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Nothing says "Badass" like a Grim Reaper with a beard. Who smokes.

"Alright dudes, how's it going?"

OverTheGun is a Let's Player specializing in Blind Runs. His playthroughs are called "HTSF" or "How to Successfully Fail" which pretty much describes what you'll find: going through the game while making some very hilarious mistakes. The HTSF is typically organized of sets (which separate playing sittings) and parts (due to YouTube's time limit). Has a strong British accent and a fairly foul mouth.

Over recent years, he has ventured away from YouTube for the most part, trying out other services such as Unfortunately, his account has been deactivated. He now focuses livestreaming most content on, with streams being uploaded to YouTube sometime later.

Playlists can be found here.

Personal website here.

Games that OverTheGun has successfully failed:

     Website/You Tube HTSF's (editted videos) 

     Justin TV/Twitch TV (livestreamed uneditted playthroughs) 

     Bliptv videos 

Tropes that apply to OverTheGun:

  • Aborted Arc: Just look at all the incompleted games on the above list. Oblivion was originally going to be an HTSFL but there was very little intention of completing it, due to the game's incredible length.
    • Silent Hill: Homecoming is a notorious offender, being the very first HTSF that he has willingly abandoned, due to the sheer unplayability of the PC port.
    • Chrono Trigger, meanwhile, has the dubious honor of being aborted twice.
    • As of November 6th 2017, Chrono Trigger has successfully been failed! Looks like the Third time was the charm.
    • Secret of Mana has joined the Aborted Twice club as well.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has unfortunately joined the club.
  • Advancing Wall of Doom : In the Ultimate Doom HTSF:
  • All Your Powers Combined: Invoked against the werewolf boss in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (part 3) with Street Fighter characters:
    Overthegun: "You can't have everybody's moves! You can't be part Vega, part Blanka, part Ryu...part wolf...part man... He's gonna be part fucked over in a second."
  • American Baseball is Hardcore: In a way. During his TaleSpin quickplay, he expresses surprise at the second assignment taking place inside a baseball stadium and wonders if anti-aircraft fire and airplanes are the norm for American baseball.
    Overthegun: "You got some crazy sports! Fuck's sake, man!"
  • Analogy Backfire: He describes Pac-Man Championship Edition DX as "sweet as a fucking nut". note 
    • In Half-Life 2, while complaining about uncookable grenades:
    Overthegun: An uncookable grenade is like...well how can you eat a pineapple when it's not cooked?
    Overthegun: *Awkward silence*
  • Anti-Frustration Feature: Subverted in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, when he gets stuck on a puzzle, the game employs this trope and just solves the puzzle for him. However, since there was no indication of this, it seemed like the puzzle was solve just by him pushing random switches. Cue him being frustrated at the non-indicative puzzle.
  • Arch-Enemy: Nemesis from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis takes the cake, but there are others (the crate boss from Metal Storm, the cross demon boss from Splatterhouse, which was later nicknamed "Crucifucks")
    • He even goes as far as to consider some levels as this. See That One Level in the YMMV tab.
    • In Minecraft, he gets so desperately lost in a cavern that he eventually started to go partly insane trying to get out. He even went as far as to dub the place 'The caverns of fucking despair'.
    • In Gears of War 3, a Griefer during the finale of the game, prolonging the part for a good hour, is considered this.
    • A Crystal Golem in Dark Souls ended up killing a valuable NPC that sold a spell that would become extremely useful later on. In fact, he spent a few points into INT just to use it, and had this planned out from the start of the game. The worst part? He actually requested for the Golem to hit her and not him when it got into aggro range.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: What makes Block 3-3 in Super Castlevania IV such a pain in the ass for him? Transparent staircases, swarms of goddamned crows, lethal enemy placement, a recurring Power-Up Letdown, Nintendo Hard platforming, falling into the bottomless pits before the boss fight, falling into the bottomless pits during the boss fight, falling into the bottomless pits AFTER the boss fight, and to top it all off? Forgetting to finish the stage with a Victory Pose.
  • April Fools' Day: On 2009, posted the highly demanded [S1][P1] VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty. A little bit poor in taste.
    • Subverted on August 1st, where he posted a fake hack of his channel. That didn't work out that great.
