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Arin and Danny play games from The Legend of Zelda franchise. Hilarity Ensues.

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    The Legend of Zelda 
  • Within the first two minutes of the first episode, Dan becomes stuck at the "Elimination" screen (after wiping old profiles), and starts getting frustrated trying to get back to the main menu. He hands the controller temporarily to Arin to get off of the screen. Arin gets back to the main menu within two seconds.
    Dan: Oh. Well. You did it! Good!
  • Dan's dad trying to give him The Talk while in the car.
    Danny's dad turns down radio.
    Dad: 'Ey, Dan, do you know about... the sex?
    Dan: Yeah, I know.
    Dad: Okay!
    He turns the radio back up.
  • Danny's encounter with a Glaswegian.
  • Arin and Danny imagining Gleeok (a dragon boss with multiple heads) having one head that's really smooth. "Sup baby..."
    Hot Girl (whispering): How do I get you away from your brothers?
    Sexy Gleeok Head: If only I knew. They've been cramping my style LITERALLY from the moment we were born...
  • The closing of part 15.
    Arin: Next time on Game Grumps, more dicks!
    Danny: Wait...
  • "Thanks for the mushroom tip!"
  • Barbie for Men
    Danny: There's gotta be some way to fuck it!
  • Arin and Danny's visit to the optometrist:
    Arin: Ya got carte blanche on mah poopils!
  • Danny, regarding Dave Chappelle:
    Danny: Wow, his kid must be, like, older now, huh? (Beat)
    Arin: Dan, you've done it! You've raised the bar for all human beings!
    Danny: I've done it. I've said the stupidest thing of all time.

    The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD 
  • The Grumps decide to name Link 'Buttlet' at the start of the game.
  • Arin does a Michael Caine impression while reading the text in the opening scene.
  • Arin, in character as Aryll, screeches "BIG BROTHER!" into the mic, twice! Barry puts up an image of a hemorrhaging ear in response.
  • The return of the Mister Wilson voice again: "GET OVER HERE!"
    • "My brother upstairs is very high strung. I LOVE FUCKING WITH HIM!"
      • "Keep thrusting!"
  • "Pig air."
    • The art of Pig-nudging.
  • In episode 3, Arin becomes a Captain Planet villain.
    • "I told you to never interrupt me while I'm rich!"
  • The Grumps discuss Grandma guilt tripping Link.
    I'll be back real soon!
    What a coincidence. I might be dead real soon....
  • Arin and Danny (and Buttlet) reacting with absolute terror whenever they encounter a certain NPC with a massive loogie perpetually swinging from his nose. Danny calls him the real villain of the game.
  • Link's "Dinky-Dank."
  • Arin's fart-mod idea.
  • On more than one occasion, Danny makes some innuendos regarding Link and Medli. Arin's response a few times is "They are so ten!"
    • Also, when Princess Zelda is first revealed, Danny shouts, "Ohhhh! ...I would WRECK her in bed. Stop. being. TEN!!"
  • Arin and Danny attempting to sing Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me"— with a mouthful of peanut butter.
    Dan: Liffen
    Both Grumps crack up
  • The constant three-syllable lyrics they keep making up for the Ballad of Gales.
  • In Part 10, after a series of emo jokes regarding Prince Komali...
    Komali: What? What is it, huh? Listen, you can stare all you want, but I'm not giving this to you. This is MY treasure. You Understand? I'm not going to just hand it over to some do-nothing guy, am I?
    Arin: I have done many things. I have watched my sister get kidnapped.
    Danny: Yeah, remember that time I gave you that letter?
    Arin: I have been shot out of a barrel.
    Danny: And also, the letter. That I gave you. Do you remember that?
    Arin: Do you remember when I ran in circles around your place, even though I was told what to do.
    Danny: And don't even get me started on that letter.
    Arin: I have done so many things!
    Danny: Practically everything that you can do for a person, involving that exact letter, that one time.
    Arin: And honestly, how could you forget about the letter.
    Danny: Yeah, you sonuvabitch.
    Arin: Deliver a letter to a guy, and what, this is the thanks I get?
    Danny: Yeah, unbelievable, unbelievable, un-FUCKING-believable! I am disgusted.
    Arin: I know, I know! That's what tiny, spoiled princesses - prince-princes. Princes?
    Danny: I never fully got what gender that thing was...
  • From Part 12, when Arin explains his mastery of The Penis Game.
    Arin: Have you ever played the penis game?
    Danny: (confused) Uh...
    • Then Arin proves his mastery of the game by shouting "PENIS" as loud as he possibly could.
  • Sexy Grump Tips, complete with logo.
    Just the tips!note 
  • The end of part 15 where Dan and Arin freak out over the second Deku Tree's appearance, and it being covered in Chuchus.
    Danny: Get that man a Stridex pad!
  • At the end of part 16, they turn Buttlet into a Sassy Black Woman (It Makes Sense in Context...sort of).
  • After King of Red Lions is done talking to Jabun, they make a joke about Red Lions complaining that Link didn't back him up. "And where were you during that?!"
  • In Part 29 Danny and Arin start making 'Will Smith is Gay' jokes, and to avoid trouble, Danny suggests that Barry replace all instances of "Will Smith" with "Barney Rubble" and all instances of "Gay" with "Fred Flintstone's friend". Arin responds with hysterical laughter.
    • During the same episode, Arin points out the boss is called Godan. Danny replies, "Oh! That's cool, because, my favourite thing to do is slap the shit out of people with my giant hands!"
    • Danny, who couldn't take it anymore, tells Barry to edit out the entire episode.
  • When Aryll is rescued, "But, big brother! What about my dance recital?!"
    • "I'm so sad...wait, I'M HAPPY!!"
  • Danny's dwindling patience with the King of Red Lions.
    [while trying to get into the Forsaken Fortress under cannon fire] Jesus, King of Boats, do something!... Like, every time you're just talking to him and there's nothing at stake, he's like "I'm the King of the Red Lions!" But when you, like, need his help, he's like "What do you want from me? I'm just a boat!"
    • After Buttlet gets his...well, butt handed to him by Phantom Ganon:
      Danny: [contemptuously] Where were you on that one, Boat?
  • Arin becoming distracted during the battle with the Helmaroc King by his awfully nice neon tail.
  • Ganondorf's voice Arin gives him- he sounds a bit like Foghorn Leghorn.
    • Also, Buttlet's reaction to The Reveal- "MAH GOODNESS!"
  • At the end of part 36, Danny and Arin's minds get blown by a discussion about fate.
  • Arin and Danny's reaction to the Queen of the Fairies hitting on Buttlet.
  • With only a minute to get the the power bracelets out of the volcano, Arin is confident he has enough time. Danny on the other hand says they need Grant in the room to tell him he hasn't got a fucking chance.
  • The end of part 42? Their first encounter with ReDeads.
    *Coffins start opening to reveal the ReDeads*
    Arin: Ohhhh God. Oh no. These are...
    Danny: Oh, this is fine. This is fine. You just sit tight, bird girl.
    Arin: These are ReDeads...
    Danny: Oh shit. Alright, you know what? Let's fight them next time on Game Grumps.
    Arin: Oka—
    *ReDead shrieks and starts to advance*
  • Arin and Danny making Medli into a Stalker with a Crush, and complaining that she and Buttlet were in "Yearbook Club" together.
  • Arin's return to the game after a seven month hiatus. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Arin and Danny pointing out how Link has faced mortal peril, Redeads, etc, but it's slipping on ice that makes him start panicking.
  • Dan confusing Bill O'Reilly with someone else.
  • Part 51 begins with new animation material for Corax.
  • Yell-vis. All of it.
    Danny: YOU AIN'T NOTHIN BUT A HOUND DOG!! (Arin laughs so hard he starts wheezing)
  • Arin reads Fado's dialogue in the manner of Adventure Time's Lumpy Space Princess.
  • Imagine the game ending after playing the Wind God's Aria at the Wind Temple.
  • Link's Control Melody face resembles squishy cloud playing.
  • Danny audibly ripping a pair of raggedy blue jeans so badly he has to throw them out. They get a posthumous dedication at the end of the episode.
  • The Fridge Logic of Makar stuck in a prison he could easily escape.
