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K'nids know how to spell more than just "SCRAM".
They're all under a curse that makes them aggressive and vermicious (or at least all the ones we see are), and "SCRAM" is a much shorter thing to spell than "PARDON ME, I DO NOT WISH TO ATTACK YOU, BUT IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE IMMEDIATELY I WILL BE FORCED TO DO SO AGAINST MY WILL." It also includes no spaces, since for a k'nid to spell a space, it would have to disappear or become invisible.
  • ...or stand further from its neighbor?
    • Or it's just because they can only work in fives.

Wonka doesn't just use Wonka-Vite because he's already tired of life.
His claims of it being too valuable to waste on himself seem... forced. Wonka on the other hand has felt betrayal of pretty high order, so he feels Who Wants to Live Forever?. If it's really too valuable to waste on himself, it's certainly too valuable to waste negative-izing someone.

Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator takes place in an alternate timeline.
They have a space hotel in 1975. 'Nuff said, people.
  • Perhaps an alternate timeline where the Moon landing never took place? The Space Hotel is said to be the "most exciting space mission ever attempted" or some such thing... so landing on the Moon isn't good enough? Perhaps it's an alternate timeline where the resources put into landing on the Moon were instead put into a more commercially profitable venture.

The Great Glass Elevator takes place in this timeline.
The k'nids were just an excuse to quietly shut down the space hotel before they told anyone. The incompetent leaders were just a cover for the criminal masterminds who really ruled the world, and the leader of those criminal masterminds was Willy Wonka, who raised and trained the k'nids himself! k'nids are only dangerous to oompa-loompas, and we all know how much he cares about the safety of the oompa-loompas. The whole thing was a way for Wonka to get a free chocolate factory branch IN SPACE!, and since the oompa-loompas could fix the roof, he wouldn't have to pay a single cent!


Roald Dahl, the author of the Charlie books, is H.P. Lovecraft's alter ego
His work is intentionally even more terrifying, just targeted to children; this implies he is a Time Lord who regenerated into a new form sometime in the 20s. His latest form is unknown, but can probably be found on staff at the production studio for Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Or maybe he's just Stephen King.

Note: Roald Dahl did write some short stories for grown-ups before he became a children's author. These stories are also horror. (v. good black comedy, to be exact.) He just had a stroke of genius to aim his books at an audience that was more impressionable.

  • Not to mention that both authors made some, shall we say, interesting comments on Jews.

K'nids are really goddamn scary to an eight year old.

Minusland is Hueco Mundo, and the Gnulies are Hollows.

Mr. Wonka describes the Gnulies as invisible with nasty teeth. If they eat you, you get subtracted, then suffer a long and painful division, and finally, you become one of them. They sure sound like Hollows to me. It thus follows that Minusland, where the Gnulies live, is Hueco Mundo. (As an added bonus, Hollows are occasionally referred to as in Bleach as 'menos,' which is Spanish for 'minus')

  • And normal spirits in Bleach are called "Pluses". So Hollows being called "Minus" is no coincidence.

The Vermicious knids are Shoggoths.
Large, dark, amorphous, violent shapeshifters, who can survive in harsh environments. Yes, the Wonkaverse has Eldritch Abominations.

Willy Wonka is The Thirteenth Doctor.
  • He finally fixed the TARDIS' chameleon circuit; the factory is the TARDIS, and the elevator is just really good Time Lord tech. He's retired to open a candy shoppe, and stays out of his own affairs. Jelly Baby?
  • He tests the morals of the children.
  • Jossed. The BBC has confirmed that the Thirteenth Doctor will be a woman.


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