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  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Naked Snake is a Hulk-Speaking jungle man who muses that "babies make a lot of noise" and one could be thrown to distract a guard.
    • 50 Cent is a foul-mouthed treasure hunter/demigod who can take an RPG to the chest without even flinching, and transports unwitting victims to the "Fiddy Zone".
      • Anwar is 50 Cent's biggest fan who ends up in an internal struggle when Wilder forces him to try and kill his idol. Though, at that point in the game Chip and Ironicus seem to have confused him with Amal, a more minor character who actually does call himself 50 Cent's biggest fan.
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    • After noting things in the introductory cutscene of Metal Gear Solid 2 that remind the duo of Egyptian architecture, they imagine that Hideo Kojima wasn't actually born like a regular human being, but instead archaeologists opened an Egyptian tomb and discovered a fully-dressed Japanese man ("'What're you doing in here?' 'Iunno.'") , who went on to create video games. Which also means that really, really long cutscenes are the real "mummy's curse".
    • Chip thinks Otacon's codec messages which overlap with gameplay means that Otacon is actually trying to Let's Play Metal Gear Solid 4 himself.
      • When Snake is running through a hallway late in the game, remembering various lines already said by other characters, one of said lines is Snake's own "you were the lightning in that rain" comment. Chip interprets that one as Snake remembering things he's said that he's embarrassed about and wishes he could take back.
      • During the long cutscene with Big Mama in Act 3, Chip briefly brings up Big Boss' original motivations, specifically noting the part about adopting war orphans to turn them into Child Soldiers. He then realizes that child soldiers are a recurring idea in basically every Metal Gear game, and briefly wonders if Kojima was a child soldier himself.
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    • The duo theorize early in Killer7 that Suda51 is a self-hating Japanese who wants to be a natural-born American, after the second chapter of the game focuses on the upcoming destruction of Japan and not a single character in the game, American or Japanese, really seems to care or even particularly notice until long after it's already happened.
    • Wonder-Black is a chain-smoker who is far too absorbed in his DS to pay any attention to what's going on. He will also not pass up an opportunity for a high-five, even if he doesn't know the context for it.
    • Miller's apparent distaste for the actions of others (such as getting involved in the nuclear weapons trade) actually masks his jealousy that other people seized opportunities he could have taken.
  • Arc Fatigue: The Watch_Dogs LP suffered a bit of this thanks to the game's pacing issues. By the end of it, even Chip & Ironicus just wanted the game to end.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    Chip: (having just shot an enemy) Oh, he thought he could dodge my bullets. (Beat) The baby.
    Ironicus: You're not Neo, you're just a pirate!
    Chip: I'm talking about the baby. He thought he could dodge my bullets. I'm shooting at him right now.
    Ironicus: With a silencer, clearly.
    • At two points during the Metal Gear Solid 2 Let's Play, the video loses focus from a Codec conversation between Raiden and Rose to Chip playing the demo of a Cabela's hunting game, with next to no connection to what's actually happening in the actual LPnote . It tends to happen when Rose addresses Raiden as Jack (the main character of the Cabela's game is also named Jack).
  • Critical Research Failure: In Rogue Warrior #1: SNAFU, Chip and Ironicus claimed that the game was made by Zombie Studios,note  that Mickey Rourke won an Oscar,note  and that the game was a budget game and was released for $30.note  Given how the LP is intentionally bad to mirror how much effort the developers put into the game, this is likely intentional.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: "The Edgiest Privacy Invasion", the penultimate video of his Watch_Dogs LP, crosses the line many times as part of a parody of that game's too-dark-to-give-a-crap privacy invasion side quest. By the end of it, we learn that Chip is apparently farming babies for profit, has possibly infected them with laughing sickness, and also keeps Ironicus' dead body stashed in his house.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Chip's dad (aka Dad Buster) wandered into the recordings of No More Heroes and rambled about Star Trek and immediately stole the show. Since then, Chip has shared many anecdotes relating to his father (for example, watching Chip play MGS3 and thinking it was Harry Potter).
    • Ironicus admitted to liking Mil, because he looks like "that one Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic self insert character."
    • "Hank the Chog", Chip's own Sonic OC, created as a joke on a Windows 98 stream. At least enough that there is more than a little honest-to-goodness fanart of the character (as well fellow OC, Monika the Mongoose) floating around. It probably helps that the one is a superspeedster gangster-samurai who hits people with the blunt end of the blade, and the other is a reefer-smoking Mexican revolutionary journalist.
    • Ironicus states repeatedly how much he loves Con and Mask de Smith in Killer7, as well as Travis (thanks to being the only Remnant Psyche that even remotely tries to make sense) and Yoon-Hyun (because of the double bird he's always giving you, bolo tie be damned).
    • Monsoon from Metal Gear Rising. Both Ironicus and Chip both actively wonder how a solo DLC starring him would be insanely awesome and Chip seems to regard him as one of the better bosses in the game.
    Ironicus: Everything about this guy, I'm in love with him. I'm in love with this man!
    • P-Star, to the point where the duo believe that the Greater Galactic Coalition came from a timeline where P-Star was never created, causing humanity to become corrupt due to the lack of a P-Star to guide them.
    • In their Watch_Dogs LP, Chip, Ironicus, and the comment section agree that the best character in the game was the hentai-purchasing rapping baker.note 
    • Out of the three play styles in the Metal Gear Solid V LP, Vapor Snake seems to be the most popular.
