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LetsPlay.Duncan Jones

  • During their LP of the L4D2 Helm's Deep challenge map, Duncan is the Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass for most of the first match, taking one of the group's Katana and overheats one of the machine guns the group use for keeping the Common Infected off the Deeping Wall. When the wall breaks and the others are all killed by weight of numbers, Duncan is the only one who makes it to the stairs into the keep, only to realise that, because the group didn't last for long enough the door won't open. Turning to face the onrushing horde he empties his assault rifle into them and all his bullets are spent he draws his sword. He slaughters nearly two dozen of the Infected before they overcome him.
    Duncan: I'm like fucking Aragorn.
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  • Besiege Speedrun! Duncan builds a machine which can complete all of the challenges in Besiegenote , consecutively, in under 5 minutes. It even includes a way to detach about half of the whole thing for a challenge it would otherwise be too large to complete!

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