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Every fiction ever created was written by a Time Lord.

Every fiction is a spinoff of Real Life.
Come on, all of the writers who have created fiction are present in Real Life.

For more in-depth coverage: Real Life consists mostly of a singular character who is first introduced with a definite name, then learns his skills first in the homeland, then explores different locations in the world, and the plot becomes more and more complex as he progresses into the climax. We might see it as the ordinary human life cycle, but this forms the basis for all fiction that were created.


Witch Hunter Robin and Pain Killer Jane take place in the same world.
One just uses magic terms for the Mutants With Unique Special Powers, and the other uses technobabble.
  • And both are set in one of the X-Men 'verses prior to mutants becoming known to the general public. Probably either the movie verse, or Evolution.

And of course, every fictional universe takes place in an interconnected world inside of the mind of an autistic boy named Tommy Westphall who likes snowglobes.
  • See: St. Elsewhere.
  • Thus, Tommy is Mr. Bun.
  • Alternately, Tommy wasn't autistic at all, and we have a lot to expect from him once the current WGA strike ends.
  • Tommy is actually the estranged love child of Haruhi Suzumiya and Shinji Ikari.
  • Or maybe Tommy isn't autistic, but rather... psychic and just overwhelmed by all the multiverse's unfiltered input.
  • Which explains the random snowglobe moments in Psych, Burn Notice, Heroes... there must be more...
    • Um, Citizen Kane?!
      • No, his name is Tommy Walker, and he's not autistic. He's deaf, dumb, and blind, and he sure plays a mean pinball.
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  • Of course, nobody likes the more boring explanation that only St. Elsewhere was in Tommy's imagination (if that), and the rest were TV shows he integrated into his imaginings.

Toy Story, Toy Story 2, A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc, and Finding Nemo are all fictional stories performed by Animated Actors living in a Mouse World on the fringe of Honey I Shrunk The Kids and Home Improvement.

The mass of crossovers, ShoutOuts, and Recursive Canon between all five films (there's a decent list here) means that what we saw was, at best, Based on a True Story: The size discrepancies between the various films are the result of Wayne Szalinski's shrink / growth ray. And a Binford toolbox appears in Toy Story.

  • Cars is in a completely separate 'verse, hence the presence of the films Toy Car Story, A VW Bug's Life, and Monster Trucks, Inc in that 'verse. (Doc Hudson's and Luigi's "cameos" in The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, respectively, are actually non-anthropomorphic cars of the same make and model. Because Doc Hudson or Luigi outside their universe of anthropomorphic cars is madness! Madness!)

There is one character that exists in all works of fiction.
Not as a sterotype, his is one of the characters in the background. He might not be in any of the scenes, but rest assured, for he is there.
  • He is, of course, a Time Lord in Purgatory.
  • One theory is that said character is none other than Emmitt Nervend, aka., that weird old man with the big teeth and bulging eyes that shows up in the background of every Freakazoid! episode. Many other theories abound, though...
  • If you are a pantheist, God permeates the entire multiverse and is therefore is present in EVERY story. Whether or not he is responsible for any of the events in the story is for theologians to decide.
  • Wait, I thought it was Jenny Everywhere.
  • It's Altaïr, he killed everyone in all fiction, so he must be in all fiction.
  • There's a Tedd in every universe.

Building on the above theory: not only there is a character who is in all works on fiction, he's the driving force behind the plot.
The character is an immortal, universe-hopping genius, who is also a master of stealth, disguise and camouflage. All so that he can spy on the main characters 24 hours a day and help them to reach the ending that is fated for them. All the unlikely coincidences which drive the plot forward are orchestrated by him. All the vital items found in unlikely places have been placed there by him. When the heroes manage to escape from jail by outwitting the stupid guards, they better thank this character for earlier slipping of laxative into the lunch of the elite, intelligent guards who were supposed to be on guard that day.
  • This character is, in fact, Emmitt Nervend (see above theory). He has chosen to publicly show himself, of all things, inside a silly cartoon, to make sure that no one will seriously consider his involvement into anything else. "Nervend" is obviously just a corruption of his real name, which is Neverend (which signifies his neverending quest to bring all works of fiction to the closure that's meant for them).
  • Also, he is in all scenes, only he's usually disguised as an insignificant background character or is standing just Behind the Black.
  • The answer is clear. It's Vetinari, who may or may not be Xanatos himself.
  • Actually, the mysterious fella's intentions are entirely different. In a thousand different worlds, he surreptitiously follows all the interesting people around and records their adventures, so that later he can publish them as "fiction" under the guise of an "author" persona.

