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Some other awesome moments involving Simon can be found on the Sidemen's awesome moments page.

  • After a long time of hyping up a Q&A with JJ, Simon has finally delivered.
  • In JJ's "reacting to Harry's new car" video, we see him putting on glasses that have "DEAL WITH IT" on the lenses. Simon's reaction video to that video had him putting on glasses with "DEALT WITH" on the lenses.
  • Simon's rap battles. Don't lie, Simon's got some pretty impressive rap skills.
    • After Simon disses the air in his "SO DRAMATIC" Q&A, the air has a short comeback:
    Air: You need me to live.
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  • In this game with the original trio and Tobi, Ethan and Simon started harnessing the power of Emon and choosing the same answers. Almost each answer that they chose would be correct.
  • In this game of Trivial Pursuit with just the trio, Simon has to choose from a large sum of tennis players, most of which he doesn't even know. He manages to get two right before he picks a wrong one.
  • Equal parts funny and awesome: while playing Soccer Physics with Josh, Simon is balancing the ball on his head. He jumps up, sending the ball up into the sky and offscreen. The two believe that it's gone out of bounds... until it returns, rebounds off the crossbar, and rolls into Simon's vacated goal.
  • At one point in Josh's Earthquake Jenga video with him, Simon, JJ, and Vik, Simon is about to pull out a block when he suffers the first real earthquake in the video so far (the other times were very brief vibrations, this vibration was extra-long). Not only does the tower not fall down, but it pops out a block in the process, making Simon's job ridiculously easy.
    Josh: It did it for you! It's playing it for you!
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  • In JJ's video, Dead by Daylight, not once has Simon been hit at all by Ethan, pulling off very reasonable tactics that Ethan had to acknowledge Simon's game tactics as well-played.
  • In Simon's "Homemade Football Challenge" video with Manny, Simon challenges himself to kick a football through the arm gap of a cardboard cut-out of JJ, and Manny bets him £5 that he cannot do it. Simon proceeds to do it on his first attempt.
  • While the Sidemen VS YouTube All-Stars was a curb stomp in favor of the Sidemen, props goes to Simon who manages to score a hat trick from the middle of the field all the way to the goal!
  • In Simon's "Egg Roulette Challenge" collab with Mavric Wolves, Simon manages to not get egged once!


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