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This page is for the Let's Play series. There is no page for the film as of yet.

Super Mario Sunshine Versus

  • Josh gets all 8 Red Coins in Hotel Delfino, with less than a second to spare.
    • To be more precise: he had 220 milliseconds (misquoted as 22 milliseconds) remaining. That is less than 1/4 of a second.
  • One of the viewers' runs qualifies for this, as he finished the entire game in 11 half-hour episodes.
    • Not as short, but the impressive part is that another person got 12th place, which was only available for a short time. Both main players got 11 and 13th place, with the second only winning within five minutes of the first, meaning that someone else was right on Josh's tail the whole time, and also managed to beat Tyler.
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  • During the Bowser fight, Tyler falls off the ledge...and rockets back up, barely clinging onto the platform.
  • The fact that, despite Tyler never having 100% completed the game before, and Josh having done it 4 times previously, their final coin counts are within two of each other! And even though Josh won, they finish within half an hour of each other!.
  • Josh winning the race in the end.

Super Mario Galaxy Versus

  • The intro is pretty impressive. It's basically a more pumped up version of the intro for Sunshine Versus.
  • Donna pulls a WiiVerse on Tyler at the perfect moment: while he's fighting a boss that requires good use of the Wii Remote to point at the screen and the Nunchuk to dodge. This leads to Tyler not only dying at the boss, but also several times at the start of the level by spiders.
    • Tyler pays this back in Episode 4, where he forces her to commit suicide when she was literally right next to the star.
  • Episode 4 is a Curb-Stomp Battle in Donna's favour, thanks to Tyler not knowing much about some of the levels he plays, and Donna staying neck-and-neck while playing through the levels that he does know about.
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  • In episode 5, Donna beats Battlerock's Garbage Dump on her first try.
  • Also in episode 5, Tyler uses both his Star Bit Blowout lifelines at precisely the right time, and then tricks Donna into using up one of hers when Tyler had already spent most of his Star Bits on a Hungry Luma.
    • Even better, although it's not clear if this was intentional or not: Donna had 699 star bits prior. When doing the Blowout, she incorrectly thought she would end up with 169, instead of 199 (since she had to get rid of 500 star bits). Tyler doesn't correct her.
  • Donna then manages to get her own back in episode 7 by making Tyler use Level Leaver while fighting Bouldergeist...which provokes an interesting reaction.
  • In Episode 9, Donna gets so far ahead of Tyler that she Broke the Rating Scale.
  • In Episode 14, Donna manages to beat Mario Meets Mario while WiiVersed.
  • Donna gains access to Rolling Gizmo Galaxy, and immediately attempts it to screw with Tyler. She beats it first try. Tyler's reaction is beautiful.
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  • In episode 21, Tyler redeems himself by finally going back to Rolling Gizmo Galaxy and beating it on his first new try.
  • Donna eventually winning the versus, after being tied with Tyler at the beginning of the finale episode.
    • She also screws Tyler over to the point that she wins two stars ahead of him. It doesn't sound like much, but the competition wasn't as close as the endings to the other versuses so far.

Luigi's Mansion

  • The animated intro (and the alternative version for episode 6).
  • In Area 2, Tyler manages to get gold rank on every boss ghost, except Bogmire (who is That One Boss to him), who he got a silver on.
    • Josh is actually confused by this; it takes Tyler at least four or five attempts to suck up Bogmire, and it takes Josh only three, yet Josh got a bronze.
  • Tyler, after accidentally letting slip that there's a gold mouse in Madame Clairvoya's room, realizes that Josh heard him and now knows. He covers up by claiming that the mouse only has a twenty percent chance of appearing, when you're supposed to force it to appear by examining a piece of cheese. Josh believes him and doesn't find the gold mouse. He eventually finds it during the blackout three episodes later.
  • In episode 3, Tyler has at least 27 million dollars, while Josh only has 26 million despite being further ahead.
  • Due to Josh dying in episode 5, Tyler is in the lead. However, Josh manages to take the lead back in episode 6 nigh-effortlessly.
    • Of course, it helped the Tyler starts vacuuming in the middle of the recording and guessed incorrectly which door a key unlocked, forcing him to backtrack through the entire mansion.
  • Josh winning the race, after a period of uncertainty.
  • During the Loser's Challenge, Tyler just had to walk around and call Mario's name. He takes it a step further and screams Mario's name in the middle of a crowded hallway on two separate occasions. Considering he didn't have to do that, but did it just for laughs, is pretty cool.

