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Alice is a Time Lord.

...Yeah, I dunno either. But it had to be said. However it makes sense if you believe Alice of Adventures in Wonderland is same Alice, not a different Alice, than the Alice of the 1983 anime, the Lewis Carroll books, and the 1951 film (all whom possibly the same regeneration or two or three)

The Hatter is an exiled Time Lord.

  • His hat is his TARDIS. The March Hare and Doormouse are his companions.
    "What day of the month is it?' he said, turning to Alice: he had taken his watch out of his pocket, and was looking at it uneasily, shaking it every now and then, and holding it to his ear.
    Alice considered a little, and then said 'the fourth.'
    'Two days wrong!' sighed the Hatter."

Alice's sister is the Doctor's granddaughter.

  • A weak case I admit but said sister is named Celia in the anime. Celia is one of the two rumoured names for Setsuna. The other rumoured name was Susan. Yes you read that right. Susan. Neither used but point stands. See Sailor Moon entry below for more speculation but to summerize here Celia equals Susan.

The Cheshire cat is a time lord.

  • He is his own TARDIS, or is at least closely linked with it enough to be able to teleport.


Cassie is a Time Lord with amnesia.

She landed on Earth at the end of her previous life. Then she regenerated into a baby who was taken in by Cassie's parents and raised as their own. This explains why she is subtemporally grounded in the correct timeline. The Time Matrix is her TARDIS.
  • Furthermore, she somehow modified her TARDIS to allow one to traverse the Time Vortex without absorbing it.

The entire series is a Gambit Roulette by Cassie to help the Yeerks escape their parasitic existence.

Sometime prior to the series, she removed several Yeerks from their homeworld and put them on a different planet. These Yeerks would eventually become the Yoort. Afterwards, she hid the Time Matrix on Earth, where she knew a Skrit Na ship would find it while near an Andalite ship.

The Ellimist is an Ancient Time Lord. He invented regeneration for himself.

The Time Matrix is actually the only slightly shielded heart of a TARDIS, meaning that it can be operated by anybody, since your thoughts connect to it directly, without any sort of technological interface.

Elfangor is a Time Lord

His first regeneration was in the world created by the Time Matrix, which was open to the Vortex, and Loren was aged by exposure to the Vortex . He then worked for Encom slowing introducing new technology to the system, and was killed by the Yeerks at one point, regeneration into Alan Fangor. He was in the car that Loren crashed, and the Ellimist then took him away and forced him to regenerate back to his original Andalite body, but Elfangor also gave up the rest of his regenerations to save Loren, who was pregnant with Tobias at the time, but the Ellimist took away her sight, and she lost all of her memories during regeneration. This in turn means that…

Tobias is Part-Time Lord

He became part Time Lord since both of his parents were exposed to the Vortex, and since Elfangor used his remaining regenerations to prevent him and Loren from dying the the car crash. He is forcibly regenerated by the Ellimist in book 13, meaning that his hawk body in now his natural body, and allowing him to morph from it. He then regenerated several times while being tortured to death by Taylor, and he heard Elfangor's voice since he was dead for part of that time.


Martin Van Buren was a Time Lord

Confirmed within the book.

The prophet Elijah was a Time Lord

When it was time for him to die, a strange vehicle came and he flew up to the sky it. Since then, he's been known to come down to earth, always in a different body, and find some human, travel with them a while, meddle in earth's affairs, and completely change their life, yet always leaves them at some point, goes back up to the sky, and repeats the whole thing. Who does that sound like?
  • One of his notable incarnations was John the Baptist.

Adam and Eve were a Time Lord and Lady]]

Genesis 2:17, New Century Version: But you must not eat the fruit from the tree which gives the knowledge of good and evil. If you ever eat fruit from that tree, you will die!The Bible doesn't record them as dying — but they did both, for some reason, become suddenly ashamed of their nakedness. Could it be because it was the nakedness of regenerated bodies? They died and came back, making both God's and the serpent's words true in their own way.