    • In 2010, he did a more harmless version and screwed around with his channel page layout a bit.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Very common. For example, In Silent Hill 2:
    Overthegun: "The director intended this game to be totally out of synch, have cut sequences that don't do anything, require 2 patches, random frame loss and lots of other bo- OOH COIN!
  • Audience Participation: When examining Beardmouth's corpse in his Amnesia: The Dark Descent HTSF he notices that the corpse has two right arms. He has the audience check with their own arms just to make sure he wasn't making it up.
  • Battle Couple: Has completed a full run of Borderlands (No DLC) and Serious Sam II alongside his girlfriend, Claire.
  • Buffy Speak: Engages in this at times.
    Overthegun: "That might be more of an even distribution of time displacementy immunity weirdy thing."
  • Camp Gay: His opinion of an NPC wearing "the gayest robe" he has ever seen (bright, shiny pinkish purple) during his "Quarter-Play" of Divinity 2.
  • Captain Obvious: Numerous times. One of the most memorable ones is when he comes upon a blue flame obstacle in his play-through of Ghouls n' Ghosts:
    Overthegun: "What's that fuckin' bit there for? Jump? *Hopped into the fire*. Oh, fuck me. Well that.. I-It burns!""
  • Catchphrase: Quite a few:
    • "Alright dudes, how's it going?" when starting a set.
    • "That didn't count" is the most used.
    • "Patch the hitboxes!"
    • "I knew it were gonna do that!"
    • "Feel free to rewind that guys."
    • In his more recent HTSF's, he has "Allow me to read from the Wiki."
  • Cats Are Mean / Cute Kitten: Owns cats which periodically make unwanted cameos in his videos.
  • Chainsaw Good: Goes absolutely insane with his Lancer chainsaws in Gears of War 3.
    • Not to mention the chainsaw in Doom.
  • Chekhov's Skill: In Amnesia: The Dark Descent. At the very beginning of the HTSF he begins to admire most of the paintings in the game. When he finally gets to looking for the one and only item hidden behind a painting, he searches everywhere else, marking his first real obstacle in the game and subverting the trope. He gets it eventually though, double subverting the trope.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Although not as egregious as some other Lets Players, he does have his moments. Lampshaded in his Amnesia: The Dark Descent playthrough where one of the very first things he talks about is the English version of Monopoly. You can also be sure that whenever there is a picture or a menu in a game, he'll spend a good time reading or admiring it. Notable instances are the children's pictures in F.E.A.R. 2 and the coffee shops in Left 4 Dead and F.E.A.R. 2.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Yes. This video doesn't even cover half the actual HTSF.
    • In [E3] Link 3, OTG is having a hard time defeating a boss:
    Overthegun: "See, this is a f*ckin boss, you know, that is worthy of holding the f*ckin pendant. It's like; "Right, I'm a f*cking boss, nig-bitch! I'm a ball motherf*ckin snake and I've got a f*ckin pin motherf*ckin wheel on my tail and you know what's around me? F*ckin nothing, it just drops down multiple f*ckin floors. I hold the f*ckin pendant, I've got a pin wheel for a tail, f*ckin try it! Just come near me! Just come at me bro!" That is what he says! And he knows he is a bitch, he knows he is a stone cold f*ckin bitch. With a pin wheel for a tail and weird f*ckin wobbly little f*ckin legg-hair f*ckin things and he f*cking moves his ball body around with his beady f*ckin ball eyes. He is just a sack of f*ckin balls!"
  • Comically Missing the Point: When admiring a painting of a crucifixion with people in mourning:
    Overthegun: "Yeah, I always bet that were a bastard back in the day, when you crucify somebody. I mean it's alright sticking them up there, but how do you get them back down again? You have to get a laddersmith, wearing tight pants. Look at this guy, this guy on the bottom here he's so fucking bored: "Oh my god. It's all fun when they're going up but when they've got to go down it takes so fucking long.""
  • Companion Cube: Does not belong to the Trope Namer despite having played Portal but goes to Sharpie the Saw, a saw blade in the Ravenholm area of Half-Life 2.
  • Continuity Nod: To the point where it might as well be considered Continuity Lock-Out. He makes tons of references to the other games he's played through.
  • Country Matters: OTG has standards. He saves the "C-bomb" (as he would call it) for the worst of the worst.
  • Credits Gag: Invoked during the credits of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and Splatterhouse 2.
