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Trivia / Let's Race With RPGM

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  • Donkey Kong Country was the first race on the channel. Part 1 did not go up on a Friday, but the remaining parts did. Part 1 was uploaded on February 15, 2012.
  • For the first 7 races, the racers used Skype to communicate. Starting with Super Mario Bros. 2, the racers used Google Hangouts to communicate so they can see each other's screens during recording.
  • Aside from the host (Lantis), Ixzion is the only racer to have perfect attendance on the channel.
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  • Of all the main six, only four have been around since the beginning (Lantis, Ixzion, Draygone, and Fayorei). Kajak's debut was the Earthworm Jim race and Myoky's debut was the Pocky & Rocky race (shortly before the seasonal format started).
  • Only two RPG's have been raced in full: Chrono Trigger & Super Mario RPG. Once the seasonal format started, any races of an RPG had a pre-selected stopping point.
  • Despite Sonic 1 being the first race to be uploaded in 2013, the first "Best Of" video went from Donkey Kong Country to Gunstar Heroes. This is because it started as a 1000 subscriber special. Thus, Chrono Trigger became the first race to be featured in the "Best of 2013" video.
  • "Best of" videos (starting with the 2013 one) were uploaded on the closest Friday to February 15th with one exception: The "Best of 2015" video was uploaded on the closest Tuesday to February 15th.
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  • The "Best of Let's Race with RPGM" video featured moments not featured in previous "Best of" videos.

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