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Jack Bauer is an exiled Time Lord.

Jack is able to travel instantaneously to any location where he's needed when it would take an hour or more to travel there by car or plane. His messenger bag, which has the demonstrated ability to produce any weapon or utility that he needs for a given task, is a TARDIS. Jack has never been seen to use his TARDIS to travel back in time or to other planets; it's probable that he was exiled to Earth by the Council, much like the Third Doctor, and his TARDIS is not fully functional. Time Lords have two hearts, which is why he was able to survive cardiac arrest in season 2 and season 4, though his avoiding regeneration those times was baffling. And Jack is a demonstrated polymath with skills in multiple military and intelligence disciplines, and he is able to fly a helicopter and defuse nuclear weapons - an unlikely combination of skill-sets for an ordinary human, but not so improbable if Bauer's had the equivalent of hundreds of years of education.

When Jack arrived on Earth after his exile, CTU took him in and employed his services in exchange for access to the technology he needs to repair his malfunctioning TARDIS and for protection from the Torchwood Institute, which would love to capture and study a live Time Lord. This also explains why Jack keeps coming back to CTU despite being mistreated there - the private sector just doesn't have the resources he needs to make it back to Gallifrey.


Bauer is the Third Doctor.

Clearly, Bauer is in fact the Third Doctor, merely from an alternate timeline where the Time Lords instead regenerated him into a younger form, dumped him in the US instead of England, and dropped him about 30-40 years later than they originally planned. This is almost exactly the same plot as the audio play "Sympathy for the Devil", where the Third Doctor is dropped in Hong Kong in 1997, having regenerated into David Warner instead of Jon Pertwee.

Liz is a Time Lord.

Kenneth is also a Time Lord.

Kenneth is also a Time Lord, and his page jacket is his TARDIS. It would explain all the hints that he's incredibly old. Given how unhinged he is, he may actually be the Doctor.

Cpt. H. M. Murdock is a Time Lord.

Play it the angle you want - the routinely crazy behavior combined with sanity is perfectly in line with most of the Doctor's incarnations. You could also play the angle that he was fob-watched, but something went...wrong (this theory works marvelously because he does actually have a pocketwatch that is very special to him). He also has a near unholy talent for languages, and can fly anything in existence. In addition to that, he appears to be psychic, and can apparently make himself undetectable without literally turning himself invisible (perception filter, anyone?).

Artie, the strongest man... in the world! is a Time Lord.

Well let's see: Eccentric? That's one way of putting it. Strange powers and biology? He's called the strongest man... in the world! for a reason. A TARDIS? In one episode it is shown that he lives in a porta-potty which is a lot bigger on the inside, as he was able to host a respectable dinner party in there. A companion? Why it's his "Little Viking" Pete, of course. The biggest difference between him and the Doctor is that instead of traveling around with various companions, the Strongest Man settles in the area of his latest companion until he is confident that companion is ready for whatever awaits them in the future.

Lucas Buck is the Master.

He's very evil and has plenty of weird powers.

G.O.B. is a Time Lord.

By now, he must have killed himself in one of his tricks illusions. Luckily, he's able to regenerate.

Angel is a Time Lord.

"War Zone" was shown between "Sanctuary" and "Blind Date", but takes place over too many days to fit between them given that "Sanctuary" immediately precedes "The Yoko Factor" and "Primeval" immediately precedes "Blind Date". His '67 Plymouth is his TARDIS, which explains how thay manage to fit so many people in it at the same time.


Gene Hunt is a Time Lord

That explains why he is now in the 1980s with no apparent signs of aging. His TARDIS has a working perception filter and has changed from a Ford Cortina to an Audi Quattro. And he has since regenerated into the father of another Sam Tyler.

Paul Thordie is a regeneration of Sam Tyler

This is based on the theory Sam is secretly The Master and assuming Thordie was not mentally insane or conning Alex.

Beakman is a Time Lord.

He has the eccentric personality down: green lab coat, Kramer-like hair, weird mannerisms, and an utter fixation on the phrase "Bada-bing, bada-bang, bada-boom!" And that "Information Center?" It's a TARDIS. Where do you think he got all those Famous Dead Guys from? He's had four different companions: Josie, Liza, Phoebe, and Lester. He is descended from the last Doctor, Mr. Wizard. The Master, also known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, would have you believe that he is The Doctor and Beakman is The Master. Note that we are not the only people who think Bill Nye is a Time Lord.

Beakman's female assistant is a Time Lady who's already gone through two regenerations.

How else would they explain why they keep changing assistants every other season?

Baldrick is actually an Obfuscating Time Lord.

He pretends to be stupid, and uses this appearance to derail all of Edmund's plans which could be harmful to history. He finally got bored of this and helped Blackadder to take over Britain by letting him use his TARDIS in Blackadder Back and Forth.


Blue is a Time Lady, and the house is her TARDIS.

That house is clearly much bigger on the inside than on the outside. Additionally, not only the seasons, but the entire outdoor scene can change from episode to episode; this can be explained by the house moving through time and space. That would make Steve her companion. Everyone knows she's smarter than he is, anyway.

The Master is The Master.

Dressing in black. Plans for world domination. Hypnotic abilities. Somewhat melodramatic. Those two could be brothers... or the same person. In one of his many desperate attempts to stave off death, the Time Lord gave vampirism a go, keeping under the radar to avoid attracting the Doctor's attention. Unfortunately, this eventually attracted the Slayer's attention. Although his body was killed (and then eventually bashed into dust), anyone who watches Doctor Who knows that the Master can't be done away with quite that easily.

Giles is a Time Lord.

It should be November 16 in "Bring on the Night" according to the title card shown at the beginning of "Conversations with Dead People", but Buffy notices it is December when Giles prompts her.

The Thaumogenesis demon in season 6, episode 3 ('After Life') was The Master.

Floats around as a gas and possesses people? He hitched a ride with Buffy's soul to get out of the Time Lock. Willow's spell didn't merely solidify it, it actually gave him a new, temporary body based on the false image he had brought up to scare Buffy, which gave him a new set of regenerations (though the regeneration is somewhat delayed, what with not being a proper Time Lord Certified body). He also meant to tell everyone that they were in Purgatory, but Buffy got around to mentioning that little fact later on.

Coach was a Time Lord.

We all know that the character passed away. But suppose his body merely regenerated, and he started going by a new identity, "Woody Boyd", to avoid any suspicions? If you look at the two of them, Woody IS Coach, just about 30-35 years younger!!

Stephen is a Time Lord.

You knew it was coming, but there's serious evidence for this one. The studio moves around unpredictably (that episode where he was broadcasting from inside an airport departure lounge, anyone?) and apparently spends most of its time on top of the Statue of Liberty (look closely at the cityscape by the interview table) without anyone ever noticing it. Obviously the chameleon circuit actually works on this one. There's also the way that he can fit ridiculous amounts of stuff under his desk or into small spaces (John Oliver in a suitcase, two Starbucks(es?) in the shelves under the desk) and the way that certain parts of his backstory don't quite fit together. Either he's forgetting parts of it, making it up, or he's been around for a lot longer than he's letting on. Interestingly, this would account for the 'psychic' WMG nicely as well. He doesn't need to predict the future, he's already seen it. Then there's the alien financial advisor, the way he never doubts stories about alien life or bizarre technological advancements... And doesn't "The Pundit" sound like a great Time Lord name?
  • Clearly, the bears are not what they seem.
  • He was shot in the heart by Conan O'Brien, then sat up. The only explanation is a second heart!
  • Alternately to his TARDIS being on the top of the Statue of Liberty, his TARDIS is the top of the statue of Liberty (the arm with the torch, at least). A few years back, he crashed into the statue, breaking off its arm, and the only thing that wouldn't be noticed with the arm missing would be a replacement arm. This is why people are no longer allowed in the torch.
  • The predictions fit too... This is heavy Doc.
  • ...And, really, only a Time Lord could have have such a massive ego!

