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They may be mostly goofing off, but occasionally, some epic moments of gameplay manage to slip through...

  • Throughout the first half of the first For Honor video, Vanoss and Delirious get repeatedly wrecked by Nogla and Wildcat, both of whom have played the game a bit before they did. In the deciding round, Vanoss gets taken out early by Wildcat and Delirious is left to fight both of them solo. And yet, Delirious not only manages to fend them off, constantly attacking them both one-by-one whilst he's in between them, he wins!
    Vanoss: Y'know, that was like an action film.
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  • In a Left 4 Dead 2 game of "No Mercy", during that campaign's finale, Delirious, Vanoss and Nogla are all killed during the second horde attack which left Moo as the last one alive. Moo manages to get rid of the remaining zombies on his own and comes face-to-face with the second Tank while his AK-47 was now out of ammo and using only the dual pistols he had. While he does still take damage from one zombie he forgot to kill but later does so when informed and from the Tank, he manages to kill it BY HIMSELF thanks to a Grenade Launcher that Nogla dropped after getting killed by a Smoker. Moo did all of that while panicking and low on health. While Moo does get killed during the last horde rush towards the rescue vehicle, the fact that he managed to take down a Tank by himself at low health and all of them, except Nogla, were complete noobs at the game is still impressive.
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  • Panda actually winning a Mario Kart 8 race at first place. During a part of their livestream of the game, Anthony was still in last place, but managed to slowly crawl through the race placement on the last lap. When Marcel manages to take down SMii7Y from third place, he goes off to finish second behind Nogla, but SMii7Y managed to send one red shell and stop Marcel. Anthony then takes this opportunity to use his three mushrooms to boost ahead. While it looked Anthony would finish at second, Marcel's red shell that he was going to hit SMii7Y with ends up passing by and hitting Nogla instead, stopping him from finishing the race and giving Anthony the much anticipated win. Though it was by pure chance, just the fact that Anthony finally managed to reach first place and win is really awesome. His subscribers and even he, himself, was amazed at this miracle.
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  • Terroriser's debut in Mario Kart multiplayer with his friends. During the last lap in N64 Royal Raceway, Brian manages to make a great comeback by going through a shortcut with a Star, doing a trick where he just narrowly avoids Mini while he's using a Bullet Bill and a moment after, Brian activates his Lightning Bolt he got from the aforementioned shortcut, shocking everyone as Mini shouts yes, then flattening him after he and Nogla yell no. After that, he soon catches up to Wildcat with three Mushrooms and manages to pass him right before crossing the finish line, earning first place and establishing himself as a competent player.
  • During one Mini Golf session on the last hole, Mini Ladd is close to the hole which he needs to get into to earn 1st with Kyroz close by to watch for Scotty who was in the lead, but is unable to get to the hold in time. Before Mini can try to score, Kryoz hits him away, excusing himself by saying he was trying to get him in, which considering what's he done earlier, he wasn't. Mini then hits his ball at a corner while screaming John's name and it bounce towards the hole which goes in just as time runs out, barely managing to score and gain 1st place.
  • Vanoss' first time playing Minecraft when it made it's resurgence into pop culture went about as well as you'd think. Within not even two months, he went from that to a dangerous, unpredictable Redstone engineer and cunning prankster, hiding secret entrances and passages in plain sight and especially his latest collaboration with Terroriser, the Doomsday Prank.note  Vanoss still has much to learn, but to call him a force to be reckoned with on Minecraft is an understatement.
    • He later learns how to World Edit, and becomes capable of causing entire buildings to disappear an reappear whether he wants.
  • In this Uno video, there is a delay indicative of a player being able to jump in, though nobody takes that chance. Vanoss immediately notes this, and deduces that it was Moo that could've jumped in with a blue +2 card. He was right both times.

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