    • A semi-ironic example is Stamp, the cartoon dog who has his own children's multimedia franchise, which is thinly veiled Shinra propaganda. Chip and Ironicus alternate between hating the in-universe franchise (especially the book series The Adventures of Stamp, which Chip dismisses as "fantasy PAW Patrol"); and gushing over the character, especially after Stamp graffiti is co-opted by Avalanche.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The Uncharted LPs have quite a few.
      • One of the first things Chip and Ironicus do in the Uncharted 1 LP, upon seeing the Naughty Dog logo, is make a Crash Bandicoot joke. In Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, there's a fully playable (though slightly altered) level from the original Crash Bandicoot as part of the main game.
      • While making fun of Nathan Drake's Kleptomaniac Hero tendencies, Chip imagines Drake finding a Canadian penny and claiming it to be valuable treasure. A few months after that video was released, the Royal Canadian Mint took the penny out of circulation, and thus, given a decade or two, it will be a rare treasure!
      • In Episode 3 of the first game's LP, Ironicus notes that he'd like to make a third-person shooter with an iPod that randomly shuffles songs, and when your favorite one comes on you get Bullet Time. Keep in mind this was before the duo LPed Metal Gear Solid 4, which overhauled the series' combat to work like a third-person shooter and has an iPod that can cause special effects with certain songs (no bullet time, though).
      • Episode 9 has our heroes joking about how Drake is part monkey, and not actually related to Francis Drake at all. Come the third game...
      • In Uncharted 4 #17, while talking about possible new mechanics for the series, Ironicus mentions that the series is crying out for a sword fight. The Final Boss features that exact gimmick. You can practically hear Chip biting his tongue trying not to spoil anything.
    • At one point in MGS3, Chip mentions that he wishes you could throw porn magazines rather than having to place them. Nearly four years later, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance comes out and lets you do just that with the similar-in-concept photo frames.
      • In the same LP, Chip says something about that "People in Metal Gear, they have special spines... Nanomachines." And then came Revengeance.
      • Again in the same LP, soon after Chip catches a Tsuchinoko and says he will keep it for the rest of the game for a reward, Ironicus jokes that Snake will soon become a zookeeper. Years later, in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Diamond Dogs' Mother Base has an Animal Conservation platform for various creatures that Big Boss can Fulton from the field.
    • In the prelude to the Rank 3 fight in No More Heroes, they joke that one of the enemies Travis kills lost his leg, to which Ironicus mentions that he wishes removed legs were a collectible. Come Revengeance, where removed left hands are a collectible.
    • During the LP of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, snarkcookie notes that Big Boss aims with the eye that he lost, so Chip jokingly proposes that he has a "Phantom Eye" that can see. A couple of weeks later, the next Metal Gear game, featuring Big Boss, was announced with the subtitle The Phantom Pain.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • gregsky39 instantly became one after Watch_Dogs #4 due to outsmarting and defeating Chip with little effort.
    • Jaws became this from the 2017 Gextra Life stream after his game turned out to be surprisingly fun to play, on top of being memorably gruesome. Also, for tearing Shamu in half.
  • Memetic Loser:
    • They turn Aiden from Watch_Dogs into this, and the comments gleefully add to it.
    • Shamu from the 2017 Gextra Life stream, due to two things: one was that his game was irritatingly saccharine, and two, he gets ripped in half by Jaws.
    • Jeff quickly became this due to being the Unfazed Everyman in a world of One Man Armies and doing basically nothing in-between his introduction and his death.
  • Memetic Mutation
    • The truck comes at six.Explanation 
    • Hey, where's Jane Fonda?Explanation 
    • Nicky's never coming back.Explanation (spoilers) 
    • Black site. Nice.Explanation 
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Chip's laughter. Also Ironicus' voice.
  • Narm Charm: The general consensus regarding Cyberswine, a licensed interactive adventure game based on an obscure comic that Chip streamed for Gextra Life 2017. It had some of the ugliest graphics imaginable and jarring transitions between branching paths into their converging points, but nonetheless managed to endear itself to the group enough for them to break the one game per hour stipulation just to finish the plot the game was telling.
  • Nightmare Fuel: A Signature Style of Chip's is to make very creepy videos towards the end of an LP.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: A weird case of this happened during Gextra Life 2016: the Crack Ship of Gex and Bubsy became genuinely embraced by the group and the audience, to the point where the fanart and fanstories redeemed the characters (but not the games) to the group and the audience.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Defied in the Revengeance LP. Chip decided to play Bladewolf's campaign before Jetstream Sam's, even though the latter was released first, because Bladewolf's campaign was subject to this trope in Real Life.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • A lot of the duo's commentary and side-videos regarding Uncharted 2, recorded in 2011/2012, was dedicated to mocking, which at the time of that LP was the Let's Play subforum's preferred video host. They noted that none of that has particularly aged well by the time they got around to Uncharted 3 in 2014, some time after Blip had purged itself of all video game-related content before shutting down entirely in 2015.
    • A more minor example they haven't commented on is in regards to the Metal Gear Solid 3 LP, at one point in which Chip reads a comment making fun of the duo the LP had received on Viddler - another video-hosting site that was preferred on the subforum because it wasn't YouTube and is at least still around another decade on, but which entirely shifted focus to business-related videos just a year or two after that LP.
    • Due to recording much of the Metal Gear Solid V commentary months in advance, many of Chip and Ironicus' jokes have this effect. For example, in the second episode they briefly talk about the then-recent announcement of Metal Gear Survive. Said episode was actually posted on May 22nd, 2018, three months after Survive was released.