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  • Though his videos are more intended for humor than showcasing actual gameplay skill, he seems to actually be good at League of Legends. For example:
    • In Escape From Hell, Dunkey and his team's Nunu alone kill all five members of the other team while Dunkey freestyles.
    • Though it was almost certainly luck since he seemed to be using it for a creep kill instead, in the same video he gets a kill by using the Darius Q just as Lee Sin was getting ready to jump in on him.
    • In general, despite his frequent trolling manners, Dunkey actually has the playing skill to compensate for his goofing, as evidenced by the many many times he completely own a multiplayer match.
  • While Dunkey sings "Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2", he's actually in first place the whole time. Even when the game fails to register his screaming.
    • Hell, he's in the top 10 for almost the whole video. Damn impressive for someone deliberately changing the lyrics.
  • In his RUST video, he kills an obnoxious griefer who keeps running around and screaming. This happens three times in the video, but the greatest part is Dunkey's Bond One-Liner after killing the guy at the end one more time.
    Griefer: I have my die move, motherfucker, you can't even get meee—
    Dunkey's friend: Hah, you got him!
    Dunkey: was a good thing I brought my KILL move, then.
  • Him having the will to (albeit obviously jokingly) criticize and pan what many people call the best game of all time.
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  • As of June 2014, Dunkey has finally hit one million subscribers.
  • Dunkey making a triumphant return to Twitter after a long hiatus.
  • The "Dunkey Dance" video, which consists of Dunkey playing music on a boombox and dancing in the street while getting other passersby to join him. It's awesome in a feel-good way.
  • In "Da Sims", the Grim Reaper pays a visit, only to steal Kanye's dad's mac-and-cheese and trash it for no good reason. Dunk refuses to let this slip, and eventually gets his comeuppance when he hosts a party and the Grim Reaper makes the fateful decision to stop by. Dunk makes adult Kanye get on top of the Reaper and break his neck. That's right - Dunkey killed Death itself.
  • "Youtubers" is one part lighthearted mockery of popular let's players, one part completely destroying certain unsavory YouTubers with decidedly un-lighthearted mockery.
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  • One time, Dunk was on a Skype call with a group including his Black Best Friend Sky Williams and a new person that they'd added, and this new person ended up calling Leah a bitch. Dunk immediately told him to "get the fuck off the call", and told him again when the person tried saying it was a joke. Sky even says how shocking this was for him since Dunk is normally a really nice person.
  • The final fight in Congo Jungle in Ultimate Smash Bruddas between Dunkey and Sky Williams (yes, the one time where Dunkey beat Sky in Smash), just based on how nail-bitingly intense it was. That fight alone provided a thrill that could give most action movies a run for their money, considering how into it both players were, with Dunkey repeatedly screaming "JUST FUCKING DIE!" to Sky.
    • Whenever Dunk falls off the edge of the level but gets saved by a barrel that happens to be shooting up. Special note goes to the moment where Sky (who was Yoshi) deliberately positioned himself at the edge, ate Dunkey, and lays him as an egg that immediately falls off the side of the level. Not only does Dunk manage to break out of the egg, but he jumps and lands in an up-shooting barrel. A beauteous mix of luck, skill, and awesome.
  • I'm Done With League of Legends, a video probably more hard-hitting than any of his diss videos ("Final Boss", "Youtubers", etc.) because it's directed towards Riot about how much LoL is becoming a progressively less likable game to play for him, and how he feels that getting his account banned just on the grounds of trash talking (which he describes as one of the only fun things to do in "this boring-ass game") is supreme bullshit, to say the least. He's obviously really angry, but the way he cordially and calmly talks about things is probably one of the coolest things he's ever done.
  • THE JONTRON RANT is one big Take That! towards the drama that occurred between the YouTube channels LeafyIsHere and h3h3productions in March of 2016, and it acts as a much needed break from the actual drama.
  • Worst Hanzo Ever can basically be summarized as a montage of Dunkey kicking ass in Overwatch. What makes it even better is that despite his teammates telling him that they don't need a certain hero on their team, Dunkey still manages to clean house as said hero, proving them wrong.
    • Another Overwatch video, "Hamston Checks Out", involves Dunkey as Hamston not only doing his usual shenanigans, but also getting some Play of the Game worthy plays, like a triple bowling kill on Route 66 even if he goes off the cliff.
  • Any of his semi-serious rap songs (ex: "Overpowered", "Achievements") where he shows genuine talent at rapping to the point that many believe he outdoes several actual rappers in the game.
    • 1:28 in "Achievements". The lyrics are one thing (considering Dunkey's talking about how the USA should fix its economic problems from sending huge armies overseas by sending only him to kill people for free), but the flow is incredible.
  • The second verse of "Final Boss". After a humorously nonsensical first verse in Dunkey's traditional sense of humor, the beat switches for the second half and Dunkey basically takes shots at the entire League community on YouTube. In less than 2 minutes. It's safe to say that Dunkey earned a lot of respect from that video.
  • In his PUBG video, Dunkey successfully takes out an entire squad of three players by himself. Did he sneak behind them and kill them when they weren't looking? Nope, Dunkey made a full frontal assault and killed everyone. See for yourself here.
  • Dunkey's incredible saving maneuver in his Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy video.
  • His final rematch with Nergigante in his Monster Hunter: World video, with him learning from his previous attempts against it and managing to dodge all of its One-Hit KO attacks that killed him before. The best part has to be where he tracks it to where it's sleeping and manages to damage it with exploding barrels and also managing to damage one of its horns.


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