny makes a huge mistake by bringing up the matter of the other Punch-Out!! playthrough for the Wii that he has yet to fully complete, with Arin knowing that's going to be the next thing on the viewers' minds since he talked about it. Guess what? The top YouTube comments for that episode's are from people trolling him to the tune of "Now do it for Wii".

    Super Bonk 

    Ninja Gaiden 
  • The brief panic attack over the game suddenly glitching out in stage 5-2, including a Game Over screen covered in random text.
  • Arin reaching the point of frustration where the only things he can say are "milquetoast, Midwestern curses".
  • "If like a really good friend called me right now and was like, 'Dude, she said yes!' I'd be like, now's not the time."
  • Arin goes into some impressive rage fits as he tries multiple times to get through the final stage, Act VI. Largely this is due to the fact that a Game Over puts you back at stage 6-1, regardless of progress. Then the Grumps discover that just a single death during the final boss rush puts you back at the start of 6-1 regardless of how many lives you had left.
    Arin: Wait...
    Danny: Oh dear...
    Arin: What...?

  • Continuing the great Grump tradition of bizarre character names, Arin's hunter is named "Itta Pupu." Only after several episodes of "Itta Pupu" jokes do they reveal that the name is a reference to an online video of an extremely homophobic religious leader railing about the alleged (and bizarrely specific) activities of gay men.
    • The joke culminates in Episode 3 with them rewriting the lyrics of the Village People's “Y.M.C.A.” in the accent of said religious leader.
      Danny: Young man, there’s no need to feel sass. I said young man, stick your hand in my ass. I said young man…
      [Dan and Arin crack up]
      Arin: Eat the poopoo you see.
      Danny: Eat da poopoo! It’s a sickness you see!
      Arin: We do not want it!
      Danny: Here in Uganda.
      Arin: In YMCA! We do not want it in the…
      Both (singing): Y-M-C-A!
      Danny: It’s a sickness in the [singing] Y-M-C-A!
      Arin: They stick their hand in the anus! [Both lose it again.]
      Danny: They use their dicks like big toys! You can hang out with all the boys!
  • Arin losing his first battle with the Cleric Beast by getting trapped in nothing.
  • In an early episode Danny brings up someone and Arin adds he finds that man sexy. At first Danny ignores him but when Arin goes on about how much he'd happily poke him. Danny finally asks why Arin has to bring up sex when discussing a man and just say he finds him handsome and stop there.
  • In Episode 6, Arin tells Dan the story of the time he and Tom Kenny took a selfie together in front of a burning garage.
  • Arin and Danny reading YouTube comments in the voice of Dale Gribble.
  • Arin explains to Dan the strategy to fight Eileen the Crow and insists there's no peaceful alternative when Dan asks. Only to enter a conversation with her immediately after and realize he missed out on a couple of gifts.
  • Arin smashing random pottery in the game for no other reason than he can. His sheer joy in doing so just makes the whole thing even funnier.
  • As Arin and Danny depart after first meeting with Alfred, Danny begins improv-ing a bunch of parting lines as Alfred, ending with, "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya." Arin is incredibly impressed by this supposedly made up, on-the-spot line but is laughing so much he swears he probably won't remember it the next day.
  • Part 23: The description says it all: TMNT is Serious Business.
  • Part 24: Arin tries to bitch about Dan not appreciating his musical abilities... which falls apart immediately.
    Arin: Dude, I gotta tell you, man, y'know, you're always like, "You don't have any musical talent, why the fuck would we ever let you write a song."
    Danny: What?! When have I ever said that? I have never said that.
    Arin: No, you totally said that, all the time you said that.
    Danny: That is something Brian would say.
    Arin: You're like, "Arin, look, y'know, you're only in the band because, well, I don't even know, honestly..."