The following comment from this blog post illustrates the rest: Adam was a time lord, a la Doctor Who, which granted him a long lifespan. Over the generations the Galifreyan blood became diluted so the lifespan decreased :)

Other evidence: Eve could talk to snakes, just as the Doctor can speak the languages of all species, although that's due more to his learning than his genetics, oh well.

  • She could have been a Parselmouth. Eve the first headmaster of Slytherin?? I bet she killed at Quidditch.

Jesus is a Time Lord

His resurrection? More like a regeneration-that's why no-one noticed him when he came back. When he "ascended to heaven", he was being called back to his TARDIS,which was invisible. His "virgin birth" was a cover-up:his parents were fooled into thinking it was theirs. The first reincarnation was the Abrahamic God-who fooled the primitive people of Earth for shits and giggles. All the major figures in religion were all the same Time Lord,but in different regenerations. "Jesus" reached the end of his lifecycle in the Age of Enlightenment,and thus humanity is more secular. L. Ron Hubbard is a failed attempt at cloning Jesus.
  • He could have used a Perception Filter to make Joseph and Mary think he was their son.

Cole Hawlings is a Time Lord.

He's at least 700 years old by the time of the story, he's on a mission to retrieve a box that's bigger inside than out and which allows you to travel to the past, he likes to be accompanied by young human sidekicks, and he's played by Patrick Troughton. Seems pretty straightforward. In fact, since he's played by Patrick Troughton, that would make him the Season 6B Doctor.

Other possible Time Lords in the story are the Lady of the Oak (whose tree is bigger inside than out, and who changes from an old woman into a young one at one point) and Arnold of Todi (who's also 700-odd years old and claims he originally created the Box). Abner Brown isn't a Time Lord; he was hired by Torchwood to get his hands on the valuable alien technology that the Box contains.

Oh, and it wasn't All Just a Dream. The Time Lords erased Kay's memory and sent him back to where he started.

Willy Wonka is a Time Lord, and the Great Glass Elevator is his TARDIS.

  • But then why does he want to find a successor before he dies of old age? If he really was a Time Lord, he could just regenerate.
    • He doesn't want to risk his next regeneration by not taking proper care of it.
      • He is on a Sabbatical; he has to get back to Timelording when he finally does "die".
      • Or he may be on his final regeneration.
      • Alternatively, he's not looking for a replacement (that was just an excuse), he's looking for a companion.
    • The Depp version is his regeneration.
      • Alternatively, the Johnny Depp Wonka is an earlier regeneration, and the Gene Wilder Wonka a later one; note that the latter is more self-assured and stable.
  • It's surprisingly reasonable. Just look at it! The Time Lords' hats are things like extreme arrogance (just look at him!), flashiness (the entire Factory inside, the purple suit, the Great Glass Elevator), and doing Groin Attacks to reality for little to no reason (using a TARDIS for sightseeing and forgetting that you built your planet on a black hole seem in character for a man who breaks the laws of thermodynamics as well as conservation of mass just to have better candy). Also, how he's still so young is just because he regenerated.
  • Just as the Doctor knows a great deal about the Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, etc., Wonka knows a great deal about the Vermicious Knids.
  • A alternative theory broached over at Fridge Brilliance for the novel is that the factory is his TARDIS!
  • The latest adaptation, the 2013 stage musical, furthers this theory and the "sabbatical" subtheory. In addition to the aforementioned Time Lord-esque traits, his tendency towards having No Sympathy for bad people who won't listen to his warnings is more pronounced. He has a drive to change the world For Happiness, and a tendency towards moodiness...not to mention a Great Glass Elevator that resembles a British telephone box. At the end, it's revealed that he's giving up his factory not out of concerns for his mortality, but to free himself up to continue his work in other worlds "That are not yet conceived/That are not yet acheived". He doesn't even need his TARDIS to reach them; he can wink away to other worlds with the power of his imagination. Perhaps, like the Doctor, he left Gallifrey out of boredom with dull, unimaginative Time Lord society. Or...
  • There are three different versions of him, all of whom look very different from each other and have different personalities!

