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For moments from the Nuzlocke videos go here

TFS Let's Play - Left 4 Dead 2

  • At one point Lani surives an ambush by both a Tank and a Charger.
    • and a Jockey.
      Lani: Why does everything hurt?!
  • Even Taka gets one in No Mercy. He chases down a Witch and kills it with a DAMN AXE.
    • And then Lani takes on a Tank with a cricket bat. And lives.
  • In the first part of their Let's Play of "Dead Air" on Advanced, they're only mere inches a way from the first safe room when Kaiser shoots the car with the alarm, alerting the horde, AGAIN. Everyone quickly piles inside, except for Lani. Just as the horde closes in, he chucks a molotov at the ground a few feet in from of him, and proceeds to solo the entire horde!
  • Second part of their Let's Play of "Dead Air" on Advanced. Gan single handedly killing two witches with a shotgun, with no outside help. Keep in mind, this usually fails...horribly.
    • This happens again in fifth part of "Suicide Blitz," when they make their way through the movie theatre. While everyone else is off commenting on the whimsically parodied movie titles showing there, Gan rushes up and blindsides a Wandering Witch with a combat shotgun, once more, taking it down by himself... Without startling it.

TFS Let's Play - Halo: Reach

  • in "Firefight" Taka announces at one point that he'll be taking a Mongoose, while Gan (currently in the process of trying to kill an Elite) and the others think nothing of it and let him have it. Seconds later, Gan is still trying to slay the Elite, which is now coming up the stairs, Cue the sight of Taka flying past Gan in the Mongoose, down the stairs, and running over the Elite, not only killing, but causing it to cartwheel comically through the air before he himself crashes into a pillar.
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  • Lani's bubble shield in "New Alexandria". Gan acknowledges it.
  • Anything Lani does with a sword.
    • In Part 4 of the Pillar of Autumn, Lani takes out 4 Brutes with the last of his sword's power immediately before dying.
    • Also in Pillar of Autumn, when he gets a sword and sees an Elite, he screams "YOU!" charges, and kills it.

TFS Let's Play- Serious Sam 3

  • In the first episode Lani tears out the eye of a monster and throws it at the next one he sees. It kills it.
  • When the team gets the Minigun in The Dark Bride part 2. Particularly the giant battle scene that follows.
    • Also in The Dark Bride pt 2, Gan finishes off one of the Fat ripping its head off.

TFS Let's Play- Mass Effect 3

  • Taka killing everything by headbutting it to death.

TFS Let's Play - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  • Lani Force-pushes a Flesh Raider wannabe Jedi into a distant pyre, which then explodes.
  • This line from episode 11:
    Lani: God, this is so cool, I'm just flying with two lightsabers held out.

TFS Let's Play - Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

  • While playing as Krillin, Lani puts all stat boosts into attack, which serves him well, until he gets stuck on Freeza for a short while. When he eventually beats Freeza, he does it without taking a single hit and finishes him off with a Beam-O-War.
    Krillin: Krillin too stronk! Krillin strongest there is!
  • Kaiser plays as Tien and gets stuck on Super Buu. He finally beats Buu on the 28th attempt. Not only that, but Tien had 1HP and managed to survive two consecutive luck-based mini-games to break out of Buu's combos before beating him.
  • Some matches during their Tournament battles such as Laniplator as Piccolo vs. a cpu controlled Uub. Uub basically had Lani stun-locked through combos but at the last minute, Lani was able to Ring Out Uub.
  • The finale of the second Tournament, Laniplator controlled Vegeta vs. CPU controlled 16. 16 easily reduces Lani to his last bar of health while still keeping three. Lani though was able to ring out 16 right when he was about to lose, causing the three to go ballistic.
  • An awesome moment for the NPC's, especially in the context of the Dragon Ball Z canon, is Videl absolutely WRECKING both Piccolo and SUPER SAIYAN 4 VEGETA!! While she doesn't win either fight, she takes both of them to the absolute limit, dominating the majority of the fight and even managing to withstand Vegeta's Super Big Bang attack.

TFS Let's Play - Dragon Ball Xenoverse

  • The entirety of Episode 40, where they beat "Super-Super Ultimate Series of Battles!"note  with no healing items and very little health leftnote . Without Tien's Z-Soul.note  Their screams of joy and "FUCK TIEN'S Z-SOUL!!!" also count.
    • As a notable part of the build-up to this moment, in Episode 37, they're winning until the software-patched father-son team of Goku and Gohan start hammering them down with a systematic series of blows and Kamehameha waves to the tune of increasingly hysterical screams of "REEEAL FUUUN!" followed by about a minute of silence.
  • On May 15th, 2016, Xenoverse 2 was officially announced. What happens to be the most liked comment to the Announcement Trailer?
  • On the November 11th Xenoverse 2 stream, Lanipator bet Kirran $3000 that he couldn't get a Z-rank on the most difficult advancement test on his first try, with Kirran having to do an unassisted handstand if he didn't. Kirran won, Lani payed up, and Kirran did a handstand anyways. (Assisted.)