    Danny: How could you possibly say that when we have a band without you that's exactly the same and we started a new band just so you could join it?
    Arin: ... Well see, the... you gotta, I mean... in theory... Man, why you gotta step on my jokes?
    Danny: "Why you gotta make me feel bad by makin' me feel good?"
  • In episode 34, after curbstomping the Shadow of Yharnam, Arin tries to pull the old "henway" gag on Dan, who refuses to fall for it. Dan mentions that he's learned better from Arin getting him with the "updog" prank back in Goonies.
  • In episode 57, Arin has to buy some more blood vials if he's going to stand a chance against Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos. He goes off to Hunter's Dream, buys some more vials, then begins selling items to get more echoes to buy more vials...then he sells the blood vials he just bought.
    Arin: ...I just sold my blood vials...GODDAMMIT! OH, I'M SO STUPID! I bought them and sold them and now I have less!
    Dan: (Laughing at Arin's misfortune)
    Arin: God, I wish sometimes I would stop being so dumb! It really bothers me!
    Dan: It's stunning, actually.
    Arin: I'm just going to do the old-fashioned trick and get some in one fucking go. So, what did you do today, Dan?
    Dan: No, how much did you have that you lost?
    Arin: I had ten, and I would've been able to buy an extra, like, four, and now I have six.
    Dan: (Laughs)
    • After Arin dies because of Ebrietas, they then tack on an extra video in which the two of them attempt to split and eat a five pound gummy bear. A large portion of this extra segment is Danny attempting to cut it in half. A particular method is him picking it up, yelling "Ebrietas!", shaking it around, then violently slamming it down on the table.
    • Then, in part 75, Arin sells his blood vials again.
      Arin: Ah shit, I fuckin' did it again! I sold my remaining blood vials...
      Dan: (Giggles)
      Arin: Such an idiot. God... what the fuck is wrong with me? I was just- I can't...I just-
      Dan: Always when I take a sip of a beverage. You and your atrocities.
  • Still in episode 57, the live-action clip of Arin and Danny struggling to cut and eat a giant gummy bear given to them by a fan, later released as a standalone video.
  • Part 65 begins with Arin and Danny conjecturing that hell is like a subway train, finishing with a claim that "we are the Stephen Kings of stupid."
  • The end of part 68 has them return to the Hunter's Dream to find the Workshop covered in flames and the Plain Doll just standing there. They are utterly flabbergasted.
    Arin: OH MY GOD.
    Dan: Um, Doll, what did-explain yourself.
    Arin: *running up to the doll* WHAT DID YOU DO?! WHAT DID YOU DO?
    Dan: She's just like "Good hunter, the house is on fire". Wow, she's just not even gonna mention it.
    Arin: Yeah, totally.
    Dan: She's one of those people. *hysterically* "This is fine! Everything's fine!"
    Arin: "Yeah don't worry about it".
  • The Finale. They went out of their way to get the items to unlock the 'good' ending, finally defeat the final boss, and then realize that Arin didn't USE the items to get the ending, making all that extra effort pointless.
  • And after that realization, Arin planning to do it again right with a tone of nervousness that bounces between having to refight the final boss and whether or not it's even possible to have a rematch. It's not.
  • Danny asks if Arin can call him "daddy" from now on. "But not in, like, a sexual way." Arin suggests instead calling him "father". Upper-Class Twit and Hilariously Abusive Childhood ensues. "Father, will you fetch me the water bucket?" "NEVER!" "I'M NOT YOUR SLAVE!"
  • The end of episode 101. After narrowly escaping a giant fishman by climbing down a ladder, Arin heals up and ends the episode... and is immediately attacked by another giant fishman.
    Arin: "Is he still hangin' out up there?"
    Dan: "Wow. Alright, y'know what, next time on Game Grumps-"
    the second, anchor-wielding fishman attacks
    Both: *scream, then bust out laughing over the end card*