Scrooge is a Time Lord, and the three ghosts are his TARDIS.

Clearly he can move through time and space. Also, he can change the future without major repercussions.
  • Alternatively, Scrooge was visited by a Time Lord, and the three ghosts were that Time Lord trying to get through to him. Hey, it's canon now (in a manner of speaking).

Aslan is a Time Lord, who went by a different name in another of his regenerations and his TARDIS takes the form of a stable.

(Taken from Writer on Board.)

Thomas Covenant is a Time Lord.

It's pretty much outright stated in Fatal Revenant: he's become part of the arch of time, immortal and able to bend time as he likes.

The Other Mother is a Time Lady and the other door is the entrance to her TARDIS.

She certainly had to change her appearances several times in order to resemble the mothers' of the children. Also, the bugs were actually sweeter versions of jelly babies.
  • Nah—she's a poorly disguised Racnoss Empress.

The Cat is a Time Lord.

He travels between the real world and the Other World at will, and he's able to get in Coraline's bedroom despite having no opposable thumbs to open the door. In the movie, he's able to use random trees as TARDIS.
  • How would that be possible? Random objects don't just become TARDISes by having Time Lords touch them.
    • Yes, but we have absolutely no idea what would happen if there was a CAT Time Lord! Anyway it could have been the same tree.

Enoch Root is a Time Lord.

He certainly is able to regenerate from mortal injury, though he appears to keep his appearance (or at least ends up ginger every single time.) He knows much more about anybody than anybody even for someone with "buddies in the surveillance business". He has shown up everywhere from the seventeenth century to the twenty-first (and possibly later, though that is speculative).

The Gunslinger is the Doctor, Randall Flagg is the Master.

Specificially the Gunslinger is the Tenth Doctor "You take ordinary people and turn them into weapons!" And of course Randall is Simms' Master-besides from plotting to destroy all of reality he seems to really enjoy messing with the Gunslinger and giving off a strong Foe Yay vibe.

Lobsang Ludd and Susan Sto-Helit are the ancestors of all Time Lords.

Their children traveled back in time and became—along with their human/humanoid spouses, of course—the first inhabitants of Gallifrey. Their descendants kept the hereditary Death and Time powers and applied them to technology like TARDISes. This also explains the similarities noted between the First Doctor and Death and their respective Susans: it's not coincidence, but a consequence of their being distant relatives. Susan is an ancient Time Lord name.

Lord Vetinari is, by far, the most successful incarnation of the Master yet.

Accidentally arriving to the Discworld due to a glitch in his TARDIS while escaping from the Doctor or the Time War itself, the Master found a young nobleman due to enter the Assassin's Guild, Havelock Vetinari. Understanding the rather foolish nobleman could be easily suppressed while he gathered supplies to repair his TARDIS, he used a Chameleon Arch to impersonate him and enter the Guild himself, enjoying himself immensely as he displayed his characteristic guile and acquired some practical combat skills. During this time, he actually got enamored with Ankh-Morpork, and decided to rule it by removing the Patricians in line, mellowing quite a bit when he succeeded, while never abandoning the mind games he loved so much. He even got a replacement for the Doctor in Vimes!Remember that cell he had installed? The one with locks on the inside? What else, but his repairing TARDIS?

Bloody Stupid Johnson is a Time Lord inventor

His inventions warp reality! He created a mail sorter that receives mail from the future, the Empirical Crescent is a study in spacial warping.
  • Or maybe he's a TARDIS inventor...
    • He was trying to make a Police Box!

Vimes is a chameleon arched Doctor and his badge fills in for the watch

When Vimes was The Doctor, and he had to use a chameleon arch, but it went slightly wrong, leaving him with a sense of emptiness that comes across as being Knurd, hence the alcohol problem and the ability to see the chameleon arch!Badge. It would also account for the running ability, knack for using the Indy Ploy and obsession with justice and how reluctant he is to give up his badge.

