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OMG Kon!, real name Mark Hansen, is an arcade and video game connoisseur from suburban Chicago. His specialty is playing the video game Dance Dance Revolution, though he also has Let's Plays of FPS games like the Call of Duty series.

His most common posts are of his top scores playing DDR. He currently has scored in excess of 1,300 PFC AAA's (Perfect Full Combo) on singles or doubles play at the Expert/Heavy/Maniac and Challenge/Oni difficulty levels from virtually every known version of the game. He's also amassed a number of world records.

In addition to DDR games, he posts unboxings of video game and arcade paraphernalia he has purchased, instructional videos on arcade machine maintenance, and trolling videos showing him playing J-Pop music during FPS games, annoying the living Hell out of his opponents and teammates alike.


He has a website and a Facebook page, though most of his activity is at his YouTube channel.

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