    Punch-Out!! (Wii Title Defense) 
  • The simple fact that, due to the increased difficulty, it takes Dan an entire episode to simply defeat Glass Joe. Likewise for Von Kaiser.
  • The Grumps get increasingly frustrated with Doc's less than helpful 'advice' between rounds, such as asking Mac what his favorite flavor of protein shake is.
    • Special mention to part 13, where we get this gem:
      Dan: Doc, I would like to revisit what the fuck you just said. I am getting the shit beaten out of me by a crazed German man, to the point where one of my eyes may never be the same! That looks like a detached retina. AND brain damage. And you are NOT telling me about a chocolate bar, by itself, but then laughing afterwards.
      • Followed by the Grumps theorizing Doc is actually giving Little Mac great advice, but Mac's brain damage is butchering it:
    Arin: Doc's there like, "Okay, listen up. When he comes in in the third round, watch out for that left, and hang out for that jab. All right? He always follows up with the jab."
    Danny: Yeah, and Little Mac hears it as, "PEANUTS ARE FUNNY!"
  • While fighting Disco Kid in Part 15, Danny successfully lands a Three-Star punch. Danny is ecstatic... then promptly gets floored by Disco Kid's next punch.
  • Their take on Doc's advice in part 18. It must be seen to be believed.

    Kirby And The Rainbow Curse 
  • Arin's reaction to Elline.
    • On Episode 1, Arin tells a story about how a fan sent him a foam replica of Nickelodeon Guts' Aggro Crag (probably back when Jon was still on the show, since Arin played the SNES game with him). Since he had nowhere to put it for the longest time, he decided to throw it away. However, when he was about to do so, he stumbled upon some kid that always hangs out outside his house after school. He then invited him to beat the crap out of the replica, and, as Arin puts it.
    Arin: He had this look on his face, that's like ""I would like nothing more than to do that".
    • When Arin first states that he originally had no idea what to do with the thing, Danny states "It's like my granddad used to say: if you can't eat it or dance with it, fuck it or throw it away." Danny then tells a speechless Arin to continue his story.
  • The intro cutscene has the villain suck out all of the color in the world. Arin quips "Now there will be no more racism." Danny replies "Because everyone's dead. That's the only way racism is stopping. I hate to break it to you people."
  • In Part 6, they discover Garfield in a cavern.
    Dan: He must be smiling 'cause it's not a Monday.
  • Part 13: The Grumps offend a very specific set of people.
    Arin: I'm sorry if anyone in our audience has SARS.
    Dan: Yeah, I'm SAR Sy
    Arin loses it
  • Part 17: Arin improvises a song about being a rocket ship, which ends up answering deep questions with deceptively simple answers.
  • Part 18: Arin sees a switch and a sign that says "do not press" and hits it immediately. Both of the grumps go into hysterics at how blase he was about it.
    • The two take on exaggerated impressions of Merida from Brave, followed by Arin calling a uterus a "Baby Hole".
    Dan: Hard to believe you've never had kids, Arin.
  • Part 19: Arin and Danny discuss what it would be like if Pepsi was pronounced "Peep-see." Followed by the discovery of Clay Aiken's Sea of Fire.
    • Also, "Infiltrate the Junk Factory!"

    Friday the 13th 
  • While finding a way out of the cave, Danny comes across a potion which accidentally causes him to miss the platform, sending Crissy to her death.
    Danny: Whoops.
    Arin and Danny laugh
    game returns to character select screen
    Danny: Oh, sorry Crissy!
    Arin collapses in laughter
  • After Danny gets a game over, Arin takes the time to look up a walkthrough. After reading a strategy involving a long, tedious grinding session for knives, Danny suggests Arin play instead. This leads to Arin's shortest playthrough ever.
    Arin: Do we have a torch?
    Danny: No you get that-*game crashes* Whoops.
    Arin: Next time on Game Grumps...
    Danny laughs