Super Mario 64 Versus

  • An out-of-universe example is Tyler in episode 5 talking about the 'biggest hamster cage ever' that he and his friends made when he was a kid, which was seven feet tall and had 200 'rooms' made of cardboard boxes all themed around different themes. Josh is impressed.
  • Tyler practiced Tiny-Huge Island a lot in between episodes 9 and 10, with the result that he's able to close the three-star gap between him and Josh and they end the episode with the same number of stars.
  • The intro to the finale, with Tyler freestyle rapping. Even Josh admits it was (relatively) impressive.
    We-we-we-welcome to the Versus, of Mario 64!
    Peach was kidnapped by Bowser cause she is a whore!
    We're saving her cause she promised us cake
    But we don't care about her cause her boobs are fake!
    Josh and I are racing to get to the end
    And to see who can first save the lady friend!
    Josh is gonna lose, it is obvious
    Cause I'm AttackingTucans and I'm impervious
    To his distractions! They are pretty lame
    This is the finale, so let us play the game!
  • The climax of the whole versus. It all came down to both Josh and Tyler getting two hits on the final Bowser battle. Viewers were at the edge of their seats on seeing who would get the last hit. The reaction of the two when one of them got the last hit first is downright hysterical.
    • Made even better since Josh won the race by beating the final boss battle first and not only without dying once, but he openly admits he sucks at the Bowser fights, making it all the more awesome he still won
      • Made even more better since Josh was struggling the entire episode, making mistakes on a couple of the levels. He even had 7/8 damage on Bowser! And he still won.

Ocarina of Time Versus

  • Another out-of-universe example is Tyler in episode 2 talking about how as a kid he wrote a walkthrough to part of Ocarina of Time for a school project, and his teacher wouldn't let him use images of the game characters because she said they were under copyright. He wrote to Nintendo and they wrote back saying they liked that he was using their game for an educational purpose and both gave him permission and sent him some posters.
  • Real example: Gerudo Training Grounds. By this point, Josh has lost so many episodes that Tyler's victories in the Spirit Temple made it so Tyler only needs to win one more episode to get the majority of wins, whereas Josh needs three. So Josh wins at the adult mini games, and then the Gerudo Training grounds, tying the score just in time for the finale.
  • Tyler wins the Versus, beating out his competitor by a matter of seconds, similar to the finale of Super Mario 64 Versus. Even better, this was his first victory in a full-game Versus.

Banjo-Kazooie Versus

  • Tyler managing to beat Mr. Vile on his first try in episode 4 and actually pull ahead of Josh for the first time.
  • All of Episode 12, for both players. Appropriately enough, it's the episode where they get the 100th and final Jiggy of the game. Josh only barely manages to stay one step ahead of Tyler throughout the whole video, and even then Tyler gets the edge on musical notes and honeycombs. Then it finally ends when one of them reaches Grunty's Furnace Fun, only one minute before the other. As some comment put it:
    "And as the two LPers approach the home stretch, less than a minute separates victory from bitter defeat!"
  • And, of course, the finale itself provides a thrilling conclusion to the versus. Having gotten the final Jiggy in the previous episode, it comes down to a race as to who can finish the final stage and boss first. Both end up, predictably, failing multiple times at the stage and the boss, until Josh manages to win by a matter of seconds, having been at low health during the boss battle. Even though he doesn't win, Tyler also deserves credit for holding his own during the versus, even though Banjo-Kazooie is Josh's favourite game.

