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  • Jack getting a Silver Play Button award for getting over 100,000 subscribers.
  • After spending an entire episode of Kerbal Space Program failing to build a space plane (a rocket with detachable wings), he comes back in the next episode and not only succeeds, but manages to get his rocket into a stable orbit. All on the first try.
    Jack: Virgin Atlantic, eat your arse out!
  • A moment near the end of part 10 of his Skate 3 LP. Jack has tried and failed numerous times to do a flip over the Hartley Stadium shark. He tries one last time, while bemoaning that the task is impossible...only to then land the flip.
    • Immediately afterward, he tries to Miracle Whipnote  over the shark, and nails it.
  • Grand Theft Auto V:
    • In one episode, Jack is parachuting into a busy street. He gets low enough so he plans to get hit by a truck, but he winds up landing perfectly on top of the truck.
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    • In this episode, Jack drives off of Mount Chiliad and survives.
    • In Jack's first video of Grand Theft Auto V on next-gen, he gets roughly hit by another car, and decides to chase him when the car immediately drives away. Eventually, after getting into some "demolition derby"-style combat, Jack fires some shots and the other driver exits the car and tries to run away. As the driver is scaling a hill at least six feet away, Jack shoots him in the shoulder blade, and when he gets back up, Jack lands a clean shot to the head.
  • He wins at Cards Against Humanity (playing with Markiplier, PewDiePie, and CinnamonToastKen) in part by using reverse psychology against the other players.
  • In episode 4 of HuniePop, Jack is in the situation where he has only 1 move and only 326 out of the needed 505 points. With one final four-combo, he gets to 505 and beats the level.
  • At the 10:14 mark of part 77 of his Happy Wheels videos, Jack is subjected to being crushed in a small space between two compressors...but falls just under the compressors and avoids them entirely.
    • And in a ball throw in Episode 54, Jack throws a ball into 'Death', but when he dies, the explosion causes one of the other balls to land in 'Win', meaning he got Game Over and won at the same time. After this, Jack decides to play the level fair and square - and wins after only one throw.
    • In episode 95, he wins a bottle run in a way that must be seen to be believed.
  • Jack finally getting the #1 spot in Agario.
  • A feat that not even the King of Five Nights at Freddy's could achieve. Our Jackaboy managed to beat the first night of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 with absolutely no game overs.
    • The way that he hit 6 AM was legendary in and of itself; Jack actually got attacked by Bonnie, and then the clock rolled over.
    • As if that wasn't impressive enough, when he played the first Five Nights at Freddy's, he got through the first three days without dying once. He got his first Jump Scare late into Day #4, and keep in mind that this was his first time playing the game.
  • Rocket League with Mark where Jack scores the first three goals all by himself, especially the third goal that he did, where he strikes the ball back so hard that it traverses essentially half the field and lands into the opposition's net.
  • After seven episodes of the Nintendo Hard 60 Seconds and despite numerous handicaps being thrown at him, Jack looks set to have lost again (given that he only had Ted remaining and he was insane, raising the chance of him leaving and bringing about a Total Party Kill), only for "The End" to fade away to reveal the military in the shelter. That's right, after all that, Jack finally manages to beat the game and survive!
  • In a very morbid sense, but when Jack plays Plague Inc., he manages to wipe out all life on Earth - on his first try.
    Jack: My Ass has successfully eliminated all life on Earth! YEAAAAAH!
  • In Undertale, he beat Asgore without dying and only died to Photoshop Flowey once, despite his protests he's bad at the Bullet Hell segments. And just for kicks, while reading Photoshop Flowey's dialogue he added random vocal sound effects that made him sound like "Him" from The Powerpuff Girls. The result is TERRIFYING.
    • He finally did it. He finally beat Sans.
    • He deduces Flowey's true identity by analyzing that there is only one person besides Asgore that says Howdy. Then he links that to one of Flowey's earlier lines, that he is "The Prince of this World's future."
