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Here be spoilers!

  • During his Pikmin 2 LP, Slim managed to get from the start of the game all the way to the end (over ten hours of gameplay) WITHOUT LOSING A SINGLE PIKMIN.
  • His Curbstomp Battle with Erika in Pokemon Blue. Using only his Dodrio and Drill Peck, he took out all three of her Pokemon in one hit.
  • In the final regular level of Donkey Kong Country 3, Rocket Rush, he cleared it in only two attempts. It should be noted that the second part of the level requires downright perfect handling that often involves knowing the next set of curves before they show up onscreen, and any bump against the ceiling guarantees a lost life, with no chance to recover at all.
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  • After believing that he lost Boo's Horror Castle, Slim is surprised when he gets all the bonus mini stars. Then it comes to decide the Superstar, Slim ends up winning by ONE MINI STAR. Sweet, sweet revenge indeed.
  • His utter Dominance of the Super Mario Bros. Board on Easy Rules in Fortune Street, to the point where he actually manages to bankrupt someone. Also doubles as a Funny Moment as, of all the characters to bankrupt, he does it to Wario. He's so successful that he even tries to prolong the game by buying properties.
  • Later in Fortune Street, during Good Egg Galaxy on Easy Rules, Mario is one space away from Slim's very expensive 2106G shop, and Slim is cautiously hopeful that he'll be able to raise its prices even more on his next turn, and that Mario will then roll a 1. However, it's a pretty long shot that both of those things will happen. Guess what? Both of those things happen.
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  • In Episode 7 of Metroid: Zero Mission, Slim is constantly ambushed by a horde of Metroids, and survives. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • In Episode 13 of Pokémon Gold, he reveals that he found a shiny Rattata while training/catching some Pokémon.
  • In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, during Bowser's Castle on 150cc, two CPU-controlled tandems of Baby Mario/Toad and Baby Luigi/Toadette, both tandems having 3 points each prior to the course, earn the top two spots in true underdog fashion. Slim even remarked on this as it happened.
  • When streaming Mario Party 2, he clutches a board victory out of an AI Peach's hands (and into his own) by, on the very last turn, very luckily getting a roll that lets him land on the space Peach was standing on, allowing him to steal ninety coins from her in a duel, giving him the Coin Star and the coin lead. What sealed the deal was the Evil Laugh he releases when he realized that he could do this.
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  • In all three Musou Mode runs of Dynasty Warriors 2, he manages to defeat Lu Bu.

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