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  • Jon managed to complete his playthrough of "You Only Live Once". He only had a few points of health left, but he made it.
  • Pretty much the entirety of his Fallout 3 Is Better Than You Think video, which is an extended video essay where he deconstructs several arguments against the game, calls out the hypocrisy of some of the more vocal criticisms, and praises Fallout 3 and how it serves as an excellent Fallout game.
  • Crusader Kings II:
    • King Jon the Fat's ascension in Part 7 is greeted with dismay due to him being a thoroughly mediocre glutton, and his reign seems set to be one long, painful fat joke. Yet despite his shortcomings, under King Jon's rule, Cornwall more than doubles in size, survives multiple plagues and invasions, prospers economically, advances technologically, and modernizes its government. King Jon himself manages to survive into old age despite several health scares, only dying in another battle to push back the realm's borders. By the end of the character's life in Part 11, Jon has to dub him King Jon the Expansive in recognition of all he's done for his country.
    • King Catastrophe turns out to have quite the Non-Indicative Name, as apart from some marital problems and failed excommunication wars , he leads Cornwall to great success until, at the end of Part 32, he's able to declare himself Emperor of Cornwall. He also has the learning to climb to the highest rank of the Hermetic Society, and calls a gathering of sages to work on new military technology. Jon jokes about some sort of fire-breathing siege engine shaped like a Welsh dragon, or inventing gunpowder earlier than scheduled, but to his surprise...
      Jon: Oh wow, I was just joking! But we literally invented gunpowder! "We have also designed and produced a device which can launch small metal balls at lethal speeds. This 'handgun' is sure to revolutionize warfare!" Oh flip, I've just invented a gun! And I get the gun!
      • For reference, the oldest surviving firearm, the Heilongjiang hand cannon, dates back to around 1288. Jon's Cornish handgun was developed in 1231, while historically hand cannons wouldn't be seen in Europe until the late 1300's.
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    • In part 42, Cornwall sees its Darkest Hour. Its military has been depleted by a pointless crusade, its population has been decimated by the Black Death, its treasury is all but empty, and then when Jon tries to revoke a title from a too-powerful vassal, he triggers a civil war where Cornwall proper and the Kingdom of Wales face the combined might of England, Ireland and Brittany. Jon assumes that he's just destroyed his empire but resolves to go down fighting - and then remembers that he still has Perenn, the Holy Maid of Glamorgan. Between her leadership and military genius, and Aragon honoring its alliance to come in as The Cavalry, Emperor Morhaetho holds his domain together and ends up with all his uppity vassals in his dungeon, allowing him to reorganize his empire without any resistance.


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