The Drawn Together episode "A Tale of Two Cows" shows that the series exists in the same universe as the following:
Thus extending Group 2 even further.
  • Or possibly, given how many cameos they make in other episodes, the Drawn Together world is the "hub" of every movie and TV show ever made. The housemates are probably Evil Twins of their prototypes, who also exist there (at least Ariel does, alongside Clara).

If Beowulf and Batman ever meet, the entire universe will explode:
"I am Beowulf."

"I'm Batman."

"I am Beowulf."

"I'm Batman."


* universe commits suicide*

The island from Lost is where the Earth is finalising the Ultimate Question Of Life The Universe and Everything

Over its running time, the Earth has worked back from the Ultimate Answer of 42, to get the five Ultimate Intermediate Steps of 23, 16, 15, 8 and 4. Just a few more calculations are required to get the Ultimate Question right. It has been said that if both the Question and the Answer are known it will cause the Universe to disappear and be replaced by something much stranger - the proximity of the Answer to a preliminary version of the Question is causing that to happen on a smaller scale, leading to all the tropical polar bears, smoke monsters and Epileptic Trees.

  • This is simply brilliant. The final season of the series is obviously after the Vogons destroy it. The passing of the leader of the island to the next is actually simply allowing the hyper-itelligent, pan-dimentional being to inhabit another form. The island was built by the computer to keep the Golgafrinchams away from the main program matrix. This needs to be moved to the Wild Mass Guessing for both stories.
  • Add the first three and subtract the last two.

Everything this web site tells you is true.

In 2012, Law & Order will be invaded by aliens.
It's simple, really. All the L&O series explicitly take place in the same world. John Munch also exists in Homicide: Life on the Street, Arrested Development, The Beat, The Wire, and The X-Files. These are, implicitly, the same universe. Now, in The X-Files, aliens are scheduled to take over the world on December 22nd, 2012. And we know that Law And Order is still going to be on the air in 2012. (This theory disregards the Tommy Westphall theory, but if you include it then the picture becomes more bleak)
  • Alternatively, the "X-Files" John Munch could be a parallel universe version of the "Homicide" John Munch. As long as the aliens don't develop "Sliders" technology, Jack McCoy and Ed Green should be pretty safe.

Little Orphan Annie is a lost member of the Hyuuga clan.
  • This would explain her permanant Blank White Eyes. The reason why she's never accessed her Byakugan powers is that nobody ever told her they exist; but at some point she'll find her true past- will she choose to continue with the life of a New York heiress with Daddy Warbucks, or move to Konoha to embark on the more Spartan but infinitely more exciting path of the shinobi?

TV Tropes has/will have influence over reality.
Consider this: This Wiki is a hu-frickin'-mongous almagamation of lit-geeks and potential writers. Eventually, at least ONE of us will become notable. This means influencing other authors. Which means influencing genres, perhaps. This, of course, will lead to an infinite loop of tropes, meaning that we will always gain more and more Tropes, which means more Tropers. Eventually, more authors will arise. Eventually, a small troper-author army shall descend upon the literary world, deciding which concepts stay or go. Of course, by this point, we will explicitly be part of the pan-Fictional cabal. Eventually, more members of the Cabal shall arise, as there is more fiction. Eventually, the TvTropes wiki will expand over the world, and possibly the Universe, granting us, and the Cabal, possibly ultimate power.

  • Once every trope is catalogued, the work of the universe will be complete and the stars will all go out. Due to the distributed processing power of the TV Tropes hivemind, the tropes are being recorded at an increased rate.

All Tropes form a very, very convoluted ultimate answer.
When every single trope that could conceivably exist is catalogued, enough time would've passed that we would know the question, because there are a lot of tropes out there. As a result, the multiverse will end and be replaced by something much weirder. This will continue forever, because TvTropes is the meaning of life.
  • Actually, given the constantly changing nature of societies, TV Tropes will never be complete. New tropes will need to be catalogued. This will ensure the continuation of the universe, because as we all know, the writing of tropes generates heat, which will stave off the heat-death of the multiverse.

Anonymous and Unknown Troper are the same people.
As well as every being who has ever lived, real or "fictional".
  • By contrast, "Uknown Troper" is a defective prototype.
    • All nameless entities are the same person. When or if a person abandons their name, in most cases during this thing we call "death", they become that person. He is the Hive Mind, the legion, the Instrumentality, the Afterlife, the Man Behind The Curtain. He is..the Id, the true form of humanity, the inner chaos of primal desiring energy that we sought to repress to prevent future generations from going mad from the revelation and maintain an illusion of order.

