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  • Chris defeats the first Scourge Beast in Bloodborne during his very first fight with it... despite it being designed to not be defeated the first time.
  • He saves everyone during his first playthrough of Until Dawn.

    Alien: Isolation 
  • Chris somehow never getting attacked while on the computer consoles in (i.e. looking at them while enemies are in the next room, to the point of the Alien not noticing he's in front of a vent it's about to go into to), thinking that they're safezones even though they actually aren't. Lucky bastard.
  • Early on, Chris narrowly crouching past a ceiling vent with drool coming out of it without knowing it's a trap.
  • Anytime he somehow survives getting tackled by the Alien.
  • With maybe one or two exceptions, his methods of distracting and fending off the Alien never reach the point of becoming No Sells because he uses each method regularly instead of mainly relying on one. Note that he's playing on Hard.

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