    Deadly Creatures 
  • The first episode sets the tone for the entire playthrough; The Grumps start off expecting the game to thoroughly suck, ignoring the intro cinematics and wondering why Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper would agree to voiceover roles. However, the second they realize that they don't play as the humans versus the titular creatures, but as the creatures themselves, they practially become instant fans of the game.
  • All of Danny and Arin's reactions that the game is actually fun and interesting (when they were expecting it to be god-awful) to the point that they continue playing it after the supposed last episode is simultaneously funny and a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming / Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Arin has a stand off against a beetle that repeatedly defends itself from attack, to which Arin defends himself as the scorpion, waiting for the beetle to strike first, they standoff for a moment before a random cricket scurries between the two prompting Danny and Arin to lose it.
  • Arin later gets sweet revenge when he finds out about the finishing moves the Scorpion can do to enemies.
    Danny: Dude, I'm just watching your face while you're doing these finishing moves and you are just having a fucking blast right now.
  • The grumps repeatedly bring up the animation's Narm qualities:
    • The walking animations of the tarantula being both determined and nervous-looking
    • how the tarantula reels back to slap her opponents with her legs.
    • The tarantula hanging in the air for a brief moment when she jumps.
    • The blocking pose for scorpion looking like he's bashfully covering his face.
  • Arin and Danny constantly Lampshading the fact that the crickets are the Butt-Monkey race of this universe.
  • The spider, when jumping stays a while in the air. Arin, as the spider, has this to say:
    Arin: Party up in here! Turn that music up!
  • Arin points out the problem with the spider eating as many grubs as it does, Danny, as the spider, responds;
    Danny: Was that a fat joke? Arin, really?

    Dead Rising 
  • Danny mocking Arin not knowing how to zoom out, something the fans have been waiting quite a while for.
  • The second Carlito shows up, we get a barrage of jokes playing up his ethnicity, whatever it is.
  • Part 7:
    • Arin forgot to save, as he thought the game autosaved. And the whole six episodes it took to get to that point? Him getting back there took less time than a single episode. This friends, is what Arin is like when he doesn't fuck up.
      Danny: Doesn't that tickle your fancy?
    • Arin begins describing the way the moon rotates around the earth. Meanwhile, a zombie faceplants into a flowerbed.
    • This line from Danny:
    Dan: I say drop the gun and pick up another OJ. The gun's useless.
  • In part 9 when the pair encounter the convicts and during the fight, Danny possibly makes the whitest rap known to man. Afterwards they frantically run to shelter in order to save while also poorly rapping on the way back to the fight.
    'Danny: My names Danny sex mag, voice smooth as silk. I like to drink lots of chocolate milk.
  • Parts 9 and 10 show Arin's struggle to save Sophie Richards in the middle of the night when zombies are stronger, and while he's running low on weapons and equipment. Between the hard odds and her Artificial Stupidity, he's struggling to escort her.
    • Made funnier by a call from a certain Janitor.
      Arin: WHAT DO YOU WANT, OTIS!?
  • In Part 18 when Jessie is looking over the hurt Brad, Danny says in a comforting doctor voice, "I'm sorry, he's going to be black forever". The two of them burst into uncontrolled laughter as Danny tries to say, "I'm sorry all, I just said it without thinking!"
  • And, beginning in part 25 but coming back with a vengeance in part 27, we now have the Whap Demon / Whap Goblin.
    • Later they agree when he has a blunt weapon, he's the Whap Goblin. With a knife, he's the Slice Demon.
    Arin: It’s WHAPPIN’ TIME!!
    • Later, the Whap Goblin puts on a snazzy suit.
      Arin: He’s goin’ on a whap date.
      Danny: Time for his waaap mitzvah!
      *both Grumps lose it*
    • In the plotline mini-mission "The Last Resort", (Part 32) Frank/The Whap Goblin is sitting in a chair, and slowly turns towards Isabela. Danny comes up with this gem:
      Danny: So I hear you've become interested in our whapping business...
  • In Part 32, there's the perfect kick.
    *Arin kicks a soccer ball*
    Danny: Next we should head to the garage... (Arin's soccer ball takes out several zombies) Nice ki-
    Danny: Damn, dude! Nice kick!
  • In Part 38 they finally get to Carlito’s hideout.
    Arin: Nice place. Shame if someone were to take a shit in the middle of the floor.
  • In Part 42, the following exchange takes place
    *Arin is crossing the courtyard with a helicopter hovering around taking pot shots at him*
    Danny: You're gonna wanna hop in that um, in that mall dude.
    *Arin gets shot by the special forces helicopter*
    Arin: Yeah well I'm trying.
    Danny: Isn't it to the left?
    Arin: Yeah but I gotta get to the fucking heliport dude. Who knows how much time I'll have.
    Danny: I would say go in the mall first.
    Arin: Yeah but then I gotta, nuh!
    Danny: That's where a helicopter is not!
    Arin: Yeah but...
    Danny: And all the weapons are.
    *Danny snorts*
    Arin: Look at it, the helicopter's way over there! Oh God.
    *Arin sees helicopter and backtracks behind the trees and into shadow*
    Danny: Are you insane? *chuckles*
    Arin: No, it's dark over here. He can't see me. Check it. He, he can't see me.
    *The helicopter shoots a missile through the trees and blows up Frank*
    Arin: OH MY GOD!
    Danny: *fit of laughter*
    Arin: Holy fuck!
    Danny: *still laughing*
    *scene switches to Frank being captured by a special forces helicopter*
    Arin: Jesus!
    Danny: *gets over laughter* You've been captured, with napalm.
  • The finale has Arin running frantically through a grocery store, screaming in a panic as he tries to regain more than one peg of health, while being pursued by special forces units.
  • In the finale, the difficulty curve becomes so difficult that Danny just suggests that they end the series by watching someone else's playthrough of the game and providing commentary.