  • The Grumps remember the model from the JJ Icefish video.
  • Arin failing to beat a Mini-Boss - expected. Arin failing after mishandling his fairy- still expected.
    • Even funnier because they weren't mishandling a fairy. What they had in the bottle was actually the Forest Firefly, which is only used to upgrade the Pictobox. Unfortunately, Arin wasted it by dying after releasing the firefly and then saving his progress instead of a soft reset, evicting it from his bottle for the rest of the playthrough.
  • "Next time on Game Grumps, we're gonna have outselves a ho-down!"
  • Arin and Danny notice that the trees Makar plants have smiley faces and begin joking about them.
  • The return of Sassy Statues. "HAY GURL!" "How's my hair?!"
  • Danny reciting the lyrics to "Work Bitch" by Britney Spears:
    Danny: We're- we're not even at verse two yet!
    Arin: Are you serious?
    Danny: Yup. You-you fucking think emotions this complex- (Arin and Danny both giggle) - can be fucking expressed in one verse?!
    Arin: Jesus, I didn't know this was a Robert Frost poem!
  • When Danny finishes reading, Arin says, "Maya Angelou, eat your heart out."
  • Arin's reaction when he finds out Floor Masters can throw bombs back at you.
  • Arin creates a new character- a humble rapper from Minnesota.
  • Arin first flight up the wind tunnel followed by his first sudden drop.
  • Arin absolutely gushing over Makar's cuteness and his "jingly-jangle" as he waddles around. He even asks for someone to make "Super Makario". Cue the Newgrounds submission!
  • A joke about touching junk brings up a certain club...
  • Dan describes a certain group of enemies.
    A little pinata field of gross eyeball monsters.
  • Arin gets so close, then very, very far. Well done, Raptor, well done.
  • Dan recalls someone who called email "electronic mail."
  • Arin's constant Oh, Crap! attitude during his fight with Molgera.
  • "Here's Work Bitch by Britney Spears."
  • After a fast forward, the King of Red Lions yawns out of boredom.
  • Arin's impression of Kat Von D.
  • Googly-eyed Link amuses Arin.
  • "Hello, practice children!"
  • Arin's sheer, unbridled rage when he finds out that the first Joy Pendant he gives to Mrs. Marie doesn't count towards the 20 that she wants. And he just so happened to have exactly 20.
    "You're a teacher! One plus nineteen is FUCKING TWENTY!"
  • How the hell he survive that jump?
  • Link's butt holds a lizardman.
  • Billy Mays here. You got magic on your wand?
  • After lifting a rock, Dan & Link are as surprised as you are.
  • That one time you sip cappucino...
  • Sooner or later, the shart-happy Grumps would make this joke.
  • The Teaser with Arin shopping for Hyoi Pears.
  • Arin's inability to do the "one smart fellow" tongue twister. Even at a very slow pace.
  • Asian men of a certain age are very into FUCK YEAH Triforce Shard.
    • Dan's complete story about DDR and the Grumps' reactions.
    • Followed by their take on Game Gear ads, ending with their surprised reaction to a giant pig.
      WHOA! Did you eat the woman that used to be here?
  • Part 66 has two in a row:
    • After meeting a large pig, they doubt the game will let Buttlet lift them. A few seconds later, the pig farmer asks him to do just that. So...
    Mmm. Nice land we got here.
  • This conversation when Danny mentions a fairy heals Buttlet's grandma:
    Danny: Oh, I think you just- you just need to give her a fairy.
    Arin: Why w- why would I waste a fairy on my grandma?
    Danny: Goddamn dude!
    Arin: -I'm trying to save the world!
    Danny: Well, it says that she'll give you soup!
    (They both laugh)
    Arin: OH SHIT!
    Danny: So there's that.
  • "Yeah, I'm about to go fight the Lord of all evil, I'm totally safe."
  • Immediately after Arin picks up right where he left off at the start of the game and starts making dead Grandma jokes...again. And they're just as horribly hilarious as before.
  • Arin setting his sights on the giant Rupee wallet, only to give up instantly once he realizes he has no clue to get past a broken bridge.
  • Arin and Danny joking about Buttlet getting spam in his mailbox. "I am a Prince, from Nigeria! All we need is your bank account information!"
  • Arin discovers an Enya song.
  • The use of the Reading Rainbow fanfare whenever they get a Triforce piece in Part 68.
  • Suzy told Arin who told Danny...
  • Dan pointing out that falling into lava only loses you about a quarter of a heart.
  • Arin bungling the Earth Temple revisited challenge by bumping into walls when he has a petrified Dark Chu Chu weighting down a switch to keep a section of stairs lowered. He takes too long because of his mistakes and gets right on the stairs as the Chu Chu unfreezes and moves off the switch.
    (stars begin closing up and Link crashes backwards into the rising walls)
    Both Grumps: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    (Link miraculously gets raised up on the platform by the fringe of the last stair)
    Both Grumps: YEAAAAAAAHHH!!!
  • Arin gives material for a remix.
  • Good Bad Bugs or Uncanny Valley? You Decide!
  • Danny tells Barry he loves him.
  • Danny notices an entrance resembles Goofy.
  • The Grumps discover the selfie function of the Pictobox.
    Arin: [playing with Buttlet's facial expressions] Wel-come back! To Game Grumps—NNNGGGGHH!
    • Becomes even more funny in the finale when Arin insists on taking selfies with Ganondorf. At that point even Danny decides he's finally gone too far with it.
      Arin: Hold on. Hold on. *Equips the pictobox*
      Danny: NO! Don't take a selfie right now!
      Arin: I gotta—I gotta—
      Danny: There's no time!
      Arin: I gotta make sure—
      Danny: Come on, Arin! *Ganondorf slashes Buttlet*
      Arin: I gotta make sure I get this one! *Ganondorf slashes Buttlet again* This is gonna be great.
      Danny: You are such an asshole.
      Arin: This is gonna be great on the mantle!
      Danny: You're losing fuckin' precious life that you can't get back!
      Arin: Come the fuck on, it's Ganondorf! When am I ever going to see Ganondorf again!?
      Danny: What are you, a Japanese tourist!? ...That was racist, I'm sorry.
      Arin: Alright here we go, here we go, here we go, uh—DONE! *Snaps a selfie of Buttlet with Ganondorf about to slash him yet again*
      *Arin and Danny lose it and then scream as the game resumes and they are slashed...again.*
      Arin: I got it! I got the pic of a lifetime!
      Danny: Oh my god, that's hilarious. It's like a dude on a boat smiling as, like, a great white shark, like, jaws open flies up behind him.
  • Arin and Danny having tons of in-game trouble merely understanding that Phantom Ganon's sword pommel tip falls in the direction of the door Link is supposed to go through once the enemy disappears. This confusion lasts for ten minutes and is only worsened when they check an online guide on, but it doesn't specify which end of the sword. A renowned Strategy Guide that is known for detailed information. The writer did not explicitly address the sword's handle as the important part, and just generalized it as the tip. The guide doesn't even say anything like "the part of the sword you can hold". Arin got this unclear statement turned around and interpreted it as referring to the blade tip.
  • Arin's Dramatic Reading of Ganondorf.
  • Arin's pseudo-hard attempt to get health fully knowing there's an easier way above him.
  • This conversation:
    Arin: I love his expressions! Wish I could take a selfie right now.
    Danny: It's sword!
    Arin: It's not a sword, it's Zelda! Zelda fuckin rocks!
    Danny: Oh! That makes more sense.
    Arin: Look at her, she's like, "I'm gonna use the fuckin" sword" or whatever it's called. Yeah, she's winking at me.
    Danny: Very subtly, though.
    (Arin and Danny laugh at Buttlet's expression)
    Arin: Oh my god, that was the most like- "Yeah!"
    Danny: (sultry voice) Abso-fuckin-lutely!
  • Arin trying to take a selfie while Ganondorf is attacking him.
    Danny: DON'T TAKE A SELFIE RIGHT NOW, ARIN! (cracks up)
    • The fact that he actually succeeds - twice - makes it even better.
  • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, Danny and Arin's indignation over Ganondorf knocking out Zelda.
  • "We have a ship!" "I AM a ship!"
  • The commentary during the ending-a mixture of Call-Back, Running Gag, and Lampshade Hanging.
  • The wind will guide us!

