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Pokemon X Playthrough

  • During her runthrough of Pokemon X, she finally encounters the legendary beast Xerneas. Her response? To throw a Quick Ball at it on the first turn and catch it.
  • The final battle with Lysandre rolls around and Zoey has opted not to use Xerneas] in the final battle, which would actually make things considerably easier. She wins regardless, managing to prevent any of her mons from fainting (even if Lady Googoo comes close to being knocked out). Special mention goes to Chou for tanking an Outrage attack, dodging another and then fainting Mega Gyarados with Seed Bomb.
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  • Her rematch against Professor Sycamore ends soundly in her favour.
  • Lady Googoo evolving into Goodra and curbstomping Shauna's Goodra in two hits, then doing the same to Tierno's Crawdaunt.
    • In the same episode, there's one for Trevor of all people. Zoey has utterly curbstomped both Shauna and Tierno, and it looks like Trevor will be badly outclassed as well after Raichu and Florges go down in one or two hits. Then Aerodactyl comes out and confuses Teep into hitting itself repeatedly while it keeps using Ancientpower to whittle it down, at which point Zoey switches him out for Chou. Aerodactyl immediately uses Sky Drop on him and nearly faints him in a single hit, at which point Zoey uses Wood Hammer.



  • Zoey is so awesome at Pokémon that not only have the other Yogs called her one of the best players in the group, but Nintendo is sponsoring her playthrough of Omega Ruby.
  • Defending Kim Richards from racist abuse.
  • On December 30th, 2014, Zoey finally overcame her anxiety and appeared on webcam for the first time at the end of her and Fiona's Christmas livestream. She made it very clear how hard this was for her and the fact that she's just punched her anxiety in the face again is just so amazingly awesome. On top of that, the Fizone stream was the third most popular stream of the entire month, raising over $55,000 in one night. For context, first place was the opening stream with Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane (which raised over $100,000 dollars in the first day), second place was the livestream with Simon, Kim Richards and Hannah Rutherford (which raised $77,000, in no small part due to Nilesy's intervention) and fourth was Hat Films' first livestream.
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  • After months of channel hiatus, Zoey announces she's on the mend in the most badass way possible.
  • Her performance in Trouble in Terrorist Town is surprisingly good. In three episodes, she manages to successfully betray Rythian while he's checking bodies, rushes in with a jihad bomb to kill Duncan Jones in case Lewis Brindley fails to do the job himself (he does just in time, but points for effort) and manages to help Duncan win when Sjin's trolling goes on too long.
  • Zoey and Fiona went to an LGBT+ pride parade, expecting they'd be there for ten minutes before Zoey had a panic attack and they needed to leave. Instead, it all went well, with them there for six hours, proudly kissing and with Fiona in a rainbow cape. Even better, they were almost at the front of the parade!
  • Singing love songs to Fiona during a karaoke livestream, making her first full-body appearance on video in the process, definitely qualifies as both this and Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming. Everyone in the room is already visibly proud of her for having such unprecedented courage, she turns out to be a genuinely good singer, and the donations soar up whenever she takes the mic.
  • Zoey outdoes herself with the 2015 Christmas Eve livestream: appearing on camera multiple times for extended periods and appearing more comfortable each time, even finding excuses to turn the camera on more often (usually to tease Fiona). During donations, she makes an impassioned speech about her life and exactly why people should donate to people who need it; in response, the donations skyrocket in record time. And finally, as a donation reward, she enables the webcam for the rest of the stream - when just a year prior, she was only able to show her face for a few minutes, and only after struggling through several "I can't do it" points.
  • Zoey ends her 2020 Jingle Jam stream by making a passionate speech explaining that she'd privately shared some personal information with friends and it had apparently spread further than she thought without her consent, so she was going to take control of her own narrative by refusing to let it be used against her: Zoey is transgender, and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

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