  • On a video Jack uploaded of the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands, he responded to a commenter whining about why Jack wasn't uploading more Undertale, shutting them down in the most badass way possible, stating that they were being greedy and entitled and didn't acknowledge how much time he could waste trying to record that might result in him not getting much further.
  • During a session of Left 4 Dead multiplayer with Bob, Mark, and Wade, Jack quickly proved himself the most competent player, to the point of being a Hyper-Competent Sidekick to Bob, despite admitting near the beginning that he hadn't played the game in years and didn't remember anything about the game!
    • Case in point, when he's knocked down near the safe zone, he takes down a bit over half a dozen zombies in as many pistol shots, holding down the line until Wade could get to him and revive him.
    • He usually saves the team the most besides Bob, and while Bob did it through brute force, Jack did it through being Crazy-Prepared, placing incendiary canisters everywhere.
  • In Papers, Please, episode 7 involves a point in which a terrorist jumps over the wall. Jack had just been given a key, however, so when he learns that he can use a gun to shoot the terrorist dead, he quickly uses the key, grabs the tranquilizer gun, and then shoots him the moment the cursor is aimed at the terrorist, thus earning him a Sharpshooter bonus to save the family. The line he delivers as the terrorist is shot with the tranquilizer gun is pure awesome.
  • Mr. President episode 3 has this when Jack is doing a level. He takes the role of a bodyguard to protect Rump from being shot. After so many frustrations in the level where Jack has to run on crumbling walls, the successful attempt has him leaping into the air and then somehow turn in midair, and Rump is saved.
    Jack: OH! What the fuck?! How did that work?!
  • Jack's entire response to the PewdiPie controversy. Whatever one may think of it, and Jack has mentioned he regrets some parts of his initial reaction, he makes a video that he's not monetizing, which is partly a What the Hell, Hero? speech to Felix, and partly a Character Witness bit. He calls out Felix for being stupid and making a politically incorrect joke at such a bad time when Neo Nazis are on the rise and actually threatening people, but also says that Felix is not an Anti-Semite and a good person who made a mistake. He also says that he believes Felix's apology is genuine because cancelling the YouTube Red series had an impact on more than one person, since Jack's part also got cancelled. Later on, Jack retracted the bit about the WSJ being correct, with tact and maturity.
  • By the third episode of Super Hot VR, he's really getting into the game, including cutting bullets out of the air with swords, knives, and even hammers and axes, to even Dual Wielding knives and slashing Mooks to pieces with style.
  • His second game of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds has him and Robin winning with Jack having an impressive 9 kills in a game. That's almost a tenth of the players!
  • Any time he wins a boss fight in Cuphead, especially since he's playing single-player and not co-op like most Let's Players. Especially the one where he defeated King Dice, where he managed to beat him in the unconventional way of just hiding behind his hand when he attacked while shooting between attacks instead of the normal parrying-the-cards method.
  • His geeking out over Doki Doki Literature Club! where he really loves the game design.
  • In Hidden Agenda (2017), he manages to guess correctly that Simon is The Trapper on his second video.
  • In Subnautica, he manages to kill a Reaper Leviathan.
  • Jack completed his shift of 3 AM at the Krusty Krab much faster than Markiplier, being so daring to hide out in the open instead of retreating to the office from the Hash Slinging Slasher and even, by luck, had said Slasher walked pass him in the dark while searching for the key in the basement.
  • Interviewing Ryan Reynolds while playing Deadpool and the two of them talking about Deadpool 2.
  • He managed to keep everyone except Simon alive in his first playthrough of Detroit: Become Human. Considering some of the choices you need to make for everyone to survive initially seeming like the wrong choice (and the fact that Jack missed some critical information in Connor's storyline), this is no small feat.
  • Jack getting "Destroyer", the rarest achievement of Sally Face, which requires clearing five portions of combinations of Press X to Not Die without failing even once, on his first try.
  • Though not by himself and got to give credit where credit is due, Jacksepticeye's video editor Robin got better and better (and more hilarious) in editing Jack's videos.


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