    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 
  • Part 1, Arin questions the short, vague dialog of NPCs.
    Arin: (Reading the dialog of a child in game) Get candle in Parapa Palace. Go West.
    Arin: Is it just a rule that everyone has to talk in twitter?
  • The temple gargoyles don't recommend you go in there.
  • Arin keeping count of the repetitive knife weasels you fight, in response to Danny praising the game's variety of enemies (in defense of the game, and Danny, he was just in one of the handful of rooms where those enemies infinitely spawn)
  • During Part 2 in the first temple, Danny runs into a really hyperactive Bubble.
    Danny: YAH! (struck by the Bubble) Jesus!
    Arin: Jesus Christ! What the fuck!?
    Danny: What is your problem!?
    (Arin starts laughing)
    Danny: Goddamn, dude!!
    (the Bubble makes another pass and gets him again)
    Danny: AAH!! Fuck!!
    Arin: (Arin's laughter buckles into coughing) God..
    Danny: Fuck that guy...! Wow!
    (Danny giggles)
    Danny: He is definitely like the athlete of the family.
  • "If all else fails, use fire.... just like I did to all my furniture."
  • In Part 3, when the Grumps encounter the game's most notorious NPC:
    Villager: I am Error.
    Danny and Arin: (almost simultaneously) ...well. (cue Dan cracking up)
  • Link decides against fighting the temple boss.
  • Part 4- Kevin's description of the video:
  • In Part 5, Danny tries to demonstrate an enemy's attack pattern, only for the game to defy him in the best way possible:
    Danny: Like, he'll walk away, but as soon as you're like (jumps down onto the enemy's level, and the enemy keeps walking away, through a wall) okay, bad example...
  • In Part 8, they struggle to find a way to wrap up the episode, so Danny just asks Kevin to put up the video of party favor baby, resulting in another Take That! at Ray William Johnson (the first being in the Strider 2 playthrough).
    Danny: Uh, Kevin, uh, fuckin'...give us, favor baby.
    (Video plays as the two keep talking)
    Arin: ...Party fa-?(laughs)
    Danny: Yeah!
    Arin: What are we, fuckin' Ray William Johnson now?
    Danny: Let's to it!
    Arin: (In a mocking voice) Check out this great video of a baby getting scared by a party blower! WOOAAAH! That was insane! Did you see that babies reaction!? It was like "WHAAAAAAA?"
    Danny: (laughs) "I'm rich!"
    (Both laugh)
  • Part 12 opens with Arin wasting no time:
    Danny: Hello!
    Arin: (in reference to an NPC carrying water on her head) She's a pothead.
    Danny: Oh, bro, goddammit. Is that the fastest we've ever made an amazing joke?
    Arin: She's like, "Yes, actually I do smoke a lot of weed."
    Danny: You were like, episode start, "I've got a zinger!"
    Arin: Time!
  • Danny and Arin keep finding themselves singing along with the palace theme, which eventually leads to this little gem in episode 14, in which Danny sings about running Game Grumps and then backs up to add that Arin is also part of it.
  • Near the end of episode 15, Arin tries to close it out before Danny asks for another minute, leading to a few Lemony Narrator moments from their editor, Kevin.
    Danny: Sorry, Kevin.
    Kevin: (How could you!?!)
    Danny: Yeah, say something! With your fucking blue text.
    Kevin: (I'm hungry.)
    Arin: Ooh, what're you gonna do? Erase the episode? (Kevin starts doing just that) Please don't.
  • In Part 17, Arin expresses how much he finds the Link doll extra lives creepy while setting himself up to receive 50 perler bead Link dolls in the mail.
  • Danny constantly calling Barba "Barbara" and then finishing off his boss battle by making Link duck and kiss his nose before he explodes.
  • Part 21: Danny enters The Great Palace. It doesn't take long for hilarity to ensue, whether from Arin and Danny freaking out over the new enemies or getting sidetracked by the many dead ends.
  • Part 22: Danny uncharacteristically freaks the fuck out at a troublesome obstacle.
    Danny: (absolutely irate) WOULD YOU BREAK ALREADY, YOU FUCKING BLOCK!?!
  • Danny and Arin joking about the name of the armored bird knights, "Fokka", sounding a little too much like Arin's favorite word. Even funnier, Arin unintentionally got their names right on a wild guess.
  • After all the crap the Great Palace has given them, Danny beats the game two minutes into the finale.
    • When Link takes the Triforce back to Zelda, both Arin and Danny gently coax her into waking up, which eventually turns into them calling to her like she was a trained dog.
    • Speaking of dogs they comment on how the curtain drops over Link and Zelda's heads just to obscure their kiss.
    Danny:Yeah, yeah. Like the curtain draws up and they're just fuckin' doggy style. Like super hard "

