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  • Sjin's Let's Build of Dale and Erebor is an entirely new level of amazing.
  • Sjin managing to beat Duncan in a race while under the effects of a Slowness potion in episode 6 of Time Cops definitely counts. See it Here
  • Sjin's rushed defense of Sjinterfell in Rule the World counts; he erects an impressive wall to hold off the armies of Lord_Blackwood, has to expand his army (which took losses in previous engagements, including taking on The Wither and the Gaia Guardian from Botania). The situation doesn't look good; Beryn builds a massive underground waterway to allow himself, the villagers, and Eldraphyn escape in case the battle goes ill. Said waterway is never needed; despite the Sjinterfell army's archers having rather poor aim, they manage to defeat Lord_Blackwood's army despite taking serious losses, with Sjin himself routing the second and final wave; this causes Lord_Blackwood to flee the battle...thus ending the Blackwood arc, and letting him focus on aiding Eldraphyn...
  • In what was being played as a fairly standard yogcast Civ6 game every one is doing their thing, when seemingly out of nowhere Sjin proceeds to nuke the world, also doubles as a moment of funny.
    • He mentions he didn't even have time to fire all of his available nukes in that turn, causing Oh, Crap! and You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reactions on the part of everyone else. He basically spends the rest of the game nuking cities and moving in units to raze them, and the only reason he doesn't win the game outright is Duncan getting lucky enough to get a religious victory.

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