He's also Santa.

  • He's a regeneration of Tom Lehrer.
  • And now he's donated a heart to Dick Cheney.
  • And appeared to be unaware that most people don't have two hearts, having to be repeatedly corrected before folding on his opinion. After getting confirmation that the average human only has one heart, he immediately went on to have only minor chest pains. It's unknown if this was his attempt to cover up his status as a Time Lord or if he's been fob-watched and it was entirely psychosomatic.
  • Also, he was visited by his future self, who looks just as young as him. Miracle makeup, or regeneration?


Abed is a Space Master.

Which is nothing at all like a Time Lord. But anyway, not only was he able to recognize the creation Alternate Timelines and Take A Seventh Option to avert them, he was also able to sense the disturbance in the timeline caused by Evil!Troy and Evil!Abed. He also communicated with Evil!Abed in the Dreamatorium, and was taken over by him in the season finale.

Host James Burke is obviously a Time Lord.

Knowledge of obscure history: check. English accent: check.

Neil Degrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan are Time Lords.

The Spaceship of the Imagination is their Tardis. We are their companions. They take us on a journey to see all the known wonders of the universe.

Horatio Caine is a Time Lord, and you can probably guess...[puts on sunglasses]...what his TARDIS is.


The entire production team of the series are renegade Time Lords, and all events of the show are based on real events.

Some of the producers are in fact regenerations of the earlier, officially dead producers. For instance, Russell T. Davies is in fact the regenerated Terry Nation: His coffin is empty, and any history Russell might've had before 1997 and Nation's death is a cover-up.
  • Steven Moffat did not apply for the same job when he was seven, he just looks younger since his regeneration and has pulled a My Grandson Myself trick.
  • Steven Moffat was responsible for the original design of the TARDIS, making the end of The Big Bang the most epic Brick Joke in history.

The Doctor is a Time Lord, and the police box is his TARDIS!


John Simm is the Master.

No, he just doesn't play the Master. He is the Master.
  • Look, his name even anagrams into... um... J.S.? No! It's Ms.!
  • In the same vein, David Tennant is the Tenth Doctor. He chose that surname for a reason. And he did actually choose it. Equity already has a David McDonald.
  • Which also means that Christopher Eccleston is the Ninth Doctor. He left after one season because it brought back so many traumatic memories of the Last Great Time War.
  • Do you really think it's a coincidence that Matt Smith's entry on is "Matt Smith (XI)"?
  • Well, Sam Tyler is 'masterly,' and Mister Saxon is revealed to be Master No. Six (that we see on screen).

Lucy Saxon is the Rani.

Chameleon Arcs are shown to alter a Time Lord's personality greatly, often into something completely different or in fact, the opposite; John Smith was proper and painfully mundane, and Dr. Yana was kindly and philanthropic. Lucy Saxon is described as being "not especially bright but essentially harmless", the exact opposite of a certain Time Lady. A Time Lady who just happens to be a genius in the field biology, and prone to ruthless scientific testing. She was subconsciously assisting the Master for the right to tinker with Human-Toclafane biology in order to recreate the Time Lords. And shooting the Master and picking up the ring? All part of the escape plan.

Lucy Saxon is the Master!

The Master somehow left his body (as he did in "That Dreadful Fox TV Movie") and possessed Lucy, then (as Lucy) killed his body to make the Doctor think he was dead.
  • Clearly, he used a psychograft, like the one from "New Earth". It's much better than that snake... thing. He will go on to possess several humans, over centuries, while he grows a TARDIS and creates a sort of reverse chameleon arch (From the "Human Nature" episodes) that turns human bodies into Gallifreyan bodies. Then he will possess Harold Saxon VI, played by John Simm, take him through the Reverse Arch, and become the Master all over again! What's further, he'll move to a human colony, turn everyone there into Gallifreyans, and establish Gallifrey II, over which he will be Master. It's about this point that the Doctor stops by.
  • Alternatively, Lucy was, all along, a psychic projection of the Master. This is a power that Time Lords have; in "Logopolis", the Watcher was a psychic projection of the Fourth Doctor, and in "Planet of Spiders", Cho-je was a projection of Time Lord (turned Buddhist Monk) Kan'po. In both cases, although these were psychic projections, they each had some sort of independent existence, until the Time Lord who created them died, upon which, in both cases, they helped the Time Lord regenerate and merged with the new regenerated Time Lord. (Note also that the Valeyard is also some kind of psychic projection, but taken from the Doctor's "Dark Side" against his will.) So now that the Master has died, Lucy the psychic projection will help the Master regenerate and merge into the new Master.
    • So... he died and regenerated again to become a woman? (The Doctor heard his voice in the Tardis radio.) Sure! If a clone of the Doctor can end up a Time Lady, then an honest regeneration of any Time Lord could end up a Time Lady. The principles of genetic recombination should be similar; and since (at least according to the Expanded Universe) Time Lords didn't reproduce sexually by the Doctor's, um, conception, there is no need for the sex chromosomes to be fixed.

The TARDIS is a Time Lord, and the Doctor is its TARDIS.

  • Dude, quit bogarting the crack.

Samantha Who? is a Doctor Who spin off about an amnesiac Timelady.

C'mon, it's right there in the title.
  • It seems more likely that her psychologist is a Time Lord.

Agatha Christie wrote about the Doctor

The events of "The Unicorn and the Wasp" not only inspired her later works (The Body in the Library, The Secret Adversary, Nemesis, Death Comes as the End,The Murder at the Vicarage), but The Doctor is also the literary basis of "The Mysterious Mr. Quin." Let's look at the evidence: Dark? Check. Enigmatic? Check. Slim? Check. Comes and goes when he pleases? Check. Disappears regularly? Check. Clownish? Check. "Death is his only companion"? CHECK.
  • First appeared in print two years before "The Unicorn and the Wasp" is set? Well, what the heck — if he's a Time Lord, that's a minor detail, right?

The Master is a Time Lord

That's one way of showing up with ridiculously perfect plastic surgery, and when he has a near-death experience, he sometimes has a really drastic change in what he looks like, more than you would expect from mere physical or mental trauma. And really, when his Yana/Saxon persona got shocked after regaining his memories... I know it was all time-streamy, but that's tasking Lightning Can Do Anything just a bit too far. He also spends a lot of his television appearances on Doctor Who, and even visits Gallifrey sometimes; some EU novels go so far as to state it outright! I don't know about the "floating cloud of blood" thing, though, no explanation for that. He probably ran out of regenerations or something, and his Villainous Willpower kept him alive, assuming that entire sequence wasn't made on mind-altering substances.
  • A Time Lord? You'll need better evidence than this.

The Doctor Who theme is a Time Lord and Doctor Who is its TARDIS

It has had several off-screen regenerations

Donna Noble was a John Smith'ed Time Lord.

It's not that a human could not handle being half Time Lord (Rose absorbed the Time Vortex with only a bit of psychological damage). the Doctor!Donna wasn't configured for The Doctor's time energy, similar to, perhaps, using alternating current on a DC appliance. It could have even been that she was a full-fledged Time Lord, just with amnesia and some form of power suppression that could fool The Doctor but not the Family of Blood, and the power conflicted. The human doctor got a big face full of power suppressant, while the Doctor!Donna both regained her power and got the 10.5th Doctor's power in one instant. If these aren't the case, it paves the way for the guess that...

Rose's father was a Time Lord. Possibly the 12th Doctor.

