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"You are a unique, beautiful individual in your own way. So please just keep on fighting, and stick in there."

  • Whenever Sean plays fan-created games/levels.
  • To mark his 1 million subscriber milestone, he did a Draw My Life. The best part is near the end, when he addresses his subscribers:
    Sean: You may not know it and you may not feel it, but you guys have helped me through some of the hardest parts of my life, when I was in so much uncertainty of what I was going to do with my future, and absolutely no idea how I was going to accomplish what I wanted. You guys have made it possible.
    • And to top it off, the day he made that video was also he and his former girlfriend's fourth anniversary.
  • Sean started learning Korean so he and his former girlfriend could have conversations in her native language sometimes; he said expecting her to speak English all the time when they're together "wouldn't be fair to her."
  • The comments sections on almost all his videos are relatively free from bad behavior, with almost everyone interacting in a civil manner, especially by YouTube standards. Sean has repeatedly made mention of how proud he is of his fans for this.
  • A small one, but the fact that his Cool Hat originally belonged to his mother certainly counts.
  • Doubles as a happy tearjerker of sorts, but Sean recently went back to his cabin where he first started the channel, and got more than a little emotional as a result of all the good memories that came back from seeing where everything began. He talks about how he never thought that he would be making videos for a living, as a job, and how he doesn't even consider it a job, but rather fun, and thanks the viewers over and over for making it fun and for their role in changing his life. He says that so many people get caught up in the "fame" of YouTube that they forget where they came from and who brought them there, and that such a thing is deplorable in his book, because that fame means nothing without the viewers. He even says that whenever people say that he deserves all of his success and congratulates him that they need to look in the mirror and thank themselves as well, because none of this would be possible without them. Just the humility and heart that Sean has is so wonderful.
    • In this video he also mentions that his mom took him to see four little kids who were fans of the channel and he had such a blast talking to them and hearing them say how much they loved his videos, and the smile on his face as he recounts this and how awesome it is to have that kind of impact on people's lives is just so contagious.
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  • The ending of his video on The Static Speaks My Name, a game based on suicide in which Sean played through the eyes of a person who was said to have hanged himself and was ultimately forced to make the character off himself. Afterwards, he gives a heartfelt speech about staying strong in times of suicidal thoughts or close-by suicides, mentioning his uncle who killed himself via hanging. Sean states that while he wasn't too close to his uncle, the suicide still came as a shock to him.
  • Whenever Sean does an Omegle meetup, he makes highlight videos of the event. Many of the reactions from the fans meeting him for the first time definitely count as this, with many of them staying on for as long as possible just to meet him. At times, Sean extends his Omegle meetups so he can reach out to as many as possible.
  • In his 9th episode of Valiant Hearts, when Walt's original owner dies, Jack takes a few seconds to pay his respects, complete with his hat on his chest. Small moment, but still touching.
  • In the episode where he manages to get to #1, he enjoys the accomplishment so much that, when he decides he's had his fun, he splits in to several tiny pieces and lets himself be eaten to offer another random player the chance to be #1.
  • In Sims 4, it's pretty sweet how Steve immediately becomes good friends with the only person in the neighborhood that doesn't argue with him or walk away.
  • His "Reading Your Comments" series. Other than having some completely hilarious responses to the weird comments, Jack really appreciates all the comments he gets. He says he'll never get rid of this series, as every comment vid is different. People come to him with a variety of different comments, either comedic, personal questions about him or a genuine ask for help. Jack answers them all with such enthusiasm asd the viewer can really tell he really loves and appreciates the comments he receives. He thanks his subscribers at the end of each video and makes it clear he is thankful for the comments and he is never bored of the series.
    • Whats also heartwarming about his comments is that his commenters will show a large amount of gratitude towards his videos and he responds in humility while saying he doesn't know how he got his success even though one commenter told him its because of his down to earth moments with his comment videos as well as his central comedy routine with his other videos.
  • Seeing Jack gush in his Let's Play of Shadow of the Colossus, his favourite game ever.
    • Watching him play The Last Guardian, the Spiritual Successor to Shadow of the Colossus and seeing him so happy after waiting for the game for seven years, makes everyone watching him share his happiness.
    • He loves Shadow of the Colossus so much he's played through it again for the HD Re-release and says that he intentionally wanted to take it slow through the game so he can appreciate the art and music in its updated graphics and higher framerate.
