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  • The Neutral finale of Undertale. Tess begins the episode by explaining that, while he normally doesn't batch-record (the sole exception being HuniePop), due to what happened in the previous episode, this is different. Taking on Photoshop Flowey, he's barely fazed by the nightmarish final boss, with the sidebars changing in the segments against the human souls to show the value and the set of equipment they represent, and only dying once before reaching the second phase. As Tess' health is refilled by the human souls, he gives us this:
    Tess: So give me the god powers. All of these words and symbols and ideas and ideals and concepts and stuff... Simply put, Flowey... you're fucked!
    ("Finale" kicks in, sidebars change to show the red soul, representing DETERMINATION and the Stick and Plaster)
    • Even in the Near-Villain Victory that follows, he doesn't bat an eyelash at his situation, pointing out that the souls are his side now, and that while Photoshop Flowey may be focusing his efforts on Tess, everyone else is fine. And then, after the ring of bullets around him disappear, the tables turn:
    Photoshop Flowey: What? How'd you...? Well, I'll just
    Tess: Mmm... I don't think you will.
    (LOAD FAILED, sidebars change to show all six souls plus a white soul representing HOPE)
    Tess: Because I have a stronger soul. I'm the one who calls the shots around here with save files, you little fucker.
    Photoshop Flowey: Wh...Where are my powers!?
    Tess: They belong to me now.
    (The human souls appear around Photoshop Flowey)
    Photoshop Flowey: The souls...?
    Tess: Every last one of them.
    Photoshop Flowey: What are they doing?
    (The souls begin to attack Photoshop Flowey)
    Photoshop Flowey: NO!! NO!!!!!
    Tess: They know you've been abusing them.
    Photoshop Flowey: YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!
    Tess: Oh yes they can, you little shit!
    Tess: Fight, my pretties!
    Photoshop Flowey: STOOOOPPPP!!!!!
    Flowey: ...why are you nice to me?
    Tess: Trust me, I'm not being nice. If I were being nice, I would've ended this long ago.
    Flowey: I can't understand.
    Tess: Perhaps that will hurt you all the more.
    Flowey: I can't understand! I just can't understand...
    Tess: No, no you can't. And that's why I'm doing it.
    * Flowey ran away.
  • His "This Is Eurovision" speech, delivered as part of his reaction to Ukraine winning the 2016 edition of the contest.
    Tess: You don't have to be happy with the result, but please be respectful to Jamala, because, like it or not, she's the winner of this year, and if you don't like her song- which, I mean, you're not required to like her song, by any means, but if you don't like her song- don't be hateful towards her about it, because... This is Eurovision. We're better than that. The whole idea is to rise above hate, to rise above borders, and reasons to pigeonhole people and to hate people, and all that. We should be able to move past that. We should go beyond this idea of hating, so... It's okay to not like the song; just don't be vicious about it, because... she won. That can't be changed at this point.
    • His defence of Hungarian metal band AWS, two years later, serves as a pretty good follow up to that speech, too.
  • The entirety of "Remix Tess", a tribute to the Rhythm Heaven series, crossed with his own works, released to celebrate his 21st birthday.

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