She could absorb the Time Vortex, unmake an army of Daleks, and negate death with nothing more than some psychological stress. the Doctor!Donna got at most a single Time Lord's power, if not less, and would have been completely destroyed if she hadn't been John Smithed. Rose's dad was saved from dying when he should have (possibly living out his 12th regeneration as a human...) and instead of being sucked out of continuity (or, in the final televised version, eaten by Clock Roaches), he was given the opportunity to die as he was supposed to. Though this did change later continuity a bit, what with him having "just stepped out in front of that car," as Rose's altered flashback of Jackie Tyler's recountance shows.

Rose's grandfather was a Time Lord who fob-watched himself into a human named Sam Tyler. He had some messy encounters with Weeping Angels/

Donna's grandfather is a Time Lord

As always, the evidence is in the name... Wilfred Mott Time Lord FTW!

Amy is a regenerated and unknowing Time Lady
Amelia was a child because she was so young when she regenerated, and most regenerations get younger.
  • She might be an amnesiac Romana, that lost her memory somehow when crossing back over from E-space to our universe (if we consider audio dramas and books non-canon)
    • Had to be human to vote on Starship UK - so if this is the case there has to be a chameleon arch, not just ordinary amnesia.
    • That doesn't disprove the theory, but actually put more fuel on the fire. The Chameleon Arch is entirely possible, and she could have just lost track of her fob watch. Or maybe she just doesn't like pocketwatchs.
    • She's "always" wearing a little gold wristwatch? Perhaps it's just part of her costume, but maybe not...

Rory Williams is actually a Time Lord.
Think about it. Not only does it explain all those times he 'died' then came back, but it's also the REAL reason River is half Time Lord. He's definitely cool enough, too. What happened to his TARDIS is a mystery yet to be resolved. The reason he doesn't regenerate into new forms is for the same reason Ten didn't in Journey's End- he has a chopped-off body part from just after hishe can transfer regenerations to.
  • There is a common fan theory that he is actually the Master. Commonly cited pieces of evidence in favour of this are the pounding in his head he mentions in, I believe, "Let's Kill Hitler" and the fob watch that can be seen in Rory and Amy's house in one shot in "The Power of Three".
  • Rory is the second incarnation of the Master, and The Master's portrayals from before are incarnations 3-8. Second because The Master, at eight years old, had black hair.

The cat that brings tomorrow's paper is a Time Lord, trapped in the form of a cat.

It uses its TARDIS to go one day into the future and bring the newspaper back to Gary Hobson every day so he can run around Chicago saving people's lives. Also, it goes nameless throughout the series, usually simply called The Cat.
  • An alternative theory: The cat is simply from Gallifrey, and this is what cats on that planet typically did, bringing news from the future to help their masters prevent disaster.

Don Ramón is a Time Lord.

It explains how a 40-something got so many life experiences, that couldn't be summed through his age, and how he has such weird habits. He was a boxer in his previous regeneration. And he was El Rascabuche in a previous regeneration as well

El Chavo is a Time Lord.

El Chavo is a Time Lord, and the barrel he hides in is his TARDIS. Oh, and Señor Barriga (aka "Mr. Beliarge" if you watch the English dub of the animated show) is The Master.

Prof. Jirafales is a Time Lord.

Prof. Jirafales is a Time Lord and the school is his TARDIS.

Quico is a Time Lord.

The "square ball" he keeps looking for is his TARDIS. That's right. He lost his TARDIS, and he's trying to find it.

La Chilindrina is a Time Lady

She removed herself from the equation (as Kevin Flynn would have put it.), hence why she doesn't appear in the animated series. As for her TARDIS, that's for her to know, and us "brutos" not to find out...

Alternately, Doña Nievesnote  is a Time Lady, and her cane is her TARDIS.

Either "Patty/Pati/Paty" or her Aunt Gloria is a Time Lady.

Anytime they show up in the "Neighborhood", Patty/Pati/Paty is always a new girl who just arrived there. Something bad (whatever it is) keeps happening to them, and they keep changing history so that at least, Patty is only known at schoolnote , and thus they keep trying at different times to live at the Neighborhood without any problems. As for their TARDIS, it's hard to say. It could very well be the car they drive in as far as we know...

Jaimito the Mailman is a Time Lord, and his bicycle is his TARDIS.

That's why he doesn't use it when he delivers mailnote  For this reason:

The "Tangamandapio" that he refers to is actually Planet Gallifrey.

On the other hand, he did live in the actual Tangamandapio on Earthnote  for a time, partially to avoid suspicion.

Chapulín is a Time Lord.

El Chapulín Colorado is a Time Lord (after all, he can appear anywhere, even on Venus). Maybe the Squeaky Mallet is his TARDIS?

Sophia's people are time lords.

...their bodies and their DNA were modified to look human, but they didn't do a perfect job, hence the 1% difference in their DNA and the different circulatory system.

River is a Time Lord.

...whose chameleon arch went horribly, horribly wrong. Her insanity is caused by the transformation to human not working properly and parts of her Time Lord memories falling through. Simon was her companion, when the chameleon arch malfunction he pretended to be her brother because they look sort of similar and it made the most sense. When River asked Shepard Book to marry River and Simon, it was because River remembered back when they weren't "siblings".

Simon is a Time Lord.

River is actually a human-form TARDIS. And River is none other than Generated Anomaly, aka Jenny, the Doctor's daughter, Chameleon-arched. Proven by this piece of dialogue:
Inara: Do aliens live among us?
Kaylee: Yep. One of them's a doctor.

William Bell and Walter Bishop are/were Time Lords.

Both of them likely came to Earth to introduce the planet to technological advancements, outside Gallifreyan law. The biggest piece of evidence is in Walter's ability to create a machine that formed a portal between universes. In a moment of moral-clarity, realizing all the terrible experiments he's done on young children and the moral pitfall he'd undergone, he attempted to permanently fobwatch himself by using a more physical means (removing pieces of his own brain). Naturally, he trusted only his closest and most intelligent friend to head the procedure. But seeing as he's still physically a Time Lord, he can still make brilliant leaps in logic in spite of his physical ailments and is quite the eccentric. It's likely that his lab at Harvard University is his TARDIS and he still has a subconscious attachment to the place for this reason, as he had originally refused to work anywhere else after he was let out of the asylum.

Arya Stark is a Time Lord.

  • Changes Faces, Check. Needle is her TARDIS. And of course, she's on Doctor Who, too!

Sgt. Colbert is a Time Lord.

This is why he's never scared; he knows what's going to happen. His Humvee is his TARDIS, but the entrance is in the wayyyy back underneath all the gear stowed away; the seats are like a vestibule.

The Professor is a Time Lord.

Think about it - the name; the attractive female companions; he can build anything out of bamboo and coconuts - Okay, anything but a boat. But he's the most likely candidate.
  • Not building the boat is the Professor's version of not fixing the TARDIS's camouflage circuit.
    • He didn't think to take his TARDIS with him when he went on the boat. After all, it was only a three hour tour note .
  • The SS Minnow is The Professor's TARDIS, with another broken cammo circuit. The hole couldn't be repaired, it had to heal. And it explains how the Howells & Ginger were able to load an insane amount of wardrobe changes (and money) "aboard this TINY (emphasis min) ship." Gilligan & the Skipper were his equivalents of Mickey. (The Howells were just an accident, though - they saw the boat and thought it was a real tour, and Gilligan was too softhearted/headed to run them off.)
  • Further, the reason none of the dozens of people who landed on the island ever thought to get everyone rescued was because the Professor (off-camera) erased their memories. He couldn't risk being discovered while the TARDIS was self-repairing.

Mrs. Kim is a Time Lady.

She looks old, but is very energetic; she shows up at Lane's house when no one expects her. Her TARDIS is a piece of her furniture. She has travelled alone for a long time, but when Lane's husband shows up, he becomes her companion. This also explains why he was so happy about her moving in. She may also be another regeneration of the aforementioned Ms. Frizzle/Mary Poppins Time Lady, but an earlier, more terse one.

