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For awesomeness relating to the Yogscast as a whole, go here.

  • Hannah acts as the Action Girl again and beats one of the monsters that she and Duncan Jones have been having trouble with to death in their Resident Evil 5 Let's Play.
  • While Sjin and Simon Lane take some time to adjust to Garry's Mod Murder!, Hannah jumps straight into the action and manages to utterly own the others, despite having never played it before. For context, she was playing against Hat Films and Sips, both of whom had at least two months of experience playing.
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  • Instantly shooting down any drama by calmly announcing that she and Lewis had broken up on good terms and were still friends. From her official statement: "I don’t want my videos to have high views because there’s drama in them - I want them to be enjoyed and watched for my personality and style. That’s not what I’m on Youtube for, it’s to play games."
  • While performing an investigation involving the kidnapping of a female character in Batman: Arkham Knight, she's prompted to go on an epic monologue about the controversial treatment of female characters in the game. What makes this awesome is that rather than jump on the controversy and fan the flames with accusations of sexism, she takes a completely level-headed and supportive route, mentioning both the actions the characters take while in captivity and the long history of comic lore that writers have to gradually work around. She even fits in mentions of the infamous complaint of Black Widow not getting her own film. She manages to be wonderfully sensible despite the emotionally-charged topic.
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  • Shooting down allegations of professional misconduct, pointing out how in just about every way the Yogscast were not responsible for the Pixels fiasco.
  • With barely any effort, smacking down allegations of her being abusive to a fan, pointing out that the supposed 'target' was actually a close friend with whom she was Vitriolic Best Buds, while calling out the blog for going into detail into her posts without any prior knowledge as to what she was doing or to whom she was chatting. The word "owned" doesn't even describe it.
  • Calling out a blog (the same one, in fact) for taking a quote of hers out of context and using it to cast shade on Lewis.
  • Any time Hannah commits glorious murder in her Assassin's Creed Playthroughs - usually with extra added flailing, threatening, her-beh-duhs... and death.

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