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  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
    • At the beginning of the first episode of his Skyrim Let's Play he sings a rendition of Harry Partridge's Skyrim song that is surprisingly well done.
    • In part 49. After leaving the Thalmor Embassy, he accidently left one of the jewels for a quest there. Getting back into the Embassy is nearly impossible without mods, so he gets over the wall by exploiting a glitch where he uses his horse to jump over the wall! Also doubles as a Funny Moment.
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    • At the end of part 83, Jesse and Esbern are fighting an annoying Thalmor Wizard who keep running away from them and nearly kills Jesse. Jesse has enough and finishes him by stabbing him right as Esbern throws a fireball, creating a cinematic explosion. Followed by Esbern giving a one-liner
      Jesse: He did not just say "I'm getting too old for this". Old man. I. Love you.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution:
    • In the last episode of Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing Link, Jesse is given a choice of saving either hundreds of innocent prisoners or the only person able to testify against the atrocities of Belltower from the poison gas the Big Bad unleashed. His Kleptomaniac Hero tendencies pay off HUGE here, as he refuses both options and takes a third option. How? By deducing that the only possible third option would be in the only vent he never explored, due to being blocked by a crate he couldn't break. He then sacrifices the only shot of a Rocket Launcher he only received moments before to break the crate, enter the vent, discover the room where the gas is being distributed, and destroying it, saving everyone. Holy shit!
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    • Extra awesome for using the arc words ("Everything's connected") almost verbatim to figure out the solution. And it was completely coincidental too, you could almost hear the gears turning in his head as he realises what he just said.
  • Behold. Vector City.
  • The entire livestream for Final Fantasy VI he and several other members of The Game Station attended. Special points goes to Jirard, who not only played the majority of the game, but also stayed awake for 36 hours and that includes the time he was awake before the livestream. Right before going to attend a wedding as well.
  • Part 15 of his Dead Space 2 playthrough has him having to fly back towards Titan Station while avoiding massive pieces of flying debris. After smashing through the roof of a building and landing on his feet on the floor, Jesse busts out with AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill". Made even better with the fact that not only is the pose Isaac is in upon landing is very similar to Tony's landing pose, but he at one point directly references him upon going over the propulsion mechanism of the suit.
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  • TGS Podcast #50 which starts talking about educational games at 1:14:00 before going into Jessie's teaching methods at 1:21:19. For all the times he plays The Fool in his Let's Plays and videos, he details an insane degree of planning, dedication and intelligence when describing his methods.'
  • The amount of dedication Jesse has to create good content, and the times that he goes above and beyond his duties to make sure his viewers enjoy a video. In Part 8 of Metal Gear Rising, he outright states that because his previous footage was nothing but him complaining the entire video, he went back and refilmed it, apologizing for acting so sour.
  • Jesse finally making his dad speechless with the ultimate Christmas gift. Also a Heartwarming Moment.
  • BioShock Infinite:
    • During the end credits, Jesse, having just watched the ending, begins interpreting everything he saw and gets the majority of it exactly right from nothing more than his own experience during the playthrough.
    • In every video up until then, Jesse's searching for lore and trying to piece together the story, and it's clear that while he can be very much The Fool or The Ditz, he can also be pretty sharp. For example, the first thing he notices when he sees Columbia's official timeline in the Hall of Heroes is that Comstock is way too old for his purported age, something plenty of players have overlooked their first playthrough. And before he even steps foot inside Comstock House proper he's able to deduce that he's in a Bad Future. Towards the end, at least once a video you can see him almost figure it all out before The Reveal.
    • He also gets a few legitimately awesome Pre Ass Kicking or Bond One Liners.
      Comstock: Mr. DeWitt. What's the expression? "Day late and a dollar short?"
      Jesse: Never talk money with a man who owes a debt, Comstock. Let's do this thing.
    • Or when breaking through the armada around The Hand of the Prophet:
      Elizabeth: Over there! It's Comstock's men, they're coming out to meet us.
      Jesse: Nope. (jumps onto skyhook) I'm coming out to meet them. (boarding action!)
    • Also worthy of note is how frighteningly accurate he can be with the game's Hand Cannon: the majority of his kills with the weapon are skull-splattering headshots, and many of them are effectively snipe kills, fired from across entire rooms.
