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A review show as presented by CR! (real name: Chad Rocco) formerly on Channel Awesome.

The premise of the show is to give some insight into an under-appreciated or ill known character or series, making it one of very few internet review shows to not run on Accentuate the Negative, though regular reviews pop up on occasion so this does come up every now and then.

Along with Familiar Faces, CR also runs a show called Cheap Damage. In this show CR reviews tabletop games, more specifically ones involving trading cards or collectible pieces. Unlike Familiar Faces, he's a lot less forgiving in these reviews.


Can be found here at his blog and here on YouTube.

This show provides examples of:

  • Accentuate the Negative:
    • Averted for the most part. Even if his subject matter may not have had much positive impression, he usually manages to find a good number of redeeming qualities to balance the negative.
    • Played straight whenever he says anything about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic after its season 2 finale.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: invoked
    • Thinks Goldie Gold is a self-destructive thrill-seeker with horribly skewed priorities.
    • Based on his pony videos, he doesn't think too fondly of Celestia.
  • Acceptable Target: invokedMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its fans, although he's dialed this down considerably, and rarely mentions either of them anymore.
  • April Fools' Day: As an April Fools special, he did a quick review of Cabin Boy while framing it as a forgotten live-action The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack movie.
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  • The Artifact: In recent years, videos directly under the Familiar Faces banner have tended to be more general reviews of obscure entertainment or newly releases shows, no longer leaning into the series' original theme of spotlighting characters.
  • Author Appeal: Sneaks in a Patton Oswalt routine (in video and audio) every now and then, and has reviewed the comedian's work with his "Professor Dementor" and "Super Nerds" episodes.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comparison: When CR compares Lady Gaga with her "Moshi Monsters" counterpart, Lady Goo Goo:
    One is a strange little two dimensional creature that dances around half naked spewing baby talk and is constantly surrounded by outlandish environments and creatures, and the other one's a web cartoon.
  • Beauty = Goodness: Discussed during the crossover with the Nostalgia Critic in the episode featuring Baby Doll. When the Critic heard Killer Croc's Freudian Excuse, he said he shouldn't let his reptilian exterior make him a villain. And brought up Nightcrawler and The Thing as heroic examples. But then Chad brought up that in the DC Universe, all of the superheroes are good looking in contrast to Marvel.
  • Berserk Button:
    • CR does not like the Unusual Euphemisms from the Battletoads comic.
    • Don't show him Gormiti. Seriously, he may burn it.
    • Don't ever say a word about season 3 of MLP: FIM to him.
      • Mentioning MLP's 3rd season may annoy him, but if you really want to see him blow a fuse, try defending it!
  • Briar Patching: Pulls a one over the course of about five Halloween episodes in order to get a copy of the film Rockula. He meddles with supernatural affairs and defeats two supernatural beings throughout it.
  • Big Beautiful Woman:
    • Come up with surprising regularity throughout both his reviews and his work on DeviantArt, Such as his Valentines Day episode on Annabelle from Eek! The Cat, a brief section on Lois's massive weight gain on an episode of Family Guy during a segment in the first Familiar Face-Off, and his "Top 11 Cartoon Moms" video where he includes Lydia.
  • Bigger Is Better: He becomes very excited when he sees an panel of a Ghostbusters comic depicting Janine with large breasts, which the character had lacked in most of her incarnations. He is disappointed to learn that they're fake.
  • Caption Humor: Where most of Episode 8's comedy comes from.
  • The Cast Show Off: You know that title card with a zillion pieces of fan art on it that look like they were cribbed from people's DeviantArt galleries? Well, you're half right. They were all cribbed from one deviantART gallery: his own. In fact, the entire series was a spinoff of a series from his deviantART where he would draw an obscure character in a different style and try to get people to guess who it was. Ironically, he admits that, having spent so much time perfecting the styles of others, he technically never developed his own style.
  • Caustic Critic:
    • Mostly averted. Most episodes are about characters and/or shows he actually likes, and even when they aren't, he tends to take a constructive, analytical tone (like in the "Katie Ka-Boom" episode). Every once in a while, though, he'll unleash his pent-up hostility, like in his Harlem Globetrotters Meet Snow White review.
    • Played for laughs in his "Super Nerds" review, where he debates with another person on the internet (via web chat) about why "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" sucks.
    • He's noticeably more critical in his Cheap Damage reviews, where a lot of the time he looks at poorly-made games. However, most of the time he still discusses redeemable qualities, as the debut episode of Cheap Damage opens with a rant at the over-saturation of Pokémon at the height of its popularity, and the Topps Attax baseball TCG received a scathing review from CR, explaining that the idea of a baseball-themed card game based on real-life players was a good idea, but the product failed on almost every aspect. Since then, Topps became a major target for criticism on the show.
    • He hates pretty much every episode of Friendship is Magic from the 2nd season finale onwards (and later the series in general).
