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TFS Let's Play - Pokemon Leaf Green NUZLOCKE

  • Episode 14 all the way
    • First they catch a Weedle at full health with a single pokeball.
    • Then they repeat that feat again shortly after with a higher level ABRA!
    • Finally they evolve Wanda into a Gyarados.
  • In Episode 15, they beat Misty without too much trouble.
  • The Snorlax battle that starts at the end of Episode 28, and leaves them opening Episode 29 in a screaming panic. The battle devolves into a brutal war of attrition, with them juggling Pokemon and healing items while struggling to stop a narcoleptic killing machine. In the end, they manage to "chew the fat" without anyone dying, despite some very close calls, and Bork Laser becomes a key member of their team. Whom they ship with Wanda.
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  • In Episode 32, Charizard takes out the Celadon Snorlax without much effort. Particularly satisfying after the ordeal that Bork Laser put them through.
  • In Episode 48 Wanda takes down Moltres in two hits while taking no damage. The guys dub her the "Devourer of Gods." note 
  • Sandrew's ALWAYS been great at taking physical attacks, as is his modus operandi. However, he took it to the next level in Episode 49, when he managed to survive being hit by not one but two Earthquakes from Giovanni's Nidoqueen, who was two levels higher than him, and one of the Earthquakes was while he was underground, meaning it did double the usual damage. Really, the only reason he needed to be recalled at that point was because they couldn't risk him using Dig again and getting hit by a third Earthquake.
  • Their Curbstomp Battle against Champion Nutsack. Poor Nutsack just gets destroyed.
    • Related is the fact that they complete the entire Elite Four and Champion fight with not a single death.
  • They decide to go after Mewtwo, fully knowing a Full Party wipe is likely. Mewtwo is caught without a single death, or anyone getting put near death.

TFS Let's Play - Pokemon Soul Silver NUZLOCKE

  • This time around, the guys manage to make it all the way to Episode 14 before they lost any teammates. That's right, they even made it past WHITNEY before suffering their first casualty.
  • In Part 27, after Pryce's Dewgong manages to kill both Fleecity and Dwaynedelin, Ivan Ooze manages to take it down. How? He scored with Ancient Power and got the all-stat increase from it, then proceeded to hit it over and over with the move, and before Dewgong could use Rest to recover its health, Ivan's Quick Claw allowed him to go first and kill it off. Naturally, this led to a number of comments telling the tale of Ivan's glorious battle for revenge for his sisters.
    • Also, awesome points go to Pryce, for giving the guys the best challenge at a Pokemon Gym since BROCK in the Leaf Green Nuzlocke.
  • In Part 30, Mr. Stake evolves into his final form. Despite everything they thought about him when they were first stuck with him, Mr. Stake has survived to this point, and in spite of their best efforts not to be, it's clear the guys are very proud of him.
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  • They declare Part 35 to be Tantor's hero moment. Before the events of Part 34, "he was just out for himself, now he's in it for revenge."
  • Part 53 takes a shocking turn with the death of Slowmara the Slowbro. After a moment of stunned disbelief, the boys are furious and proceed to pulverize their enemy.
    Lani: THERE. WILL. BE. BLOOD!!
    • The crowner, of what may be the entire playthrough, is what happens when it's time to release the fallen. The bagpipes play, Slowmara's portrait appears on the screen, then the music cuts off with a groan of "Slow..." and a burst of distortion as the game gives the message: "Slowmara came back!" The boys go into a Cry Laughing Mad panic and repeatedly try to release her, but she keeps coming back. The best they can do is put Slowmara in a "Shelbell" box in the PC with the understanding that Tantor is carrying her soul around in his necklace. Because after all, you can't kill what's already dead. Awesome, hilarious, completely in-character, and absolutely Nightmare Fuel.
  • Part 57, in which the team face off against Lance. After a lengthy war of attrition (during which MC Pinchee barely tanks an otherwise fatal hit), they finally defeat the Champion with nary a single casualty!
    • "Barely" relates to this chain of events: Before this fight, they debated whether or not they should use rare candies on this particular Pokemon, to get it to a certain point. They did, which gave a slight increase to that Pokemon's health. That pokemon proceeded to survive that hit with a single hit point left.
  • Tantor vs. Misty. Mister Stake is out and doing well until he faces her Starmie, which confuses it, causing it to whiff with its first attack, and then lands a critical hit on it with Ice Beam. Kirran instantly accepts their starter is a goner. Mister Stake BARELY survives with only 4 points of health, snaps out of confusion, and takes out Starmie with a One-Hit KO to win the match. As a commentator said, today Mister Stake joins the ranks of Dumplin, the Captain, and Dumplestiltskin.
  • The Finale against Lakigr. First off, Soupspoon leads and manages to sweep though Johnny Cash the Dragonite, Sandrew the Sandslash, and Wanda the Gyarados. It becomes a Dying Moment of Awesome when the King leaves Wanda Poisoned via Poison Point, and along with the hail, was JUST enough to kill even after his defeat. The kicker? Soup Spoon was the ONLY casualty of the final fight.
    • Lum-Chan, one of the newer members of the team, holds her own against Striker the Charizard.
    • Beetle Bailey tanks Bork Laser (the Snorlax)'s Hyper Beam, and proceeds to Brick Break him to death.
    • Mr. Stake finishes the fight against Buttdork the Raichu with a OHKO Frenzy Plant (just after being full restored).