      Jesse: (responding to a vendor asking what gun he has) "No, this is a hand cannon. Men have lost heads to this thing."
  • His playthrough of Wolfenstein: The New Order starts off with him refusing to make a Sadistic Choice between Wyatt and Fergus, only doing it when he finds out that failing to make a choice leads to a Nonstandard Game Over.
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor:
    • In Part 4 of his playthrough, aptly titled "Battle Royale", Jesse starts off on a simple mission to assassinate an Uruk Elite Captain, Tugog the Guardian. What ensues is a grueling fight against the heavily armored Tugog, who absolutely refuses to die, that becomes a battle that involves at least three or four Uruk Captains and their underlings coming into the fray. Jesse kills all of them, including Tugog and a final Captain that blunders onto the scene soon after.
    • Episode 14, which also has another captain killing spree, ending with Jesse finally killing his short lived arch-nemesis "Hot-head" by appropriately crushing his head.
  • Heroes of the Storm - THE GREATEST UNDERDOG STORY EVER is this not only for Jesse, but for his entire team (which included Crendor). Basically it's a group made of four incredibly squishy (and kind of adorable) characters Murky, Lili, Abathur (wearing his baby pajamas), Brightwing and then Valla, the only true damage dealer. You would think they would lose (especially considering the opposing team had Tyrande, Muradin, Tassadar and the freaking Lich King) but in the end Jesse and Crendor won.
  • Until Dawn:
    • During the Scary Game Squad's playthrough, they almost immediately pick up on Josh having set the trip up to terrify everybody.
    • In the same playthrough, Jirard being able to do everything correctly to save Jessica's life, just by "playing the characters" according to their starting stats and playing Mike as "a tremendously capable badass" who will take any risk.
    • Also, Davis and Alex using the tiny hints that the game gives and a wild guess to determine that wendigos are involved even before their formal introduction.
    • In general, the gang being able to figure out the story at all and play the game well despite being horribly drunk.
    • Managing to save everyone except Matt, who is something of a Guide Dang It!. They even deduce during the credits how they could have saved him.
    • Also figuring out that Josh wasn't dead and was the Psycho, the Stranger was good and fighting the wendigos the entire game, and Hannah was a wendigo well before finding her second diary in the caves, among other details they call early and get exactly or almost exactly right. Once again, Jesse and his pals show just how frighteningly sharp they are when it comes to lore, even when drunk off their asses.
    • The one time Jirard botched a major QTE out of panic (when Mike encountered the Stranger's White Wolf), not acting was actually the right choice. Dumb luck at its finest.
    • During the bonus episode, the guys look at all the collectables they missed, some of which would pretty much flat-out tell you that Josh is the psycho. Even without those, they still managed to figure it out.
  • His love for the StarCraft franchise is so strong and deep-seated that in the end of his Legacy of the Void let's play, he outright offers to write for Blizzard, even close his channel even if it means saving his favorite games.
  • During his first playthrough of Pony Island, Jesse finds a staggering 14/24 tickets, two of which are mind-bogglingly difficult to get - "Ticket Lake" (which the developer had to make a gif to demonstrate how to get it) and "You didn't kill Jesus?" (which took almost fifteen minutes of stubborn retrying to get and he didn't even know it would get him a ticket).
  • Outlast II:
    • During the SGS run of the game, Alex spends over half the game deliberately fielding baseless and insane theories about the game's plot purely to push Jesse's buttons, including a constant suggestion that aliens are why the cultists have gone insane. Jesse finally loses his temper in part 7 and calls Alex on his bullshit, prompting the joker to get serious and remind us that he was the one who cracked open the mysteries of Until Dawn. He goes on to correctly guess that machinery was the source of the cult's madness and that Jessica broke her neck by falling down a flight of stairs, which Father Loutermilch then staged as a suicide after bullying compliance out of Blake. Alex may enjoy being The Gadfly, but he's just as sharp as Jesse.
    • On the other hand, it's Jesse's Kleptomaniac Hero tendencies that prod Davis into exploring the lake area until he finds the Old Traveler's Report which reveals Murkoff's involvement in the game's events. And it's Davis, who usually wants to be anywhere but in front of the game, who figures out that the feedback loop caused by the damage to the microwave towers is likely the reason everyone has gone completely over the edge.


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