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"Hello, everyone, I am Tessellating Hexagons..."

Tessellating Hexagons (first name Connor, aka TessHex or Tess) is a British LPer who provides insightful, somewhat nonsensical, and occasionally surreal commentary. He also occasionally does vlogs and videos based around Tumblr and the Eurovision Song Contest. In addition to having a YouTube account, TessHex is also on Twitter, Patreon, Tumblr, and Twitch.


Games that Tessellating Hexagons...

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  • San Marino at Eurovision: What's a Micro-State To Do? (Final Grade: D)
  • Tess's Top Ten Eurovision Performances
  • Probably the Greatest Game of 2016: Even The Ocean (Final Grade: B)
  • Sweden at Eurovision: Of Strong Songs and Stronger Strategy (Final Grade: B)
  • You Don't Have to Like Undertale (Final Grade: B/C)
  • Andorra at Eurovision: Always The Bridesmaid... (Final Grade: D)
  • Oxenfree, Whatever That Means (Final Grade: A)
  • How to Win Eurovision: My College Dissertation
  • Tess's Top Ten Unique Levels In Gaming
  • How to Win Eurovision (Part 2)
  • The Enchanting World of Nekojishi (Final Grade: C)
  • Moldova at Eurovision: Why So Serious? (Final Grade: C)
  • Czech Republic at Eurovision: The Power of Applied Knowledge (Final Grade: C)
  • Journey of Dreams: The Sequel NiGHTS Needed? (with HeatherOnStevia) (Final Grade: B)
  • Tess's Top Ten Junior Eurovision Entries
  • Spyro The Dragon - The Birth of a Legend (Final Grade: A)
  • Slovakia at Eurovision: Living with the Worst Luck in Europe (Final Grade: E)
  • Another Code: R - A Game Worth Remembering (Final Grade: C)
  • What Happened To Türkvizyon?
  • Jazzpunk: A Walk on the Weird Side (Final Grade: B)
  • United Kingdom at Eurovision: A Nation of Spoilt Brats?
  • Tess's Top Ten BGM in Gaming
  • North Macedonia at Eurovision: Too Much of a Good Thing? (Final Grade: D)
  • In Honest Defence of Sonic Adventure (Final Grade: B)
  • Hungary at Eurovision: A Masterclass in Humility (Final Grade: A)
  • A Hat in Time: An Instant Modern Classic (Final Grade: A)
  • Belarus at Eurovision: A Literal Next-Gen Approach (Final Grade: C)
  • Is Cursed Mountain Really That Bad? (Final Grade: E)
  • Azerbaijan at Eurovision: Burning Bright, or Burning Out? (Final Grade: B)
  • Deltarune's Tantalising Potential (Chapter 1 Demo) (Final Grade: A/B)
  • Junior Eurovision: Hope for the Future of Music
  • I Don't Hate Skyward Sword (Final Grade: C)
  • Albania at Eurovision: Smooth Sailing or Total Shipwreck? (Final Grade: C)
  • Tess's Top Ten Overrated Games
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina at Eurovision: To Rise, Perchance to Fall (Final Grade: C)
  • How Anodyne Swept Me Away (Final Grade: A)
  • Night in the Woods & How to Tell a Story (Final Grade:A)
  • Bulgaria at Eurovision: Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone (Final Grade:A)
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