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Pokémon Heart Gold Nuzlocke

  • His starter, Bunsen the Typhlosion, surviving through the entire game, from getting it as a Cyndaquil to him beating Red. In his Diamond Nuzlocke, his starter, Qwerty the Prinplup, died to a Machoke with Revenge while at Level 34, so this was a very solid feat. There were so many occasions where it fell into the red throughout the adventure, quite a few of them when it was near evolving as a Quilava.
    • The same can be said about his Pinsir, DickPinch, which he caught in the Bug Catching Contest as his first encounter. It too lived from when he caught it to after beating Red. It even survived his rival's Feraligatr's STAB and Torrent boosted Waterfall with ONE HIT POINT after being weakened by the first hit.

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