  • Bloodborne is a very difficult game on it's own. TFS have made it infinitely harder on themselves by refusing to wear armor at all. Despite this, they're actually making progress through the game!
    • They managed to beat the DLC and the final bosses in minimal tries in a dress and pumps.
  • When Lani finally kills the Shadow of Yharnam. He kills the first one rather conventionally, then kills the second one by shooting him point blank with a cannon. He then manages to beat the last stage, despite freaking out and having never seen it before (which is why he freaked out) in a pretty epic way.
  • Kirran defeats Ebrietas AND Martyr Logarius, IN ONE RUN WITHOUT DYING.
  • Lani finally killed Ludwig. After over an entire stream of trying to kill the Accursed, Lani expertly dogded under his first attack, and then just laid into the boss with the Whirlagig. Lani didn't get hit once during the first phase, and only got hit twice from the Holy Blade. The magnificent fight ended with a visceral attack, clocking in at just over a minute.
  • Lani killing Lady Maria, widely held as the most difficult boss in the game, in ONE LIFE.
  • Kirran managing to finally kill Laurence, particularly since he came within only a few HP of health right before (and run out of healing items) and was convinced he couldn't do it.
  • Lani managing to beat Gehrman in one life. The group also acknowledges the set up for said Final Boss battle is one of these.
  • Kirran then goes on to kill the Moon Presence on his first shot.

TFS Let's Play - Fallout 4

  • Several moments, but perhaps the genesis of it all was naming their main character Cpt. Richard Ravager III. (Last r in Ravager is silent)
  • Their persistence in going straight up fisticuffs leads to some epic kills, particularly with the Power Fist they got from Swan.
  • Their killing of Kellog is all kinds of awesome. First, they launch a nuke, which slaughters all of his Synth robots, then, when Kellog goes into Stealth Boy mode, they track him quickly and proceed to punch the shit out of him, until he finally comes out of Stealth mode. They then VATS him right at his neck, and with a mighty cry of CAST IN THE NAME OF GOD, YE NOT GUILTY, they blow Kellog's goddamn head off.
    • They then open the next episode by doing the Alas, Poor Yorick soliloquy to the disembodied head!
  • During the Trinity Tower mission, after killing Fist, they, amidst the rain and thunder around them, drag Fist's dead body to the side of the tower, yelling, "IS THIS YOUR GREATEST CHAMPION?! BRING ME MORE!" and proceed to hurl Fist's body of the tower, "LONG LIVE THE KING!"
    • For added awesome, Grant also starts quoting the lyrics to "Vengeance" by The Protomen.
  • An NPC moment. In Episode 26, As TFS and Piper head into a tunnel in the Fern Sewers, they spot a regular Settler chokeslam and shoot a Raider. Their immediate response? "I wanna be your disciple!"
  • In part 30 during the Silver Shroud mission, while rescuing Kent from Sinjin, TFS pull of intimidation for the first time by scaring Sinjin's men successfully, and then shooting his head off with a critical shot, to the love and admiration of "their new wife" Piper, bellowing "I AM A GOD!!" as they shoot the wall with the Shroud's silver submachine gun.

Drunk Souls 3

  • In one of the streams, they first had a Mimic fight a demon and it gets most of its health chipped away, then a skeleton warrior materializes and finishes it off, allowing them to get the souls from the demon and not have to deal with it themselves.
  • In stream 08, towards the end as they're fighting the Pontiff Sulyvahn, Lani starts singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" acapella and Grant joins in part way through singing back-up and doing the instruments prominent at certain intervals of the song to keep the rhythm of the song going, pretty much homaging Wayne's World in the process. They get so close to beating the Pontiff, but Lani ran out of Estus swigs before he could do so and died, but had he swung once or twice more, he would've finished him off while singing the most epic Queen song in existence! Not that getting the Pontiff down to only a sliver of health while both being drunk and singing an epic Progressive Rock song at the same time is a small feat. Then the next stream, he immediately defeats the Pontiff in a rematch.
  • In the 14th stream for the game,about 25 minutes into the stream, the game glitched out and none of the enemies loaded into the area except a witch. It's probably the funniest part of any of the streams. What makes it awesome on top of that is that they were able to take down the witch and pick up a spell without having to worry about other enemies trying to stop them.