Alton is a Time Lord.

Don't you mean Thyme Lord? His oven is his TARDIS.
  • All cooking show cooks are Time Lords. All ovens are TARDISes. This is how they can bake something for 45 minutes in a half hour show.
  • How much does a TARDIS cost? You'd have to do that to a lot of dishes over the course of the series for it to work out cheaper than just making two of everything...
    • Depends who you buy it from. And every cooking show wants to be a Long Runner.

The Lady of the Refrigerator is the true Time Lord.

The Lady of the Refrigerator is the true Time Lord; Alton is merely her companion. And, as for where the TARDIS is... guess.
  • Alton's kitchen is the inside of the TARDIS. The kitchen changed from the old-style kitchen to the new-style one the same way the Doctor's TARDIS changed to the Coral-theme. Incidentally, Alton's a companion—the time lord is Thing.
    • And Thing is Handy, before Jack picked him up! The kitchen is the TARDIS that he got when 10.5 died and gave his TARDIS to his past self.

Miley/Hannah is a Time Lord.

Her wig is her TARDIS. It explains how she can make herself unrecognizable using only a blonde wig. She has also traveled through time — the episode where her brother became a pop star instead of her was clearly the result of time travel.

Audrey Parker a.k.a Lucy Ripley, Sarah Vernon, Lexie DeWitt, Mara, and all other incarnations is a Time Lord.

Agent Howard is a Time Lord.

The barn is his TARDIS.

Hiro is a Time Lord.

His TARDIS is stored somewhere inside his body. We'll need a willing fangirl to get it out.
  • Or, he's a Time Lord that doesn't need a TARDIS: Time Lords have been demonstrated to have innate temporal powers (The Doctor walked through a 'slow time' field without becoming trapped like everyone else in "The Time Monster", and was able to slow his perception of time in "The End of the World"). Hiro's are merely more developed, since he can't get lazy and let a TARDIS do all the work for him.
    • Or Ando is his TARDIS.
  • Alternatively, he isn't a Time Lord per se so much as one of the results of the universe attempting to fix the power vacuum left by Gallifrey being erased from existence.
  • Alternatively, Hiro is a sentient TARDIS.

Sandra Bennett is a (presumably fobwatched) Time Lord, and her husband knows it.

In the flashback scene where HRG tells Claire that she's adopted, he very clearly says, "You didn't grow inside your mother; you grew inside her hearts."

Claude Raines is the Chameleon Arched Ninth Doctor who's lost the TARDIS.

It was right after the Time War. He chameleon arched himself so he didn't have to deal with the aftermath of the Time War and went to New York where he worked for the company. The invisibility is just a really, really good perception filter from the TARDIS key. The comics say he goes back to London after he runs away from Peter, and that's where he finds the TARDIS and un-chameleon arches himself.

Stalag 13 was built over a crashed TARDIS.

The chameleon circuit and telepathic circuits were top priority for self-repair, to let the TARDIS 1) survive until rescue and 2) contact its rescuers. When the stalag was built, the TARDIS decided that it was on the prisoners' side. To help them, it camouflaged its interior corridors to look like tunnels and used the telepathic circuits to make the prisoners think they'd honeycombed the camp. (The various entrances to the tunnels are just disguised TARDIS doors — there's canon evidence that a TARDIS can open a door to the outside wherever it needs to.)

Lieutenant Bush is a Time Lord.

Mr Bush has the same physique as the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann). His TARDIS is the spanker boom on the Renown or the Hotspur.

Mariette is a Time Lady.

Mariette, the insipid French chick that Horatio dated in Mouzillac, is a Time Lady. "Maria" is just the name she took after her regeneration.

Archie Kennedy is a Time Lord.

The fade-out after his death was just off-screen regeneration.

Hornblower is a Time Lord.

Archie and Bush are his companions. Here is the proof.

House is a Time Lord.

Other incarnations of his include Hawkeye Pierce, Dr. Cox, Doogie Howser, M.D., and what the hell, Dr. Horrible. Maybe even Doc Cottle. All Cottle needs is to switch from tobacco to Vicodin, and he is a dead ringer.

Socko is a Time Lord

And we haven't seen his Tardis. Or... since he is a guy who makes socks, we can assume that his TARDIS are his socks.

Spencer is a Time Lord.

And the Bottle Bot is his TARDIS. Socko is his Companion. His nickname? The Sculptor.

Chairman Kaga is a Time Lord

After Iron Chef, the actor Takeshi Kaga played something called a Time Guard in the quiz show Time Shock 21. Coincidence? Surely not.
  • And Kitchen Stadium is his TARDIS.
    • And Asako Kishi is his Companion. Or possibly Tenmei Kanoh.
      • No, it's either Kishi or Shinichiro Kurimoto; besides the Chairman, both have tasted the most dishes. And it could be both.
    • Alternately, Chairman Kaga regenerated into Chairman Mark, and the 'nephew' thing was just a cover story. Heck, Chairman Mark just goes by the moniker "The Chairman", which would fit inside Doctor Who continuity. (The Doctor, The Master, the Chairman...)
      • And between those two regenerations was a brief stint looking like William Shatner's chairman. It didn't last long.
      • At some point, the darker side of Kaga manifests itself as Jirarudan. Just think of him as the Valeyard to Kaga's Doctor.

Chairman Mark is a Time Lord in his own right.

And there's an ongoing war between him, his uncle, and Alton Brown. More on the Iron Chef page.

Gai Ikari is a Time Lord and GouZyuJin is his TARDIS

The kid is insanely knowledgeable about Super Sentai (even of those before he was born), he was shown to pull off amazing stunts with his powers (such as creating Go-On Wings and Gokai Silver Gold Mode) and he was the one helping the Gokaigers around Earth. Though who his previous form was, we have no idea... unless he regenerated to himself twice after saving that kid!

Owner and Stationmaster are Time Lords

Well, just look at those names! Look at their professions! They may not have a TARDIS, but what they have is pretty damn close!
  • DenLiner,ZeroLiner,GaohLiner and KingLiner were all TARDISes before the time war. with only Owner and Stationmaster surviving. they found a second way to travel through time (The Sands of Time) and the TARDISes (though the DenBirds (or in one case Owner's ten-speed.)), only KingLiner was able to keep the "bigger on the inside" function.
  • Naturally, the Imagin are some sort of bizarre offshoot of the Weeping Angel species- or perhaps what their stony defense mechanism is a defense mechanism against.

Tsukasa is a Time Lord

Hey, somebody has to be a Time Lord. Tsukasa is obviously the Master, under the effect of a Chameleon Arch; that's how he lost his memories, and that's why Narutaki calls him the devil.

  • The Doctor, not The Master, is the Destoryer of Worlds. Thus, Tsukasa is The Doctor.

Philip is a Time Lord

But, you ask, how can Philip be a Time Lord if we know who his family is? That's because Ryubee Sonozaki is none other than the Master. He's just dropped his "I am the Master and you will obey me" schtick for "I am the Lord of Terror and you will fear me". Also, this means Philip came Back from the Dead by regenerating.

  • SO the Xtreme Memory could be his TARDIS?

Blandings is a Time Lord.

Holly is the Rani

  • In the 1974 episode "Elsewhen", Holly encounters a blonde woman apparently in her twenties who calls herself "Rani", and who turns out to be Holly's older self come back in time to help her. Rani admits that she can time travel at will and understands the technology of the Land. Given that the pylons of the Land display TARDIS-like properties, it seems reasonably plausible that at least one is a TARDIS, and the future Holly used it to escape the Land to Gallifrey where she, like Ace would have in the original series, became a Time Lady.