  • Creepy Child: Strangely enough, not in a game but in one of his many life stories. During his Chrono Trigger re-fail, he ends up telling a story about one night when he was about 3 or 4 years old, his mother was tucking him into bed, when suddenly he apparently said "He's coming" to his mom. His mother replied "Who's coming?" and baby Lliam just replied with "He's coming" again. This apparently "Shit his mum up" as she went down to his father who went up to see what was going on. His father got the same response, and it was finally figured out that baby Lliam was going on about the wind outside, which he apparently named as a kid "Mr. Wind", and that was the person baby Lliam was referring to, as the wind outside was blowing and Lliam could hear it.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Although he plays pretty incompetently when doing HTSF's, note that these are usually blind runs, sometimes in genres he is not used to. Lord help you if you are ever in a match with him when competitive gaming, especially in an FPS.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Has little habit of repeating the last thing he just said, the last thing he just said, indeed.
    • In BioShock, while trying to loot Smuggler's crates:
    Overthegun: "The smuggler crates have been smuggled! By smugglers that smuggle smuggled smuggler's crates!"
  • Determinator: The majority of his playthroughs can be seen as this, seeing how most, if not all of them are done blind and he plays all of them until completion...except when he doesn't (See Rage Quit).
  • Developer's Foresight: Lampshaded in one of his Half-Life 2 episodes.
    Overthegun: Let's see you follow me through that.
    (The enemy breaks through the barrier)
    Overthegun: Fucking Valve, man!
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: In [S1][P8]Amnesia: The Dark Descent, he begins to taunt the water monster that just killed him in two hits after figuring out that it can't hurt him on land, jumping in and out of the water, and talking smack. Cue area with no dry land.
    Overthegun: "I got fuckin' Halloween balls of steels me, mate. I ain't phased at- Shit! He's right behind me!"
  • Doomed Hometown: He builds a small little base called "Crafting Mountain" at the beginning of his Minecraft HTSF. At the end of the set, when returning after discovering a geyser of some sort, Creepers completely wreck the place and kill him, forcing him to huddle into his mini mine after respawning.
  • Ear Worm: Even when he's at the peak of his Rage Quit in Mega Man 4, you can still hear him grunting Dive Man's theme in frustration.
  • Epic Fail: They're not called How To Successfully Fail for no reason. The best example seems to be the Nikita incident from Metal Gear Solid, as can be seen here.
  • Escort Mission: A good example of why they're hated can be seen in his HTSFs of Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 4, where it's very obvious you do not want him as your guard.
    • Gears of War 3's escort mission with Adam Fenix, however, he didn't mind so much. Mostly because he actually fought, took cover, and even helped revive teammates.
  • Every Episode Ending: "I hope you enjoyed that guys, and I'll catch you next time. See ya dudes!"
  • Exposition: Personal exposition is given at the beginning of each HTSF as to how he found out about the game, what he's heard of, and such. Sometimes they're really short, sometimes they take well over a whole part (10 minutes).
  • Failed a Spot Check: Happens quite a few times actually. For instance, in Braid, he managed to miss a puzzle piece after receiving the key in the same room as it. "It's camoflaged!" indeed.
  • Fearless Fool: He has never acts very scared in any of the horror games he has played (compared to an average player) (and he has played an impressive lot), yet sometimes he is completely oblivious to the most general and basic mechanics of those games. To be fair, he is aware of this and never holds the game negatively against this. There are a few exceptions though, like a few choice moments in Amnesia: The Dark Descent and a few jump scares in Resident Evil.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: His "Curse you Could 8745" video, where his home is "ransacked" by another Letsplayer (as an injoke) and he overreacts to all the little changes in his room.
  • Flat "What": In the 35th part of his playthrough of Amnesia: The Dark Descent:
    OTG: *throws box up at a hanging chain. The box ricochets off the wooden beam and lands perfectly on top of it*
    OTG: What. How the fuck did I manage that?
  • Follow the Leader: Not with the playthroughs but with his set/part format. He is probably the most famous YouTube let's player using this format. If you see a video with "[S1][P1]" or any other number in front of it, chances are they've picked it up from him.
  • Funny Background Event: At the end of his Painkiller set, his usual game overview is constantly interrupted by him shooing his cat away from his Jaffa cakes, which slowly but steadily takes over the commentary of the game.
