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  • One of the key themes of Final Fantasy X was something called the Spiral of Death. A Metaphysical concept whereby everything on Spira revolves around an inescapable circle of death and eventual rebirth e.g. Summoners die whilst killing Sin only for Sin to be reborn anew etc. Their first Let's Play (Final Fantasy X) began with three people only to advance to four, three years later their fourteenth LP (Final Fantasy X-2) saw the end of their fourth man (Marvelis) reducing their numbers to three again, this came just after trying to reinvent themselves with post-commentary and attempting to branch out into other projects. Without realizing or intending to, the Forties have locked themselves into their very own Spiral. It remains to be seen whether Marvelis or another fourth man will join somewhere down the line allowing the cycle to continue...
    • It's ironic how true this has actually become since they decided to break up immediately after the Final Fantasy X-2 LP had been completed.


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