MOOSE Series

  • Stephen beats the first level of Donkey Kong Country in 23 seconds. In contrast, before they played the first level, they spent 33 seconds on the map screen. He spent more time waiting on the map than he did playing the game.
    • The whole Donkey Kong Country matchup is a Curb-Stomp Battle. Stephen wins every level by a considerable margin, even when he accidentally initiated a minute-long bonus level.
  • After being down four letters to one in Super Mario Sunshine Moose, in the course of two videos Josh comes back to launch a four-win streak against Tyler, beating him by merely seconds in the final shine.
    • Even better: after they agree to add an extra letter in order to keep playing, Josh shuts Tyler out again, turning Tyler into the Mooses.

Mega Man 1 Versus

  • The whole series was a Curbstomp Battle in Tim's favor. He holds a consistent lead the entire time and wins by a few stages.

New Super Luigi U Versus

  • Tyler winning the Versus. Despite both players being neck and neck at the beginning of the finale episode, he breaks the trend by actually getting quite the lead on Josh before claiming the win. Better yet, as they point out during the credits, Tyler had never played the game or New Super Mario Bros. U before starting the Versus. Josh, the loser, had played all the way through that game, with The Runaway Guys.

Super Mario Sunshine Versus 2

  • Episode 3 ends with Josh attempting to complete the Sandbird level. He manages it in one attempt.
  • Tyler gets one for his performance in Sunshine Versus 2 compared to their first. For reference, their star count by the end of Episode 19 of this versus is 89 to 86 in Tyler's favor compared to 92 to 93 in Josh's favor by the end of Episode 19 in the last versus. It really shows how far Tyler's come.
  • Episode 20, in which Josh finally catches up to Tyler, after spending nearly the entire series in his footsteps. This leads into his victory in the finale.
  • Josh proving once and for all that he's the champion of Super Mario Sunshine Versus by winning again. What's more, both players succeeded in completing a perfect run of Corona Mountain before completing the game by curb-stomping Bowser, with the difference in completion times between the two players being much shorter than in the original Versus.
    • In a more meta example: Josh has been lagging behind Tyler most of the Versus. Tyler, throughout most of the episodes, had more shines, and blue coins than him, and was on the clutch of victory. To add, Tyler using his last 2 lifelines (Coin Collector and H 2 NO) did not stop Josh from winning. That is what makes this victory awesome.

Wind Waker Versus

  • Despite going into Ganon’s Tower losing by 5 minutes, Josh was able to make a spectacular comeback and win by only 40 SECONDS.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Versus

Pokémon FireRed 3-way Versus

  • Luke had been planning to use his Master Ball to catch Articuno and make it part of his team. Unfortunately since he told the others about this beforehand, Tyler used a lifeline and forced him to throw it away. This left him taking half of episode 14 trying to catch the legendary bird the normal way, but ultimately failing. Undeterred, Luke spent the next two episodes trying to make enough money for another attempt, and successfully caught it the second time while still maintaining his lead.
  • Tyler pulled off a massive turnaround near the end of the Versus. For several episodes, he was lagging significantly behind Luke and Josh, at one point trailing by more than two gyms. However, due to Luke and Josh being severely underleveled and needing to grind, Tyler caught up to the point where the finale started with all three taking on the Elite 4 at the same time. In the finale itself, Tyler managed to snag second place, beating Josh. Notably, while Luke and Josh both had several failed attempts at taking on the Elite 4 and had beaten the game previously, this was Tyler's first time beating the game, and he managed to beat the Elite 4 on his first try.

Super Mario 64 4-way Versus

One-Shot Versus'

  • Tyler finally wins a Versus in the Super Monkey Ball versus.
  • Tyler winning Dig Dug Versus by only 130 points.

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