  • Critical Backlash: In his Big Bertha review, he becomes possibly the first reviewer in history to actually DEFEND the Super Mario Bros. film!
  • Crossover: With The Nostalgia Critic in an overview of the character Baby Doll from Batman: The Animated Series. Noteworthy is that this the first time CR's appeared on screen.
  • Cute Glasses Boy: CR himself.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Ever so briefly in his "Super Nerds" review at the infamous "Booty Quake" scene from Sym-Bionic Titan. Then there is the butt shot in Animalympics.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point: In their crossover, CR tries to kindly install the aesop to Critic that he shouldn't be obsessively paranoid about having his job taken away, but the Critic doesn't get it. This comes back to bite him.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: CR points out his third reason for not liking Katie Kaboom from Animaniacs: "This is NOT funny. This is a family being brutally terrorized by a monster. This isn't charming or whimsical. This is ABUSE!!!"
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The show is at times essentially a gallery of these, to CR anyway.
  • The Faceless: For the first 35 episodes of the series, CR went without actually showing his face. This made him stand out like a sore thumb among the very camera-happy contributors on TGWTG. (Ironically, this meant that Familiar Faces was hosted by someone whose own face was not familiar to us). However, starting with his Crossover episode featuring the NC, he had his face forcefully revealed and it has remained as such ever since.
  • Fan Nickname: In-Universe, He calls the ghost trap from Extreme Ghostbusters the bland mine.
  • Gainaxing / Gag Boobs: Princess Melony from his "Simpsons Live" video, one of the several characters he made to showcase the potential of live 2D motion-capture animated avatars. She has over 2,000,000 subscribers and plays mostly games with motion controls.
  • Goth: Debunks the stereotype of the moody goth in his "Anne Gwish" review, saying that goths are plenty social and that a goth is really no different from other forms of personal expression.
  • Guilty Pleasure / Love to Hate: invoked His overall opinion on Mare Do Well.
  • Heroic BSoD: On viewing the clip of My Little Pony Newborns in part one of his retrospective on the series, he is visibly horrified. Whether it's by the appalling quality, the complete lack of substance, the poor voice acting or all of the above, his only response is to quietly turn the video off and say he needs to go lie down. This is after he actually managed to defend some of the earlier series.
  • Hypocritical Humor: During his "Super Nerds" review.
    CR: All right there's being a nerd and then there's being socially inept. I mean, there's no way a normal person would ever yell at anyone about something that doesn't even matter. (cut him having an angry argument over web chat about recent episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • I Minored in Tropology: Of a sort. In this "Rushuna Tendo" video he stated that he got an A on a college course on the history of anime and manga.
  • Incredibly Obvious Bug: I knew that fruit basket looked suspicious.
  • In Name Only: Aside from the use of cars, he only manages to find one incredibly vague connection between Pole Position the game and Pole Position the TV show.
  • Men Don't Cry: During the crossover with The Nostalgia Critic reviewing Baby Doll of Batman: The Animated Series, both were left with quivering lips at the Tear Jerker ending of her first episode. Then CR coughs, and Critic says "makes you, want to lift weights".
  • Merchandise-Driven:
  • Mr. Fanservice: When his face was finally revealed, a few commenters stated how good looking they thought he was.
  • Ms. Fanservice: His drawings of female characters usually pay more attention to some, uh, areas.
  • Musical Episode: Episode 8 sorta
  • My Sister Is Off-Limits!: CR, don't hit on The Elephant in the Living Room's sister.
  • Narm Charm/So Bad, It's Good:invokedCR has shown somewhat of a soft spot for over-the-top cheesy films like Super Mario Bros., Rockula and The Man With Bogart's Face.
  • Nice Guy:
    • When the Critic does his usual flailing Psychopathic Manchild thing about someone else going into his territory, CR is the only one who actually asks what's actually wrong.
    • Averted when it involves My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. In fact, his Nice Guy demeanor compared to his loathing of the series is probably what strengthened the controversy.
  • Needs More Love: For Chad, many of the featured characters.
  • Never Trust a Title: His "Top 11 Cartoon Moms" list, should have been called "Top 11 Hottest Cartoon Moms" because their attractiveness is all he rated them on.
  • Overly Long Gag: After complaining that Anna Klump from The Nutty Professor got so little character development, CR offers a wide series of questions for her. The answer is always, "Hercules, Hercules!" Then he asks what her favorite Disney movie is, and she answers "Bambi."
  • Perverse Sexual Lust: It would be quite a task to list every single character CR finds attractive. Even the Green M&M catches his eye. After pointing this out, he proceeds to give a very detailed explanation as to why there's nothing wrong feeling sexual desire for fictional characters, no matter how bizarre.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games:invoked He showed extreme worry after seeing early screenshots of the Ghostbusters game. Later finding out that this was the Wii version, upon seeing the actual screenshots for the other consoles, he decided he didn't even care if the games themselves sucked.
    • Ironically, in the Episode 1 commentary, he admitted that he ended up liking the Wii version better.


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