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  • After their Shenmue save file got corrupted, Kuvo spent six hours replaying the game from the beginning on his own to get them back to the point where they left off to avoid Schedule Slip.
  • Drunk Benson buckling down and speedrunning NES Ninja Gaiden.
  • Their entire 2012 New Years Web-a-thon, a 9 hour display of the Forties entertaining the 600-some viewers in any way they could. Notable exceptions:
    • All of them probably ingesting more alcohol than they ever have and LIVING to tell the tale.
    • Fulfilling every donation request that was sent in, no matter how big or small.
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    • Alex puking five times and passing out after about 9 shots of Cake Vodka. As many people thought he was down and out for the rest of the night, it was a big surprise when he bounced back in the last couple of hours and ate possibly the most disgusting combination of things blended together ever. Many fans now see him as a Memetic Badass, or Messianic Archetype.
    • The crew finally playing Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
    • The ending with the whole crew dancing to the infamous menu theme from WWF No Mercy.
  • Long after the company was dissolved and all the members went on to do their own projects, all four managed to get together to watch and riff on Baby's Day Out. The chat room went nuts once Alex entered the room (at around 50:00).
  • Ryan beating Statue on Secret Agent with the controller held upside-down.
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  • One-shotting Yevon.
  • During their New Vegas playthrough, bandunk managed to get a Lucky 38 keycard and Chekhovs Gunned it, pulling it out once he got into the Lucky 38 and taking down Mr. House with ease. Bonus points for managing to remember it was there and needed.
  • Kuvo finally pulling off a Mystic Arte as Yuri.

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