Good Omens and Dogma take place in the same universe.
When Hell, speaking to Crowley over the radio, informs him of there being far worse punishments than damnation, they mean banishment to Wisconsin. Also, the Metatron was only using the form of a blank golden statue in Good Omens as he was on official divine business (which also explains why he couldn't show any emotion), whereas in Dogma, he was on a mission of his own.
  • And Aziraphale gets around the angels' prohibition on drinking how? It's pretty clear that he goes and gets sloshed with Crowley on a fairly regular basis. Besides, it's sort of implied that God was behind the whole Almostageddon thing, and also that the Metatron isn't sure about getting on with it—surely if he had divine backing, he wouldn't have been as easily swayed by Adam?
    • Aziraphale has been on earth for the last 6000+ years, and the prhibition was made, what after the Fall of Man? And he's been hanging out with a demon for most of the last 6000 years, having done occasional acts of evil assigned to Crowley in exchange for Crowley occasionally doing his Good assignments. Don't tell me that's not heresy. Anyway, sounds like a simple "Never found out, never want to" excuse, and it's part of God's oh-so-Ineffable plan that Aziraphale not be smote. Why should he care anyway? Aziraphale has gotten drunk what, twice since the invention of alcohol, and always Insta-Sobers(AΩ) before going anywhere, instead of going up to heaven to start things like Barnaby and Loki. He gets around the whole "If God is proven wrong, the World Ends" bit by not actually having said "No angels may drink." He probably said "You(plural) are forbidden from consumption of alcohol," and let Metatron translte that as he felt necessary. The only ones who would be wracked by the pain of a thousand suns would be Bartleby, Loki, and Metatron, because God has repeatedly been shown to have a sick sense of humor. As well as a passion for skee-ball, nearly letting the world end, and ineffability. Don't take this away from us, 'kay?

Alex from A Clockwork Orange fathered at least two daughters in his constant sexual activity.
These are:
  • Gogo from Kill Bill (whose mother, traumatized after being raped by Alex, taught her to despise the touch of men.)
  • Nikita from the movie of La Femme Nikita (note her wild dances to classical music while covered in the blood of people she beats.)
    • He may also have fathered Badger from Firefly, but we will never know.

2001: A Space Odyssey takes place in the same universe as Halo.
  • HAL is exactly the same kind of AI as Cortana, but can't project a hologram because they didn't have the tech back then. The UV failsafe for smart AI was installed because of the Discovery incedent - the astronauts all died because there was no way to cut the higher brain functions of HAL easily, quickly, and remotely after he went Rampant. This is also why smart AI are not used when a dumb AI will work just as well.
  • Also, the monolith is another Forerunner creation.

This universe is one giant crossover

Every single one of us is actually from an alternate dimension where we are the hero/heroine/villain, and absolutely no-one else from our dimension is here. The people that we just "click" with just remind us of someone close to us from our home dimension. Likewise, the people that we just innately hate remind us of the villains of our dimension, and TV Tropes is the more proactive Jumped at the Call protagonists trying to make some sense of this crossover.

All works that we see as "fiction" are actually their creator's way of retelling the story of their dimension, with series' in multiple universes (like Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem) being the attempts to tell the stories of other members of the dev teams, as are multiple series' from the same company. Furthermore, any crossover "fiction" is an attempt at creating the apocalypse- once this giant web of dimensions becomes too intertwined, it will collapse on itself, causing the end of all life.

  • This explains most of my dreams distressingly well...

Based on looks and personality the following characters are related
  • Heero Yuy is decended from Sousuke Sagara, who is in turn descended from Sanosuke Sagara (although this is based mainly on name and pain threshold).
  • Look at G Gundam's Domon and Rain. Now look at Code Geass's Kallen Kouzuki. Now, I could ignore the looks, but when the possible offspring in question is also mech pilot who uses an open handed one-shot move, I can't help but draw a conclusion.

Every living being that has ever existed is the same time-traveling shapeshifter.
Conveniently, that makes 99% of the entries to this WMG completely true.
  • Wait, but that means...

