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Geibuchan is a YouTube user who specializes in Youtube Poop and is notable for producing The Kings Epic Adventure, a series of videos starring King Harkinian from The Legend Of Zelda CDI Games that itself is notable for its well-done visual effects. His style bridges the gap between loud repetition-based humor and incredibly detailed gags and cinematic sequences.

Other notable videos include:

Has an alternate account that can be found here.

Geibuchan's videos contain examples of:

  • Author Appeal: Azumanga Daioh, most notably.
  • Baleful Polymorph: In "Ddede Invisible Touch'es Dr. robit", Osaka is zapped by a laser and is turned into a sock. She's back to normal less than ten seconds later.
    Osaka: And just like that, before I knew it, I was a sock.
  • Christmas Episode: The Turtle Christmas poops, obviously. Subverted with "Splinter Becomes REEALLY Late To His Own Christmas Turtles Party", which was uploaded in July, as well as "Geibuchan Christmas Bash 08 - Must Be Santa", which was uploaded in January (a comment on the video jokes that Geibuchan didn't want to be late for Christmas again so he uploaded this video 11 months early).
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  • Cold Turkeys Are Everywhere: At one point in "Ddede Invisible Touch'es Dr. robit," Dedede decides not to eat anymore of those chips. Then, Ed and Eddy keep talking about chips or otherwise using the word "chip" around him, and he gives in.
  • Gainax Ending: The ending of the first segment of "Splinter Becomes REEALLY Late To His Own Christmas Turtles Party": The turtles finally get a gift for Splinter, which turns out to be a plush Goofy mask that comes to life and begins laughing in an increasingly high-pitched voice before growing to an enormous size and apparently crushing everyone.
  • Here We Go Again!: Near the end of the Kirby segment in Ddede Invisible Touch'es Dr robit innapropriately because toNIGHT TONIGHT TONIIIGHT OHOOO, Dedede returns to his regular size, only for the whole fiasco to start again because he finds another bag of chips.
  • I Am A Humanitarian: "We'll eat Chiyo-chan!"
  • Insistent Terminology: In "GENIE SHARES A BOUNTIFUL UNBIRTHDAY BANQUET AT ALADDIN'S RESTAURANT", Estelle keeps claiming that the potato soup she served to Josh's parents isn't "coffee", its "potato soup." Which is ironic as in the original skit, Estelle insists that it wasn't "potato soup", it was called vichyssoise.
  • Makes Just as Much Sense in Context: This being Youtube Poop, a lot of the things that happen can fall under this. At one point in one video, Yomi turns into Big The Cat for no reason and is back to normal next time she shows up.
  • Off-Model: Geibuchan makes sure you know whenever characters in Azumanga Daioh are drawn strangely, looping and amplifying each offending frame.
  • Overly Long Gag: "I'm going to journey twelve thousand kilometers all by myself in search of a real cat." (Cue Sakaki wandering around for nearly an entire minute)
    • Pacman's pet Chomp-Chomp swimming around in his flooded bathroom for over a minute.
    • A cackling Ed and Eddy sneaking quietly through a seemingly endless series of doors.
    • "Shakin' and quakin' and shakin' and quakin' and shakin' and quakin' and..."
      • Which is later replaced by "Escargoon? ESCARGOON?"
  • Running Gag: Characters flying off-screen getting KO'd Super Smash Bros. style, "PAC MAN!", and "This is a wrench!". Many segments of videos have their own self-contained running gags as well. (Such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inability to get a gift for Splinter in the Turtles Christmas Party vids and "Flying saucers, phooey!", "Flying saucers, aliens!" and Shorty's footsteps in "IOU A YTP"'s Quack Pack segment.)
  • Sensory Abuse: Wouldn't be Youtube Poop without it. For instance...
  • Shout-Out: Bubsy's appearance in a Youtube Poop made by Stuart K Reilly that featured Azumanga Daioh is alluded to when the bobcat suddenly shows up in "Ddede Invisible Touch'es Dr robit".
  • Straight Gay: The Turtles are implied to be this.
    We're the Turtles and we're gay for you!
  • They Killed Kenny Again: Characters who get killed rarely stay dead, though there are exceptions, such as Bubsy in "Ddede Invisible Touch'es Dr. robit
  • Troubled Production: Happens with a lot of Geibuchan's longer flashpoops, some of which still haven't been released years after their announcement (such as Allison Won Derland 5). Now that he has a full-time job, videos take even longer to make.
    • "IOU A YTP" took five months to make, as opposed to the usual 1-2 months. This was due to the first five minutes of the project being lost to corruption, forcing Geibuchan to remake the entire segment from memory, as well as troubles involving Norton Antivirus slowing his computer to a crawl.
  • A Weighty Aesop: In the second half of "King K. Rool Files A Complaint At Super Disney Land 3", Tomo announces that she is going to eat ''everything'', and proceeds to consume a vast quantity of junk food. She makes fun of Yomi for not being able to do this without gaining weight, and praises herself for her inability to do so - until Yomi fires back with "You idiot! Everyone gains weight!" The rest of the cast then shows her what she would look like after gaining weight by showing her some weight gain fetish art of herself on DeviantArt. Afterwards, she vehemently refusesto eat anything people offer her until eventually flipping out after Yukari offers her a sweet bun.

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