  • Genre Savvy: Shows some degree of this. For example, he was smart enough to prepare a safety save before ejecting himself into space in the white chamber.
  • "Get Back Here!" Boss: Does not react well to them, as seen here.
  • The Ghost: "Fear guy", a recurring "character" who is apparently the reason there are blocked off passageways in video games.
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: Used to smoke, but now is kicking the habit with help from electronic cigarettes.
  • Griefer: One shows up very unfortunately during the finale of his Gears of War 3 HTSF, making the episode last a good hour longer.
  • Guide Dang It!: Many instances, and yet each instance is overcome without the use of a guide. (Sometimes through use of a third option)
  • Halloween Episode: His Silent Hill playthroughs are saved for the Halloween season, 2 for 2008 and 4 for 2009. Popular demand gave way to Amnesia: The Dark Descent in 2010.
  • Helium Speech: There was a problem uploading [S5][P8] of Painkiller, which ended up speeding up the volume in comparison to the video, resulting in a higher pitch for everything, including OverTheGun's commentary: leading to this trope.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Both runs of Chrono Trigger have him exploit this, although not in the way you'd think. The first run has him naming the characters after his friends. The second run has him just use silly names. When Claire pushes him to use more vulgar names, he shrugs that off as beneath him.
  • Hidden Depths: He lists politics as one of his primary interests. Seriously.
  • Hilarity Ensues: He has done a playthrough of Typing Of The Dead here. 'Nuff said.
  • Hypocritical Humour: Happens often in his L4D sets - chiding the bots for a lack of team-spirit before abandoning them to die.
    OTG: "C'mon, Zoey, don't fuck me..." [he is rescued; Zoey is subsequently attacked by a Smoker]
    OTG: "Fuck you, though." [he uses the remaining medkit on himself]
  • I Call It Sharpie: His trusty saw blade in Half-Life 2.
  • Improbable Weapon User: During the Psycho Mantis fight in Metal Gear Solid, due to using an emulator, he was forced to use the 2nd controller trick using a keyboard and an Xbox controller. Also his default control scheme for FPS is quite bizarre for most modern gamers using WASD.
  • In the Hood
  • Insult to Rocks: In his HTSF of Bloody Trapland, he remarks that jumping while teleporting gives the character the "baby-est" jump ever. He then redacts that statement for fear of offending babies.
  • Invisible Subtle Difference: According to OTG the difference between HTSF and HTF is that he tries not to swear in HTF. ...Kinda.
    • In practice it means that he tries not to say any of the "repertoire of three". All other swearwords are OK though.
  • It Gets Easier: In HTSF @ Syndicate, the first hobo he meets up with that could only be interacted with via execution has him commenting that randomly killing an innocent civilian is bad taste even for his standards. He even predicts this trope coming into play. Fast-forward to the next mission not 45 minutes later where he very casually imitates another agent killing cowering researchers (even showing off to Claire) and very, very eagerly killing a researcher who was testing out a gun that shoots bullets in an arc.
  • It's Quiet… Too Quiet: In his Left 4 Dead playthrough. "Quiet...almost...too quiet. Toilets. Almost...too toilets."
    OTG: "It's quiet...too quiet."
    * cutscene focuses on Dom *
    OTG: "Now it's just Dom...too Dom."
  • I Work Alone: It's already a well know fact that Lliam despises escort missions, and thus likes games most when he's alone and doesn't have to babysit an NPC. Ironically, he's a major team player when it comes to multiplayer elements in First Person Shooters, and works towards objectives rather than going for pure kills.
    • Though there have been some moments where he neglects his human teammates in games. One case is during his Gears of War 3 online co-op playthrough where a team mate gets knocked down and despite there being no enemies around, and a big health cross icon on the side of his screen at all times, he completely ignores his buddy and goes searching for ammo instead. On top of that, his wounded teammate was directly behind him and he was the closest to his fallen friend.
  • Just One More Level!: When testing out recording at 60 fps (which proved futile when considering YouTube conversion) and YouTube's increased video time limit, he decided to testrun a single attempt at the bonus mode of Shatter. The first run lasts a bit less than 7 minutes (including a 3 minute introduction). The actual video lasts almost a half hour due to this trope.