  • Jack making a speech about verbally abusive commenters, how the abuse affects everyone and that the community should follow their dreams regardless of the amount of abusive comments they receive.
  • In his second Universe Sandbox 2 video, there's something oddly heartwarming about him feeling sorry for Pluto and trying to bring it some company. First, he tries to spawn other Plutos near the original. When that falls apart due to Pluto's lack of gravitational pull, he spawns Pluto closer to the sun. The cherry on top is that, after he sees the pretty light show the latter resulted in, he spawns more and the resulting orbits form an eyeball. His initial thought is an Illuminati joke, but several commenters thought that was Pluto's way of thanking him.
    JackSepticEye: (Replying to one such comment) SO ADORABLE ;_;
  • In the ending of his Undertale playthrough, the hyperkinetic delivery and acting fade away to silence. Jack wipes away a tear. The degree to which the game touched him is very apparent.
    • Even during the game's less emotional moments, Jack's glee and enjoyment throughout much of it is really pleasant to see and hear. In particular, how much fun he seems to have reading the characters' lines (especially Large Hams Flowey and Papyrus) is easy to crack a smile at.
  • During his Anxiety Attacks video, he had a lot to say about anxiety, including a talk he recorded after closing the game about finding what makes you happy and about how much YouTube did for him.
  • In Jacksepticeye Reacts To Adults React To Jacksepticeye, Sean is clearly overjoyed to know that the adults liked his videos.
  • Watching his new Let's Play of Spyro: Year of the Dragon is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, especially if you have nostalgia for the game.
    • On the same level, Jack plays the Crash Bandicoot remaster. Fanboying ensues.
  • At the very end of Riddle Transfer 2, as he's talking over the credits, he's gobsmacked into speechlessness upon seeing a big thanks to him, among other youtubers, in the credits. Bonus points when he subsequently says "That's what everyone was talking about!"—his watchers wanted him to play it just to make sure he saw that acknowledgement.
  • Jack loves the game Papers, Please. In direct relation to the fact, his respective amusement and delight over seeing the customs line in his Uncharted playthrough and the passport-stamping prompt early into part two in his Please Don't Touch Anything playthrough are pretty darn delightful.
  • Jack got word from the developers of Subnautica thanking him because the series he made playing their game saved them from bankruptcy. Sean was overjoyed to hear that he saved a game company just by playing a game he liked.
  • When Jack plays a VR game titled Board Simulator, you don't think too much... and then Jack learns that he can fly. There's something so adorable and heart-lifting seeing and hearing him having so much fun flying around like a superhero. Bonus points upon realizing that, thanks to VR technology, we can give everyone the chance to experience something they never will in real life; when the technology is perfected, everyone may have the chance to fly, and have the same exhilaration Jack does.
  • One from the fans: when Jack did a video talking about getting a tattoo, a small minority gave the usual "How could you do that to your body" rant. Meanwhile the rest of Jack's fans came right back defending tattoos as self-expression and saying Jack could do whatever he pleased with his body.
  • His "Happy Halloween" video, right after his scary Halloween shtick for the year. In the vlog, he gushes over how much his editor Robin was absolutely fantastic at the editing, and how much he enjoyed involving the community in the creation of Anti, so to speak. You can really see that he enjoyed doing all of it for the fans.
  • When Jack plays 'It's Always Monday', he's not prepared for the very dark turn that the game takes in the end, but he ends up giving a very heartwarming speech afterwards.
  • At the end of The Last Guardian when Trico's baby is revealed the look on his face is amazing
    JackSepticEye: (claps) BABIES!
    • There's also his sheer joy over Trico finding him after being separated for a while.
      JackSepticEye: (with utmost joy) HE CAME FOR ME!
  • In this video, Jack touches base on his infamous PAX West 2016 gaffe where he unintentionally ruined a fan's jokenote . He stated that it was his fault for the situation and even extended an apology to the fan if he happened to be watching the video.
  • Jack's relationship with his girlfriend Signe is utterly adorable. Proof? Just watch this video they made together for Valentine's Day on her channel.
