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  • Her defense of Ariel's decision to leave her father for land and Prince Eric is pretty awesome. Think of all the abuse victims who identified with Ariel that felt vindicated. Then there's the trashing that Beauty and the Beast gets for its far more problematic story of a young woman falling in love with her kidnapper. Not only does Lily point out that this story is problematic without bringing up Stockholm Syndrome, she directly calls out Lindsay Ellis (who is often credited with starting the Internet side of The Little Mermaid hate) for perpetuating the brand of White Feminism which makes shitting on Ariel okay but requires someone to praise Belle as a role model.
  • Lily's video with ILoveKimPossibleAlot about the virtues and benefits of mental health. There's little snark or jokes, just several minutes of the two ladies detailing their own traumas and the ways that they coped with it all, as well as general advice about how to get through depression.
    • The video has Lily advise against Self-Deprecation in a very blunt and honest way.
      Lily: Let me be blunt: you are killing yourself. People can claim to self-deprecate ironically, but the effect of doing it so much and so frequently can be absolutely devastating to your mental health and your self-worth. You can only self-deprecate for so long before you start to, on some level, believe it. Self-deprecation isn't funny, it's not endearing, it's not cynical, millennial, or Gen-Z humor. It's self-harm.
    • Lily also goes against a lot of common stereotypes and misconceptions about people with depression.
      Lily: There's the age-old question: "What do you have to be depressed about?" To which the answer often is "Nothing, Sharon, because that's not how depression works."
    • The final bit of the video is Lily and KP calling on for the viewer to not view their mental illness as part of their identity, saying that the mental illness is preventing a person from being who they really are.
      Lily: It can be easy, especially when you deal with mental illness on a chronic basis, to acclimate to a mental illness being part of your identity. Part of the fear of medication is the myth that they'll make you into someone else. That you won't be "you" anymore. And people can attach themselves so hard to their trauma and struggles that recovery can feel like erasure. I don't personally know how to break that belief in people. But I can safely say that you are not your mental illness. And medication and recovery isn't going to turn you into someone that isn't you. It's going to bring you back. Because mental illnesses and trauma turn you into someone else. Someone unlike you. And who you are after practicing self-care — taking your medicine, being able to manage these problems, and go back to a stable life — that's the real you. Mental illnesses screw with your perceptions, and it can be easy to trick yourself into thinking this is who you are. But it's not. Take your medicine, please. And let the real you come home.

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