Every living being that has ever existed is a Time Lord
Which doesn't mean what you'd think at first. No, every individual being is not their own Time Lord. That would be impractical. Rather, every living being, combined, is a single Time Lord. The Universe and Imagination is the TARDIS for the Time Lord (infinitely large yet with a visibly finite space, do some research on our recent knowledge of the Universe), and collectively being reborn as a younger and younger version of itself forever. Ultimately, it will last for exactly one eternity as time loops around itself and the Time Lord is born again.
  • Adam Kadmon, anyone?
  • The Instrumentality will happen if all beings real or fictional finds out they are the same Time Lord. With these WMG s thrown in, we can see what actually happened in Eva: The Instrumentality involves the fusion of Adam and Lilith (the recreation of Adam Kadmon, to add an earlier assumption), creating a time-traveling shapeshifter (Giant Naked Rei, who sent soul-collecting Rei around time and space, hence the Reis at the very beginning and the end), which then assimilates the souls of all beings into a single entity, the primordial Time Lord of this WMG. However, a new body for the Time Lord must be chosen as an ark which will wander the universe as a Time Lord forever, and that one happens to be Yui / Eva 01.

Anti-Scientology group Anonymous is related to Anonymous
  • This is actually true. Anonymous originated on 4chan's /b/ board, the most popular of the boards there. The posters on there all have the default name of Anonymous, and within time, jokes began to form that referred to Anonymous as one person, or as a whole. Then, the raids began, like the ones on Habbo Hotel and Gaia. It was around this time that the users started thinking of themselves as more than just as bunch of trolls from an imageboard, and more of an organization of trolls dedicated to destroying whatever they didn't like. The concept of Anonymous grew, spilling over into other forums, like SA. Eventually, Anonymous shifted from solely trolling sites they didn't like to trolling sites they had an honest objection to. From there, they decided, finally, to take on Scientolotgy. They gained mass media coverage and became known, officially, as Anonymous, though as more of a separate entity from the original 4chan users. It was during the beginning days of Project Chanology that Anonymous started leaving 4chan- many users of /b/, which had been their main base until now, could do without all the "moralfags" and wanted to get back to posting furry porn and goatse. Project Chanology lives on at various other sites and wikis, and the name Anonymous has come to be associated with Scientology. Except on 4chan, where's it's used as it once was- for jokes and small-time raids. So there you have it- the history of Anonymous, as told by someone who witnessed it all.
  • They share the same name, people! It's a sign that, yes indeed Tropers, that worldwide, Internet-based resistance to Scientology was created by none other than the originators of LOLcats!! And 4chan was created by none other than Something Awful! This is big, people. Big.
    • Please step off the couch, Mr. Cruise.

All instances of Theme Music Power-Up are directly caused by the Ouendan or the Elite Beat Agents

OK, this one's a gimmie, but still...

Plank from Ed, Edd n Eddy is a distant relative of Stump from The Angry Beavers
They're both wooden objects with descriptive names and crookedly smiling faces, though Plank's is drawn on rather than being knots in the wood. And both are apparently animate and highly intelligent, though you never see them moving around onscreen.
  • And their presence facilitates the Snap Backs at the end of each episode. This is commonly known as Plank's Constant.
  • Also, their common ancestor is the Log Lady's log from David Lynch's Twin Peaks.
  • They are all members of a Ninja clan, which includes every single Ninja Log.

Every theory made dealing with fiction in any media is false.
Fiction, by definition, is false. Therefore, all aspects of fiction are false.
  • Theory: No one is Haruhi Suzumiya. Therefore, given the above, at least one person is Haruhi Suzumiya. Q.E.D.
    • Correction: no one is Haruhi Suzumiya. Therefore, everyone is Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • This theory runs up against the problem that it is also a theory dealing with fiction, resulting in a somewhat clichéd paradox.

Every tropes used in the history of mankind (or aliens) are perpretrated by mezzacotta
Dude, just look at the date! 9 trillion years before the universe is born, it's gotta include every tropes used in ALL fictions!