Devera is a Time Lord

Okay, okay. She's actually 3/4 Dragaeran and 1/4 god, but no WMG page is complete without at least one of these. And hey, maybe the gods are Time Lords. Or something. At any rate, she time-travels, and her weirdest relative has her very own dimension, which is enough evidence for any self-respecting WMG.

Sethra is a Time Lord.

And Dzur Mountain is her TARDIS.

Paul Atreides is the Master

Let's look at this logically. First of all, he is the result of a generations-long breeding program gone wrong, so you know that's going to mess with his brain. But in the beginning, he seems a fairly decent fellow (he's under the influence of a fobwatch-type deal). However, when he drinks the Waters of Life, the secrets of the universe are revealed to him, including that he is actually the Master. With this new knowledge, he sentences his followers essentially to doom in order to fulfill what he thinks of as his destiny. At one point, he even states that he is the "master of space and time." Hm. And then in the end, he succeeds the emperor and takes over himself, all while being completely insane and villainy. All in all, I have to say the proof is there for this, and also that this is the most successful incarnation of the Master.

Slartibartfast is a Time Lord, and the Bistromatic is his TARDIS

Although.. I think everyone already knows that.
  • Well, when you consider that the book that introduces the Bistromathic drive was based on a Dr. Who script that Adams wrote...
    • Are you saying that Doctor Who could have had a bistro-powered ship?

Everyone is a Time Lord

  • Their time-travelling powers plus their regeneration allowed them to fulfil the role of being everyone on Earth. The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is, "How many Time Lords make up Earth's entire human population across history?"
    • HOLY CRAP!
      • But that would mean crossing their own time stream, and I have yet to see any reapers...
      • Ah, but according to the Ninth Doctor, the Reapers only turned up because the Time Lords weren't around to fix the paradox. Clearly, the Time War hasn't happened yet.
    • It would be fantastic if the question was only relevant to the computer designed to calculate it. I think Adams would approve.

Professor Reg Chronotis is a Time Lord

"What did you retire from?""I can't remember, but it must have been pretty good."This is just part of a bigger theory that the Douglas Adams WSOGMM is, in fact, the Whoniverse.
  • Since this book was based on a unused Doctor Who script that Adams had written, and Professor Chronotis (no "Reg") is a Time Lord in the original, this is pretty much canon. Additionally, his time-travelling office is his TARDIS, for the same reason.
  • A Whole Sort of General Mish-Mash sounds very much like a Big Ball of Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff, too.
  • It should be noted that "Reg" is not his name either in Doctor Who nor in Dirk Gently. The professor's full (alleged) name is Urban Chronotis, and in Dirk Gently he insists on the nickname "Reg", short for Regius Professor of Chronology.

Angela is a Time Lord.

  • She claims to be incredibly old, but she looks very young.
  • She has a companion (Solembum, who sometimes appears as a human)
  • She always seems to be where things are happening. She knows first-person-account stories of historical events that happened centuries beforehand.
  • She came back from the dead.
  • She wrote "Raxacoricofallapatorius" on a hat. (Granted, you only get to read the first eight words)
  • Solembum mentions seeing "rooms bigger on the inside than they are on the outside."
  • She often says wacky, Doctor-y things, especially when saying good-bye.
  • She whispered her "real name" to the High Priest of Dras-Leona, and it majorly freaked him out.
    • I feel like this one is supposed to be canon within the series.

King Arthur is a Time Lord.

  • He has, in fact, regenerated several times (with several historical personages including Winston Churchill, the Duke of Wellington, and Queen Elizabeth I being among those regenerations). Avalon is his TARDIS. Among Time Lords, he is known as the King, or possibly the Knight.
  • And hey, "Once and Future King," ne?

Dr. Scamandros is not just a Time Lord but actually the Doctor! Afterall, he is a doctor, his pockets seem to bigger on the inside than the outside and he wears a fez in the last book!

The wizards of Harry Potter evolve into the Time Lords.