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 
  • They name their character "Smeef," an Inherently Funny Word.
    • He is a descendant of Spiarmf and Scrumf from their previous Zelda play-throughs.
    • The other two save files are named Danny and FARTS!. Danny invites the viewer to guess which one belonged to Arin.
  • Apparently, Dan never knew you could hurt the Cucco, let alone what happens when you do so. Arin, of course, tells him to do so. The result is priceless.
    Danny: OH GOD NO!! OH GOD! OH JESUS! Ah, really?! This happens? Oh, it's the chickenpocalypse!
  • Arin gives Zelda the voice of Steven Wright.
    Arin: You need to find the Master Sword, Link. I can levitate birds. Nobody seems impressed.
    • By the time they get to the Dark Palace, Arin’s forgotten what voice he gave Zelda and just reads her dialogue as Dr. Claw.
  • Arin and Danny have trouble pronouncing the character names of "Agahnim" and "Sahasrahla".
  • Arin and Danny get kind of irritated at Sahasrahla's hint boxes and wish he would stop being so pointlessly cryptic.
    Danny: If only you carried a SWORD of MASTERY...
    • Also the fact that he keeps introducing himself at the beginning of each message:
    Danny: 'Link, it is I, Sahasrahla[...]' Yeah, who the fuck else would it be? Like who fucking else is telepathically dialling in on these tiles?note 
  • Danny just chills next to Agahnim when he shoots his lightning.
    Danny (as Link): Hey! You shooting lightning at me? Neat! Do it again!
  • After noticing the odd movements of the helmasaurs in the Palace of Darkness, Arin goes on a strange tangent, describing a situation where an obnoxious young boy blackmails his father into getting more lunch money, until Danny finally interrupts him with a pointed "What the fuck are you talking about, Arin!?"
  • Danny thinks the trees in the Dark World look like Trumpy from “Pod People”.
  • In Episode 12 Danny attempts to heal himself with a fairy, only to have it immediately fly away from him forcing him to chase it down.
  • The Racism Patrol
  • Part 13 opens with Arin tricking Danny by saying a random bottomless pit leads to a secret area. It doesn’t.
  • Dan has trouble throwing bombs.
  • Arin and Danny have a brief arguement on whether being turned into a tree is a good or bad thing. Arin seems to be in favor of it because it's better than being dead, and people love you. Danny points out that dogs will pee on you.
  • Arin's epic three-minute rant about Subway.
    Danny (stunned): All you had to say was "their food is gross"...
  • Towards the end of Part 34, Danny and Arin finally make it across an invisible floor in Ganon's Tower after much struggling and trying to go off of phone pictures they've taken immediately after using Ether. After refilling all his health and magic with a Blue Potion, Danny decides to see what lighting the torch by the door does. It shows where the floor is.
    Danny: Well...Next time on Game Grumps...
    Arin: ...we'll do something smarter.
  • In the Finale, Dan asks Arin to voice Ganon. Arin goes for a Minnie Mouse-esque tone that must be heard to be believed.

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 
  • And who is the successor to Spiarmf, Scrumf, Smeef, and Buttlet from their previous play-throughs? Meet Loafus! Danny points out that his full name is "Loafus Cramwell".
  • Danny's never played a DS before, so he has a hard time holding it in his "giant mutant hands".
    Arin: We should get you the XL version.
    Danny: What tiny Asian girl hands was this thing designed for?
  • They give several characters unfitting or inherently funny voices, like Joe Swanson as the blacksmith and accidentally switching the voices for Dampe and Seres, then just rolling with it.
  • When Loafus finally meets Zelda, how does he describe his experiences thus far?
    • And then when Zelda gives Loafus her "special possession", they imagine her taking off her bra without removing her shirt.
  • The running gag of mis-pronouncing Sahasrahla's name returns. Danny's glee when he realizes he's in the game is the best part.
    • "...Because you just won't say that shit out loud."
    • At several points, Arin and Danny accidentally read his lines at the same time, giving Sahasrahla a Voice of the Legion. Naturally, this comes across as both hilarious and awesome.
    • Also their amusement when Osfala is mentioned.
    • The running gag of reading Princess Zelda's dialogue in Steven Wright's voice also returns, extending to Princess Hilda too when she finally appears...that is, until Arin devolves it into a Carl Sagan voice.
  • Arin and Danny becoming distracted by Irene flying past. Cue Loafus thinking she's cute and wondering if she wants to go on a date to Olive Garden.
    Loafus: I have a $20 gift card! Well, it has like $18 on it because I bought breadsticks. But I can buy her more breadsticks! Think she likes breadsticks??
    • Danny noting that the way Irene lands her broom, she keeps inadvertently giving Loafus a Panty Shot.
  • The Grumps point out the Fridge Logic that Zelda had enough foresight to give the Pendant of Courage to Loafus to keep it away from Yuga...but not enough foresight to evacuate the castle in case he attacks.
    Arin: She looks at her To-Do List and it has "Leave castle before shit goes down" written at the bottom.
    Danny: And she looks out the window and it's all like BLEEEEGH and she's like "...Oops."
  • Part 9:
  • As he's approaching the boss door in the House of Gales, he hits a red Bari, only to be hurt by one of the resulting Biris electrocuting him.
    Danny: ...Did he? *both crack up*
    Arin: What would you do without me?
  • The character Rosso makes them think of Ross, so they give him a terrible Australian accent.
    "Gonna give you a proper Australian rogering!"
  • Arin belching as he reads Princess Hilda's lines, then the Grumps deciding she's drunk as she monologues about Lorule to Loafus.
  • Danny proclaiming, "I'm nimble as a goat!" and then immediately falling off a cliff.
  • "YOU, THERE! Slowly limping lizard man! Are you friend or foe?!"
  • Dan being Tsundere for the Thief Girl.
    Danny: Come, darling!
    Arin: Come, my lady!
    Danny: [singing] Come, my lady, come, come my lady, you're my butterfly d— [the Thief Girl fails to follow Loafus down a passage] LEARN HOW TO USE THE STAIRS, BUTTERFLY! [Arin laughs so hard he coughs]
  • In Part 27, Danny gets absolutely destroyed less than three minutes after entering Skull Woods.
  • While fighting the boss in Part 35, Arin and Danny have this musing:
    Arin: What is it about cycloptic octopuses that make so much sense?
    Danny: Uhhh, probably because they have no eyes.
    Arin: They have two eyes.
    Danny: Yeah, but if you get rid of those and zero baby.
  • "Y'know what my dead grandma said? GEE I WISH I WASN'T DEAD."
  • "I'll Make Love to You" by Boys II Men in the style of Swedish Chef.

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 
  • Joining the ranks of Spiarmf, Buttlet, Scrumf, Smeef, and Loafus Cramwell, we get Slurmp.
  • Dan and Arin's Alternative Character Interpretation of Navi as a drunk.
  • Danny is completely disturbed by Mido, and then Arin gives him an incredibly silly voice:
    Arin/Mido: "I, the great Mido, will never accept you as one of our own!"
  • Danny relates the story of a CD he and Ninja Brian found while they were signing copies of Under the Covers at the CD Baby plant. "Sharkman Frank" is a man who is dressed like a pirate and sings like a pirate. As far as Danny can find out, he sings at a restaurant in South Carolina, and the CD is the songs he sings to patrons. As Brian discovered, they were literally the first people to view his videos on YouTube.
  • During the Deku Tree's dying words, Danny remarks, "I'm about to become 3 million toothpicks."
  • More Alternative Character Interpretation: Kaepora Gaebora is a chicken desperately trying to convince Link that he's actually a majestic owl.
  • The entire scene where Zelda tells young Link about her prophetic dreams is pure gold from start to finish. Some highlights:
    Arin/Zelda : The green and shining stone. If you had that, I’d blow you right now.
    Danny: Yes. I have the green thing you said.
    Arin: I’ll show you. After the blowjob.

    Arin/Zelda : I also had this part in the dream where, like, y’know the trees were on fire, and like, there was a crab following me around and he was like, [masculine voice] fuck your father fuck your father FUCK YOUR FATHER—[Dan cracks up]

    Zelda: I am Zelda, princess of Hyrule.
    Danny: Wow. She’s more angular than I remember.
    Arin/Zelda : What’s your name?
    Link: ........
    Arin/Zelda : …Are—Are you gonna say anything or…? [pause] …Slurmp. Mmmmm.
    Danny: [struggling to breathe through his laughter] Something about… her face with you saying that after a huge pause…
    Arin/Zelda : Did I get that right? Slurmp? You sure? [Dan dies laughing again] Ssslurmp. Strange, it sounds somehow familiar—
    Danny/Zelda : Oh yeah, I remember I barfed once and made that sound. SLURMP.

    Zelda: Please keep this a secret from everyone. [Arin picks “No” twice before finally selecting “OK”] I trust you!
    Danny: Dude, stop hurting her feelings!

    Arin/Zelda : If you tell anybody the story, I’ll have somebody wring your fucking neck!
    Danny/Zelda : Or I’ll do it myself, with my polygonal—
    Arin/Zelda : With my eggbeater hands!
    Danny/Zelda : —With my fused fingers!
    Arin/Zelda : With my wedges of cheese that I use for hands!