Broly the Legendary Super-Saiyan and Anubis from the Yu-Gi-Oh movie are the same person. Or: the Grand Unifying Guess for All Unusually Popular Non-4Kids Dubbed Anime (a hot-line suspense comedy)
Seriously, slap some tanning cream on him, add a gold skirt and the eye symbol to his necklace, and most people couldn't tell the difference. The DBZ earth is a long time ago in a galaxy some arbitrary distance away, long enough ago that their present allows intergalactic travel before our ancient Egypt. Later, the Duel Monsters game was remade for kids in the form of chibi-kawaii-fun-fun-monsaturuzu (pohkaymahnz for short), mostly utilizing Synchro cards from 5Ds and level-up cards like Winged Kuriboh. The souls escaped when a particular Shadow Realm incident destroyed all but 15 of the original, less cartoony Duel Monsters cards and later turned nearly all of humanity into Tang, and became Pokemon. The humans eventually were reborn from Pink Kitty, a monster that had the ability to spawn humans and soulless abominations alike, who... ancestored Ash, Lugia, Aaron, Lucario, Pikachu, Shinji Ikari jr., Red Ranger, and Sailor Pluto. Eventually, once the fourth-teir pokemon start destroying time and space with nowhere to expand the franchise, Sailor Pluto and Dialga (the 13th Doctor) take some of the stronger pokemon to the past and implant their duel monster souls into robots on the planet Cybertron (but not before Sailor Pluto and Mew, in quite a bit of sweet, sweet, Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action found the Sailor Suit Solar System Magical GirlS). Meanwhile, in the future, the pokemon that didn't have the benefit of money, power, time travel, or futuresight are being exploited as the summoned companions for ninjas in orange jumpsuits and being rent into their component... blood. And spirit guts. After it turns out completely useless, Alchemy is invented. Some guy with a spiky beard summons seven ultimate evils, a short kid who killed his brother and locked his ghost in a suit of armor kills them all with the help of the entire German Amestrian army, and Major Armstrong turns out to be Suzumiya Haruhi, who decides to make the universe exactly as it always was... Because universe-bending is an art that's been handed down them Armstrong Suzumiya line for generations. And she later makes Jesus a Time Lord (the 0th Doctor. Somehow.)

They got ahold of some seemingly curse-free Phlebotinum and transformed themselves into wealthy heirs with no memory of their past trauma. Sam wished to be married to his college sweetheart. Fast forward about ten years, and it hasn't turned out so well. GOB took up magic as an expression of an unconscious desire to reverse the spell.
  • Does that make Sam Winchester Scott Pilgrim's father?

All of fiction is "created" in the minds of "Authors," who are motivated by selling voyeuristic looks at their minds.
  • The authors are also Time Lord Jesus.

The AnthroPCs from Questionable Content are evolved from the Banana Computer from Bloom County and will develop into the Robot culture of Futurama.

Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, Dune, and EVE Online all form part of the same continuity
  • As proposed on their various WMG pages. Cowboy Bebop and Firefly both share the same Space Western atmosphere, with Cowboy Bebop explaining why Earth is considered lost to humans in Firefly. The Companions and River foreshadow the development of the Bene Gesserit and Mentats.
  • Eve Online isn't covered on any other page yet: As a result of the divide between the rest of the galaxy and New Eden, Eve is a vision of what our galaxy could have been without the Butlerian Jihad. The Jovians, as a result of enduring the Eve collapse fairly well, are where humans would be at as of Dune and Eve Online had there been no Jihad/Eve collapse respectively. The timelines I've seen for Eve and Dune happen to place the Butlerian Jihad and Eve collapse within a millenium of each other, and the present day, as of Eve Online and the original Dune, are close (give or take a millennium), which makes this a particularly interesting connection.
  • Conceptually, of course, Absent Aliens are one of the most prominent links between the four.

Every character in fiction is and is played by the same person.
There are three things that make a character the same: same name, same actor (or voice actor), and being an Expy or Captain Ersatz. Character A has the same actor as Character B, who has the same first name as Character C, who also voices Character D, who is an Expy of character E... So on and so forth until every character is the same person. And this means everyone is both a Time Lord and God. Especially Valentine Michael Smith. And Morgan Freeman himself is not the character God, so he doesn't have to be a Time Lord, so it all works out.

Lucky Star takes place in the same universe as Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro Chan, but in the future.
  • In the future of the Dokuroverse, immortality has been attained, but as a side effect women stop aging past 12. This is why all the characters in Lucky Star are so short.

Everything is a Nemesis plot.
I had to put it somewhere.

The Blues Brothers is orchestrated by Aziraphale from Good Omens.
The church plot is just a convinient cover-up. All he really wants is to get good music into Heaven, and this is the only way to do it. This is how the Blues Brothers manage to survive everything from getting a building blown up with them in it to driving a car with a rod broke (broken rods generally end with the car quitting since all the oil is leaking out). Crowley was responsible for all the police cars getting totaled. And the broken watches.

G Gundam, Gundam Wing, and Gundam X are all the same story.
All three stories feature a protagonist with a Wave Motion Gun working in a Five-Man Band to stall an escalating conflict and/or destroy a potentially dangerous superweapon (Devil Gundam, Zero System, Satellite System). Colony Drops and Mid Season Upgrades also feature prominently in some form or another. The exact details of the story change depending on where and when it's being told.