Hermione's Handbag of Holding is clearly an example of Time Lord technology: It's bigger on the inside. And what's the difference between a wand and a sonic screwdriver?
  • It's not just Hermione's bag, what about the tents wizards take camping? They're bigger on the inside too. Collapsible TARDISes! Tents, the Weasley's house, Hogwarts itself; there's Time Lord tech all over the Wizarding World.
  • Barty Crouch Jr. is a Time Lord
    • Alternate theory: Barty Crouch Jr., played by David Tennant, got his soul sucked out by a dementor's kiss. The dementors deposited the soul on the other side of the veil (actually the Time Vortex). At the exact same instant in another part of the Vortex, Rose Tyler absorbs the entire Vortex. The Ninth Doctor sucks the Vortex out of her by kissing her, and then immediately regenerates into David Tennant. The entirety of Tennant's era as the Doctor was really Barty Crouch Jr.'s amnesiac soul finding redemption by inhabiting the Doctor's body and mind.
    • Another alternate theory: The Tenth Doctor was at the casting of the fourth Harry Potter movie, where he saw a man who looked suspiciously like the parallel world's Cyber Leader. He decided to stick around to keep an eye on him, and the best way to do that was to try out for the movie. He took on the pseudonym "David Tennant" and got cast in the role of Barty Crouch Jr., the best position to keep an eye on Barty Crouch Sr.
  • This means the Harry Potter books are set at the same time and "Earth" (really ancient Gallifrey) as Dexter's Laboratory. Dexter created the legendary Neuroatomic Protocore/Eye of Harmony by somehow combining magic and science. This is the reason Mandark, despite being at least as brilliant as Dexter, is never capable of reproducing it.
    • Jossed: In one episode, Mandark uses magic against Dexter.
  • Consequently, Harry, Dexter, and Mandark are in some combination Rassilon, Omega and The Other, the founders of the "modern" Time Lord civilization.
  • Or, the Harry Potter books are on earth, and magic is just a modified version of however the Logopolitans held the Universe together. (Or, at the very least, arithmancy is.) Dumbledore is the Fourth Doctor in disguise; they have a similar sense of humor and a liking of Muggle sweets, and he can cast magic without words because the Elder Wand is his Sonic Screwdriver and Diagon Alley and Grimmauld Place are both Tardises. (One of them is even his TARDIS, stolen fair and square.) No one ever remembers the various alien invasions because the wizards use Memory Charms liberally.
  • Or the Harry Potter books are based on something that happened on Gallifrey which was related to JK Rowling by the Doctor. Certainly, the different Academies with their associated colours and character traits seem very like the Hogwarts houses. Prydonian Academy, which produced both the Doctor and all the mad/evil Time Lords we've seen in the series, is definitely Slytherin - maybe the Doctor rubbed Rowling the wrong way? And one of the extended universe novels mentions the Doctor scrawling "no no no, that's not how it happened at all" over page one of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

The House Elves are devolved Time Lords.

Perhaps the Last Great Time War happened in all universes, not just the Whoniverse, so the Harry Potter universe's version of the Time Lords didn't die when Gallifrey blew up—they just regenerated into cute but goofy-looking and very powerful little creatures who retain no memories of their former selves. They did, however, figure out how to magically clone themselves to give the appearance that they were breeding more Hosue Elves. After all, no other creature can Apparate into and out of Hogwarts. Perhaps the rags they wear are their TARDISes. Considering how his attitude differs very greatly from that of the other House Elves', Dobby is, of course, a certain rebellious but good-natured Time Lord.
  • The Doctor said that Book 7 made him cry. Guess which house-elf dies in Book 7. Why is this theory suddenly making sense?
    • Tons of people died in Book 7; many Tear Jerkers to pick from.

Dumbledore is a time lord

It just makes too much sense.

The Little Prince

The Little Prince is a Time Lord.

He travels from planet to planet, attempts to help people and learn, and falls in love with something that's not his species.
The Magic Tree House

The Magic Tree House is a TARDIS.

The Magic Tree House travels in time every single book. This would also explain how Jack and Annie can communicate with people from Ancient Greece or Japan. The Tardis' psychic circuit is translating.
The Moth Diaries

Ernessa is a Time Lord.

