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Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so ALL spoilers for every game Chip and Ironicus have played are unmarked! Proceed with caution.

  • From Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus' Let's Play of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, Chip shooting down a helicopter with a gattling gun, the helicopter crashing into a refinery, and the refinery exploding, all set to the Top Gun Anthem.
    • Earlier in the LP, he shoots down another helicopter with nothing but a handgun and a metric ton of exploding bullets. In a matter of seconds.
  • Chip editing in the No More Heroes whispery robot intros for the second game.
  • Mission J. Frog going out like a hero against Volgin.
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  • In the finale of the Metal Gear Solid 3 LP, Snake is getting his ass torn up and handed to him by the Boss while Chip tries to use conventional methods to take her down. Cue "Snake Eater", some Theme Music Power-Up, and Snake fully embracing his inner eccentric jungle man, donning a monkey mask, successfully countering The Boss's mad CQC skills with epic Dope Slaps and rolling tackles. He finishes her off by resurrecting Mission J. Frog, their greatest ally, as a distraction and smacking her with empty pistol magazines to tap her out like he's a boxing referee, before taking her out.
    Chip: No, seriously, I'm doing this on purpose. For when the music starts.
    Ironicus: Suuure you are.
    Chip: No, I honestly did, right here, at the five-minute mark.
    [music starts]
    Chip: Nonononono. Conventional methods don't work. What should I use...Monkey mask!
    Ironicus: [starts laughing]
    Chip: You didn't believe me!
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  • Chip's girlfriend, VoidBurger, gets one during the Duck Dynasty playthrough: according to Chip, he was stuck on one of the boat race levels, and he was getting frustrated. Void offered to try the level while Chip took a shower, and proceeded to beat it on her first try. Chip thanks her for the help during the commentary.
  • At the climax of Killer7:
    Chip: Mask might not be able to kill him, but I'll kill the framerate!
  • Chip managed to beat No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle all the way through without dying. Especially impressive considering the amount of Nintendo Hard in the final boss, in which he was really expecting to not be able to get through in one try.
  • The entirety of the first boss battle in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which involves Ironicus squealing in joy at the game, and Chip completely curbstomping RAY.
    • Later followed by Chip curbstomping Blade Wolf. And the Hammerhead. And every single other enemy. Chip turns that game inside-out.
    • During a follow-up video to the final part of the main campaign, Chip mentions that he fought the final boss five separate times, all of which were No-damage runs for at least the final phase, just to get the music cues he wanted for certain events. One example of many of just how much he strives for quality.
      • And then he did it again (Five times, over an hour and a half's work) for Armstrong's fight against Sam in the Jetstream DLC.
  • Iwazaru somehow managing to kill a Heaven Smile in Killer7.
    • Not to mention Chip easily curb-stomping Ayame Blackburn, to the point that he has to remind the audience that she's supposed to be a really hard boss.
  • Chip's much-awaited video for the first real boss fight of The Wonderful 101? It has a live studio audience.
  • Chip's skill in editing let's plays actually got him a job at Volition. Now he hosts streams for them every Thursday, and even gets paid to do this.
  • The entirety of Gextra Life: ChipCheezum, Ironicus, VoidBurger and Snugglebeast marathon 24 hours of playing non-stop with NO SLEEP in order to raise money for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Their goal was to raise $2,500, which Chip stated that only 1% of Extra Life runners manage to raise that much money. They ended up raising over $27,000!
    • Even better: they hit their $2,500 goal in the first sixteen minutes!
  • The guys' discussion of the infamous rape of Chico and Paz in Ground Zeros, where they make no secret of how repugnant and gratuitous they find it and the torture sequence in general.
    Ironicus: I think what they're trying to do is be like: "These are the bad guys, but are you any better? You are, like, on a global scale, you're doing much worse things than this act." But, f-fuck you. Just fuck you.
    Chip: Yeah!
    Ironicus: Fuck you!
    Chip: Yeah...
    Skull Face: (to Chico, about Paz) You see? It's like fruit...
    Ironicus: Fuck you!
    Chip: Yeah! And then it is also written like this too, right? It's just so shit!
    Skull Face: Time for a taste test!
    Ironicus: Oh, fuck you!
    Chip: The way they write Chico and Paz and how they interact, like, in between all these torture sessions, I just fucking hate it, because it is so gross, and, like, I understand trying to write things where it is just like: "These people are going through bad shit and you might feel really gross about it," but also... It's written in a way that's just like "Blech!" and, well, I understand this needs to happen for part of the story and the reaction we're supposed to get, and I'm just getting "Blech!" in general [...] It doesn't match what has happened with the rest of all of Metal Gear.
    Ironicus: Mm-hm.
    Chip: Even when there has been, like, bad shit happening, usually it was talked about, you didn't experience that bad shit happening. And also, compare this to how every other character in a torture situation or even characters who have died in Metal Gear, none of them has suffered this kind of brutality.
    Ironicus: Yeah!
    Chip: So, it's just weird that Paz and Chico of all characters in all of Metal Gear, are the ones that get punished this hard [...] Like Raiden went through some bad shit, being the child soldier in Liberia and that all shit...
    Ironicus: Off-screen.
    Chip: Off-screen! Him talking about it and how it was something he would be bottling up and not talking about, because it fucked him up so much. But you didn't sit there and watch him getting really fucked up as a kid, like, urgh!
    Ironicus: Yeah, you didn't see him eviscerate anyone at the age of eight.
  • The entirety of the Metal Gear Solid V LP likely counts. As Chip exhaustively peels apart every aspect of the game from top to bottom. Three different playthroughs showing off every possible approach you can name, as well as covering mods, cheats, cut content, trivia about the game and so much more.
    • The final update of the LP gets special consideration, with Chip creating an hour-long documentary detailing the lost Chapter 3 and true ending of the game, as well as the insane fan reaction that spawned several conspiracy theories out of what little information was available about said chapter. Not to mention the Ruse Cruise, a community effort to somehow collate every Kojima game into a single universe, including Silent Hill and Zone of the Enders. Chip leaves nothing out and it simply must be seen to be believed.