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  • In Episode 17 of Solutions in Chaos, Will builds a complicated "machine" note  which will allow the pair to teleport themselves to another world. This is followed up by a fantastically edited sequence of the two being teleported out from Chaosville towards a new world, only for the signal to break at the last moment with a violent explosion blasting them in different directions. The last thing we see before the endslate is their respective views as they hurtle towards the ground.
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  • Strife's New Vegas Gun Guides for Honest Hearts includes A Light Shining In Darkness. He mentions you get it for beating the primary story, but also mentions a character named Joshua Graham (Who is Nigh Invulnerable) carries it. Strife is shown actually beating him, which many players consider one of the hardest fights in the game.
  • In the Yogscast Trouble in Terrorist Town Christmas 2014 livestream, Strife successfully lures every remaining player alive to a roof, then does them in with a jihad bomb. This gets his surviving traitor buddy Lewis Brindley killed, but allows the traitors to win.

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