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EmperorLemon (currently known as EmpLemon), real name Aaron Lemos (born February 8, 1998 in Gainesville, Florida), is a YouTuber who became famous through making YouTube Poops for all to enjoy. His preferred sources included but were not limited to SpongeBob SquarePants and King of the Hill. Some of his videos have been criticized because of 9/11 jokes and jokes that could be considered "racist", but if that's not okay to joke about, what is?

It is to be noted that he left a mildly popular group of the YTP community in 2013 (and in so doing, urged more to do the same) because of said group's announcement span (sometimes new announcements every five seconds, which would in turn cause EmperorLemon's video editing software to crash).

In 2016, Emp entered a self-embraced "downward spiral". Instead of making YTPs, he instead made rants and video essays (edited with a YouTube Poop style) reporting how broken YouTube has become as a website and creative platform. He made his retirement from Youtube Poops formal in 2020 in the wake of copyright and community guidelines crackdowns making them too much of a liability.

Since 2017, he has been gradually moving away from the "downward spiral" aesthetic and his videos now resemble documentaries more than YTPs. He has started 2 new series since then - YouTube Geographic, where he explores odd incidents in YouTube's history, and Never Ever, where he talks about the historical and cultural impact of certain figures or pieces of media. He is also well-known for his videos on NASCAR.

Famous YouTube Poops

And many more...

This creator's works show examples of...

