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  • The Minecraft crew gives Jesse a special surprise at the end of his 1000th Video.
  • During his Fan Friday where he plays Scribblenauts Unlimited, Jesse solves a puzzle by putting a mirror in front of a shoggoth. It gets frightened of its own reflection and gets upset. Jesse then spends the next few minutes trying to make it happy again.
  • Some of Jesse's interactions with Elizabeth during BioShock Infinite. Jesse genuinely likes having her around, partly since she's genuinely helpful. Makes one wonder what he'll do when he discovers Elizabeth's & Booker's connection to each other.
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  • Giving a Rousing Speech to someone stressed about their upcoming exams is pretty damn heartwarming. Viewable here.
  • Jesse does his Sep. 22 2013 Revenge of the Q & A alongside his parents. It's both hilarious and heartwarming.
  • The Beyond: Two Souls playthrough has a lot of heartwarming moments, just because Jesse becomes so damn protective of Jodie.
  • A Cox Family Christmas overall mixes this with Funny. The crowner of Heartwarming comes at the end when Jesse and his mom give his father his present, a trip to Peru alongside Jesse.
  • Jesse's first instinct upon encountering the dog in Valiant Hearts is to wonder if he can pet it, and honest joy when he finds that he can.
  • On jesse's Tumblr, Jesse often shows more of his smart side, along with this, he has more than once taken time out of his life to give advice to his fans that have written to him for help. It shows that he really cares for his fans.
  • Jesse and Cry's sheer delight at the ending of Jake and Sherry's campaign in Resident Evil 6. While they pretty much hated most of the campaign, they take so much joy from the ending and Jake and Sherry's relationship, it's genuinely heartwarming.
    • Most of their playthrough is this, actually. Both have their moments where they are dangerously close to Rage Quit, but neither Jesse nor Cry want to just abandon the other and so they manage to play for around 24 hours through all four storylines over the length of 41 episodes.
  • Jesse does his level best to look out for Matt in Until Dawn, seeing him as a henpecked victim of his girlfriend Emily and pushing the crew to make choices that protect him, especially at Emily's expense. When attempting to save Emily at the radio tower gets Matt killed by the wendigo (due to Jirard overriding Jesse twice), Jesse is righteously furious. Despite his hatred for her, he vows to see her and everyone else survive the night in Matt's memory. Emily going full Ungrateful Bitch towards Matt and Mike during the credits angers the entire team, but they don't regret pulling her through.
  • Jesse squeeing over Bulb Boy and trying to keep him safe during his playthrough of the game.
  • Both heartwarming and a Tear Jerker, the Cox n' Crendor animation of Jesse chatting with a girl called Talia who had requested to meet Jesse through Make-A-Wish. Sadly Talia passed away while the video was in production and Jesse released it on what would have been her 16th birthday.

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