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  • In an early example, the River Devil (essentially a freshwater kraken). After it rips down the mast of their ship, the Elements pull off a team attack. Scarlett levitates the mast, which is then kick-loaded into a ballista Margaret improvised from the rigging. Then, Scarlett casts Acid Arrow on the mast and Rip rides it into the River Devil. It disintegrates.
  • Say what you will about her utter loyalty to the empire and her constant distrust of Nav, Margaret Stone is awesome incarnate. She eats through weak foes like it's going out of style, and always ends up with the highest kill count due to her habit of trashing rank and file enemies. The fact she can keep rolling and getting multiple kills per turn is nothing to sneeze at. Additionally, what many of her allies fail to remember is she often comes up with their awesome plans, like the above example.
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  • How quickly the party trashes the thieves fighting the soldiers. Mint was unsure which side would win, and it ended firmly in the soldier's favor, mostly as a result of the team, but also as a result of the soldiers just overall being better. Even better, the leaders of the thieves get downed in less than three turns, meaning that, in game time, Shifthand brashly challenged the party and got his ass murdered in under eighteen seconds. And then they kill four dire wolves.
  • Going down the Grandfather River, the party is beset upon by a Hydra! They then kill it in four shots, all of which were crits.
  • In the Queenswood, the Rogue Elements are fighting a red basilisk. When they seem to be losing, Nav gets a critical sneak attack ( double damage plus a sneak attack bonus) , along with some other bonuses, and kills it. The awesome part? Nav kills it by SPRINTING THROUGH IT, sword first.
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  • One for Scarlett, on the back of Small Rigby the behemoth. She ends a fight against a demon-tainted druid by evoking (in 13A, evoking a spell makes it automatically deal the most damage possible for the spell) a fireball, dealing 100 damage (a rather high number given the party's level). The way it's told by the others, she summoned a meteor from space and crashed it into their enemies.
  • The party pulls the greatest casino scam, beating the Demon of Greed himself in a Poker tournament...after arming the Casino with bombs set by Mint and Margaret. After Margaret distracted the Demon Paimon and helped the party screw over the casino, the house proceeded to get completely drained of souls, armed with explosives, and filled with holy water drinks. The party's plan went spectacularly.
  • Margaret tends to be awesome with her sword. Despite having lower dice rolls, and the fact Margaret prefers ranged combat, when she gets into melee combat with her sword, she ruins foes left and right. Such as how she sprinted at and tackled a Vrock to the ground out of sheer frustration at constantly missing and managed to stab it twice for 47 total damage, ripping it apart.
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  • The Elements, having surfed down the back of Small Rigby into a casino-themed hellhole, proceed to hustle a bunch of demons into gambling away the core of the hellhole. After the casino staff attempts to remove them and take back the core, Mint uses a newly-acquired demonic staff to drive the hellhole at a breakneck pace across the countryside and into the sea.
  • When confronted by agents of The Blue, Margaret one-shots the leader of the agents on the first round.
  • The hellhole makes a return when the party fights a Tarrasque, a mountain-sized terror that changes the landscape by moving. The original plan, luring the Tarrasque into the reopened hellhole by manipulating a secondary nervous system in its stomach, hit a snag when the bait they were using (A strawbrerry-shaped hot air balloon) was destroyed. So, after the hellhole team parachutes into the hellhole, Slots interfaces with the machines in the casino and the hellhole's entrance transforms into a facsimile of him which then sprints directly into the Tarrasque before closing.

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