    Danny/Zelda : Though [Ganondorf] swears allegiance to my father, I am sure he’s not sincere. I mean look at his fucking outfit! He looks evil for sure. Have you seen his hair? My dad always said: never trust a ginger!

    Arin/Zelda : [after Ganondorf looks at them] Oh shit, your cover’s blown! Here, go into this water! Cover yourself in chocolate syrup immediately! Just dive!
    Danny: She’s like, fucking with you.
    Arin: He’s like, What now?
    Both/Zelda: Roll onto the ants! Run into that nest of bears! Do it, it’s cool! Staple the salmon to your face and run into the bear… thing… the enclave! Nah it’s cool, he’s like, a king’s bear, he’s trained.

    Arin/Zelda : He doesn’t have any idea what we’re planning… yet! Premarital sex! [beat] Once we’re older, of course.
    Danny: [as Link] Yessss.
    Arin/Zelda : I told my father about my dream, and he was like, “Just do what the crab says, just, don’t worry about the crab.” [as the crab] fuck your father! [as Zelda] He didn’t think it was a prophecy, but I can sense that man’s evil intentions. I mean, look at the way he slurps up his soup. [slurping noises] What an asshole! [ten straight seconds of laughter]

    Danny: He [Link] keeps like, looking like, not at her at all. He’s like “Man, that bird is far away.” [both Grumps crack up]
    Arin/Zelda : Hey! Listen! Slurmp, now we are the only ones who can protect Hyrule! Here, take this baseball bat, beat the man to death, do it right now! Do it! NOWWW!!!
  • More Alternative Character Interpretation: Zelda is completely insane talking about her visions, and Slurmp doesn't realize it until she writes her official letter on the back of a potato. (Which is something they also say about Zelda in 'A Link Between Worlds'.) They also interpret Darunia as a stoner when he asks for something "green and natural."
    • Dan's reaction to Darunia's famous "happy dance".
  • Arin re-iterates his observation from Sequelitis that the Gorons say they're starving from lack of rocks (which they eat for food)...and completely failed to notice that THEY LIVE IN A CAVE MADE OF ROCKS.note 
  • In part 13, Arin asks Dan what 'intrepid' means, telling how he was given a car called that from his brother(who got it from their dad). Dan tell him that it means Fearless; Adventurous, which Arin lowly says 'cool' to... before remembering that was the car that exploded!
    Danny: (Recovering from laughter) 'S About as Fearless and Adventurous as it gets!
  • Arin spends the first three minutes of part 14 saying he needs to find the bombs to progress. Dan points out that he got the bomb bag in the previous part.
    • A minute or two later, Danny himself blanks while trying to remember the word "song", causing him to wonder if there are toxic chemicals leaking into the grump room and making them both stupid.
  • After Arin manages to kill King Dodongo (with a quarter-heart left of health) and he rolls into the lava, Dan and Arin make him into a Terminator.
  • Danny meets the Great Fairy.
    Danny: Aw jeez, I was gonna say "she's hot", but then I saw... her face.
  • Arin's increasing annoyance at Malon repeatedly calling him "Fairy-boy".
    Arin: Call me motherfuckin' Fairy-Boy one...more...time.
    Danny: You just get all up in her face like, "Say. Slurmp."
  • In Ep. 20, Dan gets fed up with Princess Ruto's demanding attitude.
    Danny: Oh my god... Just smother her.
  • Pretty much every scene with Ruto is funny, but the Grumps' reaction after you get the Zora's Sapphire is hilarious:
    Danny: Ooh, she is into you! Oh, that is the look!
    Arin: (as Ruto) "Fuck my head-hole!"
    Danny: Yeah! (as Ruto) "Yeah, put it in my gills!"
    Ruto: My mother said I should only give it to the man who will become my husband...all right! I'll give it to you! My most precious possession...the Zora's Sapphire!
    Danny: Oh my god, why are people trying to marry you off at eight? Constantly?
    Arin: (as Ruto) Here's my precious's in my pussy.(Arin and Danny crack up)
  • Danny pointing out as soon as Slurmp gets the Zora's Sapphire, he immediately runs off to see Zelda.
  • Danny's reaction to the world after Link awakens in the Temple of Time:
  • In part 24:
    • Danny sings the Poe Salesman's dialogue to the tune of "YMCA". Both Grumps then continue to improvise a song to it.
    • Once again, the Grumps did not pay attention to their directions:
      Arin: I'm going into fuckin'... uh... Kokiri Fore- Did he tell me to go to Kakariko or Kokiri?
      Danny: Oh crap...
    • Immediately after that, they start doing their versions of Saturday Night Live's rendition of Harry Carey.
  • In Part 25, they encounter Anju and get the Pocket Cucco.
    Danny: Man, isn't that just like a woman? Start off all flirty and fun, and then boom. Ten minutes later you're carrying their baby.
  • Arin repeatedly running into Dampe's fireballs.
    Arin: I like how he's like tempting you come back with something cool...he's like, "I live down here can come visit me! I've got candy!"
    Danny: "Anytime! I've got Reeces Pieces! ...But I'm dead so they're Deceases Pieces!"
  • Arin and Danny go to the Sacred Forest Meadow and get attacked by the Moblins inside. Arin discovers he can hit them with bombs.
    Arin: Oh fuck, I got him! Oh, nice! He made like a really pained sound, too. Like, "ARGH!"
  • In Part 29, the Grumps decide to start giving bad sex advice. "When a girl's ready to cum, yell into her vagina! CUM ALREADY!!! LET'S GO!"
    Danny: Oh my god... Wow... Well, you're lucky you're married, Arin cause, uh... The race is over for you, but I am certainly never getting laid again. At least by anyone who sees this video.
  • Fans have been criticizing Arin in the comments for not using the shield in combat, especially for portions where it's essential. It gets worse in Part 29 where Arin is screwing around with the shield at the beginning of the video...only to die against the Stalfos later for not using it.
    • It gets more surreal later when Arin reveals he knows to use the shield, he just hates how it makes him wait for combat and he's annoyed by playing by the game's rules...even though those rules are essential to playing the game.
    • When they finally get to the Bottom of the Well, Arin gets his shield stolen by a Like-Like. Danny doesn't understand why he's upset since he doesn't use the shield anyway!
  • In Part 29, Arin and Danny recall the singer of R.E.O. Speedwagon and how he and Heath Ledger's Joker are "one and the same".
    Danny: Here's the problem, doctor. I just can't stop killing Gotham. It's sooo beautiful!
  • In episode 30, Arin ignores Navi's warning to watch out for Wallmasters. Twice. Including right at the end of the episode when Link is dragged back to the beginning of the temple.
    Danny: Good job, asshole!
    Arin: Whatever, I was following my dreams of getting picked up by a giant evil hand! (Danny laughs) And I succeeded!
  • Episode 31 devolves into Arin and Danny impersonating a wistful ghost discussing his longing to spend his afterlife teabagging unsuspecting sleepers.
  • In Part 33 Arin and Danny briefly stop fighting about the dungeon layout long enough to discuss Firefly:
    Arin: But in Firefly they actually herd cows in space.
    Danny: Yeah, it’s true.
    Arin: So they’re, like, literally the only space cowboys in any lore ever.
    Danny: [to the tune of “The Ballad of Serenity”] Take mah land, take mah land, jerk me off with my left hand…
    Arin: [singing along] I don’t care, it feels like someone else is doin’ it! [pause] You can’t take the sky from me…
    [They both lose it]
  • Danny's favorite band is Rush and Arin's favorite band is Jamiroquai. Danny shows in Part 33 he's able to name all twenty of Rush's studio albums and the year they were released in less than thirty seconds. Arin, by contrast, can't even remember the order each Jamiroquai album was released in.
  • In Part 35 Danny accidentally refers to their channel as “Game Grumps dot YouTube slash com.”
    • Danny learns a lesson in patience.
    Danny: Is that Saria?
    Saria: I am Saria.
    Danny: You know what, that was bad timing for me. (cracks up)
    Arin: This is the thing I was telling you about-
    Danny: Does she not remember you?
    Saria: Because I know you...
    Danny: Dammit! [...] Alright, I'm gonna start reading now and then talk.
  • Danny finds out about Epona's gender in the most awkward way possible:
    Arin: Do you think Epona's, like, standing there in the future like, "I hope he didn't go back in the past again. Shit, I don't know what I would do, just standing here..."
    Danny: "Listen, I... It took me years to develop this awesome horse cock..."
    Arin: (giggling) Epona's a girl.
    Danny: Right. Well, then...
    • Shortly followed up by: "Like I said, it took a LONG TIME to develop."
  • The Grumps decide that Darunia's son looks like the lead singer of Smash Mouth, and proceed to sing all of his dialogue to the tune of "All Star".
  • Arin gets stuck in one annoying area in the Fire Temple in Part 39 and decides to just lay down in the lava and die...until the fairy he had in a bottle revives him.
  • After spending too much time figuring out how to walk up a bridge. Danny tells Arin that he will leave an angry comment.
  • When Arin's ranting about Bonooru the Scarecrow and claims he doesn't care about his friend Pierre:
    Danny: What's the rat's name from Ratatouille?
    Arin: Remy.
    Danny: Cool. ...I thought it was Pierre.
  • When the Z-targeting suddenly decides to put a metal cage between Link and the camera, Dan makes a terrible Z-targeting joke.
    Danny: I guess Z-target stands for “Zee boy cannot see through this cage!” [snickers] I dunno, that was not funny, I dunno why I’m laughing at it.
  • Danny's reaction to adult Ruto:
    Danny: Ooh, hey baby...
    Arin: That's Ruto.
    Dany: Who? Oh! The bitch! (Arin giggles)
  • Doubling as a Crowning Moment of… Exasperation? Arin once again refuses to use his shield, this time against the Shell Blades in Eps. 48 & 49, instead getting Link’s ass killed and screeching “FUCKING CLAMS!!”
    • This is especially funny after Arin bragged about how The Water Temple was "so not hard", only to promptly get killed by one of the first enemies he sees.
  • In Ep. 49, Arin arguing the idea that The Great Grape Ape qualifies as a Kaiju. Dan turns to the internet to confirm this, only to find an old twitter conversation about it, between Arin and Ross.
  • Arin tries to use the Megaton Hammer to kill Dark Link, but Dark Link just blocks it with his shield. The irony is staggering.
    • Even better, apparently Raleigh Ritchie was outside waiting to film his spot on Guest Grumps the entire time Arin was getting frustrated with this.
  • When Link returns to Kakariko Village after defeating the Water Temple, the village is shown to be on fire. Arin attributes it to be the fault of someone's George Forman grill.
  • At the tail end of Episode 58, Danny and Arin decide to show off footage of them in the Grump Room since it's being remodeled. Danny randomly asks Arin if he's ever banged anybody in there, and he playfully denies it.
  • Part 59 features Danny reading the first paragraph of this article, titled "The Rumor Come Out: Does Bruno Mars is Gay?"
    • Before this moment, Danny talks about when he borrowed Arin's iPhone to look up something, and upon seeing some of the voice memos he left on the phone, proceeds to read off four random ones for the viewers: "big dick", "I love fucking bitches", "make the peepees" and "fart chamber". Arin was laughing hysterically afterwards.
  • As of the Shadow Temple, Link is finally using the shield...but won't take off the Hover Boots and keeps slipping around on the floor.
  • The head carpenter asks Link to retrieve his workers from the Gerudo camp. Then Arin and Danny have THIS exchange...
    Arin: They’re just jacking off in a corner. Nothing mysterious about it.
    Danny: You return after twelve days with a long beard like (panting) “They’re over there jacking off.” And he’s like “Oh.”
    Arin: You’re like starving and dehydrated and you’re like “They’re just jacking it man.”
    Danny: I watched them for twelve days thinking “There’s gotta be something else going on.” Nope. Twelve days of straight jacking. Never stopping. Endless jerking. Twelve days 24 hours a day. That…is…(clearly adding it on a calculator)...288 hours of straight jacking.
    Arin: It was crazy. They went into some Zen state where they didn’t need to eat or sleep.
    Danny: They ran out of cream at hour 146. They just kept going, undeterred. It was inspiring.
    Arin: I tried to do it but I could only get to hour two. My foreskin just got red and sore.
  • Arin gradually becomes more and more frustrated with Gerudo’s Fortress, constantly getting caught by the guards (mostly because—to the lovelies’ infinite frustration—he insists on wearing the hover boots even though he’s not using them and they’re clearly slowing him down) until he finally screams:
    Arin: NNNNNGH! I. WANT. MURDER! I want it! [sassy girl voice] Daddy give it to me! Daddy, daddy! [kissy sounds]
  • In Ep. 68 the Grumps briefly touch on the Thor movie, and Dan suggests Chris Hadfield should’ve played Thor but Arin gets him confused with… someone else.
    Danny: They should’ve had Chris Hadfield instead of Chris Hemsworth.
    Arin: [laughing] Chris Hadfield?
    Danny: Yeah, noted Canadian astronaut—.
    Arin: CHUGGA-CHUGGA-CHAH! He would just say “ah” after everything? He’d be like, “I’M THORRR-AH!”
    Danny: Wh—Did—Does he say that? Does he talk like that? Are we talking about the same person?
    Arin: …I’m thinking of James Hetfield.
    Danny: Yeah, you sure are!
  • In Part 77 Nabooru briefly becomes Laura the “small town girl” from Super Mario Maker #68.
    Arin/Nabooru: By the way… I really messed up… Y’see, I told this guy I was on the pill.
    Dan: Now I don’t know what to do! [strangled voice] It’s me… Laaauura!
    Arin: I’m just a small town girl from Gerudo Valley!
    Dan: Tune into NBC this summer for another hot episode of… Balls In My Mooouuuuth!
  • Part 78:
    • They finally get to the "Sheik is Zelda" reveal. Danny legitimately didn't know beforehand, so seeing his mind getting blown in real-time is incredible to listen to.
      Dan: Are you fucking shitting all over both of my nuts?!
    • And then they laugh about how many times Arin nearly ruined the surprise.
      Arin: There's so many times where I like just let it slip, where I was like, "there's Sheik, she's right there-uh, I mean he".
      Dan: Yeah, I just thought you were just like, fucking being an idiot!
      They both break into laughter
    • Moments later Dan has a realization how bad a job Arin was doing.
      Danny: Oh my god, now I do remember like a bunch of times you're like—*Stammers*—Wow, you actually did like...almost everything you could to blow that for me! Good thing I've fuckin—*Stammers*...I did not see that coming.
      • YouTuber John Odd made a super cut of all the Sheik scenes, culminating in the reveal. The compressed nature of the video makes Danny missing Arin's constant flubs even funnier.
  • Camera Screw pushes Arin to his breaking point during the final boss fight.
    [Camera suddenly hides Link from view as Ganon spins around]
    Arin: Shitshitshit where am I—[Link dies] FUCK! God damn this fucking bullshit camera! Like I’m not fuckin’—I’m not making it up, man! You can see! You can see how fuckin’ bullshit it is, man! God damn it! I can’t see shit when his fuckin’ stupid dumbass pig ass is in my face! Jesus, just fucking allow me to see what I’m doing, ‘cuz clearly I can fucking do it without getting hit, until your stupid asshole game gets in my fuckin’ way, and wastes my GODDAMN TIME, AND I HAVE TO DO THIS STUPID FUCKING BULLSHIT AGAIN!! FOR THREE FUCKING MINUTES!!!
    Danny: [Beat] See you soon!
    Arin: It’s a masterpiece. Ten outta ten!
  • While escaping Ganon's crumbling castle, Arin foolishly has Link walk off the pathway, resulting in Link falling to his doom.
    Arin: "I was just taking a shortcut!"
    Danny: "Don't worry, my love! I'll save us! AARGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
  • The Grumps' absolute glee at Ganon's death scene.
    Ganon: YOU...
    Danny: ...dick!
    Danny: Say it! Say-
    Arin and Danny: Yeah! [crack up]