The Most Ultimate Grail War Ever consists of:
Saber: GutsRider: SimonArcher: Can't be replacedAssassin: Satsujinki, or KirikaTrue Assassin: Altaïr (In this case, the only thing handicapping him is the necessity for mana from a Master to sustain his existance as a Servant. Otherwise everyone would just be dead.)Berserker: The Incredible Hulk, or GutsCaster: LinaInverse, or Dark Schneider or Nanoha Takamichi

Taylor Swift's Love Story is about Kelsi Nielsen's neo-feminist adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.
In both Love Story and Juliet and Romeo, the two lovers both live. Taylor's has them get married, and there's no reason they couldn't have married in Albuquerque as in Kelsi's! (This theory is for the musical version of High School Musical.)

The helicopter that Chev Chelios falls out of in Crank is the same one that the Senator's bodyguard in Shoot 'em Up falls into.
Both films feature ridiculously over-the-top, wisecracking Anti-Hero protagonists who have sex in incredibly unusual situations who nonchalantly ignore incredibly serious injuries, unlikeable, somewhat creepy Big Bads and general over-the-top awesomeness. I, for one, want to see a showdown between them.

Orlando is everybody.
That is all.

The Present
An education in English language and literature enjoins one to maintain the present tense whenever discussing a work of fiction, regardless of temporal progression in the world portrayed in the work. Clearly, every world in every work of fiction has only the present. There are no pasts or futures for any of these worlds because of this injunction forbidding the past or future tenses whenever describing any such fictional world (not to mention distinctions such as the perfect, pluperfect, or future perfect tenses). Every work of fiction takes place at the exact same moment and that moment is forever now.

Contradiction to the above: there is no such thing as "Present"
Time moves, and the real Present is supposed to be shifting to incomprehensible levels. We just used Present Tenses to signify the Present, but in mathematics, there is no such thing, only the Past and the Future.

The Ctarl-Ctarl are an offshoot race of the Na'vi.
Most obviously, they're both cat-like races, with a certain amount of Proud Warrior Race Guy in them. Less obviously, note that their spaceships have jungles inside them. Why would they do that? The jungles are related to the Pandoran memory trees, and thus serve as the ship's computer. Finally, the Na'vi live on a moon, right? Well, the Ctarl-Ctarl power up by exposure to a planet's moon! Clearly, being away from Eywa has caused this particular offshoot race to stunt its growth and lose its blue coloring, but they still have some of that connection and it's been generalized to all moons.

The world is a fiction and not different to the crossovers mentioned above
We use language to lie against ourselves, for example giving ourselves names. When it is a lie, it is just another fiction, and can possibly be manipulated into anything we want.
  • Deconstructed by Nineteen Eighty-Four. In that dystopia, The Party, with the invention of Newspeak, can basically make everyone believe their lies and propaganda.

That is all.

TV Tropes is just a wiki
Whose job is to spread excitement all over the world with Epileptic Trees!

V for Vendetta is set in the same universe as Lord of the Flies
Throughout LotF, the kids keep mentioning "The War," and how the pilot earlier said that since "The Bomb" was used, everyone is dead, but based on the ending, the British are still very much around.In V For Vendetta, there is a near-miss nuclear exchange with Britain, and because all electronics in Britain would be hit by the EMP, all of the reports would have to be from surrounding countries, which would report that Britain was lost behind a mushroom cloud.

The Grand Unifying Theory of Programable Alternative Realities
As proposed by some wonderful mathematicians (someone please wikimagic in the names), it is actually probable that we are living in a simulated universe existing in a computer program being utilized by a futuristic society. (The argument being that such a society could create a near infinite number of simulation universes, but there can only be one real one. Thus, according to probability, there is a one in an extremely large number chance that we are real, aka an infinitesimally small one.) The logical conclusion is that this universe is such a simulation, and that we are all, or mostly at least, computer programs designed to simulate humans living in a universe such as this at this time. However, when you add to this the fact that many programmers and creators like to add in shout outs and references to their other work, this has startling implications.

Perhaps ALL fictional universes that are encountered in our own timeline are really just shout outs to other works that have been created by the same development team over the course of their time working on project Simulated Multiverse. Thus, every single alternate fictional reality is just as real as our own... that is to say, not real at all, but just here as a shout out to those who visiting out simulated universe.

As all fictional universes are exceedingly more interesting than ours, it is likely that ours was designed for scientific or educational reasons. That, combined with the fact that we, here at this very wiki, seek to codify and examine the other fictional universes, means that perhaps the TV Tropes Wiki is the actual purpose of this world, to codify and explain the behaviors of the Great Programmers themselves.