  • Kick the Dog: In the Minecraft HTSF, as he is exploring a nearby cave, a stray wolf climbs down to his mine and he greets it. After finally learning how to tame the wolf, the wolf then performs serious Quake style bunny-hops and strafe jumps. Upon leaving the mine with the wolf, he names it Strafe for it's amazing jumping ability. Unfortunately a few minutes later back to his house, a Creeper happens to sneak up on them and after a brief chase, catches up to them and unfortunately kills off the wolf which took the brunt of the Creeper explosion. Although OTG has the generosity to leave the wolf a grave. "Here lies Strafe. Wonderful Jumper Dog". Oh yeah, and he's also developed an insane grudge to Creepers and even killed one or two out of rage shortly after the wolf's demise.
    • Three sets later, OTG finds one of Strafe's brothers. He manages to tame him and names him 'Deranged', after he spends a lot of time getting through a little doggy door. He lives much longer but unfortunately gets stuck outside later in the set and is killed by two zombies.
    • Yet ANOTHER example in Minecraft is when he trecks down into the tunnels, getting diamonds, loads of Lapis stuff, and Iron. The entire time, he fears that he's going to end up falling into the lava and losing everything. He's right. Along the way, he ends up accidentally falling into the lava, with two hearts remaining, and dying instantly, losing EVERYTHING on him. The diamonds, the Iron ore and Ingots on him, his tools... Everything. He was Genre Savvy enoguh, however, to bank some of the other things he found before so it wasn't a total loss. It was still incredibly devastating as soon after that, he went down to look for his stuff... and got lost for 20 minutes. And then the game froze on him. And then a creeper blows up on him as soon as he loads the game.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Has his moments. In Gears of War 3, when faced with an explosive sewer zombie just before a corner, he immediately rushes in to use his chainsaw(-gun). Cue an entire horde of zombies ambushing him from around the corner.
  • Meaningful Name: OverTheGun comes from the poker expression "under the gun", referring to his days of a poker player. The fact that it complements his FPS skills is just icing on the cake. Also humorously lived above a gun shop as a kid.
  • Monster Allies: In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, he mainly uses the bat Familiar, on both the re-fail and the original HTSF. After the bat shows a bit of combat usage, the bat ends up being one of the rare support characters that he actually likes to have around, and gives the bat the oh-so clever nickname of 'Bob the Bat'.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: In the "Curse you Cloud 8745" video, he writes in the description.
    Overthegun: "A running joke between Aaron and a few people, and is quite obviously not serious...except for the sounds when going first person...Those are serious."
  • Must Have Caffeine
  • Neologism: Uses titles as verbs.
    • to quake - to bunnyhop; to strafejump
    • to mario - to jump on someone's head; to run over gaps without falling through
    • to get terminatortwoed/teetwoed - to burn oneself to death by falling into lava (or molten steel)
    • quake-drip:
    Overthegun: "When you are so focused on playing quake that you don't realise you are actually sweating and then the drop of sweat [that rolls down your back] makes you jump."
    • to snake/snaking - to weave through spikes while free falling
  • Nightmare Fetishist: On the first "hide from the monster" area in Amnesia: The Dark Descent:
    Overthegun: "I don't give a shit if he fucking does spot me. Come here! I want a good look at him."
    *Beardmouth spots him*
    Overthegun: "'ello. He's seen me now. Let's have a look at you. You're kinda weird aren't you? Very Silent Hill-ish. You got a beard?"
  • Nintendo Hard: Goes without saying as a Let's Player that he has tried his hand in a few games in this category. Special mention goes to Mega Man 4 where the first set is just a short yet intense mental breakdown and then there's Ghouls 'n Ghosts.
  • No Sympathy: When "inhaling the "venemous" ending" in the white chamber:
    Overthegun: "Oh moan, moan, moan, complain, bitch, whine. Oh and your head's melted off! Moan, complain, cry some more! What the fuck!"
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: In the first part of Amnesia: The Dark Descent concerning the Rocket Fuel energy beverage website. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Not What It Looks Like: While pushing a donkey from behind in [S2][P4] Clive Barker's Undying, due to the first person perspective, it looks like he's pushing the donkey from his groin to the donkey's... ass. It doesn't help that the donkey sways left and right very rapidly while moving.
    Overthegun: "Yeah keep going. Come on. And no guys. I'm not doing anything suspect to the donkey. Although it might look quite dodgy, it's entirely not dodgy."