She seems to be able to do something like regenerating. Alternatively, Miss Norris is one.

Mr. Benedict is the Doctor and Mr. Curtain is the Master

They both have Mysterious Backstories (Mr Benedict's a little less so, but still steeped in mystery). Both are Super-Geniuses. Foils for each other. Mr Benedict takes on Companions (after a sort). And Mr Curtain literally plans to call himself the MASTER (planning to take over the Earth using a machine that transmits an unnoticed signal into the minds of the entire population, ensuring their unwitting co-operation).

The Nasuverse


Duh. The guy dimension/time hops with ease as part of his magic. His TARDIS used to be the Jewel Sword, but now it's just him. Which, in turn makes Rin Tohsaka a companion at least, seeing as she wields the Jewel Sword with ease.


All the heroic spirits, possibly, with the Throne of Heroes being an involuntary TARDIS. Rin too, see above.


Arcueid. Marble Phantasm, being what it is, could be/make a TARDIS quite easily. And she'd make Shiki Tohno her companion. Also, Shiki and Ryougi!Shiki might be able to use their lines as an impromptu TARDIS...though it's be more like the Subtle Knife from His Dark Materials. Also, Arcueid is possibly BF Fs with Zelretch, who is previously established to be a Time Lord.

Kara No Kyoukai

See above for Ryougi Shiki being a Time Lord. Other contenders could be Fujino, bending time itself with all the other things she can bend. Mikiya would be a companion in either case.

Peter is a Time Lord

Favorite city is London? Check. Often takes new companions on adventures with him? Check. Is probably a very great deal older than he actually looks? Check again. Neverland is such a bizarre place that one could argue it is itself a TARDIS. There's no indication that it's bigger on the inside, but Peter's lack of aging could indicate that time itself passes at a different rate than it does on Earth. Hook could easily be the Master to Peter's Doctor, too.

Tinkerbell is the spirit of the TARDIS.

Fairy Dust enables people to travel to Neverland. Also, she is quite jealous of Peter's mortal companions.

The Pied Piper is a Time Lord.

His pipe is his TARDIS. Plus, only a Time Lord could make rats drown!

Holmes is a Time Lord, and 221B is his TARDIS.

The house number is 221B because the TARDIS is a more-advanced model than the one we're more familiar with, so its chameleon circuit and perception filter work properly. What could be more effective camouflage than becoming a house in the middle of an already-established street? The perception filter keeps anyone from noticing the extra house that suddenly appears one day and, even if someone did notice, this is England. No-one's going to be so rude as to mention anything.
  • Mrs Hudson is the anthropomorphic interface with whom the occupants of the TARDIS can interact, rather than running about the console like a lunatic when there are fewer than the recommended six pilots on board.
  • Holmes did die at the Reichenbach Falls, and regenerated. He was better at controlling his regenerations than some, but due to the trauma he suffered amnesia, in a manner similar to that of the Eighth Doctor. During the hiatus, he traveled around as reported in the books, until some unknown event caused him to regain his memories.
    • Or, after dying and regenerating at the Falls, Holmes looks completely different and no one would recognize him. Sometime during The Great Hiatus, Holmes dies again, and regenerates into a close approximation of his old form.
    • He regenerated into Mycroft Holmes. Any meetings between the two are "Five Doctors"-style team-ups.
  • "Holmes retired to bee-keeping on the Sussex downs" is code for "Holmes can't settle at any one place for too long in case he blows his cover and gets the CIA crashing down on his head like a ton of bricks."
    • When Holmes did leave, he took Watson with him. The healing nanogenes and advanced medical supplies in Holmes' TARDIS means that Watson's lifespan is extended to match Holmes', and they have crime-solving adventures across time and space forever more. I need to believe this.
      • This troper is forever in debt to the above troper for putting it so perfectly. You have made a troper happy.
      • You made two tropers happy. :D
      • This troper has adopted this theory as her personal canon.
    • So did Basil of Baker street Accidentally look into the heart of 221B and "imprint" Doctordonna style on its owner?
    • This also explains why Holmes lives in a house on Baker Street which does not and never has existed; when he left, it dematerialized, and the Perception Filter meant that everyone just gradually forgot about it.
  • He's been around for over a century, and has taken on multiple faces since then. A few of his incarnations have borne an uncanny resemblance to Jeremy Brett, Robert Downey Jr, and Benedict Cumberbatch...

