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Comical and Sentimental and Death Metal
Mizuiro Blood is a Minigame Game / Action Game created by Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2007 for the Nintendo DS.

The game revolves around Mizuiro, a plucky young robot, and her endeavors through School to get her senpai, Kato. Also Mizuiro dies. A lot. The gameplay has a rapid-fire aspect as it mainly involves challenges writing in the Japanese language in short amounts of time, from translating Kanji to filling in the blanks. The game also has moments of relief as small MiniGames are sprinkled throughout the main story, such as Mizuiro moving quickly while avoiding obstacles to meet an objective or a rhythm-based game in which you tap the screen at the right moment.

This game provides examples of:

  • Anthropomorphic Food : Mizuiro’s best friend, Natasha Rabuneri, is a sentient Kamaboco, a Japanese Fish Cake.
  • Black Blood : Mizuiro bleeds not black, but actually light-blue, oil blood when she dies (Mizuiro in Japan also means light-blue, making this trope also a Double-Meaning Title.)
  • Balloon Belly : Mizuiro has a small fantasy in which she feeds Kato sushi almost to the point of almost exploding because he mentioned that it would be a waste to not eat the sushi from the Red Tide after Mr. Ushiking talked about it.
  • The Cameo : Don-Chan and Katsu-Chan from the Taiko no Tatsujin series appear in the game during a level in the Fall, where Mizuiro plays their game with them by throwing rocks at cutouts of the notes.
  • Dream Sequence : Mizuiro gets these throughout the game, usually relating to her love for Kato. A lot of the time these happen during school and she gets in trouble for it.
  • "Everybody Dies" Ending: Nearly every named character is killed off in the blog's final updates.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Since this game takes place in the UGSF Series shared universe, the fate of the main characters (UIMS) were sealed from the start.
  • Funny Animal : Mr. Ushiking, as he is a slob of a cow who also happens to be an expert at writing along with being Mizuiro’s teacher.
  • Genre Shift: The game suddenly went from love comedy to Alien Invasion in the final scenario. However, that was only a taste of things to come...
    • The Mizuiro Blood blog, which started in March 2007, was initially more or less just characters from the game saying funny things. Then came the August 21st "Emergency News" update about a second UGSF invasion, and it quickly descended into an Apocalyptic Log depicting the desperate last stand of the UIMS against the humans, who returned with a massive force to retake Earth.
  • Happy Ending Override: According to the Mizuiro Blood blog, five years after the end of the game, the UGSF launched a renewed attack on Earth, consisting of more than a million ships (the UIMS space force only had a little more than four thousand). Mizuiro herself, who became the supreme commander of the space force, managed to destroy one of the humans' ultimate weapons, the Planet Destroyer Cannon, only for them to reveal that they have 13 more. In the end, the entire UIMS space force was wiped out in a massive Curb-Stomp Battle, Mizuiro sacrificed herself protecting the evacuating civilians, and as the UGSF forces descended upon Earth, the after school bell of the burned out Blood Academy can be heard chiming.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Despite the UIMS space force being wiped out, the UIMS civilian evacuation fleet managed to escape unharmed thanks to Mizuiro, her mother, and Ushiking fighting to delay the human invasion force to the end. Mizuiro's ship was sunk by 20 anti-matter missiles, her mother was sealed away for thousands of years using teleportation technology, and Ushiking's fate remains unknown.
  • Humans Are Cthulhu: That Alien Invasion at the end of the game? It was just a scout fleet sent by the humans to assess the threat level of the UIMS. And their conclusion was that if the UGSF's power was a 1, then the UIMS would be less than a 0.1. Cue Operation Dreadnought, the plan to take back Earth carried out by a fleet of more than a million ships, those poor robots never stood a chance...
  • Mama Bear: Mizuiro's mom. According to the blog, she was an ancient superweapon sealed away thousands of years ago and later uncovered by the UIMS military. They used her in their war against humans, but her morality circuit suddenly switched on when she accidentally trampled a robot factory and saw Mizuiro. The military, unhappy about this, sent in ten clones of her to kill her. After a seven-day battle that ended up scorching half the planet surface, she destroyed seven of the clones while still protecting Mizuiro, but finally ran out of power. Just then, Mizuiro spoke her first word: "Mother...". This gave her the strength to finish off the rest, and she lived with Mizuiro ever since.
  • The Many Deaths of You : Mizuiro has a record of dying constantly in the story, and even has different death animations for when you fail the level 1 portion of a level such as being crushed by a weight, being impaled in multiple spots by spikes, or getting her top half chopped off by a piece of chalk. The only reason she's still fine is that she’s a robot and to robots, Death Is a Slap on the Wrist.
  • The Rival : Kurohara towards Mizuiro.
  • Stealth Sequel: The main characters are all UIMS (Unknown Intellectual Mechanized Species), the enemy faction of Galaxian 3, and the story takes place on an Earth that's being occupied by them.
  • Sugar Apocalypse: Mizuiro and her friends and loved ones die in the blog's final entries one by one, in a futile effort to stop the endless armies of the UGSF.
  • Vichy Earth: According to the UGSF Series official timeline, this game took place more than a hundred years after the UIMS took over Earth, absorbed Earth's customs and cultures, and created their own civilization. And at the end of the game, the "aliens" who attacked Earth were Human All Along.
  • Well, This Is Not That Trope: The now-defunct official website's story summary first explains how humanity's first contact with an extraterrestrial being occurred when they encountered a hostile inorganic species known as "Live-Weapon" outside the Milky Way Galaxy... Before saying that none of that has anything to do with this game, which is a love comedy.
    • However, that was a Blatant Lie. The robots in this game? They are said Live-Weapon, or "UIMS", who eventually infiltrated and took over Earth.
  • Wham Episode: On two separate occasions. The first time is when Mizuiro and Rabuneri get stuck in a cave in the Winter. They die of hypothermia and are taken up to heaven by an angel, accompanied by a very grim song. However, because Status Quo Is God, the next level begins as if nothing ever happened.
    • The second time is when the United Galaxy Space Force bombs almost everything and everyone Mizuiro has known and loved after her graduation day, leaving Mr. Ushiking to send her up in a spaceship (the students at this school were being trained for an attack like this) in order to stop them from attacking. Heavily wounded and ship having taken massive damage, she proceeds to become an Action Bomb and crashes her ship into the main ship, causing the Earth to be saved for the time being. She does, however, manage to live through the explosion.
    • And then, there are the final entries of the blog. Oh dear god, the blog.
  • Yandere : Mizuiro falls into this sometimes. It’s usually Played for Laughs but there are more weird times when Mizuiro stabs Rabuneri with a pencil because she also develops feelings for Kato or dresses up like a ninja and stalks Kato in his own house.