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  • His journey through the Elite Four in his Nuzlocke run of Pokémon Fire Red, in which he takes down all four of them without losing a single Pokémon.
  • His final battle with Guidjit in the same run. He wins!
    • In the same battle, all of his Pokemon have been lost to Guidjit. Only Leebin and Nuptup are left. Guidjit's Arcanine uses Extremespeed. As the suspense kicks in, Leebin survives with 6 HP left, allowing her to land a Surf, causing Jared to win.
  • In Pokemon Nuzlocke, Oh, he's Dying Moment of Awesome, sacrificing herself so that Jared can catch Burden.
    • In the same episode, Wepler surviving a voltorb's self-destruct, despite being 5 levels lower than said voltorb. One can imagine it happening in the form of an Unflinching Walk.
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  • Nuptup's Disney Death. She died to Koga's Muk, then as Jared was finishing the fight, the GBA reader he was using crashed, forcing him to restart from before he fought Koga. Because the point where Nuptup died was also lost forever, it no longer counted. She's one of few, if any, Pokémon to die in a Nuzlocke and keep on fighting. No wonder her characteristic in Pokémon Y is "Hates to lose"!
  • When playing Five Nights at Freddy's Jared responds to each jump scare with little more than a laugh, while explaining that the reason he doesn't play more horror games is because it's rare to find one that actually scares him.
  • From beginning to end, his review of Chrono Trigger. He succinctly sums up why the game is a timeless classic, with his only real gripe being a nitpick (of his own admission). Just the tenderness and passion in his voice makes this one of his all-time best reviews.
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  • While playing D&D, Jared and company are faced with the Predator. And they won with no casualties. And Jared took his weapon.
  • His Madden review featured a very satisfying Take That! towards JonTron's infamous rant from his debate with Destiny:
    Jared: People like me are supposed to listen to people like you chatter on and on about this...this oppression in Madden. It doesn't exist. I'm just trying to play the game as it was explained to me. Which, for the record, was pretty much not at all. I'm just doing my best to defend my shitty yellow castle, or whatever and I keep getting all these penalties called against me! Which is frankly, just unfair! Because it's like the other teams keep getting away with stuff. The best Packers also commit more penalties than the worst Vikings. That's a fact. (Chuckle) Yeah, look it up.
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  • While playing Final Fantasy III, he defeated Dorga and Unne on his first try, despite Dorga very nearly wiping out his party (Peeb and Joof were dead, Ian was turned to stone, and Jerd was at less than 200 HP) and Unne not giving him a chance to heal in between battles.
  • At the end of his Magic, the Gathering: Shandalar playthrough, he faces off against Arzakon on Hard difficulty. Jared started with 18 life and and 80-card 3-color deck (with a Craw Wurm thrown in) deck and the final boss has 400 life and a deck with HUNDREDS of cards. His original goal was to take Arzakon down as much as possible. Ultimately, Jared overpowered him with a life totals of 6 and -14!
  • During his Let's Play of Illusion of Gaia, he manages to defeat the Vampire Couple bosses on his first try. It's by the skin of his teeth and he has to use a fair share of his precious healing items, but when you factor in that the Vampires are considered the hardest boss in the game by a wide margin, it's still quite a feat.

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