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  • Galen Dev: I just want to say that I genuinely do like these guys, but I wish there was an option to organize their games section chronologically, instead of alphabetically. On the other hand, it's entirely possible I'm just dumb and can't find the option to do so. Which would also bug me.
    • That would be hard to do, since some games started and ended during a completely different line of games.
  • This isn't so much as a Headscratcher as a 'just wondering what the hell went down'. I became a fan of these guys only pretty recently, so there's one particular incident in which I'm left wondering as to what happened. At one point during a stream last July, something happened that was apparently so alarming that they had to update their Facebook to inform people that everything was okay:
    We had quite a scare but everything is ok now. No need to worry. Thanks for your concern.
  • And so I'm just wondering, and if I may ask: what happened?
    • Something happened to Ferr. I don't think they ever said what, but it sounded like he was choking. All anyone knows is they had to take him to the hospital.
      • It was Evek. Long and short of it: Evek choked on something pretty bad and they had to make a trip to the hospital. As you can tell though, everything was fine.

  • I know this isn't there fault but the videos on the site take so very long to load. Can't they change to a quicker system?
    • Viddler is notorious for taking a long time to load videos. Most of the old videos have Viddler as the host. This might be part of the reason why they've switched to Youtube (much better loading times).
      • And with the time limits being completely eradicated from Youtube now, there aren't any short-video issues that would be had, either (what with their tendency to upload 20-30 minutes videos).
      • Maxwell has started to upload all the videos from Google Video onto his Youtube account. I don't know if he'll be doing this for all the videos or what.
      • Furthermore, a good few of their LPs (Resi Evil 4, Prototype, Seaman, Oblivion to name but a few) are also available on the Internet Archive, where each episode can be downloaded once and viewed as many times as you want, even when you have no internet. Personally I love this option because my current ISP has a monthly download cap and this method lets me keep my downloads to a minimum.

  • Something that bugs me is that they sometimes use their real names, what are they. Furthermore, it seems most people know what they look like, is there any form of imagery of them?
    • see them here at some point, except Ferr and their real names are Jamie (Maxwell(Something Awful name was Stud Bagel)), Tim(Ferr), Cory(Evek) and Eric(Pipes!(Something Awful name was |||||||||||||||)).
      • The video is an hour and forty-four minutes. I've tried skipping through to find their faces, but no luck. Anybody know when in the video they show themselves?
      • I don't think there are that many where they show their faces. However, they namedrop each other pretty often (off the top of my head, Maxwell was referred to as Jamie in Power Stone and F-Zero GX; Ferr's been called Tim in Majora's Mask and Power Stone, pipes! mentioned that his name was Eric during New Super Mario Bros. Wii; and Evek was called Cory in Power Stone and Majora's Mask).
      • I haven't been able to find any photos either, though I'm told they posted some on SA at some point. I also watched the New Years video in its entirety, and only ever saw two silhouetted heads.

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  • Does anyone know what the music used in video 24 of the Resident Evil 4 LP is?

  • During some videos, they reference an interview that went terribly bad. Anyone know which video has this interview, or if there's one of just it? I'm not talking about the second one, where Maxwell just shows a chat log and plays a few youtube videos.
    • I asked for it to be taken down. Hopefully there's no video of it left. It was quite embarassing. I was the one being interviewed. The main topics of discussion were: Ditto, Mushroom Gangbangs, Asian children, X-ray vision, and more.

  • A question: When looking at fanart, I see some images of a katana wielding Abraham Lincoln. What is this referring to?
    • Judging from some recent streams, they're references to a Saint's Row 2 stream that was recorded but never posted.
    • Yeah, I recall in one of the recorded videos they mentioned making their characters look like Abraham Lincoln.

  • Frequent reference is made in various Freelance Astronaut videos to a Wii game called Avatar, which was apparently terrible. Did they LP this game, and if so, why is it so hard to find footage of this?
    • Not all content is posted to a website (either through not thinking it's good enough or recording failure). It might have been done but never posted.
      • If I remember correctly it was a New Years Eve video during which someone played the Wii Avatar the Last Airbender game. I think it's somewhere on Maxwell's youtube.
      • Found it on Google Videos: here.

  • Does anyone know what happened to these guys? Nothing's been on there for almost a year.
    • They are lets playing cargo. You just have to go to the youtube page
    • More specifically, pipes! and Ferr moved out of town because of job opportunities, leaving Maxwell and Evek to do the occasional one- or two-episode long LP with guests from Skype - since these aren't full ones, they weren't put on the website. Pipes! and Ferr come back for holidays, which is when the'll do full Let's Plays like they did with Cargo.

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