John Munch IS a Time Lord, The Cop.

Refer to the list of identified time lords

Alternatively, Olivia is a Time Lady.

One that can induce regeneration (or one that isn't averse to walking under pianos). Possibly uses her apartment as her TARDIS. The haircuts signify different regenerations (she'll be on to her eleventh later this year). She disappears in the middle of investigations and her absence has no impact on the case. She never uses her powers to help the victims despite her empathy because she's a fatalist (believes that she may not have a "choice" because of her genetic material). This being the reason that no one gets ever seems to get a "happy ending" or even a resolution. She trusted Alex enough to take her on a trip with her and her "death" is part of a Retcon gone wrong like Back to the Future Part II. The look on her face in the squadroom seems to say that she knew it was coming and that she can't understand why it still hurts her. On the trip Alex stayed dead, but in reality she breaks the rules Olivia set her while they were travelling and either deliberately takes the bullet in the shoulder so she can live and prevent Olivia from suffering or lives by accident and has the Marshals take her to Olivia and Elliot.
  • I would think her TARDIS would be the Mustang she has. Although it's really only mentioned when it implies she murdered someone, it would be a very classy TARDIS.

Miranda Pond is a Time Lady.

Played by Alex Kingston, and has the same last name as River Song's birth name, Melody Pond.

Papa Lazarou is a mad Time Lord.

Bernice meets Papa Lazarou twice in her life: once when she's a child, and once as an adult, and on both occasions, he is the same age. Either he used time travel, or he simply ages slower than humans do, just like a Time Lord. The Series 3 finale hints that he can make objects bigger on the inside (in this case, circus animals instead of a police box, but the principle is the same.) There's a good chance that Dave is a former companion, probably now dead. Papa Lazarou's unusual skin tone is most likely the result of problems in the regeneration process, much like when the Peter Pratt/Jeffrey Beevers incarnation of the Master. Perhaps Papa Lazarou is nearing his final incarnation - a comforting thought.

Parker is a Time Lady.

Parker only uses one name, 'Parker'. Furthermore, like 'Doctor' or 'Master', 'Parker' could be a title, indicating that she leaves her TARDIS parked for long periods of times. She has demonstrated an ability to get from one area to another without being detected, even when there would seam to be no possible way she could do so. She is inexperienced in human interaction, is highly inteligent (she was able to defeat a high-tech security system with items she scrounged from a party.), and was apparently able to create a very large explosion when she was very young.

While I don't know where her Tardis is (again, note her name implies she leaves it parked somewhere), she does have a companion who is skilled in operating computer systems and works hard to please her. Clearly, Alec is a human-appearing version of K-9.

Life on Mars (2006) takes place in the same universe as Doctor Who: Sam Tyler is Rose's son or grandfather (YMMV).

In the American version, Sam Tyler's mother is named Rose Tyler, she's blond, and she looks a lot like Rose's mother. Women often look like their mothers. There's also some implication that the man that Sam Tyler thinks is his father is not actually his father.Both Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt are Time Lords. See the Ashes To Ashes WMG for explanation of the Gene Hunt theory. Sam is the Master and is related to Rose Tyler. IT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE.
  • Sam Tyler is Pete Tyler's brother.
  • Sam was originally sent back in time by the Weeping Angels from the episode "Blink." The visions of the future are caused by the "leftover time energy" the Angels eat.
  • So, wait, was the Angel driving the car, then, or...what? And how does this account for Sam refrencing Doctor Who in one of the episodes?
    • The accident was a hit-and-run, and the Angels got to Sam afterwards. In the Doctor Who universe, there is a show called Doctor Who. Some say it's the movies, other say it's the first series, but in Remembrance of the Daleks, it's made fairly clear that Doctor Who does exist in it's own canon.

Life on Mars (2006) takes place in the same universe as Doctor Who: Sam Tyler is a Time Lord fob-watched one of the astronauts on the second Mars expedition.

The Time Lord was attracted to the disruption of time caused by the Doctor going all "Time Lord Victorious" in Waters of Mars and decided to check it out. He used a fob watch since, as Professor Yana and John Smith proved, fobbed Time Lords cannot be detected as easily.
  • During the journey over, the dreaming machine that kept the astronauts in stasis was attacked by a Weeping Angel courtesy of the Time Lord's mental "image" of an Angel wherever there were angel statues in his dreamscape. This threw him back in time within the dream-stasis and caused the weird hallucinations as his Chameleon Arch was damaged.

Ben is a Time Lord

Self Explanatory - he's a Time Traveller who knows way more than a human being ought to - a problem fixed if he isn't a human being...
  • Or Jacob is the Time Lord. In any case, the island is a Tardis.
    • Walt is a Time Lord. His Tardis is Vincent, birds, or perhaps the polar bear plush he received from his father when he was little.
    • Eloise Hawking is a Time Lord. Actually, this seems to be the only explanation for her. Her Tardis couldn't be more perfect: a small pin shaped like an Ouroborous.
      • A Time Lord with an agenda: That Ouroborous is broken!
    • The Island itself is a Time Lord. Locke is its Tardis.

  • Jacob is a future/alternate reality incarnation of The Doctor, and "The Man in Black" is obviously The Master. His ability to assume a nebulous form (the "Smoke Monster") is a side-effect of repeated attempts to cheat death, and the ability to assume the appearance of different people is a cross between the "projection" abilities Time Lords have demonstrated in the past and The Master's potent grasp of post-hypnotic suggestion (ie, you see what he wants you to see). Jacob (The Doctor) has clearly trapped him on the island (which is obviously the new form the TARDIS took after an attempt to repair its chameleon-circuit, considering it's capable of time travel), and feels he must remain there to stop him from escaping. Knowing that he has reached the end of his regenerations, The Doctor must find a new potential successor and train them how to use the TARDIS and oppose the Master once he dies...

  • Daniel Faraday is a Time Lord and quite possibly the Doctor, the Island is his TARDIS. He can sense the flow of time by looking at the light and test it out with rockets. He has a weak spot for mouthy gingers. He is twitchy, talks fast using big sciency words and frequently states that nobody else could understand what he's saying anyway, and seems to be the only one capable of understanding how the Island works.
    • Desmond is a chameleoned Time Lord whom Daniel Faraday needs to fix his personal timeline.

MacGyver is a Time Lord.

Why not? He always screws around with things successfully, he often has pretty female companions, he is more than willing to help out with everything...
  • He's a Technical Pacifist, and he is able to jury-rig what he needs to save the day out of everyday objects even when doing so violates the known laws of reality.


Corporal O'Reilly (Radar) is a chameleon arched timelord.

He detects future events subconsciously because of it. This is how he knows the choppers are coming before anyone else can here them. He also foresaw Henry Blakes' death. He wasn't just sad to see him go at the scene where he's leaving the 4077th, he's seen him die, but knows there's nothing he can do about it.

Carlos is a Time Lord, he regenerated into Houdini.

Patrick Jane is a Time Lord, most likely chameleon-arched. Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt are his Companions. Red John is The Master.

I know it's a cliche, but Earl is a Time Lord

He's not exactly fixing past wrongs, his previous regeneration, which just happens to look like him, is a complete ass. And his past self just keeps doing wrongs with his past-Tardis. That's why Earl's list never runs out of items, his past-self just keeps doing horrible things. This explains a lot, why Earl can pretty much enter whatever building he likes, survive many horrible accidents and charm the hell out of people. Also explains why he never quite really had any kids; Time Lords just don't percieve sex the same way we do. Just see any episode of Doctor Who that has a female in it.
  • The first half of this sounds more like Planescape: Torment. Which means Earl is The Nameless One. And The Nameless One is a Time Lord.

Tom Servo is a Time Lord

Hell, someone's gonna say it eventually. He's got plenty of regenerations ready, and his TARDIS is either his interociter, his underwear, or one of his giant hims.