    Cursed Mountain 

    Endless Ocean 2 Blue World 
  • The whole first episode can be considered a Crowning Moment of Funny. So much so that it went from a one-off to a series by popular demand, doubling as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Every time someone mentions Jean-Eric’s dead son Matthias, you can count on Danny or Arin to say some variation of “Thanks for bringing that up” in the character’s voice.
    • Keep in mind, that 'someone' can be the Grumps themselves. Really, they bring up Matthew's death so often with different, twisted variations, it turns into straight Black Comedy.
  • Danny and Arin riffing on the tutorial for the game. Also available in fresh new animated flavour!
    Jean: Welcome to Nineball island!
    Danny: You do not want to know how it got that name.
    Arin: There’s four dudes here, and one dude who had a major accident!
    Danny: We call him 'The Cyclops'!
    Jean: Everything you need for your work is here on the TABLE. Sorry about the mess. We leave our soda and OJ here.
    Arin: We don't drink water, we don't believe in it.
    Danny: We subsist entirely off of soda. And OJ.
    Jean: Stop by this camera to develop any photograph you take.
    Arin: Yeah, take a ride on the wild side by taking a trip to the camera. It's only 40 miles from here.
    Danny: Why don't you swing by this OJ!
    Jean: Of course, we have a RADIO to keep in touch with the outside world.
    Danny: I feel like I'm at the showcase showdown of The Price is Right. "And...A new car!"
    Arin: And here is your bucket in which to shit.
    Jean: There is also the dive log, which records your progress. As well as the notebook to write down information, places you've been and other...well...notes!
    * cue a solid few seconds of laughter from the grumps*
    Arin: You should know, you wrote them!
    Jean: And last but not least, we have your collection. It's a nice record of all the items and coins you've salvaged.
    Arin: They're useless.
    Danny: It's a nice record of all the shit you've stolen. Don't touch my OJ! I swear to christ if that ends up in your collection, you are dead!
    Jean: Go to where you see that wetsuit to CHANGE CLOTHES AND EQUIPMENT!
    Arin: We didn't bother putting shades up. Go on, try it out! I swear I'll turn around!
    Jean: And head inside the cabin to rest for a while and advance time if you need to!
    Arin: It's a magic cabin.
  • While voicing Jean-Eric, Danny has him go into a bizarre tangent about his sagging genitalia. Cue both Grumps losing it for a solid thirty seconds.
    Arin (laughing his ass off): It's just that...the more I picture it...the funnier it gets!
  • "Can't believe I'm getting fucked while eating out my own pussy. Feel like I'm going crazy!" note 
    • "Wait, I'm getting a crucial transmission from Grandpa!"
    Dan!Jean-Eric: Krrzt...Can't believe..krrzt...getting fucked while eating out my own pussy...krrzt...feel like I'm going crazy...

    Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek 
  • Arin begins part 1 asking Dan a very important question.
  • Danny and Arin's confusion in Part 2 when the plot stops to turn into a cooking game reminiscent of Cooking Mama.
  • In part 3, Danny and Arin come across a rude ski competitor while going through the Lodge. The competitor threatens and insults them, and when they leave, he...tells them to come back anytime.
    Danny and Arin: What?!
  • Danny and Arin meet up with a man who thinks that the wolf is the one causing all of the problems. Danny and Arin, of course, play up his crazy.
    Nancy: You think the wolf is causing the accidents?
    Arin: I love her voice for some reason...
    Danny: Yeah it's great.
    Guy: Not a doubt in my mind. Everything was A-OK 'til it showed up-
    Arin: (as Guy) 'Til it showed up and started blowing up buildings left and right.
    • Really play it up...
      Guy: And something's protecting it. Something... unnatural.
      Danny: (as Guy) He's doing it... on paw-pose!
      Nancy: Why do you say that?
      Arin: (as Guy) Look, here's a letter from- here's a letter from it! He says he's going to take us down... "mark my woof"!
    • Danny and Arin also make fun of the guy's hunting story, and it ends up with them in stitches for a good thirty seconds.
      Guy: So I fired again. And I missed. And then I missed again.
      Danny: (as Guy) And then I fired again. And then I missed. And then I fired, and then I fired, and I missed. I missed both times. And then I fired. And I missed. This went on for several hours. And then I fired. And then I missed.
      Arin: (as Guy) And then I was out of bullets. And then I got sad. I had a Popsicle. And then I passed out in the snow.
      Danny: (as Guy) And then I woke up. And then I reloaded. And then I fired. And then I missed.
      Arin: (as Guy) I missed again. I fired. I hit something. But it wasn't what I was going for, so I guess I missed. I passed out again.
      Danny: (as Guy) Had another Popsicle.
      Arin: (as Guy) I had a dream that I was firing at something—I missed.

    Portal 2 
  • Poor Danny repeatedly getting his mind blown by the way the portals work and the ways they can be used. He outright admits he's absolutely terrible with this spatial nonsense.
  • Part 3 has a remix of "Blue".
  • After figuring out the solution to a puzzle in Part 10, Danny finds himself going in circles, thinking he's following Arin, only to discover that he's following himself as seen through the portals.
  • In Part 12, Arin jumping on a faith plate and bashing his head on the ceiling repeatedly. Then Danny does it as well.
  • In Part 24, Arin pretends the CD he is carrying with the portal gun is a tiny UFO.
  • The Stinger to Part 28:
    Danny: You know, "Atlas" spelled backwards is "Salta".
    Arin: I don't speak Portuguese, Dan!
  • While watching the credits during the finale, they crack up at the sight of the name "Tobin Buttram" and decide they have to remember that for the next time they name a character.

    Shovel Knight Co-Op 
  • Arin and Danny defeating Black Knight by doing Monkey-In-The-Middle.
    Danny: Stop shoveling yourself! Stop shoveling yourself!
    • "I said...mep."
  • Part 6 features (presented out of context): discussions about whether Snuffleupaguss was Big Bird's acid hallucination, Arin's hatred of cake, and the pair accidentally writing a Nine Inch Nails song.
  • Episode 9 features Danny having WAY too much fun with the Infinidagger. HELLO-O-O!
  • Danny talking about Ninja Brian's crazy ex-girlfriend who didn't really get the concept of "alone time." To quote: "I just don't understand why you can't spend your alone time with me."
  • Vocal exercises
  • Episode 18 opens with Epic Fail for the first 5 minutes.
    Danny: [out of breath from laughing] We have a video game show that we do for a living!

