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  • For Sips' playthrough of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it's obvious that for all the hell he puts Uthgerd through, he really likes her and misses her when she's away.
    • His attitude towards his adopted ingame kids may be slightly cynical, but he also cares for them well.
    • When his dog "Vigilance" dies due to an error on his part, he does his best to give the dog a makeshift funeral and gets really angry at Serana when she glitches and interrupts him.
  • This episode of "Rambling with Sips", with Turpster returning from his part-time absence to discuss their both being parents now. There's a surprisingly mature, in-depth discussion about how they both appreciate what their mothers must have gone through raising them, in an age when sexism was even more rampant than it is today. In between the bits of milder dark humour, they genuinely seem happy to be dads.
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  • Sips and Hat Films genuinely seemed happy to have Turps recording Murder! with them again.
  • When Dogmeat died for the first time in Fallout, Sips couldn't bring himself to let the dog stay dead and reloaded to try and save him. Thankfully, it worked.
  • On his subreddit, there are many posts from fans that have gone through rather tough times, saying that the only thing keeping them from drastic measures is his content. Almost without fail, Sips pops into the chat to be as supportive as he can and to thank the fans for all their kind words. There's a reason that he's "the real guy, the best guy".
  • Sips tweeted that a second child is on the way.
  • In this episode of Rambling With Sips, he talks about how he absolutely loves being a dad, even if it's hard work.

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