  • Actor Allusion: Both of the The UNcredibles videos have Frozone saying lines from Jules Winnfield (as well as from Neville Flynn in the first one).
  • An Aesop:
    • From There Will Never Ever Be Another Cartoon Like Spongebob Squarepants, as long as you're a responsible member of society who can pull your own weight, there's nothing wrong with a little childishness and imagination.
    • The Jimmy Kimmel Represents Everything Wrong in American Entertainment video makes has a clear message that if people want to get into political movements, one should focus on the bigger problems and not just on small rants and complaints. Emp also stresses that one should be truthful over their actions and such and not just pander to the bigger demographic.
    • The point of From Why You Should Like Dislikes is that, as much as it can suck having a video you’ve made be disliked to hell and back, dislikes are an important part of growing as a YouTuber, and learning to respond to dislikes in a healthy way will help you to become more successful on YouTube.
    • TALLADEGA: Nascar's Most Feared Track states that the endless pursuit for perfection and conquest always comes at a cost, juxtaposing America's "manifest destiny" and its countless atrocities over the tribes they subjugated, and the curse of Talladega supposedly brought upon by a Native American shaman among other things.
  • April Fools' Day: Emplemon has been celebrating this day each year since 2014:
    • "InSHREKtion" came out April Fool's 2014. It appeared to be a YTP that was teased at with a Real Trailer, Fake Movie in "Hank Hill's Airport Apocalypse", but upon watching, was the infamous Rickroll tinted green and with images of Shrek...that is, until a minute in, where a skit-based YTP starts.
    • In 2015, it was "The Poop of Richard Nixon", which from the thumbnail seems like a Futurama poop. Instead, it's around 13:37 minutes long and is just a black screen before going to credits in the last few seconds - which claim to using "The Ballad of Richard Nixon" by John Denver. The video claims to have a hidden frame that has the release date for Deep Frying Nemo ... except said frame is just 53-18-00-8, or "boobies".
    • In 2016, it was a video entitled YouTube Poop: The EXcredibles, seeming like a 3rd Uncredibles video. What follows is every possible "SuS" joke in the movie.
    • In 2017, he made a video called "Squilliam Returns Edited: Chad Warden Returns", a poorly-made video based on the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Squilliam Returns" (it referenced "SpongeBob Edited" videos, which were the most popular kind of edit-based videos before YouTube Poop came about).
    • In 2018, it was a scathing parody of scathingly negative YouTube critics named "The Problem with the Teletubbies REBOOT Explained and Here's Why [RANT]".
  • April Fools' Plot: In "The Spingebill Collection", SpongeBob poisons a fish's drink because of April Fool's. At the end of the episode, said fish is revealed to have survived the posion, and comes back with a literal bang, and attempts to kill Spongebob with a pistol. It doesn't work, because Spongebob is made of a spongy material which adsorbs the bullets, and proceeds to eject said bullets from his holes into the body of the fish, killing him.
  • Arc Symbol: All together now, DOWNWARD SPIRAL.
  • Arc Words:
    • "It's Never Ogre."
  • Artistic License – History: Hank Hill's Airport Apocalypse has a skit called "Unidentified Flying Obstruction", a parody of 1920's movies (even being dated in the 1920's). Part of the story involves the Space Needle...except it didn't exist until 1961.
  • Atomic F-Bomb: A literal one gets dropped in "Steve Martin's Wonderful Thanksgiving".
  • Big Bad: None other than Emperor Palpatine, whose threat with the Death Star II makes Ackbar summon all the characters of past YTP's for a great battle.
  • Bohemian Parody: The song is briefly used to emphasize the giant car pile in "Lightning McQueer and the Quest for Tires".
  • Black Comedy: Happens in a lot of poops, including the infamous 9-11 joke in one of his first poops.
  • Blatant Lies: In The Krusty Krustacean's Kantankerous Kommercial, at one point, a voice says it's four o clock in the morning, while a time card clearly displays 3:28 AM.
  • Brick Joke:
    • Lightning McQueer has a trailer taking off into space. In one of the endings, the same trailer can be seen in the sky, flying along with Ric Flair.
    • In Hank Hill's Airport Apocalypse, Peggy says that she's been making her brown betty every year from 1976 until 1796. These are the dates listed in Bobby's tombstone.
  • Chekhov's Gag: As revealed in his State Of The YouTube podcast, the reason the Simpsons are green is (because Viacom will have more trouble finding it, and so far, it's worked perfectly.)
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Takes Steve Martin's rant in Planes Trainsand Automobiles up to eleven in "Steve Martin's Wonderful Thanksgiving"
  • Continuity Porn: "Admiral Ackbar's Traptastic Sextravaganza (Episode 3)" in which Ackbar travels through all of the source material that Lemon has previously pooped in order to recruit their characters to help him fight the Death Star II.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Some people have interpreted the Downward Spiral meme as this for Emp.
  • Downer Ending: Hank Hill's Airport Apocalypse. Right of the bat, considering the canon episode it's unlikely that they'll make it to Montana. But then Hank, Peggy, and Bobby end up trapped on The Magic Schoolbus, along with everyone from the airport who boarded it.
  • Fan Vid: Made one setting SpongeBob SquarePants to THAT part of "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Hardware Store". And yes, there is a clip for every single item.
  • Gainax Ending: Quite common in EmperorLemon's YTPs (and YTPs in general), but one that sticks out is Lightning McQueen's ending in Lightning McQueer and the Quest for Tires: He tries to turn back time to prevent Captain Falcon from sneaking up on him and winning, but all this does is cause a time paradox because he wouldn't have had a reason to turn back time if he had won in the first place.
  • Gamebooks: 'The Krusty Krustacean's Kantankerous Kommercial'' has a bit where you can choose what song SpongeBob will sing. Your options are "What is Love", "Chocolate Rain" (which will be interrupted by the chocolate fish), "No Worries" (actually just Lemon doing a bad beatbox) and "Dropping Around in a Fancy Car"
  • Growing with the Audience: Specifically identified as a reason for SpongeBob's enormous lasting appeal, where SpongeBob's childlike innocence and relentless idealism appeal to viewers as kids, while Squidward's cynicism and morose outlook strongly resonate with jaded adult viewers. Lemon goes on to suggest that the clash between their differing worldviews is what makes some of the series' greatest and most iconic episodes so good.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Documents the Viacom vs. YouTube lawsuit and that this was the reason Viacom ultimately lost; they put up their own footage on YouTube disguised as pirated videos in a guerrilla marketing campaign that made it so they could never tell what videos were actual stolen footage and which were put up by Viacom, giving YouTube the perfect excuse for being unable to deal with the copyright infringers.
  • In Memoriam: Parodied in Lightning McQueer and the Quest for Tires, which is dedicated to Lemon's wallet, which he lost at Disney World.
  • Massively Multiplayer Crossover: Admiral Ackbar's Traptastic Sextravaganza, especially Episode 3.
  • Milestone Celebration: "Admiral Ackbar's Traptastic Sextravaganza (Episode 3)" made to celebrate reaching 100,000 subscribers.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Cookie Monster's speech in "InSHREKtion".
  • Shout-Out:
    • Also sprach Zarathustra:
      • When SpongeBob launches two patties into space in "The Krusty Krustacean's Kantankerous Kommercial".
      • During The King's ending in "Lightning McQueer and the Quest for Tires", representing the fact he's supposed to be Ric Flair.
    • "NWO | YTP", of course, takes heavy inspiration from the New World Order.
    • His 2016 April Fools video, "YouTube Poop: The EXcredibles", is based on an actual Easter Egg on The Incredibles' DVD release, which showed a montage of every door, button and explosion in the movie.
  • Take That!:
  • Take That, Audience!:
  • Unreliable Narrator: Namedropped in Operation Red Herring, when describing Matt Watson's duplicitous behavior used in orchestrating the #YoutubeWakeUp controversy.
  • Viewers Are Morons: Subscribes to the "Normie vs. Outsider" theory of viewership, where the vast majority of viewers have similar interests and critical capacities, and that the most popular YouTube channels exploit this by making large amounts of unsaturated content to rake in loads of money. He finds this especially true since the vast majority of YouTube watchers are also children.



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