    Petz Horse Club 
  • Danny demanding (DEMANDING!) upfront a minimum of seven episodes of this game.
  • The Grumps have a grand old time with the main character, Lily, narrating about getting invited to a horse reserve by her friend Liam:
    Arin: "He's invited me over, and his parents aren't home!"
    Danny: "He's episcopalian though, we're going to have to fuck through a sheet!"
    Arin: I just love how straightforward she is. "He's invited me over! I can't wait to get fucked!"
    Arin: She comes over and he's just like "Lemon squares?" and she's like "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • Liam leaves, and then almost immediately calls Lily to inform her he needs her help.
    Liam: Oscar's been injured, I managed to follow him up the plateau!
    Lily: Oscar?
  • "Get up on Altaï."
  • "Here's the water. Where the fuck is Altaï?!"
  • They meet a man named Grant and in true Grump fashion, make him a murderer.
    Lily: Grant? What are you doing here?
    Danny: "Uh...I moved in! ...Oh, this is your house! That's weird!"
    Arin: There's like a pool of blood growing from out under the house... "Uh...I moved in! I'm redecorating though."
    Grant: She's waiting for you over by the paddock!
    Arin: "Away from here! Don't mind the chemical smell."
    Grant: Wait, take these notes. They contain lots of information about all the mustangs on the reserve.
    Danny: You look at it and it just says "I am the Zodiac Killer."
  • Continuing from above, the game gives a very detailed description of where exactly you need to go.
    Grant: Now get a move on. Sarah’s waiting for you at the paddock. Cross over the arch near the well. Go down the slope. And you'll see Sarah and Liam standing in front of the paddock, with the horses behind them.
    Danny: Oh my god, I get it! I'll follow the arrow! "The horses will be about two feet behind them, splayed at a 35 degree angle."
    Arin: "The chicken will meander to the left… and then back to the right."
  • In Part 2 the game's characters present some…questionable ideas about horses' capacity to self-heal.
    Liam: Even if we have to help them out sometimes, horses can generally cure themselves.
    Danny: What, really?
    Arin: Yeah.
    Lily: They can cure themselves?
    Danny: No, that’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard! Are you kidding me? What’re they—? They don’t even have hands! The fuck are they gonna—?
    Arin: Oh look at me, a horse first-aid kit! [weird nasal grunt] I’m just gonna put a horse Band-Aid on it!
    Danny: [as Liam] “You know, horses can perform minor surgery—! Fucking, this dumb broad…”
    Sarah: They also rely on their incredible healing powers…
    Danny: Like Wolverine!
    [Arin giggles like a demon-possessed dolphin]
  • Sarah asks them to find "some of the plant that's found in the woods".
  • Danny spends half of Episode 2 cleaning gunk out of the shoes of his horse.
  • After Dan figures out he can move the shampooing glove anywhere on the horse, he heads straight to the nether regions. At the exact same time that the horse yawns.
  • The entire conversation with Mr. Haussman, especially Danny and Arin’s list of reasons to dislike Carla van Guinness.
    Lily: But… But… She beats her horses, she’s arrogant, she’s a real pain…
    Danny: I don’t like her hair, she smells weird, her vag is tight…
    Haussman: I know that you’ve had your differences in the past, and that her training methods are particularly brutal…
    Danny: She killed a guy. She likes cheese. She eats all her sandwiches one ingredient at a time.
    Arin: She cuts people at Starbucks!
    Danny: She hits dogs with other dogs! She eats cats! She juggles hamsters! She tears down houses! She eats Lamborghinis!
    Arin: She shits rainbows!
    Danny: She’s purple! She doesn’t like the Smurfs! She swims funny!
    Arin: She’s not a fan of the fourth Chipmunks movie!