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (April Fools) 
  • Both episodes feature no gameplay but are rather Arin and Danny being filmed playing the game. April Fools 2016, everyone.
    "One hundred percent Face Cam, because YOU demanded it!"
  • The spelling is uncertain because there's no gameplay footage, but Arin's name pick for Link is in line with expectations.
  • Towards the end of the first episode Danny mimes jacking off, realizing too late that the camera's recording him and not the game.

    Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon 

    Link: The Faces of Evil 

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 
  • Arin and Danny's constant arguing over whether or not Link should put on clothes or not.
  • Danny bringing up Arin's The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past vs The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Sequelitis video.
    Arin: It's the first Zelda since the first one that's just fucking open.
    Danny: It's like they saw your, uh, Sequelitis and, were like, "We'll fucking show him!"
    Arin: I mean, yeah! [laughs] That would be cool if they were like, "Fuck this guy!"
  • Arin accidentally jumps off a cliff, leaving him with just a quarter heart of health, and tries to heal by eating apples only to find that they aren't that effective. He complains that the programmers should have made them heal more health to send the message that apples are good for you, but Danny retorts that "if you jump off a cliff and shatter your body, maybe two apples aren't really going to get the job done. I think that's a fair lesson, actually".
  • In the Ja Baij Shrine, Arin has a bit of trouble using the bombs for the first time. When he reenters the temple for a chest he missed, He throws a bomb and runs directly into the explosion (that in this game are detonated by the player, at that). And then proceeds to do it about three more times before the episode ends.
  • After climbing a giant cliff, they find the Owa Daim Shrine.
    Arin and Dan in perfect unison: OH A DAAAAMN SHRIIIINE!
    Dan: "What's up there?" "Oh, a damn shrine!"
    Arin: Who names these things?
  • Arin tries to tell a story:
    Arin: So I was at Target...
    Danny: Stop bragging!
  • In Part 12, around the Lanayru Promenade, Arin manages to escape some bokoblins, only to run into a moblin, which knocks him down a quarter heart of health. Then Arin accidentally turns into Morty for a second:
    Arin: Fuuuuck! Ahh! Oh jeez! (giggles) Oh jeez, Rick!
    Danny: Aw, Morty! He's comin' for ya, Morty!
    • Danny then jokes when the Moblin stops chasing them that Link is out of his jurisdiction.
  • After meeting Purah in Part 14, Arin and Danny start to suspect, based on how many people remember Link from before his Shrinification and know exactly how to help him or where to point him next in his quest, that Link is a completely ordinary guy who only took a one-hour nap. While he was asleep, everyone in Hyrule decided to put together an elaborate lie about how he'd been out for 100 years and was suffering amnesia as a result.
    Dan: And the first person says "Calamity Ganon" and everyone's like "Fuck! Now we all have to commit to that"...
    • By this point in the playthrough, Arin has identified four characters (Hestu, Paya, the first Great Fairy, and Purah) as each being his favorite. It could make for a decent Drinking Game...
    • They also get a lot of mileage out of the fact that Purah's lab assistant is named Symin, which they insist on pronouncing "see-min." The wording of her experiment notes doesn't help.
      Purah's notes: After twenty seconds of exposure, I felt extreme fatigue and broke into a fever—
      Danny: That'll happen.
      Purah's notes: This morning I kicked Symin awake and had him run a full physical exam on me— [Arin corpses]
      Danny: Yeah, I'll bet you did!
  • Immediately after activating Hateno Tower, Arin glides off, and wonders whether he can land on the back of one of the horses below him. He does.
  • While scavenging around some inactive Guardians, Arin pans the camera up to see that one of them is alive. Cue massive freakout from Arin, who ends up dying in the process.
  • Riju's introduction in Part 20. Everybody drink!
    Arin: She's cute, she's my favorite character.
    • After they talk to Malena, whose husband is sick:
      Danny: My husband's dying. He wanted to die with me, but you know, I'm in this women's city, so... Good luck to him, wherever he is.
      "My husband's dying." "Why, 'cause he's in the fucking desert somewhere?" "Yeah, probably."
  • Link meets Bozai. The Grumps are...underwhelmed.
    Arin: I love how this is "his chance." Making a girl go on a fucking expedition for him.
    Danny: "You wouldn't believe how few responses I get on my OKCupid profile!"
    You already showed me to the shrine! [in Dan's "Avi voice"] "Show Dan to shrine!"
  • In Part 23, when Link and Riju are teaming up to take on Vah Naboris:
    Riju [in Arin's patented "princess voice"]: What a sight. Divine Beast Vah Naboris is pretty intimidating...
    Danny: Yeah, call it whatever you want, babe.
    • Later:
      Riju: Ancestors of the Gerudo! Answer my call! Aid me in this task!
      Arin: NOOOO.
      Danny: BUSY.
      Arin: BITCH PLEASE.
    • Also, their interpretation of Urbosa.
      Urbosa: [about Zelda working herself to the bone] I'd be doing the same thing.
      Arin: If I wasn't so fuckin' hot and awesome.
      Danny: Yeah, if I wasn't too busy being fucking shredded.
  • While fighting Vah Naboris, Link has to use Bomb Arrows to damage its feet. Place your bets, folks; how will this turn out?
    Arin: Ow!
  • Arin's idea of what Lady Urbosa gets up to after Link leaves.
    Well, now that he's gone... (bvvvvvv)
  • Part 29 has Arin constantly dying in hilarious ways. Particularly when he attempts to kill an electric Keese with a bomb arrow, which explodes in his face.
    Dan: Arin, I'm gonna punch you right in the head.
    Arin: What is that, six?
    • And again in Part 36. The episode title says it all.
  • Also from Part 29: Arin abuses the Sheikah Slate's selfie function.
    • Also, Arin tries to kill a Molduga by throwing bombs from afar, only to get oneshotted by a Lizalfos.
  • Arin casually outrunning a Yiga archer, insisting he's not going to get him...then the Yiga teleports in front of Arin and snipes him, dealing four-heart damage and Arin has to be revived with a fairy.
  • During the fight against Windblight Ganon, Danny reminisces about an old improv sketch:
    "My grandson just graduated from Hawvahd!"
    "My grandson graduated from Hawvahd summa cum laude!"
    "My grandson is a warlock! He makes potions! He could turn yoah grandson into a hawwk!"
  • Part 38: Arin and Danny argue about how to pronounce Nevada.
    Danny: We were like five minutes overtime arguing about Ne-VAH-dah pronunciations—-"NEH-VEH-DAH." Goddammit!!
  • Part 39:
    • The beginning continues Arin and Danny's Nevada debate from the previous episode.
    • Upon meeting Prince Sidon, the Grumps concoct a Running Gag of the prince repeatedly bashing his head on a rock as he dives back towards the river and floating unconscious downstream.
  • Part 40: A discussion of world peace and Nicki Minaj lyrics eventually gives us the phrase "tongue-punched in the brown eye." The best and/or worst part?
    Danny: [choking on his laughter] Suzy taught me that phrase!
  • Part 41:
    • Link gets battered with boulders in the Ne'ez Yohma Shrine.
    Danny: I love it when you say "Watch this", and then disaster strikes.
    • Upon arriving at Zora's Domain, the two take an instant dislike to Muzu, advisor to King Dorephan. By the end of the episode, they start to characterize the king as liking Link better, calling him 'Newzu' and wanting him to take Muzu's place in his court.
    Dan [as King Dorephan] : Son, bring this weird stingray thing outside!
    Arin as Dorephan: Newzu, dispose of Muzu, for my amuzument!
    • Now animated!
    • There's also a small Call-Back to Endless Ocean 2 in the form of King Dorephan constantly being depressed at the mere mention of Mipha, similar to how Jean-Eric would get irrationally pissed at the mention of his dead son, Mathias, who is dead. Thanks for bringing that up.
  • Part 42: Through Sidon, Arin and Danny try to explain to Muzu that Mipha loved Link in explicit detail.
    Arin!Sidon: Now you understand, don't you?
    Danny!Sidon: They were fucking! Like, crazy fucking!
    Arin!Sidon: Why don't you get that? We've been hinting at that for the last hour! Gosh! Now you know who her heart belonged to, and who she made that special armor for.
    Danny!Sidon: She rode his... Hyli-dick. All fucking night.
    [Arin laughs]
    Arin!Sidon: His elven dick throughout the land, from the seas of the Zora, to the mountains of Lanayru.
    [Arin and Danny both laugh]
    Danny!Sidon: She rode that dick until all the cows and other creatures came home.
    Arin!Sidon: Now that you know, you must promise to help him save us all, Muzu.
    Danny!Sidon: For god's sake, this is the man who drained his nugs in Mipha!
    Arin!Muzu: Alright fine! I get it! Jesus, don't have to spell it out for me. I've drained my nugs once or twice in my day.
    Danny!Muzu: Obviously just into the sea though. [they both laugh] I mean, fuck, look at me. I am a nightmare.
    • But can anyone really blame Mipha for jumping his bones?
      Danny!Muzu: [staring at Link wearing the Zora Armor] You're gorgeous!
    • They hang a lampshade on Sidon's rather comfortable demeanor when talking about his sister's sex life.
      Arin!Sidon: I watched the beautiful art of love-making from afar, although taboo. I was only a child then, so I did not know at the time.
    • The Cold Open to Part 42, in which the Grumps show their appreciation for a little song called "The Government Knows (When You Masturbate)."note 
      Dan: Mad respect to the young lady in the American flag bodysuit and the young gentleman in the corndog vest in that video, 'cause, uh, they're really just following their dreams and you can feel it.
    • Danny!Muzu angrily calls Mipha's statue a bitch, causing Arin to break down in laughter for a whole 25 seconds.
    • Arin skims his lines a little bit:
      Arin!Muzu: That tall mountain over yonder... It is called Polymusnote  Mountain-
      Danny!Muzu: Ploymus.note 
      Arin!Muzu: Pl- Ploy-
      Danny!Muzu: Look at it! Look at the word I'm saying and then say it!
  • Part 43
    • Arin begins the episode by demanding "three egg" in a high-pitched, vaguely Eastern European accent
    Dan: I don't know why you leaning face-down into my shoulder and saying that, muffled into the couch, was so funny. But here we are!
    • Arin and Danny discussing how people on Tumblr want to fuck Prince Sidon.
    Danny[As Sidon]: Don't mind me, I'm just banging Tumblr people.
    Arin: Everybody wishes!
    • When Arin screams in anger over the ice blocks, Danny notes that the tone is exactly the same as when Arin measured his penis and found out that he lost an inch.
  • Part 45 is titled: "Spelling Fiasco of 2017." In brief: Arin confuses the spellings of "ewe" and "eye."
    • One of the best parts of this little exchange is the game music syncing up perfectly with Dan's Stunned Silence reaction after Arin makes his mistake.
    • Now in animated form!
  • In Part 46 Arin & Danny suddenly decide Prince Sidon is gay and King Dorephan is aggressively supportive.
    [Sidon thanks Link with a cheesy little cheer]
    Arin!Dorephan: Well, that was gay. My son. I'm proud of your gayness, son. It's very progressive.
    Danny!Dorephan: My son likes to bang dudes, you got a problem with that?
    Arin!Dorephan: It's not a problem at all, I was actually hoping he'd be gay!
    Danny!Dorephan: I love him! So fuck you.
    Arin!Dorephan: [actual dialogue] Everyone is rejoicing! There is no happier place in the world. But Link… There is something I wish to ask you.
    Danny!Dorephan: Would you bang my son?
    Arin!Dorephan: I know you were into Mipha, but uh, if you could do me a solid—
    Danny!Dorephan: —But she's dead now, and my son sure isn't.
    Arin!Dorephan: Uh, it's—there's—there's no other gay—there's no other gay Zoras here!
    Danny!Dorephan: It's like I always say: a living ass is better than a d-dead puss. [Arin starts cackling] That's a CLASSIC ZORA SAYING!
    Arin!Dorephan: What, you haven't heard it?? [both laugh]
  • Partway into Part 53 Arin casually murders a fox without breaking Link's stride, sending Dan into paroxysms of mirth.
    Arin: Check out this fox, he's a friend [shoots arrow] Now he's dead.
  • Every instance of The Voice in Part 54.
  • Danny spies a Wizzrobe in the background of Part 54 and compares it to a prancing KKK member.
    Danny: Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la Jews.
  • In Part 55, Danny and Arin make arrow sound effects.
    Danny: I don't know why riddling these things with arrows is the funniest thing I've ever envisioned.
    • Danny, as Zelda, telling Link something.
      Zelda: Link! You must protect the Trif...[FOOOMP! FOOOMPFOOMPFOOMP]
      Danny: Link, you're really carefree with your arrows. How about some discretion?
  • Arin begins Part 60 by trying to hit the sleeping Hinox with a boulder, but it peacefully rolls to rest behind the monster's head without even disturbing his nap.
    Dan: Aww, you got him a pillow. How considerate of you.
  • In Part 63, Danny asks Matt and Ryan to edit in some epic music as Link pulls the Master Sword, though both Arin and Danny think they put in something stupid. It turns out that Matt and Ryan edited in a midi version of All Star, by Smash Mouth.
  • Part 64: Arin's remark that he doesn't like M&M's causes Dan to refer to him as “Noted Internet Douchebag Arin Hanson”
  • Part 68: Danny's righteous anger at the "Black Science Man" meme (which ascribes the quote "People don't think the universe be like it is, but it do" to Neil deGrasse Tyson).note  Judging by Arin's enjoyment of his reaction, this may not be the first time the subject has come up.
    Arin: He didn't say that?!
    Danny: Yeah. Hard to believe.
  • "Thank you for your service."
  • "The Moon Zelda"
  • The bizarre opening to Part 76
    Dan: What time in a relationship do you think is the right time to introduce the weird shit?
    Arin: Uhh… I just feel like right away is…
    Dan: Really?
    Arin: I mean… y'know it's like, a relationship is built on trust and—
    Dan: And urinating on each other?
    Arin: Uhhh yeah, I mean it's like... Date Two.
    Dan: Date Two! You'd pee on a girl on Date Two?
    Arin: Well, I wouldn't pee on a girl, period.
    Dan: ...Huh. Me neither then. [long pause] Anyway, Zelda... [they both crack up]
  • Part 79: Arin receives a special weapon to fight Ganon’s final form... then in typical Arin fashion, wastes four minutes doing zero damage and whining about how the weapon isn't working only to realize he forgot to equip it. Even the usually chill Danny was unforgiving.
    Dan: You dumb bastard!
    Arin: I wasn’t using the right bow.
    Dan: Yeah, no shit!
  • Go Fukuma
  • "Hey, Arin. How does Darude's Sandstorm go again?" Now beautifully remixed here.
    • One of the top comments for the remix video happens to be by none other than NintendoCapriSun.
    NCS: Yup.