  • Jack's Let's Play of A Normal Lost Phone is full of this for the LGBT community, as the game focuses on a bisexual transwoman named Sam. As soon as it's revealed that Sam is now a girl, Jack immediately stops calling her "he" and starts using "she/her" pronouns without any hesitation and then he talks about how why some people tend to be so close minded about the LGBT community, how it doesn't make them exactly bad people, about how important it is to accept others no matter who they are and how accepting others and fighting for them doesn't make you SJW or too PC ( he even says that he would rather be "too PC" than close minded ). It's just so nice to see.
  • As a testament to the positivity of Jack's fanbase, the "hater specials" of his Reading Your Comments series are always shorter than normal episodes, presumably since Jack is unable to find that many hate comments.
  • How emotionally invested he gets in Amanda in his playthrough of Dream Daddy. Somehow, his in-character concern for her well-being seems to have leaked into real life concern, and it's sweet to see.
    • Another from the same playthrough. When building his character at the start, he chose a body that was wearing a "crop top," which he found amusing. He was then informed in the comments that the "crop top" was actually a binder, and he had made his character transgender. He swiftly apologized for potentially offending anyone, and commented on how cool it was that the game offers an option for your character to be trans. And most comments on the subject are people assuring him that they realized he had made an honest mistake, and that he wasn't trying to offend anyone.
  • Fans have been fascinated discovering Jack used to play drums in a metal band in his youth. What did he get for his new house in Brighton? A new electronic drum kit! The glee on his face is palpable. Not to mention he's actually really good!
  • His 2018 motto. Positive Mental Attitude, or PMA for short.
  • After the Logan Paul suicide forest debacle, Jack decided to prove that YouTube is "better than that" and will be holding a charity livestream on January 7 for suicide prevention, to raise money for the cause and get over what Jack refers to as one of the lowest points of YouTube's history. The video description is loaded with suicide prevention hotline numbers, and despite his obvious disdain for what Logan did, Jack keeps it together and avoids his usual kind of response to things like this, going out of his way to remind his viewers that they're in this together, and as the title of the video says, we're better than this.
    • He raised over 200,000 dollars.
      • As of May his 2018 charity livestreams have raised over half a million dollars for various charities.
  • When he finally, after so many years of playing, gets to finish Subnautica, Jack gets really emotional, and repeats over and over how much he loves the game. He also takes tremendous delight in his being mentioned in the "Special Thanks" category of the ending credits. After that, he spends the remainder of the episode reminiscing over his experiences with the game, including a handful of clips. He really, truly loves the game to death, and it shows throughout this episode. He then assures his viewers that he's not done with the game yet, and will be producing more episodes in the near future.
  • When Jack was being interviewed on The Late Late Show, he answered a few questions from fans. One answer was to an aspiring YouTuber and the advice was to be nice to everyone and enjoy what you do in your content rather than only do it for the wrong reasons. When another fan started to cry with joy upon meeting her hero, he and the host immediately calmed her down and hugged her. Jack also sat next to her on the sofa and held her hand through the interview.
  • In his second vlog from the "How Did We Get Here?" Tour, he says he makes a habit of leaving nice, appreciative messages for the hotel staff while staying in hotels because, having done hotel management in college, he knows what it's like to have to come and clean up the rooms.
  • His investment in the relationship between Hank and Connor is pretty heartwarming. He says several times through the playthrough that he wants them to get along and make it through the story okay, and immediately regrets chasing Rupert instead of saving Hank during "The Nest". Fortunately, he succeeds in salvaging their relationship and keeping them both alive till the end, despite having Failed a Spot Check in an earlier chapter that had fans of Connor worried about his survival.
    • He seems to genuinely enjoy the game as a whole, and it's nice to watch him get so enthused about the story.
  • Jack plays "Pet the Pup at the Party" and gets swept up in the cute dog names. And at the end, he pets a dog named Gizmo. Gizmo was his childhood dog, and he is visibly affected, to the point where he says that was the perfect end to the video.
  • Jack got to meet Connor's real life voice and mo-cap actor Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire (who portrays the Traci androids in Detroit: Become Human) and was absolutely thrilled to meet them. He got to try on Bryan's official Connor jacket - accurate to the one worn by Connor in the game, given an android LED, the Canadian Dollar coin Connor likes to play with in his idle time, and acting lessons on Connor's mo-capping work.
  • Anytime he's playing Spider-Man (PS4), Jack is overly joyed to be playing a character he admires and adores and being heavily engrossed in the storyline and the game's mechanics.


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