Thus, once the TV Tropes Wiki is complete, we will no longer have a purpose, the wiki will be exported for use in schools in the Real Universe, and our own will be shut down and replaced by one significantly more interesting.

The Netherwitch from ThunderCats is just another alias for Yuuko Ichihara.
Okay, so when we saw her, Mumm-Ra was just using that identity to lure Lion-O into yet another trap. But the series implied that the Netherwitch had been around for quite a while, and although the idea of Mumm-Ra regularly pulling a Gender Bender to troll people is amusing, think about what "she" offered: access to another dimension at a cost. Sound familiar?

We know that Yuuko is known by several different names across the multiverse, and Mumm-Ra's probably been around the block enough times to know about her identity as the Netherwitch on Third Earth. Since time flows differently across the worlds, one night of hard drinking and the ensuing hangover on Yuuko's end kept her distracted long enough for Mumm-Ra to pose as her and set up the whole plot on his end. One can only imagine how ticked off Yuuko would be once she caught on, but that's a story for another fic.

Generator Rex is the future of the Metal Gear Solid games.
In Metal Gear Solid 4, we see the nano machines becoming more important, with soldiers being implanted with them, being used to communicate, regulate emotions, and more.

Research continued into nano machines, as they were the big thing, leading up making a person who could control them, Rex himself, and to the nanite explosion in Generator Rex. It was an accident from a research company attempting to move to the next step of nanite research.

Jane Eyre is a sequel to A Tale of Two Cities, while Animal Farm is a sequel to Jane Eyre
Time Lords fit in here somewhere.

Andromeda and Hercules take place in the same universe
Captain Dylan Hunt is Hercules. Hercules is immortal, so will still be alive in the future, they look exactly alike, and Hunt was reffered to as being "like a greek god" at least once. Hunt's too strong to be a pure human, so claims that he's half-heavy worlder. Not to mention he survived on that ship for all those centuries. (Yeah, I know, black hole time dialition, but that doesn't work that way.)

The existence of Imaginationland proves all these theories right.
In other words, this place is Shinji Ikari and Haruhi Suzumiya on Gallifrey.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse and Firefly all take place in the same universe.
Too big to go on the individual shows' pages. The comic book continuations of Buffyverse series are considered in-continuity and are important to the story. The history goes like this:
  • First, the universe is created and evolves as seen in Buffy and Angel. At late 80's the founders of Rossum create the tech, but still stay below radar.
  • The events of Buffy and Angel take place. Rossum accumulates power.
  • In the aftermath of the worldshaking events of Buffyverse Season 8/6, the remaining traces of magic are lost, so The Unmasqued World is canceled out by the destruction of the masquerading party. In the aftershock battles, Faith's brain is damaged. Willow's power isn't enough to restore Faith's original self, but she is able to patch her up and uses the last of her power to create the "Caroline" persona. Echo's resistance to wiping is a remnant of her Slayer power. Rapidly losing it's supernatural support, Wolfram & Hart, as always, relies on human evil and approaches Rossum. They get access to the Hyperion Hotel, probably buing it as a mockery of Team Angel who had to leave it. Illyria finds a way (or is forced to) leave Fred's body, but in doing so leaves it empty. The body somehow falls into the hands of Wolfram & Hart, who give it to the LA Dollhouse.
  • Dollhouse takes place.
  • Most of W&H and Rossum are destroyed in the Zombie Apocalypse of 2020. The Senior Partners lose direct representation on Earth. The human society is rebuilt. Since there aren't many humans left, technocracy arises. The misuse by survivors corrupts the English language used in New York area beyond recognition.
  • Fray takes place.
  • The quick reconstruction of Earth eventually backfires. The degradation seen in Fray continues. Humans use up almost all the resources the planet has to offer. In a desperate attempt to escape the inevitable environmental disaster, US and China join efforts and build spaceships to escape. The Earth That Was is abandoned. In the new society, the Blue Sun corporation arises and secretly becomes a new front for the Senior Partners.
  • Firefly.
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So you can skip having your Doomsday Device requiring Imported Alien Phlebotinum and just use Linkin Park albums as an alternative fuel source.

The Reeses and Foleys in Zemeckis and Gale productions are all related.
  • They're two families of cops, who for some reason have a tendency to get partnered together. This needs a bit of elaboration, given that in Back to the Future Part II they're a Salt and Pepper duo, in Trespass they're both black, and in Used Cars and 1941 they're both white. The 2015 Reese and Foley are descended from Agent Reese from Used Cars and Officer Foley from Trespass. They, in turn are cousins of Agent Foley and Officer Reese from the same films - so at some point there were two mixed marriages. And both late 20th century sets are descended from Privates Reese and Foley in 1941, who may or may not have moved into law enforcement after the war.