Jamie is a Time Lord and the workshop is his TARDIS

  • And his previous regeneration was Theodore Roosevelt, which explains both the 'stache and the numerous odd jobs he's done over the years.
Someone in the I.J.B.M page for Mythbusters wondered how the camera crew never accidentally filmed another build progressing in the background. Another suggested that it's because Jamie is a Time Lord and the workshop is a TARDIS. There's other evidence to support Jamie as a Time Lord - he has had many more jobs than most people could fit into a normal lifetime.
  • Sadly, interviews give explanations. There isn't just one studio, there are multiple. M5 is the main studio used by Jamie and Adam; the Build Team uses M7; and there used to be an M6 (but it shared a building with a Professional Photographer, and having explosions on one side of a wall and people taking family photos on the other doesn't go over well). And there are a few times where it will be mentioned that other myth tests are going on. That said... JAMIE IS TOTALLY A TIME LORD. Oh hells yes. And Buster is his companion (Friendly Auton?).
    • It would make entirely too much sense if Buster is in fact the ruined remains of Kamelion, which Time Lord Jamie discovered in his travels and tinkered with (or perhaps Jamie knows the Doctor, who gave him the remains knowing that Jamie was far better with that particular facet of technology than the Doctor himself was).
    • Alternately, Adam and Jamie are incarnations of The Doctor and The Master, but they long ago forgot who was which.

Jefferson is a Time Lord and the hat is his TARDIS.

He can travel between different worlds, and "An Apple Red As Blood" shows he can also use the hat to travel through time.

The Viv and Celine were Time Lords and Box was their TARDIS.

Come on, their box was bigger on the inside. And the kids? They we're just their host's companions.

Zordon was a Time Lord.

Zordon spent ten thousand years in a time warp, That's brutal enough for a Time Lord as it is, as it would kill those not used to the time vortex. His body then was that of a old man, but his knowledge of the universe, and his master plan for the Rangers suggests Zordon of being of a later incarnation 11th or 12th, when he was trapped. The energy wave that wiped out the United Alliance of Evil at the end of C2D was built-up regenerative energy which explains the change in Rita, Zedd, Divatox and Astronema. Since he did not have a body, the energy had nowhere to gather, thus, Zordon died.

All the Rangers are Time Lords

The final battle each season drains them badly enough to force regeneration between seasons. They seem to be able to use brand new powers and technology almost instantly. Occasionally, they have trouble for an episode or two, but that could be written off as regeneration trauma.

Dillon is a Time Lord.

It had to be done. Besides, he's got a a mysterious past and a fob watch, and can't remember his own name. He was exiled from Gallifrey along with the girl from his memories his sister, and his watch is getting interference from his Venjix implants. They're messing with his connection to the watch, which is why he pays so much attention to it and only has choppy memories. His sister has their Time Lord consciousnesses burned into her implants, which is why the watch doesn't glow when he opens it. His car is a cloaked TARDIS.
  • Well... Power Rangers and Doctor Who do share a universe...
  • This is further supported by the fact he found another fob watch in the factory where his sister had been imprisoned.

Go go Time Lord Ernie!

A juice bar run by a guy named Ernie who looks completely different? Obviously, it's the same Ernie post-regeneration. We know that a Race Lift can happen with regeneration, too.

The juice bar is Ernie's TARDIS.

We have a precedent for that now what with Clara and Ashildir/Me travelling through time and space in a TARDIS in the shape of an American diner.

All the Number 2s are the same Time Lord.

To be more specific, the Valeyard using the Keeper of the Matrix's remaining regenerations. He survived the Time War and is trying to drive Number 6 insane to break his mind in a similar way to Dalek Caan, thus letting the Valeyard understand what frame of mind is produced by breaking a time lock so he can save and conquer Gallifrey, and then the universe.
  • This would, however, make him a Time Lord who not only returned to a previous incarnation, but changed genders as well.

Everyone is a Time Lord.

The Village is on Gallifrey; a sinister secret location renegade Time Lords are kept in. The 'interrogation' the prisoners there undergo is actually a long, complex program of mental conditioning to make sure that when there current regenerations expire, their next 'lives' will be more pliable and conformist.Alternatively, the Village is a "retirement home" for Time Lords where they can be fobbed until they have sufficiently relaxed, without the danger of loosing their fob watch (or equivalent) and leave at the end. Meanwhile their "interrogations" and "escape attempts" are so that they do not think too closely about the other inhabitants and themselves, and so do not break the illusion for themselves and other guests.
  • Number Six is actually the head of the Village and was so devastated by the Time War that he went into the retreat himself.
    • The "information" that the regenerating Number Two wants will break through Number Six's fobbing and allow him to resume his mantle as the head of the Village once more.
    • This is what it means when Number Six sees a monkey/gorilla with his face. The Doctor often calls humans "monkeys," and Number Six is hiding behind the mask of a "monkey" primitive primate.
    • Alternatively, the "information" is about what happened during the Last Great Time War and the question is a literal one: "Why did you resign and what has become of Gallifry?"

The Village is Number Two's TARDIS.

Or at least, it was built with reverse-engineered TARDIS technology.

It has a working chameleon circuit, so from the outside it can't be seen at all unless Number Two wants it to be. Several of the buildings (in particular, the Green Dome) are bigger inside than out. This is how it manages to be on the Mediterranean one week, the Baltic the next, and the English Channel in the finale.

Shawn and Gus are both Time Lords.

Their confirmed regenerations are the two old guys from the episode "Viagra Falls" and Tony Stark and Rhodey from Iron Man.

Alfredo Aldarisio is a Time Lord

It's not that crazy. He's described as being a traveling salesman, but it's never stated where he travels or how. Also, he has a mortal fear of the earth suddenly losing all its atmosphere. This is not because he has a medical condition, but because he's met aliens with the capability to cause that. He is never seen anywhere except the restaurant, because as soon as he leaves he gets into his Tardis and departs for another planet/time. Note also that in episode eight, Olive didn't remember seeing him enter the restaurant or hearing his order, but she 'remembers' after he tells her. Clearly, this is because he is using some kind of Applied Phlebotinum on her to plant Fake Memories. He probably originally came to the restaurant because he knew about Ned's abilities and wanted to keep an eye on him. Having realised that Ned is not a threat, he only continues to return there because he likes Olive.
  • It's possible that he's scoping out Olive as a potential companion, but so far he's been too shy to ask outright because he knows she loves Ned.

Sock is a Time Lord.

  • No one but a Time Lord could be so flippant in the face of Biblical danger and certain death.

Erasmus Darkening (from "The Eternity Trap") is a Time Lord.

Quite aside from his funny hat, he's lived for centuries without aging, and is building dimensionally-transcendent machinery in his lab. Also, he looks EXACTLY like Lord President Borusa from "The Five Doctors".
  • Before anyone raises the problem the Doctor couldn't find him, it's been suggested that it was because he was stuck between dimensions.
  • That Doctor guy is a T- ... nope. Can't be. That would just be ridiculous.

Zack Morris is a Time Lord.

He has the ability to manipulate time, comes up with various quirky schemes, and has a peculiar dress sense (Then again, the latter could be forgiven since it WAS the late-80s/early-90s). Screech and Lisa (the only two other characters to come from SBTB's predecessor series "Good Morning, Ms. Bliss") are his companions, and Mr. Belding is the Master.

The Janitor is a Time Lord.

