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For any other awesome moments from KSI's group, the Sidemen (including moments involving KSI himself with the other members of the group), click here.

  • The fact that KSI's dad put out a fire in the kitchen while completely naked, making no scene about his nudity.
  • KSI being in the official music video for "Get Hyper" and getting the chance to upload it on his channel.
  • In 2013, KSI tried to break the world record of the highest margin of victory in FIFA 13, which is 110 goals. KSI got 80 more goals.
    • Even better when he realizes that broken the record; you can't help but feel awesome for him.
  • KSI and Deji's rap in their Cellar Door LP.
  • KSI finally reaching division 1 after 43 episodes.
    "He scores. Yeah, that's annoying. Now, shut the music and let me completely destroy him."
  • Callux and JJ breaking a Guinness World Record for having the fastest time on a Gran Turismo map, while sharing a controller (Callux has his hand on the D-pad and left analog area, JJ has his hand on the buttons and right analog area). They even got in the 2014 GWR book!
  • KSI defeats Deji... Using Shrewsbury while Deji uses the Argentina national team!
  • JJ reached 10,000,000 subscribers on his main channel on 30 July 2015, becoming the first ever solo British YouTuber to reach that amount!
  • For all of the hate JJ's been getting for going into the rap scene, the immense success his EP Keep Up has been receiving is that much more amazing, topping charts in various countries including JJ's native UK!
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  • Nearly managed to kill all of the participating players in Dead by Daylight. The only reason why he never got a perfect was that he neglected to notice a hook near him, allowing Vik to escape.
  • JJ beats Simon in real life football!
  • After months of bragging about beating Joe Weller, JJ backs it all up by defeating him. What's better? He predicted how the fight would go down. Ending in Round 3, and the ref saving Weller. Uncontrollable, indeed.
  • Mixing over with Funny Moments, KSI successfully pissing off Logan Paul by imitating his apology. It's so much of a burn that it lead to Logan taking off his wig, but he retaliates with a push!
  • It’s incredibly satisfying to see him humiliate Logan Paul with a bunch on insults. Logan just storms off.
  • In spite of many thinking of him as Book Dumb. Him pretty much deflecting Logan Paul's claims about him and revealing his massive hypocrisies proves that he's smarter than he looks.
  • Then the awaited fight happens and it ended up being one hell of a crowd pleaser that ended in a majority decision draw for both KSI and Logan as they fought it out in 6 whole rounds. And they've already set up a rematch!
    • If you look closely in the final round of the fight, Logan was incredibly exhausted, while JJ still has some stamina left in him. Had this fight lasted longer, JJ would’ve outlasted Logan and won.
  • After months and months of hard work and dedication, KSI has defeated Logan Paul. In a professional boxing match, no less. What makes this even better is that Logan was training since the end of the last fight, and JJ took a hiatus in training for more than nine months. And he still triumphed.
  • This Twitter thread. Just this Twitter thread.
  • JJ just reached 10,000,000 subscribers on his second channel.
    • And now, just before the end of 2020, the Sidemen has also reached 10 million, which means that JJ now has, count 'em, three Diamond Play Buttons.

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