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  • In Donkey Kong Country, Ixzion declares himself a sorcerer after jumping through a flaming barrel and taking no damage.
  • Ixzion's victory in Donkey Kong Country, finishing the game well over a world ahead of the 2nd-place player.
  • Ixzion getting through Toxic Tower in Donkey Kong Country 2 on his first try.
  • Draygone casually winning in Super Mario Land 2 after Lantis messes up. He does the same in Super Mario Bros. 2.
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  • All three of Ixzion, Draygone and GoldGlee defeating Bowser within seconds of each other in Super Mario Bros 3.
  • Lantis had a very close call against the monster that comes to kill you if you take too long in a level in Bubble Bobble. The context of his relief at surviving comes from the fact that he'd been stuck on that level for a good while and was once again on his last life.
  • Orange Gamer taking five of the eight cup victories in Mario Kart Wii.
  • Orange Gamer made an impressive comeback in Sonic 2. She ended the first video stuck in Aquatic Ruin Zone and ended the race at Metropolis Zone.
  • The group as a whole during Castle of Illusion as it's the first game that everyone beat during an official race.
  • Draygone had never played Turtles in Time before the co-op race and has the poorest performance during the race itself. During the Versus game, however, he ends up decimating Lantis.
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  • Ixzion beats Star Fox 64 just as Andross is eating the Arwing.
  • After having victory snatched from him at the last second almost a half-dozen times, Lantis finally pulls a last-second win from second place in Earthworm Jim.
  • The SNES Aladdin becomes the closest race to date. At one point, everyone was against (one form of) the final boss at the same time.
  • Orange Gamer traps Lantis in a one-square area and brings him to 410 damage in Brawl before he can break free. He dies soon after at 427 damage.
  • Lantis and Draygone exploiting the Mario 64 co-op to beat Koopa the Quick in 7.5 seconds.
  • While Kajak didn't quite win Earthworm Jim 2, he beat the final level literally a couple of pixels ahead of Psycrow.
  • Fay is on her final life in the Amazon level of Duck Tales Remastered and defeats the boss on her last unit of health.
    • Ixzion going from dead last to second.
    • Fay also securing her position by finishing the game on her last life at the last second of the final part.
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    • The racers sing their own version of the Duck Tales theme song about Let's Race.
    • Draygone winning the race despite only having played the game for the first time the previous day.
  • Fayorei winning Babs' Big Break despite only having played the game for the first time earlier that day.
    • Despite Lantis completely choking and having to start Babs' Big Break completely over, getting through the entire game again and finishing it in Part 2 counts.
  • Everyone joins the Hole In One Club during Kirby's Dream Course and several of them over the course of the race are very impressive.
  • Lantis won two races in a row, Kirby's Dream Course and Star Fox.
  • The allowance of save states in The Lost Levels allows most everyone to stay much closer and provide for a much better race than would have otherwise been without 'em.
    • Shadow Fox has a very nice finishing moment against Bowser in 6-4. Moments later, in the same video, Ixzion for 7-4.
    • Ixzion's bullet bill hopping in D-3.
  • Draygone's, "It's Christmas. It's an official holiday. Banks are closed on it. Deal with it!" in Mega Man X.
    • Ix and Myoky are in exact sync for a series of jumps when re-entering the tower near the end of Boomer Kuwanger's stage.
    • The same two also provide a very close race through the entire game.
  • Uniracers providing the closest race to date as the 1st and 2nd place winners are two frames apart.
  • Draygone's curb-stomping everyone else in Yoshi's Island by finishing the game more than a full world ahead of 2nd place.
  • Gunman Clive 2 proves to be one for the group as it's a blind race for everyone and they all manage to make good progress while staying within a stage or two of each other.
    • Even better at the end is that Draygone wins the race with a last-minute comeback from 3rd to 1st and wasn't even present in the race of the first game.


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