This would explain his lack of name. It's possible the whole hospital is his TARDIS. His partners are probably Troy, the baker dude, and his little person friend. Or possibly the Brain Trust.
  • That does make some sense. The protagonist of Doctor Who is known only as the Doctor; the Janitor is known only as the Janitor. Also, the Janitor is shown to hold secret dreams of being a doctor; but it's possible that what he really wants is to be the Doctor, because the Doctor has his own show and the Janitor is stuck as a supporting character. Maybe the reason the Janitor is so bitter is that the Doctor is an old friend of his and has a greater role and cooler nickname. It might also explain the weirdness with the fairytale episode having Kelso still work there when he quit, and TCW and Dr. Miller just disappearing - the Janitor unintentionally retconned them out of existence when fiddling about with time.
  • But if the hospital was a TARDIS, he wouldn't need to caulk the windows to make it a pirate ship; he could just fly to the eighteenth-century Caribbean and disable the chameleon circuits after it changed.
  • This could explain how Laverne mysteriously came back to life with a different name. She and Jan Itor could be in league. After she died, Jan Itor brought her back in his Tardis Hospital.
  • His key works with everything that enters or is near the hospital because it's a TARDIS key.

Gordon is a Time Lord.

He's been played by three actors (Matt Robinson, Hal Miller, and Roscoe Orman; clearly, his third incarnation has been keeping itself out of trouble). The rest of the characters probably know this, since they don't seem to care that his appearance has changed twice. In fact, one could speculate that all the Muppets are, in fact, aliens which he brought with him when he landed on Earth. (I mean, come on. Kermit says he's a frog, but has anyone ever seen a frog like that in real life?) One of these aliens, however, refused to leave Gordon's TARDIS and has since turned it into such a pigsty that Gordon can't return to it. Yes... Oscar's trashcan. Someone tell The Doctor how to get to Sesame Street!
  • Darn shame he missed the Time War. Really. And he seems happy enough. Take your time, Doctor!
  • This means that the Trash Gordon stories Oscar reads to Slimey in recent seasons are some sort of log of Gordon's adventures before coming to Sesame Street, though showing the current incarnation for the ease of young watchers.

The Muppets are all Time Lords

They exist, at approximately the same ages, both before Miles and Gabi are born and after they have grown up. Plus, Oscar and Grover have apparently regenerated with different fur colors. Oscar's Tardis is his trash can, which in Bigger on the Inside.

Rodney McKay is a Time Lord.

Seriously. Think about it.
  • It was only 5/6 of a star system! And not even populated!

Dr Weir is a Time Lord.

She comes back from the dead. Several times. Heck, she even changes appearances once. Also she has a fobwatch [1]

Daniel Jackson is a Time Lord.

  • Seriously, he might be able to regenerate into a non-corporal form

Ba'al is a Goa'uld in a Time Lord host

  • Thus he didn't need the sarcophagus, so didn't develop a god complex
  • This also explains why he is smarter than other goa'ulds
  • And in Stargate Continuum, he is meddling with the timeline as a further proof
  • Alternately Ba'al is the Master, who gives himself as a Goa'uld.

Ancients == Time Lords.

'Nuff said.
  • They're all gone because they died in the Time War.

All captains of the enterprise are actually the same Time Lord, "The Captain".

Lazarus is a Time Lord

  • This one is actually pretty clear. What else is he? Where did he come from? His little "time ship" is actually a gateway to a larger chamber, outside normal spacetime, where weird things happen ... and that whole episode is a little on the batshit insane side for Star Trek, but pretty normal for Doctor Who.

Gary Seven

  • He travels through time correcting historical aberrancy and carries what is obviously a sonic screwdriver.
  • More likely his mysterious superiors are Time Lords, since he himself is identified as a modified human being more than once in his strange episode.

The Q continuum are Time Lords Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence.

  • And Q himself is "The Trickster"

The Doctor is The Doctor.

Dr. Soong is a Time Lord

  • His "ancestors" are his previous regenerations
  • Khan was a pretty fucked up regeneration, but he wasn't killed, instead regenerated, this time normally and traveled back to the end of the 20th century
  • He was also Asimov
  • Dr. Noonien Soong, creator of Data was his last regeneration
  • No, Dr. Soong is Prof. Song.

El-Aurians like Guinan are Time Lords

  • Guinan is at least 500 years old in TNG and if Qs are ascended Time Lords, it explains why Q and Guinan hate each other with passion.
    • No less a personage than the Doctor himself confirmed that Guinan has the ability to sense things outside the normal flow of time. In the same discussion, she confirms that she and the Doctor have met before.
    • Adding to this, maybe she's from a family of Time Lords who all simultaneously go by the name "The Listener".
    • Also Q implies that Guinan is being deceptive about her identity, a mystery the series never resolved.

Wesley Crusher is a Time Lord.

Chakotay is a Time Lord.

  • Even though he was trained as a anthropoligist, he seems to have an innate ability to percieve time as it truly is, can communicate with inter-dimension beings, and when the ship is split into different time zones, only Chakotay is unaffected.

The Traveler is a Time Lord.

  • Like the Doctor, he travels space and time with a companion. Unlike the Doctor, his TARDIS has a working chameleon circuit, and he has much higher standards for companions – he grooms Wesley over a period of several years. He also has a Time Lord-esque name.
  • Captain Braxton. He and his whole organization. His The Other Darrin change from [['s_End Future's End]] to Relativity is a regeneration! He's from a point in time before the Time Lords adopted the awesome headgear of awesome... so no wonder he's a dick.

Spot is a Time Lord/Lady

  • How else do you explain his/her mysterious sex change? He/she regenerated!

Harry Kim is a Time Lord

  • Given how many times he's died, suffered horrible trauma and otherwise been mistreated, he keeps bouncing back. He was also top of his class at the Academy, is gifted in music and the arts and is quite athletic. Say he's put himself through the Chameleon Arch to hide from the Time War. The fact he's so detached and so wooden and so out of the way speaks of how he shaped his memories for his disguise-He was another Time Lord who like the Master ran and hid, in his case in an entirely different universe. His self abuse is a sign of his self loathing and guilt over leaving his people to die, the remnants of which still haunt him. Why else would he be Janeway's chew toy without standing up for himself? His companions are, of course, Tom, B'Elanna, and Seven, but as with the Doctor they all eventually leave him.

The main four men (Dave Hester, Darrel Sheets, Jarrod Schulz, and Barry Weiss) are all Time Lords.

Hey, blame the intro, they introduce them as The Mogul, The Gambler, The Young Gun, and The Collector respectively. In my defense though, Barry would make a good one.
  • Each of them even have companions: Dave has his son Dave Jr., Darrell his son Brandon, Jarrod his wife Brandi, and Barry a rather eclectic collection of friends and acquaintances (which include band members from Aerosmith and The Police!).

Matthew Albie is a Time Lord

One episode takes places in two times and he looks the same and seems to be living in both. another episode has him remembering someone no one else remembers,as if he was erased by the crack in time, and he only remembers because of his time travelling. His office is his TARDIS, given to him by Rassilon/Wes Mendell, creator of Time Lord society/Studio 60. Daniel Trip is his current companion.

Dean Winchester is a Time Lord

How many times has he come back from the dead now? And the boys' surplus of clothes when they have only one duffel bag has led more than a few fans to believe that the Impala's trunk is Bigger on the Inside. Maybe her Chameleon Circuitry System is broken, too, but she's stuck as a rare muscle car instead of an anachronistic phone booth. Dean is waiting to regenerate, but he's able to keep the same body because he has to keep looking like Jensen Ackles. He was brought to Earth as a small child, much like Susan Foreman in "The Unearthly Child" (the pilot episode of Doctor Who), turned into a human with something like the Chameleon Arc and given to the Winchester family, so he has no idea about his heritage. At the end of Season 3, we think we see "Hell," but we're really seeing into his mind and his emotional state: perhaps his body is recognizing that it's not actually human, and he's terrified. And one day, he shall meet the Doctor in an epic Crossover and discover his true birthright.