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Played straight for a gag and then subverted in [S1][P12] of Braid. When realizing that he could use the puzzle plate as a platform he pretends to be stupid and struggle with the platform oriented the completely wrong way. After a pause to get the reactions from the stream viewers, he decides to tackle the puzzle on seriously, only to have real difficulties even after discovering the trick.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    Alyx: Sorry I took so long Gordon. You look like you could have used some help. I won't leave you again, though.
  • Previously on…: Parodied once:
    Overthegun: "Previously on Shatter Bonus Mode 3..."
    Kashi: "Meow!"
    Overthegun: "And now, the epic conclusion..."
  • The Power Of J-Pop: In HTSF @ Syndicate E1P3, when he enters the Bamboo nightclub, he gets so pumped by the music he can't bring himself to execute the civilians and swears that his aim is getting better after the segment. All this, of course, while making his character dance to the music.
  • Rage Quit:
    • A perfect example of this trope can be seen at the end of the first set (part 5) of his Mega Man 4 HTSF. He takes another shot at it though.
    Overthegun: "Tell you what Mega Man. You can stay on the inventory screen for the rest of my fucking life for all I care. Fuck Mega Man. Done. Hope you enjoy that guys. Catch ya next time. Fuck Mega Man. Fuck off. I've had enough. See ya. Fuck off. Done."
    • Another honorable mention is Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He dies a couple of times in the same spot and gets a game over which has a countdown that starts at 10. When he presses start to continue, it goes to 9 so he thinks he has 9 more continues. He then proceeds to die in the same spot as before and gets kicked to the menu screen. Cluster F-Bomb ensues.
    Overthegun: "Piss off Sonic 2! The only reason you have become tough is by being full of shit and not givin me all me continues. Fuckin' throwin' me into holes at the end just to blaze through a continue and then not givin' me the other nine continues. You suck! Fuck you Sonic 2! Up yours! I'm not goin' through the entire game again! Bollocks! Fuck that!"
    • Defied with SegaSonic the Hedgehog. Although his first try ended up with a Non-Standard Game Over (remember this is an arcade game so he had to start the game all over again) he goes on a huge rant on how he will never play a Sonic game ever again...right before wanting to see the ending and trying again, with less fail.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: An inverted Trope. In his re-fail of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, one part he picks up a Knight Shield which is identical to his current shield in every way in terms of stats, but it has a different sprite and color. When he puts it on, Claire speaks up mentioning that it looks pink, in which he instantly switches back to his old blue and silver shield.
    • Double Subverted with the car in Borderlands. At first he fights over Claire on the colour of the car, him prefering the black car while Claire preferring the pink one. Eventually however, the pink car begins to grow on him, and he doesn't mind.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: A very strange variation occurs in Braid where he seems to have met his match when one of the lowliest of mooks manages to steal his key. Although the Mook obviously doesn't deliver one, Overthegun actually delivers one against himself for the mook. It has to be heard to be believed. (parts 6 and 7 of the first set)
    Overthegun: "He's got me key! He's got me key! How am I supposed to get that off him? How did a goomba steal me key? How did I let that happen? I dunno how to get it back off him. It's only me that could manage to do that. Oh, he's such a cock. I want me key off ya mate but I don't know how I'm gonna do it though. It's okay me saying I want it off of ya but you've got my number 'aven't ya? Look at that. That's not good news. That's a goomba with a look on his face as if to say ' I'm protected by these weird mechanics. I am gonna jump off your head. Not only that, I've got your key. ' He looks quite, quite serious...He dun't look phased by the fact that I'm stood underneath him. He is gonna stomp me face through. This is the first time in 21 years of gaming, that I have been bested by a goomba. A goomba that actually knows it's got the better of me as well. That is fucking unreal right there. He's got my number and he's got his number on his foot up me ass. 'sigh' Fuck."
  • Ret-Gone: On the third part of the seventh episode of his Minecraft HTSF, he finds a third wolf and names him Obelisk. Shortly after, his game crashes and his dog was gone without a trace. He even said he couldn't bury Obelisk because there was nothing to bury and said it was a fate worse than Creepers
  • Retired Badass: Sort of. He was once a well known competitive Quake player back in the day, under the handle of Fuzeon and played with the 4Kings clan.
  • Ring Out: In his Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HTSF, he finished off by exploring Battle Mode. When he reached Claire's boss, it did this to him.
