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  • In one War Of The Roses game, Sips protects Sjin by shooting over his head, and he headshots the guy behind him. Poor Antipope.
  • Their compound in Tekkit is pretty awesome. The same goes for their secret base.
  • Mace Swinger Reload from Sips' Game Dev Tycoon playthrough. It got three 10s and a 9 from the reviewers.
  • Flailing On The Phon managed to both score near-perfect ratings and stay as the highest ranked game for eleven months. THAT is an achievement.
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  • In part 46 of his Skyrim play through Sips shot fire at some fire at oil, and dared anyone to come for him. Then two draugr rose from their coffins and Sips shot a fireball at both of then, sending them flying back to their coffins.
  • Beating TWO Eyes of Cthulu at the same time with very little preperation in Terraria.
  • The Heisenberg in their new Tekkit series qualifies.
  • During this episode of Garry's Mod Murder, there are a few good moments, such as Smiffy killing at least three bystanders with knife throws and winning the game, Ross managing to kill Turpster as the last guy alive and with barely a foot between them and Sips slaughtering everyone in about thirty seconds.
  • This episode of Murder has Smiffy shoot the murderer in the dark, while they were sprinting.
  • In the Evolve episode "Daisy Saves the Day":
    • The previously mocked Daisy manages to save Ross' life by fishing him out of a toxic pool and reviving him, causing him to respond with genuine gratitude.
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    • Smiffy manages to impressively slaughter the entire team, but finds himself needing to hunt down the titular character in order to win. Somehow Daisy manages to stay out the way and survive long enough for the entire team to redeploy from a gunship. Ultimately, Smiffy still wins because the team are too disorganised, allowing him to take down Daisy and kill everyone.
  • While Idiot Hero Mike Tyson struggles to make it through the wasteland of Fallout, there is a moment when his lack of intelligence actually pays off. He runs into Dumb Muscle Super Mutant Harry and, through his sheer stupidity, manages to convince him that he is a ghoul, grab the parts he needs and escape.

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