    Dark Souls III 


    Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune 
  • Arin pretends not to understand relationship boundaries in Part 3:
    Danny: Hey lovelies, we got a question for you.
    Arin: Does it really count as cheating… if it’s in the butt. [Dan guffaws] ‘Cuz it’s not actually intercourse.
    Danny: It kind of is.
    Arin: It’s like uh… it’s like… outercourse?
    Danny: It’s not outercourse, you’re in the—you’re in the butt.
    Arin: Enhhh…
    Danny: Dude, if kissing is cheating I think anal sex probably qualifies.
    Arin: [high-pitched voice] Kissing is cheating??
    Danny: Yeah.
    Arin: Ohhhh shit!
    Danny: Some girls consider flirting cheating.
    Arin: Whooooaaaaa.
    Danny: I know. That’s really, that’s really grey area.
    Arin: Define “flirting”.
    Danny: I dunno. Anal sex? [cracks up]
  • Also from Part 3: Arin plays roulette. He keeps putting his bets on and around 23 Red. Hilarity Ensues. Arguably, the best part is at the end where it pays off BIG TIME.

    Devil's Third 
  • The entire playthrough consists of making Ivan into a Memetic Badass (while at the same time a Cloudcuckoolander of the highest order), with hilarious results.
    Danny: There is no alive or dead. There are only people who will or won't be bothering Ivan again.
  • In Part 3, after a particularly off-kilter cutscene, Dan takes a moment to point out its absurdity.
    Dan: (suddenly laughs) Ju-what the fuck? They were like "We're flying over Panamanian airspace!" and you're like, "Panama GOT IT!" and just like, out the window!
  • The stream-of-consciousness discussion of Ivan's favorite things in Part 6.
    Dan: (after throwing an enemy into a canal lock) Hope you can swim while dead.
    Arin: The death stroke. That is fevorite swim technique. Also fevorite DC superhero.
    Dan: Deathstroke the Terminator! Also the Terminator is fevorite movie. It all come full circle for Ivan.
    Arin: Also movie is fevorite art medium. Also art medium is fevorite way of expressing emotion.
    Dan: Also medium is fevorite cooking of steak. (they both crack up)
  • "No, germs."
  • Landing headshots will cause the enemies' brains to pop out of their heads in a goofy fashion.
    Arin: (imitating Ivan) This man is dead. Bang.

    Pokémon FireRed (2016) 
  • The Grumps finally return to the game after a year of having Dan's friend Mariah level grind for them. Arin however, is shocked to find out instead of leveling up the whole team and focusing on Beedrill, she ONLY leveled up Beedrill. To level 83.
  • At the beginning of Episode 115, Arin and Dan play up the open slot in their party, expecting the Rattata they placed in the Day-Care long ago to have grown considerably stronger. Their reaction when they realize that Rattata has only raised its level by 14 is priceless.
  • Arin decides to live up to his promise to take on the Elite Four only using Beedrill...and neglects to buy any Full Restores, Full Heals, Revives, or anything that will restore Buntd's moves in-between battles so he can actually do this. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
    • And then Buntd faints halfway through Episode 116. Along with Blupl, who Danny identifies as The Heavy of the group. This Is Gonna Suck is in full effect. When Buntd is bodied by Agatha's Golbat Arin starts rapid fire cussing. Danny just reminds Arin that he had JUST told him that he should have healed and now he's screwed.
      Arin: Uhhhh...should I heal? Cause he has Supersonic...
      Danny: Yes.
      Arin: He doesn't have any rocks or anything. I'll go one more attack.
      Danny: Okay. You just don't want to be surprised and die.
      *Bundt is immediately knocked out by a critical hit super effective attack.*
      Arin: WHOOOOOA!!!
      Danny: What did I just fucking tell you?
      Danny: I told you. You're stupid. Now you're fucked.
  • In Episode 118, the Grumps finally defeat the Elite Four and get to face their final challenge: Champion Claarff. After a back and forth match, Arin comes down to his last Pokémon, Bundt, who's at half health and is facing Claarff's last Pokémon, Alakazam. Arin decides to use Pursuit against the Psychic Type. While Bundt is faster and manages to land two Pursuits in a row, Alakazam hangs on with a scrap of health and finishes off Bundt with Psychic, unleashing a massive Cluster F-Bomb from Arin. Arin then looks up if he chose the correct attack, and discovers if he had chosen Twineedle, they would've instead been strolling into the Hall of Fame instead of the Hall of Shame.


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