    • Made better by the fact that Soul Calibur V came out around the time he was doing this. OTG even noted the occasion.
    OverTheGun: "OH MY WORD, YOU LAME MOTHERFUCKER! Like I'm to know he can knock me off! I got Ringed Out! It's not Soul Calibur, bro! What the fuck? 'In order to celebrate the release of Soul Calibur, 'cause it's Friday in England so Soul Calibur V came out today. So in order to celebrate the release of Soul Calibur V, I'm going to ring you out.' The fuck?"
  • Running Gag: Barry's rope.
    • "Fuck turrets."
  • Rusty Axe: As he described in Silent Hill 4 its considered "The most loyal melee weapon in any survival horror game" for consistance against enemies to the point of helping him do the majority game without firing a bullet
  • Sanity Slippage: Goes through this during exceptionally difficult platformers. Notable examples are the final levels of Super Meat Boy (although this has less to do with the difficulty and more to due with the reaction he has) and Bloody Trapland, where the little annoyances of the levels cause his commentary to start going in very odd areas (like considering learning about breathing exercises used by women going through labor).
    • Subverted, however, with the final level of Bloody Trapland, where after 1 hour of sanity slippage he actual makes some progress. When he dies, he doesn't act broken like the viewer would expect but utters six simple words. He then refuses to have the level get to him and beats the level after 1 hour of sheer determination.
    Overthegun: "I think I can do it."
  • Sarcasm Mode: Alot of the time. One moment in the Mario 3 HTSF upon beating World 1:
    Overthegun: "It was very difficult to get off that first world. For a minute, I thought I weren't gonna manage it, and then somehow I managed to like really dig deep, and you know- pull some skill out? And we got that wand. I had to concentrate it took...100%, more than 100%! It's not even possible, but I had to do it."
  • Scare Chord: During the 10th part of set 3 of Painkiller, one of his comments was at just the right time with the music:
    Overthegun: "Hmm...a conundrum!"
    (Cue dramatic chord)
  • Schmuck Bait: He always seems to stumble across ways to die that seem incredibly obvious to the viewers of the videos, even if they've never played the game before. One example is in his F.E.A.R 2 playthrough, where he stumbles across an obvious railed out hole, in which a body was just dropped into. It's bloody around the walls, there's no visible means of climbing out of the hole or no general way of escaping, and there are tons of bodies down at the bottom. OTG seemed to think that was a good place to go loot searching. No prizes for guessing what happens to him.
  • Self-Deprecation
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: He is not used to the WASD control configuration, but always plays on that configuration to keep things interesting. His actual preferred control configuration would have him be considered an Improbable Weapon User.
  • Shaped Like Itself: "If it's immune to time rewind,'s immune to being rewound. In time."
  • Shout-Out: Makes quite a few. Getting "Terminator 2'd" in Metal Gear Solid, "Roy Mustanging" in BioShock...
  • Smoking Is Cool: OTG smoked through much of his 'Season 1' HTS Fs but after a while, started to quit smoking actual cigarettes. He still smokes, although it's with his new eCig.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Despite swearing very casually, he still manages to put in some refined vocabulary. Lampshaded by Claire in the Borderlands second set (part 22):
    humbugle: "I always find it funny with you, because you've got this proper like, broad Yorkshire accent and then you say all these know..."LOL" words-"
    Overthegun: "-Archaic."
    humbugle: "...words genereally spoken by proper posh people. So it's like, WTF?"
  • Suspicious Video-Game Generosity: Lampshaded in Half-Life 2,
    Overthegun: "It's fully stocked here in order to make sure you leave the area with full machine gun at least. And full shield and full health. Ominous..."
  • Talking Is a Free Action: Subverted in Xain'd Sleena where he rambles on about the Double Jump mechanics...while the level timer ticks away until it runs out and kills him.
  • Taking the Bullet: During an assassination mission in [PROTOTYPE]:
    Overthegun: "Oh for fuck's sake! It- bloody car tanked for him! Oh that's BOLLOCKS! Everybody's jumping in front of me rockets,man.'Noooo. Not the APC-tank-thing noooo!' Dickheads! "
    • Also happens in Minecraft. Strafe the wolf took a Creeper explosion, keeping it from hitting OTG.