TFS Let's Play - Pokemon Moon NUZLOCKE

  • The fact that they decided to run a Nuzlocke of this game just after its release, meaning the entire run is blind without a clear idea of what they'll be facing in any of the gyms or similar. The ballsiness of that alone is pretty awesome.
    • It took them seven streams, over 10 hours of gameplay, before they lost even a single team member. They defeated That One Boss Totem Wishiwashi, the equally infamous Totem Salazzle and Totem Lurantis, without any deaths. Unfortunately, their flawless streak was broken immediately after Lurantis fell, with Tinkerbill getting taken out by Castform.
  • In episode 18, they swept the Pokémon League. The Nuzlocke Champions still reign supreme. Absolutely nobody thought in advance that they'd be able to pull this off, (many even predicting a full party wipe after the deaths of Pojo, Sgt. Pepper and Mr. Magoo had left the team severely crippled right before the end) and yet they did.
  • Episode 20: With the post-game having killed their team mates left and right, they entered the Red battle with Sito, GUNBEAK, Whirly and just their latest three captures. Sito and GUNBEAK were the only survivors, providing a perfect bookend to the run! And then they had a baby.

TFS Let's Play - Pokemon Emerald NUZLOCKE

  • THE GAME (Maqubi's Shroomish) defeating Roxanne's Nosepass by simple Gradual Grinding.
  • Grant, Lani, and Kirran decided that Gurds wasn't viable in the latter half of the game, but they do give her a good send-off in Norman's gym. After thrashing the other trainers, they get to Norman himself. Their strategy is to boost Gurds' stats with Bulk-Up while facing Norman's weakest Pokemon, Spinda so they can sweep through the rest of his team. It takes longer than expected thanks to Teeter Dance, but after that they proceed to PLOW through Norman's Vigorath, Linoone, and Slaking with barely any difficulty. Gurds is sent to a well earned retirement with plenty of fanfare as the episode closes.
  • In 39 they finally manage to get a Gloom, which they promptly decide to get rid of. It manages to win their approval by somehow managing to beat an Absol seven levels higher through a combination of Sleep Powder and Absorb.
  • In the finale they go against the Elite Four and Champion with a team that many viewers predict will fail. They handily sweep the Elite Four with Shury, Ken single-handedly taking down Glacia and Drake. Against Wallace the only upset is Milotic, which one-shots The Game and drags the fight out with constant Restores and Full Restores. Despite this the guys are laughing for most of the fight as they let Toxic do the work for them and mock Wallace by choosing to fiddle with items until Toxic finally kills it.

TFS Let's Play - Pokemon Platinum NUZLOCKE

  • The guys make some very lucky catches early on, with CLEO the Shinx beating the odds and, for the second time, catching an Abra before it could escape, NARKAMA.
    • Later on they get lucky with THE GIBLER the Gible though he dies fast. This is followed by KIRXIA the Scyther and POPS the Lickitung in back-to-back episodes.
  • Although the loss of five party members and having killed many potential captures leaves the playthrough in dire straits, the couch persists. Between some dedicated level grinding and finally not killing every potential capture, the team is soon back on the road.
  • The battle with Volkner managed to make deaths into this—the team brings in Poop the Swinub, Diggopottums the Hippopotas and Serpentera the Onix to act as potential cannon fodder. While Poop goes down almost instantly, Diggopottums manages to set up a Sandstorm before falling and Serpentera manages to tank through a good majority of Volkner's team while Ryfuba heals up the rest of the party. She eventually goes down, but not before getting a hit or two in.
  • After the Elite Four, having lost Mr. President and Ripley to Bertha and Poppi to Cynthia's Togekiss, the team sends in Narkama and has him Calm Mind five times, healing everytime Togekiss hits him. After the Calm Minds, Narkama proceeds to wipe out Cynthia's ENTIRE team with one-hit KO Psychics. Including HER GARCHOMP.
    • The simple fact that they got this far at all. As Lani points out, this was their bloodiest Nuzlocke yet as they were constantly losing core party members. Despite that they still reclaimed their belt and all without Raisin needing to leave his throne.
  • After receiving the code to unlock the god Pokemon, the guys head there despite their main three being ten levels lower and the rest of their team being in even worse shape. Aside from sacrificing Tank they are able to take down Dialga with some difficulty and Palkia with surprising ease.

TFS Let's Play - Pokemon Shield NUZLOCKE


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