    Zelda's Adventure 
  • The name Arin chooses: Qoxonmafasenote 
  • Most of the first episode is spent dying over and over due to Arin being unable to find a weapon. When he finally cracks and asks Dan to look up a walkthrough. As he looks it up, Arin almost immediately finds a weapon. Turns out he never went east from the starting screen, where the sword is located.
  • By 'Part 2', Danny is already fed up with Arin grumbling over how bad the game is.
  • The whole level/boss fight against Lort.
    • It already starts funny when Lort warns Zelda to not enter his lair, in a deep raspy voice that sounds like he has a Jamaican accent:
    Lort: "DO NOHT COM EEN HEAAH!!!"
    • Whenever Lort defeats Zelda, they keep saying his name (as if he was a big deal) to complain about him:
    Arin: Looooort!!
    Dan: Looort! (sigh) Lort have mercy!
    Arin: DAMMIT LORT!
    Dan: (laughs)
    Arin: Fucking Lort!
    • During the fight itself:
    Arin: He does that weird shit where he backs up into me!
    Dan: Hm. That's hot!
    • Arin keeps losing against Lort, despite Dan guiding him with a walkthrough. This whole time, he had been using the jade ring to attack him. However, after several losses...
    Dan: "To defeat Lort, simply hit him 10 times with Zelda's wand".
    Arin: Really?
    Dan: "Be sure not to use the jade ring, it does almost no damage..." (laughs)
    Arin: SON OF A BITCH!!! I told you to look it up, and you didn't look it up!
    Dan: (laughs) I diiid!
    Arin: I've been wasting my fucking Rupees and my time and my life...
    Dan: (keeps on laughing)
    Arin: I got nothing anymore!!
    Dan: (laughs)
    Arin: I'm fucking selling crack on the street through trying to beat Lort with a green ring, dude!!
    Dan: (keeps on laughing)
    Arin: Jesus Christ! All I got to do is this, all I got to do is this...
    Dan: Oh my goood... oh my goood... I'm in love with this game now.
    Arin: ... Fucking Lort.
    • Danish viewers get an extra chuckle. "Lort" means "Shit" in Danish.
  • When inside the Shrine of Illusion, Dan and Arin are getting very frustrated at the game's tedious and non-intuitive nature. They are reading a guy's walkthrough to make it easier. After defeating some enemies, and expecting to finish the level in a "pretty straightforward" way, they stumble into a very weird character... their reaction is priceless.
    Arin: Just... [takes breath] try to breathe.
    Dan: Yep.
    [Immediately after he says this, Zelda arrives in a room where a strange werewolf-like creature in a jester costume - called Pasquinade by the way - spins around.]
    Dan: Woah, woah!
    Arin: What the FUCK!
    Pasquinade: Look to your heart. Look to your dreams. You'll find that nothing is what it seems. [Evil Laugh]
    Dan Uh, hum.
    Arin: Uh.
    Dan: Humm.
    Arin: Uhhh.
    Dan: O... kay.
    Arin: Hum.
    Dan: Well...
    Arin: Huh.
    Dan: Neat.
    Arin: Uh.
    Dan: Neat great!
    Arin: Uh. Uh.
    Dan: (chuckles)
    Arin: Uhh I don't know...
    Dan: Yeah, I don't know, I don't know.
    Arin: I'm a little, hum...
  • Arin gets frustrated while Dan reads the walkthrough.
    Arin: How the fuck am I supposed to duck? The fuck, Dan?
    Dan: I dunno. Stop yelling at me. (laugh)
    Arin: I'm not yelling at you! I'm yelling with you!

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 
  • The episode opens with Arin openly insulting the graphics of the game as seen on the menu. Danny, in a desperate attempt to stop the potential hate comments, insists that they start the episode over (complete with super-fast intro), at which point Arin immediately jumps right back into it.
  • In the grand tradition of giving Link ridiculous names whenever possible, the Grumps decide on the name Spuunt.
  • Once they reset for the first time, Tatl realizes that they now have the ocarina and the mask salesman can return them to normal. She asks if the player flat-out forgot about that part...
    Arin: Shut the fuck up. Would you shut the fu- SHUT THE FUCK UP!
    Danny!Tatl: Oooookay.
    Arin: I did forget, though, so thanks for reminding me. But stop making me look like an idiot.
  • Almost every time they enter an area and get an establishing shot with the moon, Dan recoils in distress.
  • Arin angrily asks Dan, "Have you ever watched an episode of Game Grumps?" The pair both agree that they haven't. But the funniest part is:
    Dan: I lost interest after Jon left the show.
  • Dan scolding Arin for lying to the monkey:
    Danny: You even told the monkey you understood! (Arin giggles) He specifically asked you if you got everything!
    Arin: You lied to him!
    Danny: You absolutely lied to his little monkey face!
    Arin: Don't call it a little monkey face, that makes me feel really bad!
  • After defeating Odolwa, Dan accidentally calls Tatl "t.a.T.u", queue both Dan and Arin bursting into a rendition of "All The Things She Said" just before the credits.
  • After returning the Deku Princess, this exchange:
    Deku Princess: Oh, Mr. Monkey, I am truly sorry. Father does such rash things when he's worried about me.
  • In the climax of Part 18, Dan and Arin introduce a new character named "Spoiler Owl", who acts like a normal information-giving owl only to spoil movie twists. The climax of the joke comes when Arin, in-character as Spoiler Owl, spoils about how Snape kills Dumbledore...only to end up spoiling Dan for real because Dan hadn't watched/read any of the Harry Potter movies/books. Cue Arin desperately backpedalling by claiming that it's just a meme and didn't actually happen, which Dan doesn't believe for a second.
    Dan: I chose a Citizen Kane spoiler because that movie's seventy years old.
    Arin: Harry Potter's been out for like twenty years!
    Dan: It has not.
    Arin: It's been out for long! *both start cracking up at Arin's momentary loss for words* (The first Harry Potter book came out in 1997, so technically, 21 years ago. The first Harry Potter film came out in 2001, 17 years ago.)
  • Dan & Arin's jokes about the Gorons' prominent man-boobs comes to a head near the end of Part 22:
    Arin: "The lullaby blankets listeners in calm while making eyelids grow heavy." And nipples grow large.
    Dan: [imitating Wimp Lo] My nipples look like milk duds!
    Arin: [in similar voice] Hoo I've got 30 nipples! And only five of them lactate!
    Dan, laughing his ass off: That's fu— What is that from?
    Arin: Looks like you'll have to find out which one!
    Dan: What are you talking about?
    Dan: But which nipples—alright, seeya.
    Arin: Which one is lactating? Use your mouth to find out! Ooowoo!
  • In part 23, immediately as the episode starts, Arin continues the Goron nipple joke from the previous episode.
    Airin: Welcome back to Game Grump!
    Dan: Welcome!
    Arin: The only show where you can guess which of my 30 nipples is- [Dan cuts him off]
    Dan: Alright, Arin. I was kinda hoping we'd move past this!
    Arin: I'm sorry.
    Dan: Everyone else has had 24 hours to refresh, but it's been 6 seconds for me!
  • "I am warning you with peace and love!"
  • Arin starts part 29 explaining that Dan's mouth is full (probably of peanut butter) and he has asked Arin to talk instead, for which Arin demands payment.
    Arin: Let's just say, uh, your mouth is gonna be full again! [evil chuckle]
    Dan: Oh, jeez, uh, suddenly I feel I'm okay to talk.
  • In Part 34 Dan doesn't feel Arin is giving Flat a distinctive enough voice...
  • Then immediately after that, whilst reading the inscription on Flat's grave:
    Arin: "The thousand years of raindrops summoned by my song are my tears. The thunder that strikes the earth is my anger." Here's some fuckin' dumbass notes for your controller.
  • Arin's tantrum over trying to make Dampe move to a certain spot to dig, especially Dan's squeaky laughter in the background.
  • We can't quite tell what Danny says six and a half minutes into Part 37, but our best guess is that it begins with "F" and rhymes with "baguette".
    Dan: Seriously, Matt, Ryan...bleep that out, 'cause that shit is a career-ender.
  • Arin getting his ass kicked by a clam, just like in the Water Temple.
    • Arin has a Lame Pun Reaction to Danny's clam pun.
      Danny: It's like he's in the Ku Klux Klam!
      Arin: I will stab you.
  • In Part 40, Arin tries to jump into a tank as Zora Link to get an egg, only for the skeleton fish to swarm him and take a big chunk of HP. So he turns back into Link to drop a bomb into the water… then the bomb explodes and throws him back into the tank, where he then gets attacked by the fish. Twice.
    Danny: (giggling) You blew yourself out of and into the water! On two separate occasions!
    Arin: My bad.
  • Danny commenting he thought Link was trying to get Zora eggs because they are a delicacy and Link wants to eat them.
  • In episode 44, Arin makes a snipe at the Gerudo Pirates, calling them "The Purples". He actually loses it over this. Dan is incredulous.
    Danny: Wow. Arin, I've never seen you knock yourself out with a non-joke like that.
  • Arin skips over the flavour text describing the skullfish while Dan is in the middle of reading it, only getting as far as "once it bites…" Every time thereafter Arin runs into a skullfish expect Dan will warn him that "Once it bites!" Even after Arin goes back and reads the flavour text to try and shut him up.
  • This exchange in Part 48:
    Danny: Boy, they really went off-script.
    Arin: Yeah. All the things that make a Zelda game a Zelda game. But do they truly make a Zelda game-?
    Danny: Arin, get off your soapbox for a goddamn second.
  • When Arin starts complaining because he lost the horse race, Dan suggests they go to the bank to get more rupees. Arin complains endlessly about how much longer this will take, cue him warping there in like no time at all.
    Danny: Arin, you've overreacting. Now go to the bank. (giggles)
  • In Part 53 Arin mentions how the Grumps have been working out and uh… just hear it for yourself…
  • An exchange here in part 57 starts out touching and turns dark real quick.
    Arin: I want them to play this at my funeral!
    Dan: Dude, I will play an Elegy of Emptiness at your funeral. I'll feel so sad.
    Arin: Aw, you'll be empty at my funeral?
    Dan: Of course!
    Arin: Empty enough to play an elegy?
    Dan: My wallet will be empty 'cuz we won't be doing Game Grumps anymore. [they both laugh]
  • in Part 61 Dan plays a voicemail from Granny Sexbang calling him her "favourite guy" and Arin tries to make him feel bad about it.
    Arin: You think she says that to everybody?
    Dan: No. Nope. I really do believe I'm her favourite guy.
    Arin: Huh. Pretty narcissistic of you, huh?
    Dan: Well, no, cuz she's my favourite lady!
    Arin: Well I guess your mom would feel pretty bad about hearing that huh?
    Dan: Arin, what the fuck is your objective here? Like, what are you trying to accomplish? ...Is this the betrayal?? [Arin bursts out laughing]
  • Episode 62:

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 
  • The wacky name this time? "Spoompls".
  • Dan narrating two Loftwings flying in the opening scene:
    Dan: "Mind if I fly with you?" "Fuck off, Carl!" (Arin starts laughing)
  • The fact that Arin hates this game but Dan's trying to give it a chance, yet Dan quickly gets irritated with how much Fi intrudes on gameplay.
  • In Part 2, Spoompls meets with Zelda and Headmaster Gaepora. As usual, the whole entire first meeting with Zelda is entertaining, but its Zelda's father who steals the show this time. When voicing him, Dan often has Gaepora throw in a comment about his body.
    Dan!Gaepora: Its encouraging to see you up so early- GOD, I'M BLOATED, given your capacity for sleep.

    Dan!Gaepora: If you win today's ceremonial race- WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH MY EYEBROWS!?

    Dan!Gaepora: But you've known him since you were little. Little like my head! Do you think my head is too small for my body?
    • Things only get better when Gaepora starts to talk about Link's connection with his loftwing.
      Dan!Gaepora: The bird that came to him was a Crimson Loftwing
      Arin!Gaepora: The stupidest of the Loftwings!
      Dan!Gaepora: It pooped out of its cloaca! Birds have a cloaca! It was a breed so rare we thought it had vanished from the line. We couldn't find its cloaca!
      Arin!Gaepora: We thought it was exterminated because of how stupid it was!

      Dan!Gaepora: They were meant for each other. Much like you and he are not! And judging by how jealous you were that day, I'd say the friendship he shared with his bird didn't go unnoticed by you, my dear.
      Dan!Gaepora: We all want to fuck the bird!
      Dan!Spoompls: I wanna fuck the bird! [Arin laughs]
      Arin!Spoompls: Just thinking about that cloaca!
  • On the subject of wacky names, Dan decides that one of the NPCs is named "The Great Genginee."
  • In Part 5, Zelda starts hearing a voice calling out to her. Arin and Dan decide it was talking about a certain crab, while also poking fun at themselves.
    Arin!Zelda: I heard this voice a few moments ago. Did you hear it too? It was like...
    Arin!Zelda: It was talking about crabs.
    Dan: Awwwww yay! Nice call back!
    Arin: Fuck yer father! Fuck yer father!
    Arin!Zelda: Its been happening a lot lately...Its the strangest feeling.
    Dan!Zelda: It feels like something two idiots would have said two years ago, but its like, kinda still sticking with me for some reason.
  • Groose's line: "No way was I gonna let some scrawny clown snatch that prize away from me". The Grumps' takeaway: "Scrawny clown snatch".
  • In part 6, Arin and Dan continue their discussion about scrawny clown snatch. Arin discusses how he would drop hints to his neighbors while Dan decides he will create two wifi sources. One named "Dan's Wifi", and "Scrawny Clown Snatch", then frame his neighbor.
    Arin: I heard Phoebe's got "Scrawny Clown Snatch" over there! Watch out for her!
  • Arin running straight into a Deku Baba, which knocks him off the path. Queue Dan asking Matt and Ryan to replay it in slow-motion with fitting music.
  • "Footgroose."
  • When reading Ghirahim's dialogue, Dan decides Ghirahim kissed Link when he got his face really close, complete with a "Mwah!"
  • Part 20 has Arin find out about Gratitude Crystals.
    Arin: What's in it for me?
    Dan: You will receive five Gratitude Crystals.
    Arin: ...Are you fucking serious?
    Dan: (Laughing) Yeah.
    Arin: That sounds like a parody.
    Dan: (Laughs)
    Arin: That sounds like what Family Guy would do if they made, like, a made-up video game achievement.
    Dan: Yeah.
  • Part 24, Dan is horrified at Arin killing some harmless ladybirds.
    • From the same episode, Arin trying to kill some monsters, only to hold the bomb for too long, it explodes, knocks him into the lava and kills him instantly.
  • Arin has an... interesting way of spelling "key".
    KEY! Key-ee-ee! Key!
  • In Part 26, Dan is talking about how earlier that day he got cussed out while driving.
    Dan: Uh, no. I was, uh...lying.
    • Arin bursts out laughing, and Dan admits it happened weeks ago and he was just Garnishing the Story.
  • Part 28 has this gem:
    Danny: (as a whiny Link) That's my girlfriend! Sometimes, we lay in bed, and I put on Caribbean Blue by Enya, and I drop some rose petals around her and put essential oils gently on her neck, and then I have crazy jackhammer sex with her!
    • This leads into Danny asking Arin if he knows the song Caribbean Blue (characterizing Enya as "similar to Hayley Westenra", and "the kind of shit you hear in a store that sells crystals"). Arin spends most of the rest of the episode aggressively singing the chorus of Adiemus, trying to remember what it's called and if Enya wrote it (she did not).
  • Arin forgetting Impa's name and making guesses that gradually go further and further away from the right answer until Dan looks it up.
  • Dan accidentally turning Mr. Skyloft into Boomhauer while voicing him.
  • In Part 46, Dan and Arin naming The Imprisoned "Stompy Carl".

    Beefed-Up Zelda 
  • While playing the official modhack of the first Zelda game that Nintendo made available to Nintendo Switch online subscribers, Dan blazes his way through the first two dungeons. As he kills one Goriya, the others explode, each one containing a fairy.
    Danny: Ladies, please!
  • Danny makes it all the way to Gohma, only to realize that he doesn't have the bow.

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD 
  • The name for Link this time around? Spantzz.
    • Even worse, in this game they can name Epona. So they give her the name Ñæœùßò
  • Danny's interpretation of Rusl is a flat-earther.
  • Arin's bewilderment that Link's treehouse is designed in such a way that he literally has to climb a ladder every morning just to look out the window.
    Arin: (laughs) So, when - so when somebody - okay, so like, literally the guy shows up, the kids show up and they're like, "Hey Link!" and I'm literally hanging out on the bottom floor and I could either walk out the front door and say hi, or climb two ladders-
    Danny: Yeah, it's your incredibly inconvenient peephole.
  • The Grumps giving Colin a very deep, slow voice and repeatedly pronouncing it as "Co-lin".
  • The first time they meet Jaggle in part 2, Dan and Arin spend a good couple minutes roasting him while roleplaying as his future wife describing his ugly appearance that she inexplicably finds attractive.
  • Arin and Danny herding goats and singing a version of "White and Nerdy" chock full of goat puns.
  • When Ilia yells at Link for injuring Epona, Arin gives her a voice like Gollum and belches like Gollum during her dialogue.
  • Arin and Dany beatboxing to...Spantzzz crawling through a hole.
  • Link being more upset that he got water in his ears than Ilia and Colin getting kidnapped.
  • Dan's genuine shock when Link turns into a wolf.
  • Arin and Dany arguing over the scene in American Pie where Elizabeth Shannen is filmed without her knowledge, with Arin complaining about it being gross and Danny trying to defend it.
  • Dan crushing on Zelda again:
    Danny!Zelda: That's right, I'm a fuckin' hot-ass brunette in this one!
  • In Part 8, Arin and Danny somehow managing to miss the dialogue that explicitly tells you the sword you need is inside the house, and think if they run up to Rusl and scare him, he'll drop the sword.
    Danny: Maybe he drops the sword if you scare him.
    Arin: He has the sword?
    Danny: I don't know.
  • Wolf!Link getting annoyed with Midna's antics. "If I had a thumb and a gun, I'd kill her."
  • Danny opening Part 14 with a cheerful, "Hey, cucks!" before he and Arin break down in laughter.
  • When Arin finds the Oocca, Dan voices it saying "I'll suck your dick!" and they both break down in laughter. It quickly becomes a Running Gag spanning multiple series.
  • The fact that the Grumps have been provided with a "Grump-proof" guide to Twilight Princess is both hilarious and somewhat demeaning.
  • The Running Gag of Danny's attraction to Midna comes to a head in part 32, when he offers this assessment:
    Danny: Dude, I...I find Midna so attractive, and yet also she's kinda like a hamster. Y'know what I mean? Which I would not be attracted to, you bastards looking for a reason that I'm a furry.
    Arin: Well she's got that fucking butt, dude, that butt doesn't quit!
    Danny: Yeah, it really doesn't. It's fully employed.
  • Danny criticizes Arin for skipping the Shield Bash technique since he doesn't have a shield on him, before admitting that if the Hero's Shade was teaching something that needed a shield, it would be a waste of everyone's time since Arin will never use it.
  • Arin has one of his trademark breakdowns during the Escort Mission in Part 37, the highlight of which has to be Danny laughing joyfully as the game over screen shows the wagon burning to cinders with Telma, Ilia, and Prince Ralis inside.


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