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  • Alpaca's triumph over Vinny, by choosing to marry her best friend and newly freed victim, Walrus.
  • On the episode where Two-Faced and Sponge get into a big fight, hearing Sponge, of all characters, call Two-Faced a monster and refuse to forgive her can feel very satisfying when you consider the fact that this happened right after Two-Faced dumped Walrus for DK.
  • Fretless 94's renditions of the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life cast are actually pretty good-looking and translate well despite how limited the Mii Maker can get.
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  • The Jahnpocalypse trailer is a mix of funny, awesome, and scary.
  • Vinesauce finally finding love in Episode 50 in the form of Cling On.
    Vinny: YES! YES! Screw you, Two Faced! I got Cling On!
  • In Episode 52, there's a moment where Two Faced and Seabiscuit are talking in the cafe. While the conversation is mostly amicable, there's one moment where Two Faced tells Seabiscuit that she has the personality of a fan (which works, since Seabiscuit is painted as someone who is desperate for the streamers' attention). How does Seabiscuit respond to this? By telling her a bit later that she looks like Birdo, an islander who's gonk, is very hated, and gets evicted later that episode. Considering who she's talking to, it's pretty satisfying to see.
  • Vlinny finally got to space in episode 54, climaxing with "Goodbye Moonmen". He then then proceeded to trounce Two Faced and Vinny himself (playing as Pit) in Super Smash Bros. to retain his place on the island, and hold his own against Snoop Dogg in a rap battle.
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  • In the David Bowie special, Sponge found love in Clown/Mime Lady.
  • Isaac's QR Code, probably the most infamous QR Code used by Vinny (because it crashed his game), went down due to Tumblr only hosting it temporarily. His creator reuploaded it to Imgur in 2016, preventing the need for either Vinny having to make a new code or having to track down someone who had previously added him.
  • On Southbird's Totally Normal Island, Seabiscuit has an awesome introduction scene, which features her entering her apartment by sliding in on her legs. It's one of the few times the corruption produced a gesture that looked cool instead of weird.
  • Two Faced and Vlinny's battle in Episode 54, coupled with Vinny's speech:
    Vinny: They know each other very well. It's almost as if she's fighting my pent up... my Mii's pent up aggression towards her. In the form of Vlinny, a clone. The personification of everything that Vinny stands for! He was WRONGED by Two Faced! And now... she is removed from the island!
    Vlinny: Two less faces around here!
    Vinny: Good day sir!
    • Then Vlinny takes on Vinny himself (playing as Pit) and wins.
      Vlinny: The clone has bested the original!


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