  • Tempting Fate: Every time he "takes a piss" at some point, Hilarity Ensues. EVERY TIME.
    • Yes, OTG. Claim that Swordarm isn't as fast as Beardmouth. You shouldn't regret it one bi- OH *BEEP*, HE'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!
    • When he reached the last level of Cotton Alley in Super Meat Boy, he noted that it looked "surprisingly innocent". And we all know how that turned out.....
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Many times:
    Overthegun: "It's gonna be one of those levels" - While being in world 4 in Braid.
  • Understatement
    Overthegun: "I'm just shit at Mega Man period so this is not going to go well. Not going to go well at all."
    Overthegun: "Is that the motherfucker that saws open fucking dogs with his blunt saws?"
    Overthegun: "Dick!"
  • Unspoken Plan Guarantee: In the 3rd part of Metal Storm, when going through excruciating detail on how he's going to make a jump:
    Overthegun: "And here we go. Right. See, this is how it's gonna go down. [...] And then we're gonna press jump. And then we're gonna angle in to the right. And then we're gonna press up. And we're gonna press jump. And we're gonna land, on that little fucking lego brick sticking out from the side. It is going to happen. *jumps into spike* YOU FUCKING BASTARD!"
  • Viewers Like You: Mostly on his streams. For a specific example, the viewers actually pitched in to purchase a graphics card when it died during his Amnesia: The Dark Descent run. He ended up using it all the way up until April 2016 before replacing it, and is not hesitant of thanking the viewers at the time of this edit.
  • Viva Las Vegas!: Actually had one hell of a 21st almost-birthday experience here, during a tournament trip. The whole story can be heard at the end of hid Dota 2 stream.
  • Who Dares?: Has recently been quite fond of this phrase, especially in his Gears of War 3 HTSF.
  • Wild Mass Guessing: Gone Horribly Wrong, when accusations were being wrongly thrown left and right on who hacked his channel on August 1st 2009. (See April Fools' Day) He needed to make two videos apologizing for the chaos it stirred up.
  • Women Drivers: In Borderlands, Claire (in-game name Humbugle) does little to clear up the stereotype on at least two occasions.
    Overthegun: What have you done to this Claire?
    Overthegun: Fuck this. I'm not even going to attempt to get this fucker unstuck.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: In I Wanna Be The Fangame, after dying from Rattata's quick attack:
    Overthegun: "It's not Pac-Man. It's Pokémon. You can't go from right side of the screen to the left side! It dun't work like that!"
  • Yank the Dog's Chain:
    • Part 13 of Ghouls 'n Ghosts. OTG is struggling hard for the last hour to find a weapon drop to replace his axes (which acts as a Power-Up Letdown for him). He begs for any another weapon and he finally finds chakrams. In less than ONE MINUTE of acquiring the chakrams axes respawn right on top of him. To hammer the point home, he actually manages to get a sword after that incident and he, again, gets axes in less than a minute. He manages to keep some daggers he later finds though.
    • In Serious Sam: The First Encounter, the part 3 of set 2, he spends over ten minutes on a single difficult mob fight. When he finally gets through to beating the mob, he clicks on his second monitor, tries to save his game and realizes that he just saved his game paused with no idea how to unpause it. Cue redoing the mob fight again.
    • In Under Tale, during his Genocide run, he gets to the point in Sans' fight in which he offers to spare you and stop all of the murder. OTG comments on this by saying that it was nice of them to give you this option if you really wanted it... Upon which he presumably takes back when he gets dunked on.
    OTG: That's nice, is that... It's nice how they let you do that if you want.
  • Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe: Absolutely loves Frog from Chrono Trigger due to this trope.
    Overthegun: (imitating Frog) "I am most sorry-eth-ed, Princess-eth. For I have-th failed-eth my mission-eth, and I am most shit-eth. But Lliam-eth, he thinks I'm cool-eth. So I shall return-eth, to the party-eth. At some point-eth. But not quite-eth. Yet-eth." He is. Fucking. AWESOME. Anybody that speaks olde englishe that frequently, that greatly, is fucking cool.
  • You Will Be Spared: Has recently become quite fond of leaving one survivor who will live to "tell the tale of what happened here". What makes this funny is how he uses this phrase to mostly harmless things, like bunny rabbits or lamps (which he just knocks over).

I hope you enjoyed that guys and I'll catch you next time. See ya dudes!