TFS At The Table: Dungeons and Dragons

  • Defeating the Abyssal Manmaw at the end of episode five. Special mention goes to Wake freeing Ezra from being Eaten Alive by the beast using it's own body as a water whip. Followed by Ezra hurling a burning oil flask to finish it off.
  • The party sneaking into a Navy encampment undetected, blowing up the armory and making off with all their bars of gold.
  • Wake's battle against Nedra in the arena.
    • To elaborate, Nedra is a nine foot tall tiefling barbarian clad in plate armour. Wake is a five-foot seven unarmoured monk. Thanks to some skilful dodging from Wake (and some exceptionally good rolls from Lani), Wake manages to whittle Nedra down with regular punches while she's berserking out and, in the second half of the match, LIGHTING HERSELF ON FIRE trying to beat him. Though she hits like a truck, by the end both fighters can barely stand when Wake lands the finishing blow. Picture the Mountain and the Viper fight from A Song of Ice and Fire mixed with a Shōnen battle and you pretty much have this fight. Except this time, the Viper wins.
    • For extra awesomeness, during Wake's first two turns, Lani rolls nat 20s for his attacks, which he interprets as hitting her square in the jaw with a Shoryuken!
  • The defeat of the Abyssal Treant in episode 10. After doing serious damage to several party members, and living through a few big hits, the boss is sent fleeing by Eloy's Dissonant Whispers spell. Wake stabs it with a metal dagger as it flees. He then throws his second metal dagger at it and also hits. After which, Eloy uses his newly-shown Heat Metal spell on the daggers, causing the Treant to burst into flames and die.. Beware the Nice Ones indeed.

TFS Plays Among Us

  • Kirran, who is the imposter, kills Lani in front of Jesse, the other imposter, and convinces everyone that Jesse was the one who did it. Not only did it work, but he even managed to win the game especially since Jesse works better as a sabotager instead of a killer.


  • The fact that Taka got to do a voice in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
    • Not only do a voice, he's basically playing Ghost Nappa!
    • And in the sequel, Lani and Kaiser get to join in the fun as well!
  • Krillin being the one to cut off Great Ape Vegeta's tail because Yajirobe isn't in Xenoverse.
    Lani!Krillin: One up for the Krill-dog!
  • General Ivan voices Gecko Moria in the OFFICIAL DUB of One Piece. And his performance is amazing. Man, these guys are on FIRE!
  • The group's Patreon account has hit $10000 a month, which will allow the group to start a production house for their projects!
  • Even Kaiser's getting in on official dubs! He's the voice of one of Freeza's henchmen in the dub of Resurrection 'F'!
  • And now you can add Lani to the list as well with his work in One Piece as the head of the dojo in the Little East Blue Arc, filler though it may be.
  • And the roles just keep on coming with Kaiser and Lani playing the treasure hunters in the Sun Village Arc of Fairy Tail , starting in episode 228.
  • Newcomer Justin Briner note  actually landed the lead role as Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia.
  • Kaiser will also be playing the role of Gundham Tanaka in the Danganronpa 3!
    • As well as being now voicing Battleborn's Ernest! These guys are on a roll!
  • The first and last matches of Part 8 of their Overwatch playthrough: In the first match, they utterly dominate the other team, making all but one of them Rage Quit. Later, in the final match of the video, after a not-so-stellar performance, they come together for one final push in the last thirty seconds and, thanks to a brilliantly executed Rip-Tire by Zito, manage to take the objective just in time and win the match. Zito gets a well-earned Play of the Game for this.
  • The team actually, finally appears in the official dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai during the short film "recapping" Cell vs Mr. Satan aired at the tournament, as seen here. Unfortunately it was replaced in the Toonami broadcast version with the original Z dub's dialogue because Toei Animation screwed them over, but it's available in the On-Demand version and presumably the DVD/Blu-Ray release.
    • Unfortunately, the home releases use the altered audio from the original Z dub for the character's voices that was broadcasted, so no dice, and the on-demand version was presumably updated to have the altered audio after the episode was released.
  • The team will be producing an English Dub of the Anime Movie Hells, in collaboration with Discotek Media and Sound Cadence Studios. To clarify: not a Gag Dub, but an officially-licensed, full-length dub!
  • TFS are making their own video game!
  • One of the bigger reveals in the previews for the 2021 Spring Showcase was that TFS had gotten Matt and Woolie back together for a new project, namely a courtroom comedy involving video game characters, which will no doubt be very fun to watch.