Sherlock Holmes is the original Danuve

L and the original Eraldo Coil are both Time Lords and detectives. Sherlock Holmes is both a Time Lord and a detective ergo Sherlock Holmes is Danuve.

Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes are all of fiction's detectives.

They are both Time Lords. They are both analytical geniuses. Those who are more active are Sherlock, the armchair sleuth types are Mycroft. They recently met up again after the time war, Sherlock is Adrian Monk, Mycroft is Ambrose and Ambrose's house is their shared TARDIS.
  • But, the original L, Eraldo Coil, and Danuve were active at the same time. This means that Sherlock and Mycroft are Time Lord cardinals and one of those three is a composite of a projection from each of them. Therefore, L is Mycroft, Danuve is Sherlock, and Eraldo Coil is Mycroft+ Sherlock.
    • And which one is Batman?
  • Is that your final answer? Maybe you should go with Mycroft regenerating into Dr. Gregory House.

Watson is a Time Lord too

He always seems to regenerate around the same time Holmes does (a form of sati? Or perhaps since faithful Watson is constantly by Holmes' side, he usually ends up getting killed with him). He's probably only 1/4th or even 1/8th Time Lord, though, which is why his mental capabilities are closer to that of the average human being.

Moriarty is the Master

As above, either the Master used the watch-trick on himself during this time, or he got bored with screwing with the Doctor, and decided to see what's so great about the humans that the Doctor loves, and decided to settle down in London, when a certain detective caught his interest and decided to toy with Holmes until he's ready to deal with The Doctor again.
  • This can also explain Holmes' remark about Moriarty looking different, the timelord comes back to that time frame in different regenerations because he has fun with messing with Holmes.

The Time Traveler is a Time Lord.

Really, this one is too easy. He has no name, he's in England, he has a time machine. He may well be The Doctor using an alias.

The leaders are all Time Lords.

In their leadership ceremony, they are actually undergoing DNA modifications. However, they only regenerate nine times, and every time it's into the same body they had before.

Miss Zarves is a Time Lord.

  • You win at life. I actually collapsed laughing because of how perfect this was.

Roo is a Time Lord.

And Kanga is his TARDIS.

Not only is every story true, but every character is a Time Lord.

Usually with amnesia. Just look at any WMG page on this site for more evidence.

Robert A. Heinlein is a preincarnated Time Lord.

And Time Enough for Love was an autobiography with a few details changed.

Hank Morgan, the Connecticut Yankee

Time Travel? Check. Love of gadgets? Check. Regeneration? Well, he survived getting hit very hard on the head.

Jane Austen was a Companion.

In Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility we see the following lines:
"But why should not I wear pink ribbons? I do not care it is the Doctor's favourite color. I am sure, for my part, I should never have known he did like it better than any other colour, if he had not happened to say so."
— Miss Steele to Elinor (Chapter 38)
Miss Steele has a crush on a character that is usually referred to as "the Doctor". The thing is that there's another doctor whom most of the characters know, but only name once. Usually one would call the more familiar one by just simply "Doctor" so why did Austen make this choice? I think that she actually KNEW the Doctor himself and was mentioning him out of her own feelings for him. Think about it. Jane Austen died unmarried yet wrote some of the most well known romance novels of all time. It is a difficult emotion to fake and while romance is not the focus of her novels, the undertones are still there. Also there is almost always a barrier between the two lovers that was overcome. Barriers definitely exist when trying to win the Doctor's hearts (for one thing the whole "I'll live and you'll die argument"). Girl with an unrequited or an impossible crush carrying out her dreams on paper? Also a strong-minded girl tends to be the Doctor's type anyway and Austen's work were satirical, criticizing marriage in her time (of which she seemed ahead of). Also any real relationship between Austen and the Doctor would not focus on romance which also holds for her works. I can also find bits and pieces of the Doctor in her heroes as well. If she loved him enough it would explain why she never married as well. Back to the quote, the "Doctor" mentioned is named Dr. Davies but it is only mentioned like once. This is interesting to note for Meta-type lols when you consider Russel T. "Davies" the head writer of the revived series until the 11th Doctor. Overall it just makes sense for a time-traveler to have gained the attention of significant historical figures (like Queen Elizabeth)!
  • Jane Austen may have been a companion for longer than people think. There was a period in her life where she lived in Bath (1800-1809) and stopped writing. The Doctor came to her around this time and took her as a companion. She got to see the future where she's heralded as a wonderful writer, but doesn't actually see what she's written (Timey Wimey Rules and all). Instead, she gets into the new series and watches it being filmed. She requests to be returned at the same time she left, which explains the rest of the events after she moved to Bath. As far as her family knew (and they were the ones who created and edited her first biography), she never left Bath.
  • Jane Austen received one marriage proposal from a family friend, Mr. Bigg-Wither, but in spite of her accepting it, she ends the engagement the next day. Who's to say that that was when the Doctor came around to change her mind?

The title character of Borgel is an ex-companion who got his hands on a TARDIS.

He doesn't really know enough about the way stuff works to be a Time Lord, and the Old Country is nothing like Gallifrey, so he can't actually be a Time Lord. But the Dorbzelge is obviously a TARDIS, and Borgel's attitude toward dimensional travel is very Doctor-like.

Jeeves is a Time Lord.

Gandalf is a renegade Time Lord.

He regenerated once, he changed his name from something else, and he has a particular fondness for one species—hobbits. Shadowfax is his TARDIS and his staff is his sonic screwdriver/related device. He's also professed to live a very long time, and he has an extensive knowledge of things no one else likes to think about (such as Balrogs). Oh, and the Fellowship are actually his companions.
  • To be more precise, all the Ainur are Time Lords, attempting to maintain the balance of the universe.

The Elves are the descendants of Time Lords.

Their awakening into the world in the first age? A mass displacement in time, similar to what was done to the Third Doctor.They probably did this to escape the Time War.The halls of Mandos (where elves go to wait out eternity when they are killed) is the Matrix.

Tom Bombadil is a TARDIS interface

The TARDIS of course is his cottage.This is likely the same TARDIS that the displaced elves arrived in.Goldberry is a manifestion of the 'soul' of this TARDIS.

Hoid is a Time Lord

Because it had to be said. Also, this looks like it could WMD up being canon with all the Universe traversing and time dilation.

Kelsier is a Time Lord. Possibly the Doctor.

Matt Smith/Eleven. There you go.

Atticus is a Time Lord

He's too badass for this not to be true.

Harry is the Doctor (specifically, a blend of Nine and Ten) and Nicodemus is the Master

  • For Harry: Comes up with Crazy Awesome Indy Ploy plans? check. Oblivious to women attracted to him? check. Capable of being extremely compassionate but extremely vengeful? check. Unnaturally intelligent canine companion? check. Supernaturally good-looking Hurting Hero for a brother/best friend? check. Problem with buildings? Definite check. Serious problems with anyone who's in a position of authority over him? Check, check and double-check.
    • This would actually make sense of the Eighth Doctor's allegation that he was human on his mother's side. We know something about Margaret Gwendolyn Le Fay's parentage, if not Malcolm Dresden's. It follows, therefore, that Margaret was the human parent and Malcolm Dresden was the Time Lord one. It also proves, rather conclusively, that "human" doesn't have to mean "ordinary," "powerless," or "boring."
  • For Nicodemus: He's pretty much the Ainley Master with shades of Simm. He's just jerking Dresden around and waiting until he figures it all out.

Mayes is the Master

  • The villain in The Red Triangle is a sometimes-bearded megalomaniac hypnotist who tries to take over various countries bizarre schemes and aliases. 'Nuff said.


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