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Chip's real name is Hank.

  • This is pretty solidly disproven now that Chip works at Volition, and Youtube archives of the streams he does for them have his actual named attached.

Chip and/or Ironicus was/were once in a high school production of The Music Man.

They've made reference to it on multiple occasions over the past few years and while The Music Man is a fairly well-known show, it doesn't seem like the kind of thing they would be so quick to reference unless A) they were musical theater nerds, which they certainly don't seem to be, or B) that particular show has a reason to stick in their minds.

Chip and Ironicus are an AU Slowbeef and Proteus.

If you look at the description of their channel, it says, "one might be proteus, but the other is not slowbiff".

Grandpa might be related to Sully...

...Or IS Sully.

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