The angels become the Time Lords.

Eventually they get bored of the Earth and go off into the universe to find a planet of their own. Being a wavelength of celestial intent makes this awkward, so they work out some way of fashioning empty vessels to live in - who look exactly like humans, since those are the kind they're used to, and who can change form when they get killed, because otherwise things get boring. Since they're now locked in humanoid bodies their powers manifest through the technology they build: so they can still travel in time, but they need ships to do it, and they simulate the heaven they left behind in the Matrix, where their consciousness goes when they die. After aeons, this has all been forgotten, so their descendants don't know why Rassilon would compare rebel Time Lords to "the weeping angels of old", or why their sheriff is called the 'Castellan', or why an insignificant little world like Earth keeps becoming so important...

The Teletubbies are drugged out Time Lords hiding in the Shire.

Think about it, it's a BBC show to start with so there's a much more direct connection. And here you have a group of humanoid aliens living on a strange planet, who are able to receive telecommunications from all sorts of places. Their home is far, far larger on the inside than on the outside and is accessed by a simple door recessed into a low domed hilltop eminently described by the phrase "once upon a time there was a hole in the ground"; its half-circle windows offer a fine demonstration of the same building plan used for Bilbo's old place. And the center of the interior of their house is dominated by a large computer column which gives them great control over where and when they are. A small robot dog, with a mostly boxy body, helps keep the house and even speaks to the Teletubbies, and when their windmill spins and they all fall down? They receive a broadcast from somewhere, taking them (at least, the viewer) to a strange and unique place. To prove they have control over time, they promptly do it again right afterwards. Demonstrating their control over dimensional space, they frequently pop in and out of pocket universes, sometimes temporally looping themselves back so that there are multiple iterations of the same character interacting with each other, ostensibly from different points in the future or past. ...what.

The SunBaby is a Time Lord and the Teletubbies are servant robots

He has been recessed to the apparent age of a baby and trapped inside a subspace prison. He has lost powers of speech and can only communicate with his worker bots by limited telepathy and forwarding of videos. Unfortunately, the worker bots have only limited intelligence and are fractured from the main system. The SunBaby's Tardis (a.k.a. the hill) tries to keep the Teletubbies from wandering too far off to be useful.

Malcolm Tucker is the Twelfth Doctor under a Chameleon Arch.

Let's face it; this isn't the first time this theory has been said, and it won't be the last.

The Stig is a Time Lord.

All we know is that he's a tame racing driver and that he has a bladder. Everything else is hearsay from the presenters. Far more telling, the Reasonably Priced Car has sounded like a TARDIS before.
  • Someone else on the Top Gear WMG board suggested the Stig's a regeneration of the late Formula One driver Aryton Senna.
    • And his current regeneration either resembles or IS Michael Schumacher. Which technically would cause multiple regenerations to meet, but it's not like that hasn't happened before, DOCTOR.

Beck is a Time Lord.

Jade is his companion. His Tardis is the Trailer he keeps out of the front of his 'parents' house.

Also, did anyone think of the Time Lord Victorious from Waters of Mars?

WMG/Warehouse 13

Mrs. Fredricks is a Time Lady and the Warehouse is her TARDIS. This explains why the Warehouse is bigger on the inside, her lack of aging and her ability to simply appear and disappear.

Karen Walker is a Time Lord

The reasons for Karen being a Time Lord are plausible. The show repeatedly insinuates that Karen is a LOT older than she looks, and she herself makes an offhand comment about making a Deal with the Devil to extend her lifespan, possibly indicating that she is on her last regeneration. Grace and Rosario are her companions, with her limo as her TARDIS. The reason she doesn't actively mention she is a Time Lord is unknown, though it is possible that she is so drunk, she doesn't actually remember she's a Time Lord...
  • Not only is Karen a lot older than she looks, the final episode reveals that she hasn't aged a day in eighteen years. How else would you explain it?
  • Or, Stan Walker is the Time Lord, and she's his companion. This explains how she could be born in 1959 yet still have lived through the depression and roomed with Constantin Stanislavski. Stan's TARDIS would be the yacht they go out in after he fakes his own death (or regenrates from it). That would explain how Minnie Driver's character was already on it, even though the protagonists didn't notice her there until they got out to sea?
    • The TARDIS has a working perception filter Chameleon Circuit and can look like anything: apartment, boat on the water, limo, whatever. Remember, the boat did have a camera in the bed section.
  • To further buttress the theory Karen is a Time Lord, her odd ideas on sex. Bare belly bumping, making out with a gay guy...not typical behavior. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but that kind of idea is most easily thought up from a species which never has sex. Gallifreyan "sex ed" was about how to run a genetic shuttle through the genetic looms.
    • It would also explain her lack of knowledge about...hell, anything from everyday human life. (How else could she be so business-savvy and yet not know what an X-Box—or even a laundromat—is?)

The lamp is a Time Lord.

Think about it.

The lads are exiled Time Lords.

They die and regenerate multiple times, they shrug off extreme weirdness as if it were normal (that is, if they notice it at all), and they’re all pretty darn eccentric. It’s quite possible that they were banished from Gallifrey for their unusual and mind-boggling stupidity, and condemned to spend eternity as impoverished university students on Earth. They were also possibly denied the use of their Chameleon Arches, which would explain why they regenerate in the same bodies. Whenever they move, they attempt to turn the new building into a TARDIS in order to get back home ... but they always seem to end up with a house full of talking vermin and appliances that occasionally lets them pass through time and universes.

Clownville is a TARDIS, and it's citizens are Time Lords/Ladies.

It would explain why everyone there acts and dresses the way they do. Loonette is a Time Lady and the Big Comfy Couch is her TARDIS, with Molly acting as her companion. The 'Ten Second Tidy' is a result of her speeding up time. (Remember that the Ninth Doctor apparently slowed down time to get past the Giant Fans of Doom in The End of the World.)It also explains how she can pull so much stuff out of the Couch- it's Bigger on the Inside!

Nathan is a Time Lord

Because we haven't had a Misfits WMG yet. Plus, his power fits - he regenerates, but for some reason always regenerates with the same body. He has a Chameleon Arc, but it's now either in his mum's house, or we just haven't seen it yet. The reason he regenerates the same body may be that this is the Chameleon Arc is forcing him to, as it is not calibrated for a different body. His room in the Community Centre is his Tardis.

Note: covers all wrestling, not just that on American TV, but it has to go somewhere..

The Undertaker is a Time Lord

Time Lord-like name, immortal force of destruction, has regenerated into various forms over his career, and has a rival who wants everything to burn (usually). TARDISes include coffins, caskets, and the ring.

Mick Foley is a Time Lord

Regenerations that he acknowledges as his own help here, and has a unique ability to go back and forth between his various regenerations. And given some of the bumps he's taken, maybe a prior regeneration was Wile E Coyote.

The Ultimate Warrior is a Time Lord

Time lord title:check, associates with aliens ( LOAD THE SPACESHIP WITH THE ROCKET FUEL! LOAD IT WITH THE WORDS!): check, mortal rival ( HOAK HOGAN!): check, arrogance: triple check.

Zora Lancaster is a Time Lady, and the sarcophagus is her TARDIS.

Makes perfect sense.

Mulder is a fobwatched Time Lord, and the Cigarette-Smoking Man knows it.

It would explain why he's so reluctant to ever kill Mulder. It's not because he's Mulder's father, but because he knows Mulder would just regenerate, possibly into something even more dangerous. His sister really was kidnapped, but the memories were altered when he was fobwatched. His gigantic porn collection is a very well-disguised TARDIS.

The "Great Man of Science" from Valley of the Shadow was a Time Lord.

Just watch the episode or read a summary, it's obvious.

Rod Serling is a Time Lord

And we, the audience, are his Companions.

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