Moon Knight is actually an Assassin
  • Let's see. Gaudy, over the top costume with beak-shaped hood? Check. A colourful array of abilities and weaponry? Also present. So how does it all fit? Simple. He was undercover in the employ of Templar Raoul Bushman when they located a temple in Egypt housing a Piece of Eden (more specifically, The Shroud). Due to the dire circumstances the Assassin Order is in during these times, Marc tried to stop Bushman from siezing this piece but failed and was mortally wounded, much like in the commonly established origin. However, Bushman was unable to sieze it for the Templar order and had to leave it. Meanwhile, Moon Knight's life is saved by the Shroud, and is given a mission by Khonshu (who was actually one of those who came before). Unfortunately, the experience shatters Spector's mind, much like The Shroud did to Giovanni Borgia. However, instead of merely hearing voices in his head, Marc develops full on alternate personalities, and the only thing he takes away from his encounter is a quest for vengeance. On the plus side, it also gave him some moderate self-healing ability, hence how he has managed to come back from the brink of death and other serious injuries. The Templars no longer deem him a serious threat to their main goal after another encounter with Bushman (although he still carries a grudge) and the Assassin's can no longer trust Marc due to his unstable nature. All Moon Knight can do now is essentially carry out what he believes to be his mission from Khonshu.

Quite possibly the dumbest lineage theory I have ever come up with
Back before his mining days, Steve?, or Hass "The Flame" Harley as he is more commonly known, worked as a part time ectobiologist. One day, as a joke, he decided to mix the genetic samples of a wolf and a zombie. This resulted in him getting fired from his job, but resulted in the creation of Halley, his dog. An important thing to note is that, going by the Revive Kills Zombie logic, plus the Hyperactive Metabolism logic of early Minecraft (His experiments took place during Beta 1.6.6), Halley had the heterozygous "Weak to apples" genotype, but this trait is recessive. Remember this.

Meanwhile, during a party consisting of Nintendo villians, Wispy Woods and a Boo got a bit too drunk, and nine months later Wispy Woods, who is a woman, gives birth to the first Weeping Angel, who was promptly sent back to the beginning of the universe by Sarda, to whom Wispy Woods owed money. Like Halley, the Angel had the heterozygous "Weak to Apples" genotype from its mother, but unlike Halley, its father gave it the "Does not like being looked at" gene, which is dominant.

Fast forward several years. Vriska, who is annoyed that Team Avolition hasn't been posting enough videos, manipul8s Storm_Surge, who is secretly a mustard-blooded Troll (Thus owing to his abilities as a griefer), into breaking into an ectobiology facility and mixing the genetic material of Bec (Who has Halley's DNA) and the Weeping Angel. The spawn lacks the "Does not like being looked at" gene, but gets the homozygous version of the "Weak to Apples" gene.

What was the spawn, you ask? Eppaljeck.

Homestuck, My Little Pony and Skyrim are conspiracies to destroy fiction
And they're all created by the same person

Las Vegas, Heroes, The X-Files, The Stand and Knight Rider all take place in the same or parallel universes.
Both KR and Heroes have a Montecito, the setting of Las Vegas. Linderman was apparently running the casino, which would fit with the Montecito's high owner turnover ratio. It's possible the Company was killing or persuading the previous owners, using people with powers, in order to get their hands on it. Also, the Shanti virus, in an alternate universe, is what kills everyone in Stephen King's The Stand, except much earlier (This is supported by King himself, who said that The Stand universe was just an alternate version of ours). Possibly due to time-travel, or the Company experimenting with an early form of the virus. The Company coverups would also explain all the weird stuff that keeps happening to Mulder and Scully, especially if you've read the "Last One Standing" fanfic.

There is a Jenny Everywhere in The ’Verse of every fictional work ever created.
You just don't necessarily see her in the stories that get told about it. And given the whole point of her is that she's an open-source character who can be inserted into any story you like, there's no reason why she can't appear in ay work if the creator so chooses.

know each other, probably are good friends, and meet often. Yes, even after Yuuko died.

Every character named Loki
is actually the same person. No reincarnation, no alternate universe counterpart, just one shapeshifting trickster god, having fun.
  • Tom Hiddleston isn't just an actor playing him in Marvel movies, he is also the man himself.


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